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For 4½ years, mayors took fancy to paver blocks, benches Alone
The scenario was worse in villages and colonies, where during this period, only 14 works were sanctioned from the Mayor Development Fund (MDF)
Aarti Kapur
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 16
Development for successive mayors in the past four and a half years during the tenure of the present Municipal Corporation (MC) has meant spending “lavishly” on laying paver blocks and erecting benches in parks. For reasons best known to them, elected representatives spent 33 per cent of the Mayor Development Fund (MDF) during this period on providing just these two amenities while ignoring other pressing needs of the city residents.

Vital issues like upgrading of community centres, creating more parking space in residential areas and strengthening various basic amenities in the city continue to beg for attention of the elected representatives. “It is ridiculous. There is no accountability. The amount could have been used for the renovation of a number of community centres. The residents should be consulted before allocating funds for such works,” said PC Sangi, president of FOSWAC (Federation of Sector Welfare Associations Chandigarh).

On scrutinising records of expenditure of the Mayor Development Fund (MDF) over the past four years, it comes out that besides laying paver blocks and installing benches in green belts, all four former mayors did not find any other project either relevant or worthy of being undertaken during their respective tenure. Out of the 110 development works undertaken by the mayors with the funds allocated under the MDF in the past four years, 54 related to the laying of paver blocks and installing benches and tiles in the city.

The remaining funds were allocated for constructing huts in green belts, street-lights in parks and residential areas, construction of boundary walls, water boosters in different areas and providing drinking water in green belts.

The report reveals that former Congress mayor Pardeep Chhabra allotted the maximum MDF funds for these works during his year-long tenure in 2008 when 23 works were recommended. Another former Congress mayor, Anu Chathrath, who served in 2010, recommended 14 such works. In 2007, MDF funds were allotted for seven works when Harjinder Kaur was mayor, while in 2009, six works were recommended when Kamlesh was the mayor. Yet, all along, grievances relating to a number of issues had continued to hang fire.

The scenario is much worse when it comes to villages and colonies where in the last four years only a total of 14 works were sanctioned under the MDF. The records of the MDF show that in the past four years, maximum funds were allocated in 2009 for seven works by former mayor Kamlesh, out of which four were in her own ward in Dadu Majra. A single work was sanctioned for Mauli Jagran in 2007 during the tenure of former mayor Harjinder Kaur. In 2010, four works were approved by former Anu Chatrath, in 2008 three works were sanctioned by former mayor Pardeep Chhabra and in 2011 two works were approved by the present mayor Ravinder Pal Singh.

Issues ignored by successive mayors

  • Community parking in residential areas of the city
  • Construction of more community centres
  • Construction of Sehaj Safai Kendra in each sector to help manage collection of garbage
  • Security gates in each sector’s entry point and sealing unauthorised opening in various sectors
  • Maintenance of streetlights on V5 and V6 roads are causing traffic hazards and accidents

What mayors say

Harjinder KaurMayor has a short tenure of one year in which it is not possible to get the big projects approved by the UT Administration and get them on ground. So it is better to get small issues done.

Harjinder Kaur

Pardeep ChhabraMayor prefers to approve the MDF for those issues which require immediate funding. I allocated the funds as per the demand generated during public interaction in various areas.

Pardeep Chhabra

KamleshI approved these two projects in bulk as it was the demand of the area councillors and public also.


Ravinder Pal Singh PalliThe focus has now changed for paver blocks and benches to installing play equipment, fountain and huts in the green belts.

Ravinder Pal Singh Palli



A kidnapping that wasn’t
Passersby mistook fight between a girl and her boyfriend & informed cops
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 16
A call to the Chandigarh police control room informing that a girl had been kidnapped by three youths in an Endeavour car from a park in Sector 22 sent the police in a tizzy here this evening.

After over two hours of drama and search for the car by the police, it turned out that the girl was fighting with her boyfriend and then sat in the vehicle while expressing her anger. Passersby got the impression that the girl was kidnapped and called the cops.

