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Cong leaders gun for ex-MLA Dawar
Seek his ouster for ‘anti-party activities’
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
The claims of unity by Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee chief Amarinder Singh notwithstanding, infighting within the Congress party has come into the open with two leaders including Shyam Sunder Malhotra and Jasbir Singh Chadha training their sights on a former MLA, Surinder Dawar.

Shedding all inhibitions, the duo has even shot off a letter to All India Congress Committee president Sonia Gandhi demanding his suspension from the party for six years on “disciplinary” grounds. The feud came out in front of none other than Amarinder and Ludhiana MP Manish Tewari on Thursday when Chadha, a former councillor, and Malhotra, a sitting councillor and leader of the opposition in the MC house, besides others accused Dawar of “anti-party activities” and raised slogans.

In their letter to Gandhi the duo wrote: "Dawar is indulging in anti-party activities by threatening and misbehaving with Congress party workers, which is wrong. Our party must take some action against him (Dawar), else it would be too late”.

Even in the past a group of Congress councilors have been opposing Dawar for his 'interference' in their respective wards. "When Tiwari had come to inaugurate a tubewell in ward number 40 on June 2 Dawar had sent some of his supporters to the function. They had misbehaved with all present at the scene on the pretext of not inviting Dawar to the function. This kind of thing shouldn’t be tolerated in our party," said Chadha.

Meanwhile, Tiwari, while shrugging off any responsibility, said it was a matter that should be taken care of by the PPCC president.

I’ve never interfered in any councillor’s ward. If I go to meet people in the city, this doesn't mean I am interfering. After this incident I feel the Congress party faces a threat from within...
...Ours is a disciplined party and everything is decided by the party leadership. Moreover, a MLA ticket isn’t a vegetable that we can go buy in the market. Maybe all these people are getting panicky due to my rising popularity in the city. Can they claim they can take (Punjab health minister and BJP MLA) Sat Pal Gosain head on in the assembly elections?

— Surinder Dawar, former MLA, Reacting to the allegations as baseless


MP, DC upset with senior docs
SMOs in dark on funds under National Rural Health Mission
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
It was an embarrassing moment for officials of the health department as well as Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tewari today when the latter lost his temper and pulled up his officials for being completely in the woods about the details of funds released under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) during the District Monitoring and Vigilance committee meeting here today.

The situation arose when the Ludhiana Member of Parliament Manish Tewari and chairman of the committee questioned all Senior Medical Officers (SMOs) present at the meeting about the utilisation of funds under the NRHM scheme of the Central Government only to find them unable to furnish a reply.

“Except the SMO of Macchiwara, Dr Renu Chhatwal, who was well prepared about the release and utilisation, all SMOs sat silently as if they were struck by thunder. I was surprised that they are SMOs and they had literally no answer,” said Tewari.

He said it became too embarassing for the DC who, then, lost his cool and shouted at them. “It is a sad state of affairs that we have good top officials in the district but the senior health officials like SMOs let him down,” said Tewari.

The DC said he was disappointed as the SMOs did not come up with any reply on the issue. “It was for the first time that the MP himself wanted the SMOs to be present in the meeting. But they came without advance preparation,” said the DC.

Tewari said it was shameful that despite being the financial capital of the state, Ludhiana ranked a dismal 19 out of the 20 districts in the “Padho Punjab” campaign meant for providing education to masses.

“Just imagine we have a C grade. It is really disappointing,” said Tewari.

The Trigger

y The situation arose when the Ludhiana M.P. and chairman of the committee question all the Senior Medical Officers (SMOs) present in the meeting about the utilisation of funds under the NRHM scheme of the central government and they could not come up with any reply.



MC officials off on yet another UK junket
No concrete outcome from previous ‘study trips’
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
In yet another foreign junket, senior municipal corporation officials are all set to fly to the UK for a nine-day “technical tour” starting Saturday, the second such tour so far this year. Once in the UK, the group, comprising senior deputy mayor Parveen Bansal, MC finance & contracts committee member, Pal Singh Grewal, executive engineer of the MC operations & maintenance branch, Kamlesh Bansal, and executive engineer of its buildings & roads branch, HC Salaria, will ostensibly “look into” various projects including those on solid waste management, sewage treatment and patchwork on roads.

However the civic body's past record has amply demonstrated such junkets at the expense of taxpayers' money have proved futile for the city’s development.

