Sunday, June 19, 2011, Chandigarh, India

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Grooms Wanted

Affluent Punjabi Khatri Business family Seeks alliance for their Non-Manglik beautiful daughter Masters (Australia), 5-3, 11:13 am, 26.5.1986, Chandigarh. Boy from High Status Business/Professional Family India/abroad (Australia). 95017-17414, 90414-14124 C1-32056

1986 born, 5'-02" Hindu Punjabi Khatri girl, MBA, Instrumentation Engineer, very good salary package, seeks similarly qualified and employed groom. Email: Box 2357F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Khatri/Arora, teetotaller preferably tricity for Hindu Khatri, Anshik Manglik girl, M.Sc. (Hons.), B.Ed., 5'- 5", 08-05-1987, 8:42 p.m. Meerut (U.P.). 9888112073. C1-32374

Arora girl, August 1978, 4'-10", slim, fair, beautiful, working in Govt. Sector, MA (English), M.Phil (Education) UGC NET cleared. Status family. 0-81463- 22227, C1-33876

Canadian Jat Sikh educated family, seeks a suitable match for their daughter 35 yrs, 5'-4", tall, Canadian born, beautiful, slim, fair, family values, well versed in both cultures, never married, University educated with multiple degrees, corporate IT Security Audit/Manager in Toronto. The boy should be professionally educated, good family values 31-40 years, from Canada/USA/UK. Please contact with recent pictures. or 1-613-291-4832. C1- 25529

Match for fair, slim, beautiful Sikh Ramgarhia girl, Oct. 76 (looks younger), 5'-1", M.A., B.Ed., permanent Government Teacher, Chandigarh. Caste no bar. 98159- 05664. C1-30155

Match for 5'-4"/25, Sikh Ramdasia girl, working in Multimedia company, Mohali. Father retd., brother Doctor. 9915084290. C1-31974

Suitable match for Post-graduate, PGDCA, 32+, 5'-4", Sikh Kashatri girl. Urgent decent marriage. Parents highly qualified/settled. Only Ldh. Khatri/Kashatri/Arora famlies honoured. Well settled/qualified divorcee also condiderable. Business person preferred. E-mail: 98760- 51288. C1-32058

High status family's highly educated decent match for Nai Sikh convented beautiful slim intelligent girl 1984/ 5'-3'' Post Graduate English (Honor's) from reputed University campus. Presently English Lecturer in University. High status vegetarian family upper caste no bar. Email:- Box 2437F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SM for beautiful, slim Ramdasia Sikh Julaha 5'-6"/Jan 85, BE computer Science, working MNC Chandigarh. Educated family. 94635-98240, 75085-88124. C1-32169

Suitable match for Ramdasia Sikh Weaver girl 1982/5'- 3", MBA IT, working as Software Developer in Mohali. Mobile: 88727-43664. C1-32452

Professionally qualified match for Kamboj Sikh girl, 29/5'-2", MCA, CCNA, working MNC Gurgaon, 4.5 LPA. Preferred Gurgaon NCR. Caste no bar. 0172-5076770. E- mail: C1-32536

Ramdasia Sikh (Weaver) girl, 30/5'-4", Post-graduate, returned from UK. Wants groom NRI/well educated. Early marriage. 98727-25607. C1-32584

Suitable Sikh match for beautiful BDS/ M.Sc Australia 28/ 5'-5'' working Australia. Boy shouldn't lessthan 5'-8'' have profession degree in any stream settled in Australia. Caste no bar. 9530957011. Email:- C1-33428

Turbaned Sikh match for Raisikh girl, Oct. 78/5'-3", M.Sc, M.Ed, regular ETT Teacher. Caste no bar. Mohali/Chandigarh preferred. 98726-92443. C1-33726B

MD, MS match for 31, 5'-2", beautiful, slim, MBBS, DA, DNB Ramdasia Sikh innocent issueless divorce after four months. Reputed family. Contact: 94174-77815. C1-33950