The police flashed the number on to the wireless and began a hunt for the car. At around 9 pm - two hours after the police control room receiving the call - the Endeavour car was intercepted at the Aroma light points in Sector 22 when it came to light that the youth and the girl were known to each other and the girl was never kidnapped.

The youth Satwinder, a student of Malwa Polytechnic College in Faridkot, had come to the city along with two friends. Satwinder’s girlfriend was staying as a paying guest in Sector 22 and he had gone to meet her this evening. An argument between Satwinder and his girlfriend gave the passersby an impression that the girl was kidnapped.

Satwinder told the police that he had gone to Mohali when he got to know from his mother that his car number was flashed by the police and was on a news channel. The youth was then returning to the city to confront the cops when his car was intercepted.

The police let them off after the girl told the police that the youth was known to her and she was never kidnapped.

Cops go in a tizzy

y After over two hours of drama and search for the car by the police, it turned out that the girl was fighting with her boyfriend and then sat in the vehicle while expressing her anger. Passersby got the impression that the girl was kidnapped and called the cops.


Admn’s ‘smart’ move
To open school equipped with integrated communication technology soon
Sumedha Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 16
Come August and the UT government’s education system will take a ‘smart’ turn with the first-ever smart government school built in Sector 53 opening its door to students.

The ‘smart’ school with a capacity of around 2,000 students is in the final stages of completion and will be handed over to the UT education department by July 31. It is the first government school to be built to accommodate integrated communication technology (ICT)-equipped classrooms with four more in the pipeline.

The school aims at providing private sector-like smart education, but at affordable prices.

Although the department had initially planned to admit students only after equipping the school completely with the ICT, it has, however, been forced to advance the admission due to the skewed student classroom-teacher-student ratio.

“There are just one or two schools in the southern sectors and those like the Government Model School in Sector 45 are overburdened with a high number of students. To ensure quality education in all schools this session, we have decided to start admission by August. The process to ‘smarten’ up the school will be done simultaneously and finished within a few months. The school marks the UT’s transition from model school education to smart school education,” described a senior UT education department official.

Going by the proposal, the UT education department will go a step ahead from chalk-and-talk classrooms and introduce various e-learning mechanisms in the new school. Each classroom would be quipped with projectors and computers.



Waste disposal remains headache for residents
With no official checks, garbage collectors charge at will
Amit Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 16
In the absence of any authority to monitor garbage collectors in the city, residents continue to remain at the mercy of the latter who fleece people by charging their own rates.

People in every sector pay different monthly charges to garbage collectors, ranging from Rs 20 to Rs 50 with people residing on upper-floors having to pay more. If that’s not enough collecting garbage remains a major concern, as sanitation workers often do not come daily. Among the common problems prevalent in all the city sectors is garbage collection that is not managed by the municipal corporation, which leads to various problems that are ultimately faced by the residents.

Sanitation practices in the city also vary a lot. In some areas residents’ welfare associations (RWAs) oversee garbage collection, while in others sweepers and private contractors provide the service by fixing rates at will with no one to check them. Even though RWAs have been taking up the issue with the civic body for the past several years, the situation remains the same.

PC Sanghi, chairman of the Federation of Sector Welfare Associations of Chandigarh (FOSWAC), said problems related to household waste disposal had worsened over the years with garbage collectors charging arbitrarily. “Since the last many years we’ve been proposing to the MC to introduce the garbage collection system adopted by civic bodies in Simla and Bangalore where their employees collect garbage from all houses and residents have to pay monthly charges fixed by the MC”, he added.

The residents’ welfare associations have also filed a case in the Lok Adalat, demanding the MC should manage garbage collection in the entire city. GS Ahluwalia, president of the RWA, Sector 32 D, said since the civic body did not take responsibility for household waste disposal residents ended up paying high charges. “We can’t even question the garbage collectors if they don’t come on any day”, he averred.

FOSWAC secretary NS Malhi, a resident of Sector 34, claimed the waste collection system in his sector was the worst. “Garbage collectors have been demanding the monthly charges be hiked to Rs 100 without any justification. Presently they charge between Rs 30 to Rs 50 a month”, he said.