Earlier, the same officials along with mayor Hakam Singh Giaspura had visited the English city of Leicester executive engineer from March 5 to 16. However, after returning home the civic officials have yet to come out with a project report on their tour.

Confirming the trip, Parveen Bansal said the team would fly to London on Saturday and return home on June 19. "Besides London we’ll be visiting Leicester. There we would inspect projects such as solid waste management, sewerage, patch work on roads, besides other development projects," he said.

During the previous trip the MC officials had also stated they would “look into” projects related to sewage treatment and solid waste management.

However, the civic body's past history shows such visits funded by public money had not benefited the civic body in any manner.

“We’ve already finalized the solid waste management project that will benefit the entire city. Such projects take some time to take shape and that’s why we’re going to visit Britain once again. On our return we’ll try to implement the knowledge gained during our tour. Moreover the MC won't be funding the trip as it has been sponsored by the Commonwealth Local Government Forum," said Parveen Bansal.

Flop tours

n The previous city mayor, Nahar Singh Gill, visited three countries - China, France and Canada - for ostensibly the same purpose, i.e. to “look into” various projects including those on solid waste management, sewage treatment and patchwork on roads. Thought the municipal corporation funded the last two junkets, they turned out to be of no use as the civic body did not even prepare reports on the “study tours”.



Monkey show at school violates animal rights
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
It was an irony of sorts when a local playway school tried to sensitise schoolchildren about animal rights but ended up violating these very rights by organising a monkey ‘‘tamasha’’ on the school premises.

In complete violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1972, Maple Bear Canadian Playway and Nursery School here organised the monkey show for the tiny tots.

The kids, who were to be taught to be compassionate towards animals, were shown a replica of the street show on the campus even though street show of animals is now banned in India. A monkey, along with his trainer, had been called from a village near Jalandhar. It was tied with a rope and made to dance to the tunes of his master.

"The main purpose of organising the show was to teach the students to be compassionate towards animals," said Veena Aggarwal, principal of the school.

When told that the monkeys were ill treated while training and they should be allowed to live in the natural environment, the principal said all this was not their responsibility.

"The monkey trainer should take care of all these things. We arranged the show for sheer entertainment of the kids," she added.

"These animals are prisoners for life, are abused and humiliated. It is a very distasteful and bad example for children. These animals should be in the wild," said Rakesh Jain, a member of the Animal Welfare Board of India.



This doc’s heart still beats for Hussain
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
It was in August 1989 when the beating heart of Maqbool Fida Hussain, the world-renowned painter, was stopped for 45 minutes by a team of doctors from Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi, after he suffered from coronary artery disease.

Dr HS Bedi, Head, Cardio Vascular and Thoracic Surgery, Christian Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana, said today: “MF Hussain was a very lively and active person and truly young at heart. A team of doctors operated upon him and I was also a member of the team. We operated upon him through bypass surgery by stopping his beating heart for 45 minutes (beating heart surgery was invented later on by Dr Bedi as stated in Limca Book of World Records). Those days we were doing bypass surgery with the heart lung machine.

“He was then 74 years old, but even had a twinkle in his eye and a spring in his walk,” the doctor added.

He said, “He was very much walking after two days. He was shifted to a VIP room on the third floor. At rounds on the fourth day he asked me for a piece of paper. I gave him my letterhead. Next day, he gave me a beautiful sketch of Mother Teresa tending to two children. I am still keeping it my office.”

Dr Bedi remembered that he joked with the doctors and nurses and was a really model patient. In fact, he offered his help in counselling pre and post-operative patients all through his stay.



No end to passengers’ woes, trains booked to capacity
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, June 10
With Northern Railway authorities failing to make timely arrangements to meet the manifold increase in passenger traffic during summer holidays, and no special trains being run to cope with the rush, the passengers are at the receiving end.

As most of the long route trains, especially those bound for places like Mumbai and Howrah as also major towns in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are booked to capacity, touts and unscrupulous travel agents are having a field day. Desperate passengers seeking reservation at any cost are being exploited to the hilt.

Unlike previous years, the railway authorities have not introduced any summer special train on the routes which normally witness a huge rush during this particular season when school and colleges are closed due to summer vacations while the migrant population settled in the industrial capital of the state also visit their native places in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa and other far off places.

Long queues of passengers at reservation centre at the railway station all through the day, harried reservation staff, partially operational reservation counters, coupled with hordes of touts and agents hovering around the passengers to strike deals - all bear testimony to the fact that railway authorities need to do a lot more to provide some relief to the travelers.