Suitable match NRI/around Chandigarh, for Ghumiar Sikh girl, 27.8.84/5'-4", convent educated M.Sc. Chemistry B.Ed., M.Ed. NET Govt. service, 19000/- reputed family. 96433-51311. Email: NA1-22750

Well-established Business Jat Sikh family from Canada seeking vegetarian, teetotaller, professionally qualified, Doctor, Lawyer or Eng. Jat Sikh good looking age between 29-34 year old boy from Canada/USA/ Abroad for our Canadian citizen lawyer only daughter age 32, 5'-6", very young looking, sharp feature, tall, fair, slim and pretty. Education and family values are main considerations. Please Respond with biodata and recent picture at C1-25459

High status Jat Sikh family seeks match for their fair, beautiful, 82 born, 
5'-6" tall daughter, doing her final year MD in Delhi. Seeking Sikh/Punjabi service background boy-Medico/Engineer/MBA/Eqvt. or 0091-9971970211. C1- 25483

Suitable match for beautiful, educated Jatt Sikh girl, 40, 5'-4.5", Masters Engineering. Great regard for family values, belongs to well educated and well settled family. Divorced, no issue. Canadian Citizen since sixteen years, professionally well settled in USA. No bar. Mobile: +1 6138834143 or email: C1-25785

Professionally qualified well settled in India match required for Jat-Sikh beautiful slim well cultured 26/5'-3" only child. Girl has done MBA from well reputed college, working as a senior executive in a Bank Rs. 11 Lakh package plus perks with urban & rural property. Please respond with bio-data via e-mail Box 2261F Tribune, Chandigarh.

PQM for Jat Sikh girl, slim, fair, March 80, 5'-6", MCA, permanent College Lecturer. Email: C1-31060

Jat Sikh family (visiting India in Oct./Nov. 11) seek professionally qualified, intelligent, smart Jat Sikh match (non-drinker/non-smoker) for NZ citizen daughter, 27/5'-1", B.Sc. (Computers), beautiful, slim, cultured girl, employed in a reputed IT company. Malwai/NRI preferred. Send biodata/recent photographs to C1-31186

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh girl 28/5'- 1", B.Sc. Nursing. 99153-90765. C1-31244

Suitable match for smart, slim, cultured Jat Sikh 25 years, 5 ft. girl, GNM 4 years experience, 6.5 IELTS. Belongs to highly educated family. Applying for Canada PR on point basis. Requires professionally qualified boy preferably B.Pharmacy/Physio-therapy. Interested in Canada PR may Contact 098157-57863. C1-31638

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh girl 28/5'- 4", B.Sc. MLT, presently in Canada for last 2 years. Preferred Rajpura Area. 98143-68515. C1-31640

Highly educated well settled Jat Sikh parents seek professionally highly qualified groom for their beautiful, slim, smart Public School educated daughter, has done M.D.S., Oct. 1980, 164 cms. 098722-16963. C1- 31654

Suitable match for Jat Sikh beautiful, slim girl, 27/5'-3", MCA, Govt. service, Chandigarh. Around Chandigarh preferred. Box 2421F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Highly qualified around 30, min. 5'-8", preferably H1B visa holder/student/ green card holder, handsome, cleanshaven for slim, cultured, Jat Sikh Sandhu girl (Brief marriage annulled), June 1981/5'-2", Master in Psychology, Teaching Credential in America, greencard holder, will get citizenship in 2012. Presently in India. Doctor's background family. 09417684833, 07696610046. E-mail: C1-31904

Seeking professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh girl, very fair, beautiful, 32/5'-3", Ph.D. (Sociology), have applied for permanent residence in Denmark. Contact at C1-31930

Suitable well-educated Canadian citizen or NRI Jat Sikh cleanshaven match for Jat Sikh girl 25, 170 cms, well- educated, slim, fair, beautiful Teacher, good job. C1-32022

Jat Sikh girl 1981/5'-4", GNM with eight years experience from Fortis Hospital, IELTS 5.5. NRI preferred. 9988648673, 01762-290573. C1-32093