Sector 20 RWA president OP Verma said all residents in his sector were charged different rates by garbage collectors. “We’re paying Rs 50, however there are house that pay more or lesser amount in the absence of uniformity in rates”, he added.

For councillors the issue is not something new as they have raised it at various MC general house meetings, without any tangible results so far.

When contacted medical officer of health BK Salwan said: “The MC looks after the management of the Shahaj Safai Kendra (SSK) and lifting of garbage from there. However dropping garbage till the SSK is still the responsibility of residents. The garbage collectors are like rag pickers who charge at will and the MC can’t control their rates”.



Principals urged to help curb underage driving
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 16
Senior police officials today held a series of meetings with various associations, including school principals, to sensitise them on security issues in the wake of recent bomb blasts in Mumbai.

In the first session, presided over by SSP (Traffic) HS Doon, at least 87 principals/head masters of prominent schools (both government and private) of Chandigarh besides Chanchal Singh, DEO, Chandigarh, were in attendance.

The principals were asked to cooperate with the police in its drive against underage driving and raise awareness among students regarding the hazards of underage driving to make the roads safer.

Besides, in the wake of the recent blasts, the principals were advised to depute at least one teacher or a staff member in school buses for vigil. “Schoolchildren should be briefed in the assembly about passing information to teachers regarding any suspicious activities, abandoned vehicles and articles seen by them. Entry of outsiders in the school must be restricted and checked. Parents must also be briefed during parent-teacher meetings about restraining minor children from driving vehicles without a driver’s licence, and about intoxication and its hazards,” said Doon.

The members were also told to inform the police control room on number 100 in case they noticed any suspicious thing or activity.

The second meeting was held with representatives of rehri markets in different sectors of the city. It was presided over by DIG Alok Kumar.

The third meeting was held with representatives of market welfare and motor mechanic associations. It was presided over by SSP Naunihal Singh.

The members were urged to sensitise their employees on keeping a watch on unclaimed items/vehicles, articles inside and outside shops.

“Closed-circuit television should be installed in shops and verandas. Also, staircases of buildings must be secured with shutters or gates to check unauthorised access, especially during night,” said Naunihal Singh.

Police meets traders

Holding meetings with market associations, the police today asked them to sensitise shopkeepers on keeping a watch on unclaimed items/ vehicles, articles inside and outside shops. This comes in the wake of recent Mumbai blasts



Tricity scan

Institute placed 5th in survey

Universal Group of Institutions (UGI) has been adjudged fifth among the 10 best emerging engineering institutes of India in a survey conducted by an education magazine. Dr Gurpreet Singh, chairman, UGI, today said the ranking had been based on the findings of a nationwide survey conducted by experts, published in the July, 2011, issue of Silicon India, a professional education magazine.

100 saplings planted

The Resident Welfare Association, Sector 32, in association with FOSWAC, MCC and forest department, Chandigarh, held a plantation drive to mark the RWA Day. Around 100 saplings were planted in a ground at Sector 32-D, Chandigarh.

Seminar for CAs

“Chartered Accountants played an important role during recession for which they deserved commendations,” said Justice Jagdish Bhalla, chairman, Punjab State Human Right Commission (PSHRC) while addressing delegates at a seminar on “New Horizon and New Challenges” organised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), Chandigarh branch at the CII, Sector 31. More than 200 chartered accountants attended the seminar.

Science exhibition

Keeping in mind the scientific temperament of today’s generation, students of Saupin’s School-32, Chandigarh, exhibited their skills at a spectacular science show held on the school premises here today. Students from classes XI to X displayed science models. Principal AB S Sidhu lauded the effort of students.

Ailing youth needs help

Sanjeev Goswami (23), a resident of Karnal, who is undergoing treatment at the PGI, Chandigarh, needs Rs 2 lakh for kidney transplant. Good samaritans can contact on 09468205674.