According to railway officials, all major trains on trunk routes like Golden Temple Mail, Sachkhand Express, Malwa Express, Howrah Mail, Howrah Express, Jansewa, Shaheed Express, Amrapali Express, Garib Rath and Puja Express are booked to capacity for at least next one month and even waiting has been blocked (no room).

For reservation under “tatkal” category, the less said the better. The jostling passengers trying to get ahead of others in the morning when tatkal booking open 48 hours ahead of day of journey defy all efforts by the Government Railway Police to maintain some semblance of order. And even then, majority of the bonafide passengers fail to get tickets, which are pocketed by agents with the help of conniving railway employees through dummy booking, and the desperate passengers have to shell out hefty premium to get the same tickets.

Harinder Singh (65), a city resident, who was to travel to Hazoor Sahib (Nanded) by Sachkhand Express, said he had been coming to the reservation centre for the past three days to get a ticket under tatkal category. “To my utter dismay, those standing in queues keep waiting while the railway employees entertain the touts through back door, and then announce that all tickets for the day (under tatkal category) had exhausted.”

Officials at reservation centre attribute the partially operational reservation counters to shortage of staff. “There are nine counters in all, but at any given time not more than four or five are operational due to staff crunch.”



LIT, civic body pass buck on illegal liquor vend
We can’t take action as land wasn’t acquired by Trust, says MC
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
The municipal corporation appears to be taking one step forward and two steps back on the critical issue of removing illegal encroachments. Though on one side it has been making tall claims of having razed all unauthorized structures encroachments in the city, on the other a liquor vend continues to operate on encroached public land that was reportedly set aside for a park in L block of Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar.

More than ten years ago officials of the Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) had written to the civic body (in memo no LIT/4065, dated May 11, 2000) stating that under its scheme this land was to be developed as a public park. They had also stated that the grills installed there had been removed and the land was encroached upon after the MC took over the area. The officials called upon the civic body to take steps to prevent the prime land from being encroached upon.

MC officials now say the land, on which the liquor vend is operating, was never acquired by the LIT and that is why they could not take any action to remove the illegal structure. Even though an NGO had brought this matter to the notice of the civic authorities several times, the MC seems to be in no mood to act.

Col (retd) Jagdish Singh Brar, president of the Maha Sabha, Ludhiana and a member of the MC’s monitoring committee on illegal encroachments, has accused civic officials of colluding with “affluent people” to allow the illegal liquor vend to function on land reportedly earmarked for a public park.

“The connivance of MC officials in the process could be proved from the fact that they were claiming the land being shown as a park in a map given by the LIT under the Right to Information Act had not been acquired by the trust. Officials of the MC’s building branch had, with the aim to mislead their bosses, put a wrong ‘khasra’ number from the revenue records to get information from the LIT.

An assistant town planner has mischievously put ‘khasra’ no 61/28 to get the record of the park, whereas the original ‘khasra’ number of the land is 11/2, which is in the map of the LIT too," says Brar.

He stated the land earmarked for a park, which measures about 500 square yards, was a prime property in the area but the MC staff was not ready to remove the illegal liquor vend operating there “just to benefit private individuals”. "Unfortunately the MC has never taken any action and the liquor vend continues to stand at the same place," Brar added.

Tossing the civic football around

The land in question where the liquor vend is situated was never acquired by the Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT). If the LIT provides us written proof that it had acquired this land, we would certainly have taken action against the vend.

— AK Sinha, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation

If there’s any such thing, I will look into the matter. Besides, I have many other things to do and cannot concentrate on one particular issue only

— MM Vyas, Chairman LIT

If there is any such encroachmen we will certainly take strict action.

— Parveen Bansal, Senior Deputy Mayor



Woman accuses lawyer of slapping
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
High drama was witnessed in the district court complex here today when a woman accused an advocate of slapping her. The woman identified as Ashu Sood claimed that she demanded her case files from the advocate, which upset the latter and he slapped her.

On the other hand the advocate stated that the woman ran away with his diary and levelled baseless allegations.

The incident took place at around 11am here this morning when Ashu Sood, who is fighting a marital dispute case, enter the chamber of advocate MR Saluja and asked him to return the case files as she was not happy with the progress of the case and wanted to change the advocate.