Suitable match for Jat Sikh beautiful, slim, fair girl, February 1984 born, 
5'-4", B.D.S., Masters in Public Health. Father Class-I Officer (retd.). Contact: 098762-76168, Email: C1-32167

Convent educated, 1984/5'-4", USA Software Engineer, MBA, employed multinational New York. Father Army officer retired. 098727-75788. C1-32182

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh girl, Dec.1984 born, 5'-1", B.Tech (ECE), PG(SCM), working in Reputed Company. E-mail: C1- 32266

Suitable well-qualified match for Jat Sikh beautiful girl, Dec.77/ 5'-5", M.Sc. Physics (Hons.), NET and Ph.D. (IISc), working Assistant Professor in University and having U/R property. Father SE (retd.). Email:, 09417875245, 9815619771. C1-32332

Match for Jat Sikh girl 22/5'-4", convent educated, M.A. Ist year. A Chandigarh based small family, well connected Politically and Socially. Boy's photo first instance. Box 2450F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well qualified, tall, cleanshaven match for Jat Sikh girl 1980 born, 5'-6.5", M.A.English, currently working in M.N.C. Mohali, Chandigarh, Patiala, Punjab preferred. Simple marriage. No dowry. Send bio-data and recent photos at Contact: 9780955113. C1-32766

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh girl, 25/5'-3", Lecturer Engg. College. Well settled, educated family. 9988868372. C1- 32786

Professional, cleanshaven Jat Sikh match for beautiful girl, 26/5'-4", B.E., MBA (Canada), working as Senior Financial Analyst in Canada. Email: C1-32858

Preferably high status serviceman/Established businessman Jat Sikh match from Reputed status family for slim, fair, beautiful, smart, convent educated, Post Graduate Jat Sikh girl, Dec.86, 5'-5" from Business cum Landlord family. Contact with full details and photos at: C1-32872

Well settled Jat Sikh match from Urban educated family for beautiful, fair, 26/150 cm, MBA Jat Sikh girl from highly educated status background. Early marriage. Phone: 9780150246. E-mail: C1-33138

Parents well established Jat-Sikh Sandhu family invite alliance for slim smart beautiful daughter MDS/ 5'- 4"/30 , Lecturer in Medical College. Family is Karnal based and settled in Ludhiana. Son is doctor in USA. Contact at 094171-89735 and e-mail your profile along with photograph at C1-33178

Seeking Jat Sikh/Saini Sikh professionally qualified cleanshaven boy for girl, 80/5'-3", MBA, working NCR, 16 LPA. 9871590205. C1-33350

Well known landlord family from Malwa seeks Govt. officer or Landlord match for their beautiful, sober, responsible daughter 30/5'-2", Govt. Lecturer (Permanent) University educated with multiple degrees. Canadian PR applied. Brief marriage annulled. Contact: 98883-33143. E-mail: C1-33582B

Suitable match for Jat Sikh Randhawa beautiful girl, 23/5'-5", B.Sc. 
Nursing. Teacher near Chandigarh. 96462-26218, E-mail: C1-33612

Jatt Sikh Dhillon girl 84/5'-4", Centre Govt. Staff Nurse at Noida. 099292-95899, 094638-77970. C1-33760

US based Jat Sikh parents seek clean-shaven professional match for their US citizen daughter, 5'- 4"/77 born , working as a Pharmacist in US. Salary six figures. Innocently divorced after 8 months of marriage. Please send complete bio-data with recent photos. Email: Contact: 001- 7735527740. C1-33856B

Mohali based Jat Sikh cultured family, looking for a professionally qualified, well settled, clean shaven boy from good family background, for our daughter, 5'- 4"/23 years, pretty & charming, convent educated, Hons. Graduate from a Premier Institute. Working in Chandigarh with a MNC chain. Contact with biodata and Photograph. E-mail: C1-33936

Suitable clean-shaven match for Jatt beautiful girl, Dec. 1984, 5'-5", MA English, B.Ed. Teacher. 9872424082. Send complete biodata with photograph. E- mail: C1-34010

Professionally qualified match for beautiful, slim, cultured Jat Sikh girl, 33/5'-6", MBA from US from status family. Contact: 93162-23773. NA1-22077

