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Submissive spouses
Jaspal Bhatti

ABOUT 800 Muslim women in Malaysia have formed a club called Obedient Wives Club. Members feel that it is a sin if they do not obey or make their husbands happy. It is in fact every husbandís dream to have such a wife. But usually a husband gets suspicious if his wife starts obeying him a little too much. He starts feeling that some seriously extravagant demands are on the way.

Some people feel that this club is an insult to the modern women of Malaysia. My wife feels that it is insult to every woman on the earth. All henpecked husbands will, however, like to remain silent on the issue. Should they open their mouth, they would have no option but to say, "Itís our duty to be obedient to our wives."

Once a king told his soldiers that those who were afraid of their wives and obedient to them should queue up on the left side and those who did not fear their wives, line up on the right. Every soldier, except one, queued on the left. The king reprimanded soldiers on the left, "I am ashamed of my army. How could I expect you guys to fight the enemy?" Then he turned to the single soldier on the right, "Tell these cowards how have you managed to stand alone in this line." The soldier replied, "Your Majesty, my wife has told to me stay away from the crowd."