She claimed that MR Saluja got miffed and refused to handover the files, which led to a heated argument.

She maintained that she left the office of MR Saluja and went to the chamber of her new advocate. But MR Saluja followed her and entered the chamber the new lawyer and slapped her.

She reported the matter to the police post on the Court Complex. While MR Saluja has slammed the allegations as baseless and said," Ashu Sood is my friend’s daughter and for the past few years I was handling her marital dispute case. Today, she came to my office and asked for her files. As she wanted to change the lawyer, I told her to get the consent from her brother and other relatives. At this, she picked up my office diary and fled. I along with my assistant chased her. Ashu kept sitting in the office of her new lawyer. I entered the office of the lawyer and following an argument she handed over a diary and I returned to my office. I was shocked when I came to know that Ashu has levelled such an allegation on me,” said MR Saluja.

On the other hand district bar association president Ashok Mittal has strongly condemned the incident.

"The woman is levelling false and baseless allegation to malign the image of a senior advocate. I strongly oppose the accusation made by the woman,” Mittal added.

Jaspal Singh, the investigating officer, said, “"We have received the complaints from both side and currently probing the matter.” 



A2Z Infrastructure bags solid waste management contract
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
There is some good news for residents of the the city, with the finance and contracts committee of the municipal corporation (MC) today clearing the solid waste management contract to A2Z Infrastructure Private Limited.

The city generates 900 metric tonnes of garbage everyday, which is the highest across Punjab. The company has quoted a rate of Rs 395 per tonne. The company will be involved in collecting garbage and generating power from it. In the committee meeting today, this was the only item on the agenda. The contract was cleared in the presence of Mayor Hakam Singh Gisapura, Senior Deputy Mayor Parveen Bansal, MC Commissioner AK Sinha and other senior officials of the civic body. Bansal said A2Z Infrastructure would be responsible for door-to-door collection of garbage, transportation of garbage to a site allotted by the MC, segregation of the waste collected and generation of power from the garbage.

“The plant will be constructed under a build-own-operate-transfer (BOOT) system. We have land at Jamalpur village, which will be allotted to the company for setting up a solid waste management plant,” he said.



Protest by contractual workers of Suvidha centre
Our Correspondent

Khanna, June 10
On the call of the Punjab State Suvidha Karamchari Union, contractual employees of Suvidha centre, Khanna, pasted black flags on their arms to protest against the state government for not regularising them from the past six years.

The protesters, led by Sandip Singh, alleged that although Punjab government had promised, still failed to issue any circular in this regard.

They said they were performing their duties for just Rs 5,000 per month and were unable to fend their families with such less money.

They demanded that they should be regularised or should be adjusted on vacant seats that are pending in all departments.

Notably, these Suvidha centres were set up at block and district levels for the welfare of common people and they are on duty from that time and about 900 employees are working on different seats.

They threatened that they would intensify their struggle if their demands were not met soon.



Doraha College students excel in university exams
Our Correspondent

Doraha, June 10
Students of Guru Nanak National College, Doraha, have shown commendable results in annual examination conducted by Panjab University.

In BCom (I), Sandeep Kaur has topped the class by getting 76 per cent marks, while Sukhraj Singh Deol and Mahitab have secured 74.91 per cent and 72.7 per cent marks, respectively.

Similarly, in B.Com (III), Navdeep Kaur has achieved 75.89 per cent marks, while Charan Kamal Kaur and Gurpreet Kaur have secured second and third positions, respectively, by securing a total of 74.11 per cent and 73 per cent marks.

In BCA (I), Manpreet Kaur has topped the class by securing 75 per cent marks, while Mandeep Kaur and Amrit Kaur are second and third, respectively by securing 72.87 and 67 per cent marks.

Similarly Taranjeet Kaur of BCA (II) is first in the class by getting 74.19 per cent marks and Sumandeep Kaur is second with 70.75 per cent marks.

Amanjot Kaur is third by getting 69.75 per cent marks. In BCA (III), Manjot Kaur has obtained 72.62 per cent marks while Kamaljit Kaur and Satinder Kaur are second and third, respectively, as they secured 72.54 per cent and 72.46 per cent marks.

In BBA (I), Barinder Singh has topped the class by getting 69.33 per cent marks, while Chandanpreet Kaur and Parmvir Singh Tiwana have secured 66.27 and 59.46 per cent marks, respectively.