Professionally qualified match for American Jatt Sikh girl, 5.2.1982, MS from USA, now doing job Software Engineer in USA on H1B Visa. Preference doing job in any reputed company. Contact with photo & biodata at: 94647-87364. NA1-23676

Professional/status match for Amritsar based extremely beautiful, slim, fair, Univ. Lecturer 30/5'-2", (looks much younger) Ph.D. (English), Director reputed family institute, parents affluent, status educationists. No bar. Local preferred. Profile Email: 99140-89318. A1-28645-OL

Match for Mair Rajput widow 34, no issue, MA GNM Nursing. NRI preferred. Caste no bar. 75083-35750, 0181-2203286. C1-32808

Match for working widow having one child 35/5', look smart. 91-95014-85136. Box 2490F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for decent, beautiful, fair Saini girl, 24 yrs/5'-4", doing Masters from PTU Jalandhar, seeking educated well settled boy from good cultured families from India or abroad. Contact: 099170-63636, Email: C1-22536

We are looking for a Canadian or American citizen boy age 34, the girl is Australian permanent resident. Only who are Canadian and American citizen can contact. The girl family is in India. Pls send pictures on Email: or contact girl Dad +919855-757257, +9198557-57257. Girl is coming in Dec. to India. C1-31922B

Suitable & tall match for beautiful, educated Saini Sikh girl, 25/5'-7", MBA (Finance), working as Accounts Auditor with renowned company in Chandigarh. Contact at +91 9780618756. C1-32326

Professionally qualified match for London citizen beautiful Sood Pharmacist girl 29/5'-3", Sood preferred. Upper caste welcome. Email: A1-32182-OL

Suitable professionally qualified (US citizen/willing to settle abroad) match for Hindu Khatri fair complexioned US Citizen girl, 24.03.1985, 09 am, Chandigarh, 5'-2", Registered Nurse. USA settled family. Contact after matching kundli. Box 2397F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh girl from status family, US citizen, Dentist, 38 yrs old, 5'-7", slim, beautiful girl. Issueless, innocent divorcee. Email: biodata with photo: C1-31528

UK settled working Post-graduate beautiful Arora, 32/5'-3". Required equal status match. E-mail: C1-31598

Suitable match with Australian PR/Citizenship status for Ramgarhia Sikh girl 1984/5'-5"/fair, slim working as a Physiotherapist in Melbourne and having PR. Kindly respond with biodata and photo. C1-32772

Status match for Hindu Nai girl, Beautiful, slim, Feb. 1982/5', B.Sc. Degree Fashion Designing. Girl's parents coming from Canada, reaching India June end. Early, decent marriage. Box 2400F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professional match for SC, beautiful Engineer (B.Tech.) Defence Research Development Organisation Chandigarh, June 1973/5'-3". 9256514750. C1- 32278

Himachali Rajput Manglik girl, M.A. Eng., B.Ed., Oct. 84, 5'-5", Guest Lect. Govt. School. Preferred professionaly qualified Himachali Rajput boy around Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali. 98726-41743, E-mail Kundli and photographs at: C1- 28401

Sikh Kashyap Rajput fair complexion, 27/5'-3", MBA. Father Central Govt. employee. E-mail: Box 2396F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Manglik/Non-Manglik Jaswal Rajput Graduate, Computer knowing girl, working in MNC, 5', May 1983. Preferred in and around Chandigarh. Contact: 98156- 84177. C1-31806

Match for Shimla born, Now settled Chandigarh Himachali Rajput slim, fair, beautiful girl, 7.1.1983/7:03 a.m./5'-6", M.Sc. Biochemistry. Early marriage. 95011- 75280. C1-31902

Suitable match for good looking, tall, slim Himachali Rajput girl, 11 April 1986 (8:40 a.m.), Hamirpur (Himachal), 5'-8", B.A.LL.B. from Punjab University, Advocate in Himachal High Court. Father in Govt. job. Contact: 94593-08095. C1-32522