Architectural design competition

The Chandigarh College of Architecture in collaboration with the Eurogroup Charity Fund and Nabha Foundation, Nand and Jeet Khemka Foundation, declared Siddharth Suriand Shoma Mathew from School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, the winner of the Eurogroup-Khemka Foundation Architectural Design Competition for an Eco-friendly School. The design will be used by the Nabha Foundation and Eurogroup Charity Foundation in setting up an eco-friendly low-cost primary school in Nabha sub-division of Punjab.

Principals’ conference ends

On the concluding day of principals’ conference, a session by EO Hargopal on scouts and guides and national sports meet was held. Principals were made aware of the duties assigned to them for the National Games. The venue and events for scouts and guides were finalised. Education officer ML Sondhi spoke on human rights. Chief guest Dr Dinesh Kumar, JC Academics, KVS, New Delhi, was given a floral welcome by the Assistant Commissioner.

105 examined at camp

“Drug addicts are not guinea pigs, who are given mindless doses of medicines. Instead of keeping them locked for months together and forcing things on them, they should be made partners in treatment,” said Dr Ajaiwant Cheema, medical director, Cheema Medical Complex, at a de-addiction camp. Around 105 patients were examined at the camp.

Talent hunt

Ashmah International School, Sector 70, Mohali, today organised a talent hunt. The event titled as “Ashmah Talent Search-2011” aimed at exploring kids’ talent. Results: Dance, Pakhi of Class V, Vidhi of Class IV 1; singing: Abhishek and Tanya of Class II 1 and 2, respectively; acting: Komal of Class V 1.

Online counselling by PTU

The on-going third round of online counselling conducted by Punjab Technical University (PTU), Jalandhar, for admission to engineering colleges in the state has brought back smile on the faces of students around the country. PTU has decided to do away with the reservation policy in the third round, which means that all vacant seats in affiliated colleges will be available under the open category. With Sunday (July 17) being the last day of counselling, colleges in the state are gearing up to deal with students. Students can check details on www.ptuadmissions.nic. in <http://www.ptuadmissions.nic.in> .

Blue Day observed

Sant Isher Singh Public School, Phase VII, Mohali, observed July 15, 2011, as a Blue Day in kindergarten section of the school.

Nominations invited

The Forum of Senior Citizens in Education (FSCE) has invited nominations for Teacher’s Day awards. The forms are available in the office of District Education Officer (DEO), District Elementary Education Officer (DEEO) and the forum’s office at HNo 578, Sector 10. All nominations should be in by July 31.

Plantation drive

The Swasthya Sudhar Foundation in association with the Panchkula horticulture department organised a plantation drive in Sector 2. — Tribune Reporters



Consumer panel rejects plea for higher compensation
Sanjay Bumbroo
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 16
While upholding an order of the district consumer disputes redressal forum, the Chandigarh State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission maintained the complainant’s demand for higher compensation was devoid of any merit.

The commission observed while ordering a refund of Rs.6.33 lakh the district forum took due care of the fact that the amount deposited by the complainant, Rahul Chhatwal, was used by the opposite party, Reliant Infrastructure Pvt Ltd for a sufficient longer period, without handing over the possession of an apartment to the complainant by the due date. The district forum had directed the opposite party to refund the amount to the complainant as well as interest at the rate of 9 per cent per annum in addition to Rs 25,000 as compensation for “mental agony” and “harassment” caused to the complainant and Rs 5,000 as costs of litigation.

The complainant’s counsel had submitted the district forum had not taken into consideration the fact that, as per clause 4(a) of the buyer’s agreement, the date of delivery of the flat’s possession mentioned was October, 2009. The counsel added the district forum had not awarded any compensation on account of the increase in prices of flats since 2008.



Residents sweat it out in humid weather
Temperature rose to 32.3 °C; humidity 93 pc
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 16
The much-needed respite to the tricity residents from hot and humid conditions by monsoon showers yesterday turned out to be short lived as the day temperature again shot up in the region.

The city residents once again sweated it out in the bright sunshine today. Even though the city recorded 66.2mm rainfall in the past 24 hours making the night chillier but after that the tricity residents have been experiencing bright sunshine during the day .