Similarly, in BBA (II), Gurpreet Kaur has come first in the class by securing 70.34 per cent marks. Kamalpreet Kaur Pangali is second with 69.24 per cent marks.

Simranjeet Singh got third position by securing 65.17 per cent marks. In BBA (III), Shubhneet Kaur has achieved 73.02 per cent marks, while Malika Rani and Rajinder Kaur have secured second and third positions, respective, by securing a total of 70.5 per cent and 69.72 per cent marks.

President of the college management committee, Roop Brar, general secretary Harpatap Singh Brar, director Jaswant Singh Gill and principal Dr Narinder Singh Sidhu congratulated students, parents and members of the staff for putting in their best efforts and bringing laurels to the institution.



City students bag top five positions
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
Five students from three city colleges bagged first five positions in B Com (II). The exams were conducted by Punjab University and results were declared today.

The top two positions have been scored by girls of Government College for Women (GCW). Kriti Jain of GCW scored 87.74 per cent marks and topped in the university, while Namita of the same college was second with 87.3 per cent marks. However, the third position was scored by Akhilesh Mighalani of SCD Government College for boys with 85.56 per cent marks. He has also topped among boys in the university.

After her schooling from Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School BRS Nagar with 93 per cent marks, she joined GCW for graduation in commerce. Kriti said: “My inspiration is my coaching teacher Vivek Bajaj.”

Namita, another student of GCW, stood second in the university. She used to commute daily from Mandi Ahmedgarh to reach college.

While Akhilesh Mighlani of SCD Government College for Boys, who topped among boys and remained third in the university said: “I am happy that though BCom (II) is tougher than BCom (I), still I managed to score more. In BCom (I) I scored 83 per cent. However, in B.Com (II) I scored 85.56 per cent marks.”

Akhilesh wants to peruse MBA. He said: “I am honing my skills in a local academy as CAT exam is in November.”

Mandeep Kaur, another student of GCW, scored fourth position in the university with 84.87 per cent marks and Pratibha of Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines, scored 84.87 per cent marks and remained sixth in the university.

100 first divisions

n Out of 125, 100 students of our college scored first divisions while one stood first in the university among boys.

— Prof RK Mighlani, Commerce, SCD Government College for boys



Food storage
Glass containers best: PAU study
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
It’s a general observation that Indian housewives are in a habit of procuring non-perishable food items in plenty and then storing them for months.

The quality of food depends not only on its original state, but also depends on the changes during processing and storage. In recent years, the increase in consumer awareness has lead to the need for microbiologically safe food.

To spread awareness among housewives about the effect of different containers on microbial growth on non-perishable food, a study was conducted by scientists of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) - Shireen, M Sidhu, R Bakshi and P Sahota with an aim to analyse various types of microbial growth in food items stored in selected containers. The scientists observed that since food supply included products derived from plants and animals, there were more chances of them carrying micro-organisms. When micro-organisms involved are pathogenic, their association with the food is critical from public health point of view.

Researchers in the department of family resource management said laboratory experiments were conducted at PAU and for this five food items (suji, milk powder, garam-masala, gur and desi-ghee) and containers of five different materials (ordinary plastic, food grade/branded plastic, stainless steel, aluminium and glass jar) were selected.

All food items were stored at room temperature and the storage period was 60 days.

It is recommended that glass or food grade plastics should be used to store different food items, experts added.



Project to provide ‘unique identification’ to residents begins
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
The project of providing unique identifications (UID) to all city residents started today. In the first phase, 20 municipal councillors and 22 MC officials were registered.

The process started around 3.30 pm today and continued till 7 pm. While giving information, district food and civil supplies controller (DFSC) Rajnish Kumari informed that in the first phase, all 75 councillors would be issued UIDs. “We registered 20 councillors today and the remaining would be registered at our office situated in the Zone D building of the MC in Sarabha Nagar tomorrow. A total of five machines have been put for this job, which would take picture, fingerprints scan, retina scan and other personal details,” informed the DFSC.

Under the project, each member belonging to the below poverty category (BPL) will get Rs 100 from the state government for getting the unique ID made. The district administration has engaged a private agency for the exercise, which is expected to be completed by September.

The food and supplies department has been given the responsibility of providing the unique IDs to the people of the state. An identity card with 12 digits would be provided to the bearer on the basis of their fingerprints, retina scan, besides other details, including name, address, date of birth, age, telephone number, etc. The residents would have to fill a form and attach a photocopy of either a ration card, passport, PAN card, gas connection or driver’s licence, along with the form. These forms will be attested by a government official, sarpanch, retired teacher, etc.