Seeking Professionally qualified match for beautiful, slim, fair, 5'-3", 2.2.1983/11:30 a.m., Convent educated, B.Sc., B.Ed., MBA. Working as Punjab Govt. employee. Kundli must. Preference in Tricity. Contact 98144-58911. C1-31208

Suitable educated settled preferably Himachali Pb. settled match for well educated Brahmin Manglik girl, 29-12-1985, 05.45 am, Jalandhar Cantt, M.Sc., M.Phil Physics. Contact: 98721-65123, 01822-235418. C1-31358

Suitable match for slim, beautiful Dentist Gaur Brahmin girl 16.12.1982, Time 10:40 a.m., Nangal. Kundli must. Boy should be Doctors, Engineers or Professionally Qualified. Box 2407F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SM4 Gaur Brahmin girl 5'-1"/1981, M.Com., M.Phil. (Com), MA (English), Lecturer Govt. College (Extension). Apply with BHP. Box 2412F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally Qualified TGT Reputed Public School Chandigarh. November 1972/156 cm. Father Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Settled Panchkula. Seek Professionally Qualified Well Settled Non-manglik Bachelor of matching age and from well cultured family. Box 2413F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well-settled match for smart Gaur Brahmin girl 17.1.1987/5'-4", BCA, MBA, working at Chandigarh. 93177-06018. Box 2414F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin girl, fair, beautiful, Earns good. 8.05.78/8:20 p.m./Chandigarh. 5'-3". Brahmins only. Kundli match needed. Contact 95010-74516, 92160-00125. C1-32063

Suitable match for fair, beautiful, slim Saraswat Brahmin girl, MBA, Nov. 86, 5'-5" from status family. Looking for well edcuated boy from professional business family. Contact: C1- 32612

Match for vegetarian Saraswat Brahmin girl, 25 years, 5'-1", MBA, working with HSBC. Contact: 098141-32456. E-mail: C1-32754

Suitable match for Kashyap (Brahmin) fair and beautiful Manglik girl, BE(PEC)/MBA(US), 26/5'-5". E-mail: Mobile: 91-98555-07284. C1-33026

Suitable match for convent Himachali Saraswat Brahmin Moudgil Gotra slim girl, 13.01.1984/02:15 a.m./Ludhiana. 5'-2". M.A., Pursuing B.Ed. Working as Faculty. Preferred Services/Corporate. Contact 094172- 46696, 0172-2669622. C1-33256

Match for Saraswat Brahmin vegetarian girl, 5'-2", M.Sc., MBA, 1982, Jalandhar, employed in MNC near Chd. 80542-01485, 97818-64102. C1-33514

Professionally qualified well settled businessman /serviceman for Anshik Manglik Hindu Saraswat Brahmin girl DoB Oct 6, 1983, height 5ft. BCA, M.Sc Comp. Sc., employed in govt school (Punjab). Contact No. 99885- 30660, 99885-17016. Email id: C1- 33596B

Professionally qualified match for Manglik/Non-manglik Saraswat Moudgil Brahmin, girl, March 81/5'-1", M.A. (Psychology) P.G. Diploma in Guidance and Counselling. 94171-87204. Box 2507F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Tricity based, working NCR match for slim, fair, beautiful, Saraswat Brahmin girl, 2.9.85, 1:55 p.m., (Ghaziabad), BAMS, MBA, IBS Gurgaon, working NCR, 4.5 LPA (Only child). Contact: 099562-97733. C1-33820

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin Punjabi girl, 2.1.81, 1:45 p.m., Jalandhar, 5'-3", fair, complexion, B.Com., M.A. English, doing B.Ed. C1-33872

Punjabi Brahmin Vashisht girl Anshik Manglik 5'-2", 27.11.87, 8:18 a.m., Hardwara, M.Com., B.Ed. Preferred vegeratian and above 1982 born. Match kundli. Send photo and biodata. 078305-02888. C1-33886

Professionally qualified preferably CA/ICWAI/lecturer match for Saraswat Brahmin girl, 1982 born, 5'-4", M.Com, M.Phil, ICWAI, pursuing Ph.D. doing own practice. Family Jalandhar based. E-mail: 98140-37274. C1-33900