Even though the weather department had predicted slight increase in the day temperature to 28°C but it rose to 32.3°C showing an increase of 4.7°C. The humidity also rose to 93 per cent today, which was around 90 per cent yesterday giving rise to that sticky feeling typical of the rainy season.

However, on the other hand, the intermittent rain on Friday night had resulted in sharp decline in temperature, as minimum temperature came down to 22.9°C from Friday’s 26°C.

The Met official said: “It is going to be generally cloudy sky. A spell of rain or thundershower may occur. The maximum temperature on Sunday will be around 31ºC and minimum temperature on Monday will be around 25 ºC”.



Medical profession has been robbed of humanism, says expert
PGI staff felicitated at a function to mark beginning of academic year
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 16
Literally expressing the feelings of the common man on the streets, Dr Farokh E Udwadia, emeritus professor of medicine, Grant Medical College and JJ Group of Hospitals, Mumbai, today said the medical profession was no more a noble profession as it had been robbed of humanism and sympathetic communication with patients.

Udwadia said these words of wisdom while addressing the future doctors at a function organised at the PGI to mark the beginning of its new academic session (2011-12). Speaking on “Academic Values and Other Perspectives of Medicine” Udwadia said more than knowledge, clinical judgment was more important.

He said that knowledgeable teachers, students discourse, pursuit of scientific inquiry, basic infrastructure and holistic care of the patients are some of the requirements of a good academic institute. “A student must think, question and innovate rather than memorise or learn by rote”, he said.

While talking about the limitations in modern medicine, he opined that mechanisation, over specialisation and commercialisation had led to the loss of values in medicine and doctors had forgotten the art of medicine.

Earlier, Prof Vinay Sakhuja, director, PGIMER, introduced the chief guest to the audience and thanked all the students for choosing PGI for their further studies. “A new session gives us an opportunity to remind ourselves of our objectives. Providing tertiary level care to our patients at a low cost, giving top quality education to all our students and producing good medical teachers, and carrying out research work that is relevant to our needs are what all of us are expected to do”, he said.

As many as174 candidates have joined the MD/MS course of major specialties like anesthesia, medicine, nuclear medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, orthosurgery, radio-diagnosis, general surgery, microbiology and pathology. Thirty students have joined the DM/M.ch in cardiology, gastroenterology, nephrology, neurology, cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, urology and surgical gastroenterology. Thirteen students will begin their Ph D. Nine students have joined MPH, eight MDS, two M. Sc. MLT and three MHA.

During the function, the chief guest honoured PGI employees for recognition of their contribution to the institute. The employees who were honoured were Des Raj, clerk, M.S Office Arun Kapil, photo technician Pushkar, hospital attendant, Advanced Eye Centre Gopal Krishan Pillai, clerk, NINE Raj Kumar, technician Gr .II, Manifold Gurdeep Singh, UDC, Recruitment Cell, Murlidhar, H/A, dermatology Baljit Singh, lab attendant, Anatomy Harbans Singh, security zamadar Gr.I Shish Pal, sanitary attendant Prof. Amod Gupta, dean, PGI, delivered the vote of thanks. PGI emeritus professors, former directors, faculty, resident doctors, students and other staff of the PGI were also present on the occasion.



Suicide of Businessman
Contractors too seek payment of dues from Surya Group
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 16
With Rajiv Goyal, chairman and managing director of Surya Group of Institutes, Rajpura, being booked by the Panchkula police on the complaint of a builder for abetment of suicide, the builders and contractors to whom the director allegedly owes crores of rupees, held a press conference claiming that the director had blocked their payments too. They also held a candle light march in Panhckula seeking justice on Saturday.

The contractors who have given their services to the Surya Group of Institutes have come out in the open against Rajiv Goyal claiming that he till date had not paid them the money. The contractors include those who had provided various services apart from construction of building at the Surya Group of Institutes in Rajpura.

Manu Mehta, one of the contractors addressing the media alleged that the Surya Group owed him around Rs 26.5 lakh. “I did the networking project of the institute and since September 2009 my payments are pending”, Mehta alleged.