There’s no end to sexagenarian’s woes
After losing savings and two sons, he battles for justice
Mohit Khanna/Mahesh Sharma
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
Jaswant Singh (61), a resident of Arseen village, near Mandi Ahmedgarh, is waging a lone battle against private financiers who usurped his entire life’s savings.

The sexagenarian had to pay a heavy price for his fight for justice. He lost his two sons and languished in jail for raising voice against the financier. This has yet again brought to fore the manner in which private finance companies dupe innocent people of their savings in the rural areas.

“It was an ill-fated truck that ruined my life forever,” said Jaswant Singh, a mechanic who lost everything in the 1984 riots and came from Kolkata along with his family to start his life afresh.

He did odd jobs to keep the kitchen fire burning. As his three sons were young, the family decided to buy a truck from a Malerkotla-based financier in 2004.

“The deal was struck for Rs 1.5 lakh and I paid Rs 50,000 in cash through middlemen Balwinder Singh Malerkotla and Amar Singh, both from Dholl Majra village. My sons - Parvinder Singh (26) and Sewak Singh (24) - were elated to see the truck but our happiness was short-lived. Everything was going hunky-dory and we had paid three installments of Rs 5,900, till one day in 2005 men belonging to the financier came and took away my truck,” claimed Jaswant Singh. He took up the matter with the police but to no avail.

Then came the biggest blow when his elder son Parvinder Singh was allegedly killed at Chappar village in 2005. He claimed that the police was still groping in the dark.

“As this was not enough, my second son Sewak Singh went missing under mysterious circumstance. My third son Satnam Singh went into depression,” lamented Jaswant. He ran from pillar to post to get his grievances addressed but to no avail. Even six years after the tragedy, the Ludhiana rural police has failed to register a case.

“In March, I was summoned by the Jagraon rural Superintendent of Police (detective). I could not contain my anger against those who devastated my life and shouted in front of the official. They didn’t take kindly to my behaviour and booked me under Sections 107 and 151 of the Cr.PC,” said Jaswant, who is looking after his ailing wife Gurmail Kaur.

“I have nothing left now. I lost two sons and my entire savings. I will not rest till the culprits are booked,” said Jaswant, who was here to seek help from social organisations to take up the issue of finance companies duping innocent people.



Malaria prevalent in 15 villages
People unaware of its side effects 
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
Malaria has spread its tentacles in about 15 villages on the banks of the Satluj. And the health department is busy spraying DDT, which according to experts is not effective on mosquitoes.

But, villagers are not aware of ill effects of DDT.

Talking to The Tribune, Karamjeet Singh, sarpanch, Laddowal village, said, “ DDT is being sprayed in our village since long. It is very good step as there are lot of mosquitoes in the village. Last years also many people suffered from Malaria. This year, too, numerous malaria cases might surface. Thus, it is good for us.”

Similarly Hansraj, sarpanch of Talwandi Kalan village, said, “To kill mosquitoes, there is no other alternative. So we are waiting for the health department to spray DDT here.”

While Gurcharan Singh, a resident of Aallowal village, said, “A few years ago, an officer of the health department refused to send any team for spraying DDT. When we approached him, he told us that it is not good for health. But we are yet not aware of its ill effects on health. But this year, DDT was once again sprayed in our villages.”

Cases on Rise

Malaria has spread in the past three years. Data available with the health department indicates that the Ludhiana district alone witnessed 69 cases of malaria in 2008, 75 in 2009 and 319 in 2010.

Only 40 cases have been reported in villages located on the banks of the Satluj.



SMO suspension
Docs meet health minister
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
Following the suspension of Dr US Sooch, Senior Medical Officer (SMO), Ludhiana, a delegation of doctors and paramedical staff met the Punjab’s Health and Family Welfare Minister today. They discussed reasons behind the suspension of Dr Sooch and added that he should have been given a chance to present his case. The minister agreed to it and said that Dr Sooch would get a chance to present his case.

Talking to the Tribune the minister said, “ I got to know in the morning that a few doctors and staff are planning to go on strike. When they came for meeting, I convinced them not to do so and heard their views.”

On the other hand Dr Sooch said: “I have served the department with utmost honesty and dedication. I always tried my best to serve the department with best of my ability. I will present my case soon and hope to get justice.”