Alliance invited for Saraswat Brahmin girl, smart beautiful issueless divorcee marriage lasted few months 32/5'-4", B.Ed., Ph.D. Teaching reputed school, caste no bar. Mobile: 98969-43910, 98969-43911. Email: C1-33926

Match for Punjabi Brahmin BDS Doctor, convent educated Manglik girl, beautiful, fair, 5'-8", 26.10.1986, 11:20 p.m., Chandigarh. Professional NRI/Indian preferred. 097802-40840, 096460-70555, C1- 33944

Match for Brahmin beautiful girl 26/5'-1", M.Sc. Fashion Tech. College Lecturer. NRI preferred. 01823- 655106, 98552-51253. Email: NA1- 22165

Manglik, non-Manglik match for professional qualified Sarswat Brahmin B.Com., Masters in Mass Communication, 27/5'-3", fair, very beautiful girl, belongs to reputed family. Foreign settled preferred. 98146-46934. NA1-22248

In/around Chandigarh professionally qualified match for Khatri girl 1981/5'-2", working MNC, handsome salary. Early, simple marriage. Contact: 0172-2632996. E-mail: C1-31152

Match for beautiful homely slim Hindu Khatri girl MA, PGDCA persuing MBA 5'-1"/15.7.1981/8.30 A.M., Chandigarh. Working in Chandigarh Administration. Father PCS Officer. Early and decent marriage. Contact: 9878629676. C1-31192

Professionally qualified match for a Manglik girl, 5'- 2", November 1986 Chandigarh B.Tech Lecturer Pursuing M.Tech. Chandigarh based family preferred. Contact no. 0172-2771212. Email : C1-31846

Medico/Non-medico match for slim, convent educated Sood Himachali Doctor girl, BAMS Specialised in Kayachikitsa, working Chandigarh. 5'-3"/28.09.83, 11:55 a.m. Palampur. Contact: 09418303271. C1-32202

Professionally suitable employed teetotaller match for N/M Hindu Walia convent educated B.Tech. fair beautiful girl, 5'-2", working top MNC Hyderabad, 27.3.87, 5.43 p.m. Ambala, status family, no bar. 94163-43883. C1-32568

Match for Non-Manglik homely Hindu Khatri girl 5.2.84, 10:12 pm, Chandigarh, BA, 5'-2". Box 2472F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Khatri girl, very fair, really beautiful, MBBS, joining PG next session. Employed internationally reputed Super Speciality Hospital, Mohali (Chandigarh), 5'-3"/31 (looks 24-25). Only child. Chandigarh based family. E-mail: C1-33812

Suitable match for Ambala based MA, M.Ed., 31.08.81, (8.15 a.m.), 5'-3", slim, fair, beautiful Teacher girl. Send biodata, photo. Email: Box 2434F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Arora girl, 19.1.82, 0.05 Moga, 5'-2", M.Sc. (Pharma) Chemistry, B.Ed. from Radha Soami family. Working in reputed company as Research Associate from Chandigarh. Preferred r/o Mohali/Chandigarh/Panchkula/Delhi engineer boy. Ph. 094179-53204. Email: NA1-23674

Match for Ramgarhia slim girl, January 1982/5'-2",BCA, M.Sc. IT (P.U.), MCA (K.U.), Regular Govt. service Punjab. Email: C1-31704

SM for Ramgarhia beautiful fair M.Sc.Maths, B.Ed. girl, 1986/ 5'-4", Private Teacher. Box 2431F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for beautiful & slim Ramgarhia girl, 15.04.1985, 5'-4", MBA, B.Ed.. Well-established steel business. Business family or IRS/IAS preferred. Mandi Gobindgarh. 9876333371, 9876311171. C1-32036

Match for Sikh Ramgarhia girl 1984/5'-7", MCA. B.PEd., M.PEd.. 98726-58744. C1- 32486