Rajinder Singh another contractor who did the electrical work for the institute alleged that the Surya Group owed him payment of Rs 72 lakh, which was pending for over two years now.

All the other contractors attending the press conference have similar complaints against the Surya Group.

The Panchkula police had booked Goyal, under Section 306 of the IPC for abetting suicide on the complaint of Shiv Kumar Gupta who had alleged that his brother Ramesh Gupta was under depression, as Goyal was not paying Rs 2 crore to his brother as construction cost of two colleges of the Surya Group of Institutes, following which he committed suicide.

Ramesh Gupta’s body was recovered from a canal in Rajpura earlier this week after he went missing.

Shiv while speaking to The Tribune alleged that the Surya Group was now pressuring him to withdraw the case moved by him against Rajiv Goyal. “I am being pressurised to take the complaint back or else they claimed that I would not be paid even a single penny”, he alleged.

Despite repeated attempts, Rajiv Goyal could not be contacted for comments.



Construction of Mansa Devi temple gate hangs fire
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, July 16
Even four years after the Haryana chief minister laid the foundation stone of the Mansa Devi Singhdwar on January 4, 2007, construction of the gate, scheduled to be completed within six months after work commenced, remains unfinished.

The project to build a huge ceremonial gate at the Mansa Devi temple was proposed at a meeting chaired by the CM in August 2006. According to the architect’s plan, the gate at the main approach road to the temple would be similar to the entrance gate in Kurukshetra.

The tender for the project, putting the estimate at Rs 53.70 lakh, was awarded in April 2007. Construction, however, had to be halted when an iron structure erected to support the 27-foot high arch collapsed on February 4, 2008, killing a laborer. Thereafter, as the deadline for completion of the work kept on being revised, so was the cost estimate.

Only last March DP Dattana, chief executive officer of the shrine board, had claimed that construction of the gate was expected to be completed in April. However, work is still going on at a snail’s pace.

Sources close to the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA), the agency executing construction work had recently said the main reason for the delay was the contractor was not being paid on time.

Dattana on the other hand, refuted this claim, saying: “It takes some time in processing the bills submitted to the board and there has been no unnecessary delay in payments to the contractor”. He, however, did not specify the reasons behind the delay in completing the project.



After muddy water, taps spout worms
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 16
There seems to be no end in sight to the problem of filthy drinking water in various parts of the city, as things have only worsened since the outset of monsoon.

As though muddy water in taps wasn’t enough, residents have now started getting worms in the water supply of the municipal corporation.

In a latest incident, a Sector-48 housewife was shocked to find worms come out of the tap this morning. Reports of muddy water were also received from other parts of the city.

Nidhi Sharma, a resident of Kendriya Vihar, said they had been receiving muddy water for the past few days, but this time worms came out of the tap.

“Muddy water along with insects poured out of the tap the moment I opened it. Fortunately, nobody drank that water,” Nidhi said.

She said the municipal corporation should act before it caused an outbreak of waterborne diseases.

In another case, filthy water in the supply was reported from Sector 15, where residents claimed they had been getting impure water in their homes for the past few days. Archana Chawla, a resident of Sector 15 B, said taps spouted filthy water having foul smell.

“The water supplied for the past few days is brown in colour and is full of mud,” she said. Cases of dirty water from taps have become frequent. Last week, residents of Sector 21 had also complained of the same.



Mahindra and Mahindra dealer penalised
Tribune News Service

Mohali, July 16
The Mohali District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum has penalised a Mohali-based dealer of Mahindra and Mahindra, Goel Motors, for selling Mahindra That jeep to Pardeep Gupta, a Sector 9 resident, without getting the model registered with the State Transport Authority (STA), Chandigarh.

Holding the vehicle dealer responsible for deficiency in service, the forum comprising BS Mehandiratta, president, Dr SS Dhaliwal and HK Ghuman, both members, has directed the dealer to pay Rs 50,000 as compensation for the harassment faced by the consumer. The forum also directed the dealer to refund the total cost of the jeep, including the fee charged for insurance, accessories, and stereo system, amounting to Rs 6,54,624 if the vehicle was not registered with the STA.