Another twist in gold bangles theft case
Were lost by NCC in-charge, not cadet
Tribune news Service

Ludhiana, June 10
The bangle-theft case during an NCC camp took another twist with the woman who lost her gold bangles worth Rs 1 lakh on June 3 turning out to be a Hindi teacher and in charge of NCC wing of BVM School in Kitchlu Nagar.

Lt Col Subash Sehgal said: “Annu Puri is a former NCC cadet. She cleared her C- level course during her college days. On June 3, she was decorated for completing the caretaker course.

“Before attending the camp, we take an undertaking from the cadets that he or she will be responsible for the loss of valuables during the course,” said Lt Col Subash Sehgal.

The general instruction number 13 of the NCC reads “All personnel and cadets are warned not to carry any valuable items to the camp with them. Only a small amount required for unforeseen circumstances can be brought to the camp.”

The incident that has embarrassed NCC authorities, who besides reporting the matter to the police have initiated an internal probe into the issue.

Police sources stated that Annu had blamed two junior cadets for the loss. The cadets, who have been blamed for the theft, had actually helped Annu and provided her their uniform before the decoration ceremony.

During the time of decoration ceremony Annu Puri kept her gold bangles in a pouch. She had handed her mobile and the pouch to a junior cadet before entering the hall.

The junior cadet, who had to take the badges inside the hall for the decoration ceremony of Annu Puri, left the mobile and the pouch outside the room.

Lt Col Subash Sehgal said: “Three hours after the ceremony Annu raised an alarm and claimed that she had lost her gold bangles. We searched the entire venue, but could not find the bangles.”



Burglars decamp with gold, cash worth Rs 5 lakh
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
Burglars struck at a house in Peeru Banda in the city’s Salem Tabri locality on Thursday night and decamped with 25 ‘tolas’ (about 291.6 grams) of gold ornaments valued at nearly Rs 5 lakh along with Rs 12,000 in cash. The theft came to light on Friday morning when James Masih, 58, a lab technician at the Christian Medical College & Hospital, reported it to the Salem Tabri police.

According to Masih, he along with his wife Sandhya, who works at Iqbal Nursing Home, went to work on Thursday night.

“Our son, Rajat James, went to his in-laws home along with his son and wife to spend the night there. When I returned from work on Friday morning I was shocked to see my home ransacked and raised an alarm. Area residents soon gathered at the scene and called up the police. The locks of the house were broken and all the belongings in disarray. The thieves stole everything including 25 ‘tolas’ of gold jewellery and Rs 12,000 in cash," Masih claimed.

Meanwhile, the police has not ruled out the involvement of an “insider” in the burglary. "The suspects appeared to be fully aware the occupants weren’t at home and took ample time in committing the burglary," said the police officer investigating the case. Even neighbours did not notice any outsider visiting the area on Thursday evening.



Ludhiana SCAN
BKU rejects MSP of rabi crops

An open manhole near Lakkar bridge flyover in Ludhiana. No lessons seem to have been learnt from the recent incident when a nine-year-old lost his life.
Open grave An open manhole near Lakkar bridge flyover in Ludhiana. No lessons seem to have been learnt from the recent incident when a nine-year-old lost his life. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Bharti Kisan Union has rejected minimum support price (MSP) of paddy and other kharif crops while demanding Rs 1,530 per quintal for paddy, Rs 4,000 for oil seeds and pulses and Rs 4,250 for cotton. The BKU vice-president Shamsher Singh Gharooan and secretary general Puran Singh Shahkot lamented that the government had ignored the reports of Dr Swaminathan Committee while determining the MSP of kharif crops. They termed a meagre increase of Rs 80 per quintal in paddy prices as a cruel joke with the farmers. — OC

Café inaugurated

Bistro 226, a multi-cuisine restaurant and café has been opened by a veteran Army officer at Ghumar Mandi. Bistro 226 is all about great coffee, mouth-watering food with friendly and attentive service. The kitchen is headed by chef Hem Chander. It will be dishing out delectable and authentic food. — TNS



Inter-state gang of robbers busted
4 held with arms, ammunition
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, June 10
The district police of Fatehgarh Sahib claims to have solved a few crimes committed during the past three years with the arrest of four members of an inter-state gang of criminals, the District Police Fatehgarh Sahib claim to have solved all the crimes committed during the past 3 years. Most of the victims were traders of this industrial town of North India. This was stated by the district police chief Ranbir Singh Khatra during a press conference here today.