Match for Hindu Dhiman homely girl, Dec. 1982/5'-5'', M.Sc. (Maths), M.Phil, Asstt. Professor in Engineering College.Father Senior Manager in Bank. Mohali based small educated family. Caste no bar. C1-33788

Suitable match for Sikh Ramgarhia girl 1977 born, 5'- 1", convented, Master of Accounts from Australia, having PR, good job, status family. Upper caste Sikh families no bar. Contact: 098155-36660. Email: NA1-22094

Alliance invited from Sikh/cleanshaven boy settled in USA for 1982/5'-8", convent educated Alhuwalia, fair, intelligent, beautiful, homely girl. Masters in Economics, NYU, USA. Working as Research Analyst in USA on H1-B. C1-31366

Professionally qualified/Businessman match for Khatri Sikh girl, 24/5'-5", B.Sc. (Nursing), working Nursing College. 9781120370. C1- 31408

USA based professional match for beautiful, tall, Sikh Ahluwalia girl, 
26/5'-8", final Semester in MS Computer Science from California. Father Gazetted Officer (Chandigarh). Brother Engineer in USA. Girl currently in India. Send profile with latest photograph. +91- 8054458547. Email: C1-32908

Suitable match for M.Sc (Eco.), PGDCA (GNDU) MBA, 32+, 5'-4", employed Kashatri Sikh unmarried girl of highly educated/settled parents. Sister is CA, brother Engineer in UK. Parents in business. Early decent marriage. Highly placed issueless divorcee upto 36 yrs. also welcome. Ldh. most preferred. E-mail: 98760-51288. C1-33642

Suitable match for employed Himachali Ravidasia girl, 5'-1", 9.5.1985. M.A., B.Ed, UGC (NET) Qualified. Radhasoami well settled family at Chandigarh. Father Class I Officer. 96461-20705. email : C1-31044

Suitable match for Ramdasia Hindu girl, 1983/5'-3", fair, B.Sc., B.Ed, pursuing M.Sc. Govt. job, ETT Teacher. Father Asstt. Manager in NFL Nangal. 9465171416. C1-32304

SM4 Ramdaisa Sikh 5'-3"/76, Govt teacher. Between 35- 38. Early simple marriage. No dowry. 94787-32791. C1- 32500

Suitable clean shaven match for Mazhabi Sikh fair girl, M.A., B.Ed., PG Diploma in Mass Comm. 79/5'-4". Chandigarh around. Caste no bar. Phone 98773-94814. C1- 33276

Suitable match for beautiful Chamar girl, March 1982/5'-2", pursuing Ph.D (Medicine) Final year in PGI Chandigarh. Father retired from Govt. job, mother in Govt job. Well qualified family in Chandigarh. Ph.D (Medico) preferred. Box 2516F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Pal Nikhar girl, 29/5', M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed., employed Central Govt. Teacher. Contact 98153-10226. NA1-22381

Teetotaller well educated well placed match for Panchkula based fair, slim Sanskari Yadav girl 24/5'- 2", M.Com. pursuing CS cleared two groups. Both brothers CA. Father Officer. Send biodata snaps (must). 95018-59235. C1-31798

Professionally qualified match for Sikh Ahluwalia (Amritsar based) girl, M.Tech, 26/5'-2", working PSU Gurgaon, 6.5 Lacs. 094642-30094, NA1-22699

Professional manglik match for Sikh Tonk-kashatriya convent educated girl, 29, 5'-3" MCA, Excellent MNC day job. Highly educated Ludhiana family, caste no bar, bio-data photo must on C1-28313

Match for Sikh Tonk-Kashtriya Jassal girl, 29 Dec., 1985, 5'-2.5", B.Tech (CS), working private company also pursuing MBA Symbiosis (Pune) educated family. 097996-94727, 015424-82094. Box 2424F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for smart, slim, fair, convent educated, Post Graduate Manglik Garg girl, 158 cms, 26 years, of affluent Industrialist family of Chandigarh. Very short marriage. Caste no bar. E-mail: C1- 31620