In his petition before the forum, the consumer lamented that the dealer harassed him on account of not getting the model registered with the STA. The temporary number allotted by the dealer expired and he could drive the vehicle as it was not registered.

He said he bought the vehicle on January 24, 2011, and was allotted a temporary registration number on an assurance that it would be registered with the Chandigarh STA without any hassle. For more than two months, the buyer kept on shuttling between the STA office and the dealer, but without any result. He then requested the company to refund cost of the vehicle as it could not be registered.

On being summoned, the dealer pleaded that it was the duty of the manufacturer to get the model registered. No accepting the contention of the dealer, the forum held him responsible for deficiency in service.



Ragging concerns outweigh choice of stream during counselling
Admissions to professional courses at PEC
Neha Miglani
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 16
In a peculiar situation at the joint counselling for all city engineering colleges held at PEC University of Technology, help desk set up for parents and students is flooded with queries related to ragging.

It is not the choice of stream in colleges that is perturbing parents; instead they have been quizzing the help desk team comprising 14 PEC students about ragging in the city’s professional colleges.

“Maximum queries that we are receiving from parents on the help desk are related to ragging. Parents are anxious about this aspect since it has been a burning issue in all professional colleges in India, although in engineering colleges based in Chandigarh not many cases have been reported in the past,” said Atush Badyal, BE (electrical) third year student.

Another student added that instead of going up to teachers present at the counselling venue at PEC, parents prefer to walk up to students to enquire about academic atmosphere in the college.

“We have been receiving 10 to 12 queries each day on the issue of ragging.” Online admission to all engineering and architecture colleges in the city was held this year and a joint admission committee (JAC) comprising representatives of all six colleges and the UT administration conducted the process.

“Parents and students have been enquiring about placements in colleges, teaching atmosphere, etc. A lot of students, who did not get the stream of their choice, are also interested in knowing their expected rank in the second counselling,” said Abishek Saggar, a third year student of production engineering in PEC.



AIEEE Joint Counselling
Civil engineering less preferred
Only 4 out of 56 students in PEC rated civil as their first choice; computer science still hot favourite
Neha Miglani
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 16
Despite a boom in the real estate sector and influx of leading companies promising better job opportunities, barely 7 per cent engineering aspirants filled up civil stream as their first choice for admission to the PEC University of Technology this year.

Only four out of 56 students who got admission in BE (civil engineering) rated it as their first choice indicating less interest in pursuing a career in this stream. Eight and five engineering aspirants, who finally got admission at PEC, filled up the civil as their second and third choice, respectively.

Signifying declined interest in pursuing civil engineering even at a premier institute like PEC, 13 students filled up civil as their fourth, 13 as fifth and 13 as their sixth choice.

In a stark contrast, the computer science stream continues to rule the roost as far as preferences of engineering aspirants is concerned.

In sync with the past trends, all 26 students who grabbed a seat for BE (computer science & engineering) at PEC University this year, filled up the same stream (computer science) as their first choice.

Incidentally, out of those who got admission to computer science engineering at PEC, not a single student rated it as his or her second choice.

“Although not much difference has been noted in the actual AIEEE ranks, it is the choice the aspirants make which makes the difference. The addition of two more reputed engineering institutes in the country, including another NIT, that will now take students through AIEEE, made some difference as well,” said Prof Sanjeev Sharma, co-ordinator, joint admission committee (JAC), AIEEE counselling.

RS Walia, a PEC faculty member, who is also assisting the admissions, said two mock rank lists and one final list have been released this year for the counselling. “Students expect the institute to release a tentative list much before so that they do not block their money elsewhere and wait for admission to engineering colleges in Chandigarh if their names figure in the mock lists,” said Walia.

PEC University of Technology

Number of students who opted for BE (civil engineering) as

First choice: 4

Second choice: 8

Third choice: 5

Fourth choice: 13

Fifth choice: 13

Sixth choice: 13

Number of students who opted for BE (computer science & engineering) as First choice= 26 out of 26



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