A police team of Mandi Gobindgarh intercepted a car (PB 23H9787) at Ajnali village in which members of this gang were travelling. Those arrested have been identified as Ravinder Singh, Gurmeet Singh, Jaspreet Singh and Manpreet Singh, all residents of Fatehgarh Sahib district, and Gurcharn Singh of Mohali district. They were on their way to commit a crime in Focal Point area here last evening.

A case has been registered against them under the Arms Act at the Gobindgarh police station and all accused arrested. The police also seized one .315 bore pistol along with four cartridges, one .32 bore pistol with three cartridges, a few sharp-edged weapons and a car (PB23H 9787).

During interrogation, the accused admitted to be involved in various looting and snatching incidents in Punjab and Haryana. They had recently stolen a Scorpio (PB11AD 4148) from the Barandari area in Patiala. They had also stolen a vehicle on June 5, changed its number plate and used a red beacon atop the vehicle for looting Rs 25 lakh from a Mandi Gobindgarh-based trader at Sirsa in Haryana. The same day they had fired upon a police party of Jhanir. They have also admitted to have thrice tried to loot a Patiala-based jeweller.



City cagers start campaign in style
Anil Datt
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, June 10
Hosts Ludhiana began their campaign in style with convincing victories in the boys as well as girls’ sections in the 62nd Junior Punjab State Basketball Championship that commenced at Guru Nanak Sports Complex here today.

Ludhiana district boys faced a little challenge from Sangrur lads whom they overpowered easily 43-22 after leading 27-8 at the end of the second quarter, while Ludhiana district recorded a comfortable win (42-24) over Sangrur in the girls’ section.

The inaugural match, played between Ludhiana and Sangrur (boys), turned out to be a one-sided affair as the former gained an early lead and eventually romped home to start their hunt on a sound note.

For the winners, the main contributors were Arjun Prasad and Harman who netted 18 and 8 baskets, respectively. Other notbale scorers were Ajay and Sameer Sen, who chipped in with 6 and 4 points, respectively, to help their side to register an easy win.

Anand Prakash and Jobanpreet Singh tried to wage a battle but their efforts were thwarted by the agile players of Ludhiana district. Anand and Joban accounted for 7 and 6 points each to salvage some pride for the losers.

In the girls’ section, Ludhiana district overwhelmed Sangrur 42-24. The winners established a considerable lead (21-9) at the half time.

National star, Nagma and Sandhya sank 15 and 11 baskets to anchor Ludhiana to win while Suman (10) and Jaswinder Kaur (8) fought valiantly for the visitors.

In another encounter (boys), Faridkot district got the better of Hoshiarpur 45-28. Faridkot lads led 17-7 at lemon break.

Mohinder Singh and Sanjanveer Singh played well for Faridkot with 12 and 8 points, respectively. For the losers, Harman and Harpreet scored 8 and 6 points each.

Earlier, Punjab Minister for Health and Family Welfare Sat Pal Gosain declared the championship open in which 21 squads in the boys’ section and 13 teams in the girl's section are vying for top honours. He announced a grant of Rs 2 lakh for Punjab Basketball Association (PBA).

Yurinder Singh Hayer, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ludhiana, and senior vice-president, Teja Singh Dhaliwal, general secretary, PBA, Arjuna awardees (basketball) Sajjan Singh Cheema and Parminder Singh (sr) along with other prominent personalities of the city were present at the opening ceremony.



SAI inducts 46 players
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, June 10
The Sports Authority of India (SAI), training centre being run here at the multi-purpose hall of Guru Nanak Sports Complex, inducted 46 young talented players under its sports promotion scheme for 2011-12.

The induction of budding players is done between 14 and 18 years on the basis of their performance during the selection trials conducted in February.

Harbans Singh, in charge of the SAI, training centre in Ludhiana, said these talented young boys and girls had been permitted to join the SAI centre here following approval by LS Ranawat, executive director SAI, Northern centre, Chandigarh, after the age verification tests by health department, Punjab.

There are seven athletes under the scheme (five residential and tow day boarding); six basketball players (all day boarding); 14 handball players (four residential and 10 day boarding), eight judo players (two residential and six day boarding); seven volleyball players (all day boarding ); four weightlifting players (all day boarding).



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