Suitable match for fair, beautiful Garg Anshik Manglik girl, 5'-3", 6.10.1984, 6:55 a.m., Chandigarh, MCA Panjab University, Chandigarh. Australian citizen preferred. 098140-10940, A1-32930-OL

Match for fair, slim, Singla girl, 30.04.1987, 1:35 p.m., Ambala, 5'-4", MCA, doing job in MNC Mohali. Ph. 09416280755. C1-31236

Medico MD/MS match for beautiful, tall, fair, convent educated Garg girl, height 5'-5", Oct. 84, doing M.S. Opthalmology. Patiala preferred. Contact: 92172-80991. C1-31280

Suitable match for legally divorcee Doctor Bansal girl 5'-5", 18.7.1982, 11:28 am, working reputed hospital Mohali. 78953-02959. Box 2408F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Singla girl, 23.1.1987/12:45 pm/Patiala, 5'-1", M.Com. Status business family in Panchkula. Contact: 094171-75044. E-mail: C1-31786

Suitable match for Aggarwal Garg girl B.Com., CS Final (Company Secretary), doing M.Com., height 5'-4", 30.7.1988, 5:05 am at Ambala Cantt. Send BHP. Contact: 093541-51437. Ph: 0171-2651687. Email address: C1-32014

Match for Slim, fair Garg girl MBA, 5'-1", 31st July 1987, 00:16 hrs Chandigarh, Working MNC Noida, Preference non Garg boy professionally qualified well settled in business or drawing 15 LPA and above or class one officer, early decent marriage. Brother employed in US MNC. Father Class-I Officer located Chandigarh. Haryana based family. 9779881617. C1-32648

Match for slim, beautiful, fair, smart Singla girl MA, B.Ed, 4 Feb., 1985, 5', decent marriage. 09416079321. Email: C1-33366

Executive Engineer well placed match for 29/157 MBA, service Noida, 8 lacs, beautiful, slim, fair, smart Singla girl from status family of Punjab settled in Panchkula. Early decent marriage. 98786-15977. NA1-22126

Well educated, well settled, businessman/industrialist from high status family for fair, slim Aggarwal girl 26/5'-3", B.Com., MBA. Father well established businessman. Small, educated, settled family residing in Ludhiana. 0161-6545074. NA1- 23898

Medico, Dentico, Engr., match for Arora Sikh BDs, 5'- 4", 1985 fair, slim intelligent UP based family. Send profile. C1-33568

Professionally qualified suitable match for Kamboj Sikh girl PR Australia 23/ 5'-5'' beautiful, slim, convent educated Amritsar. Bachelor of Business ( Accounting) degree from UTS, Sydney. Persuing CPA, well educated family. Father, mother Punjab Govt. employee. Send biodata, photo 09501211877. C1- 32145



For sale/purchase of commercial buildings, residential homes apartments
farm houses, gas stations, convenience stores music promotions, import export etc. in USA, Canada, Singapore others. C1-33914


Chandigarh: Cat A 4 bedroom 2nd floor, semi finished, Goodwill Enclave,
Sector 49. Direct deal. 98884-20757. C1-31178


2 Acre, Gagan Chowk, Rajpura. Chandigarh road. Prime commercial, Corner,
Best for Hospital, Commercial purpose. Contact 98761-29629. C1-31084

86, 41, 9, 5, 5 bigha land midst green forest near Chail. Contact for plots, flats, old building around Shimla, Solan. 094180-29000. C1-33622

Hot sale one kanal single storey, facing park/East, Sector 34-D, Chandigarh. Four kanal plot Sector 9. Two kanal facing park B-Road. 50% share i.e. first and second floor ownership Sector 36, Chandigarh. Most suitable for NRI. Contact Col Ahluwalia 98765-58145. C1-33964

Ludhiana independent 200 yards kothi near Western Mall reasonable price. 098767-99880. NA1-23737


Independent furnished single attached bathroom 3rd floor Sector 44-A. Ideal
for student. Central location. Contact: 99155-78244. C1-33198


Separate for boys and girls all facilities with food 41-D, Chandigarh. Secure
homely atmosphere. 98766- 77246. C1-32208


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