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Big loot blatant overcharging at parking lots

It does not come easy to park a vehicle in Ludhiana’s parking lots. If one manages to get space, the parking fee burns a hole in commuters' pockets. Contractors are literally fleecing residents. Puneet Pal Singh Gill discovers that the city's lots are charging anything between Rs 10 and 100 for providing space for just a few hours:

A board displaying the parking rate list at Railway Station in Ludhiana
A board displaying the parking rate list at Railway Station in Ludhiana

Despite the municipal corporation fixing the parking fee, overcharging is the mantra for the parking contractors who charge double the parking fee from the commuters and refuse to allow parking if they fail to do so.

A survey of parking lots today revealed that some of the parking lot owners are overcharging the residents right under the nose of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation. In most of the cases, it is seen that residents who are victims of overcharging have no other option but to pay the inflated amount as employees at the parking lots either misbehave with residents or speak rudely.

A board displaying a markedly different parking rate list at the Feroze Gandhi Market at Ludhiana.
A board displaying a markedly different parking rate list at the Feroze Gandhi Market at Ludhiana.

What makes this business lucrative is the fact that Ludhiana is having the highest density of vehicles in the state. Not only this, certain so-called mafia groups, who operate in different areas, are said to be enjoying the patronage of politicians and civic officials and are known to be fleecing vehicle owners by overcharging.

At the MC’s multi-storeyed parking lot near Mata Rani Chowk, the employees of contractor were charging Rs 20 for a car, which is the rate fixed by the MC if the vehicle remains parked in the lot for more than four hours. If the vehicle is parked for less than four hours, the contractor cannot charge more than Rs 10. The rate for parking scooter or bike is Rs 5 for less than four hours, but the residents are charged Rs 10.

A slip of the MC parking under the Elevated road at Ludhiana which is supposed to charge just Rs 10. Instead Rs 20 is being charged.
A slip of the MC parking under the Elevated road at Ludhiana which is supposed to charge just Rs 10. Instead Rs 20 is being charged. 

Similarly, the contractor of Feroze Gandhi Market has been often accused of overcharging. He was earlier charging Rs 20 for parking, which again is the rate fixed for parking for more than four hours. But a visit to the area and after the matter was highlighted in Ludhiana Tribune, it was found that he was not indulging in overcharging and we were issued a parking slip of Rs 10.

The parking contractor has pasted stickers at the place which mentions higher parking rates at MC Multi-Level Parking in Ludhiana.
The parking contractor has pasted stickers at the place which mentions higher parking rates at MC Multi-Level Parking in Ludhiana. Photos: Inderjeet Verma

The rates at Railway Station seemed highest in the city, as the residents have to pay Rs 30 for parking of up to four hours, which goes up to Rs 200 for parking of 24 hours. The employees present at the spot informed that the rates were fixed by the Railway Authorities at Ferozepur and that they were just following these rules.

Inside the mini-secretariat complex, the residents are charged at a flat rate of Rs 15 for a car and Rs 10 for a scooter or bike.


If the contractors are overcharging residents, i will need to look into the matter seriously. at the MC multi-storeyed parking lot, I will depute a clerk to keep a close check on their functioning. People should not pay more than the fixed rates. If any person is overcharged, he can come and meet me in my office.

AK Sinha MC Commissioner

MC elevated parking lot

On visiting the MC’s elevated parking lot, the woman parking attendant asked for Rs 20 for parking a car. But when it was pointed out that the official rate fixed by the MC was Rs 10 for parking up to four hours, she first smiled and then rudely remarked "In what world are you living?". She then went on to deliberately tear the notice stating that the official charge was Rs 10. When she was asked to issue a fresh slip as in order to “claim reimbursement”, she refused saying that she could not let the slip go out of the parking lot. Refusing to listen to reason or arguments, she then demanded that we leave the spot claiming that she did not have any parking space left. Vicky, the contractor of this parking lot, refused to comment saying that he was busy.

Interestingly, the contractor of the MC elevated parking lot has pasted stickers on the board mentioning the parking rates fixed by the MC. This is done so that no person knows the actual rates and that they can easily indulge in overcharging.


In most of the cases, people are charged for rates fixed for more than four hours. The rules say that any person parking the vehicle for less than four hours would have to pay a lesser amount.


n Several malls in the city are charging Rs 30 to 100 for parking. This holds more true for a mall on Ferozepore Road which charges Rs 100 for valet parking. Since a number of cars are stolen from this road, residents make it a point to park the cars inside the mall parking. Cashing in on this compulsion, the malls are charging a high parking fee.

n Shockingly, the authorities claim that they cannot keep a check on the parking fee charged by shopping malls as they are private entities. ‘‘We cannot do anything about it as it is their space, ’’ said the MC Commissioner, who is from the IAS.

n In contrast to Ludhiana, most parking lot contractors in Chandigarh charge a flat rate of Rs 5 for the entire day. Compared to that, the residents in Ludhiana end up paying much more.


Sans fire engine, disaster cell forced to cancel mock drill
Tender allotted sent to CM’s sangat darshan in Jagraon
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
The first mock drill to be conducted by Disaster Management Cell this afternoon was cancelled at the last minute as the Fire Department refused to provide the former a fire tender, stating it was sent to Jagraon as part of the Z Security Cover to Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal during his visit there.

The fire department said the Disaster Management Cell did not inform the department about the mock drill in advance so they could not provide them with the fire tender. They said they were already facing staff shortage and could not provide services at the last minute.

Interestingly, the mock drill is conducted to gauge the efficiency of the departments concerned to react to a sudden disaster. And the local fire department wanted the DMC to inform them in advance.

The DMC was to hold mock drill at 2 pm today, but as no fire engine was made available, it was cancelled at the eleventh hour and left the disaster management department high and dry. The cell is yet to decide the next mock drill. T S Gill, district coordinator of the Disaster management department of Ludhiana, said, "We have been imparting training to the employees of different department through a five-day training programme at Bachat Bhawan. Today we were to organise the mock drill of Fire Brigade, but before noon, we were told that the fire tender which had to be used for mock drill has been sent to Jagraon due to the CM's sangat darshan programme. Moreover, the Fire Brigade has only 40 per cent technical staff. So we continued without theoretical training only."

Assistant Divisional Fire officer, Ludhiana, KL Kakkar said, "We have 15 fire tenders. However, we sent only one to Jagraon due to the CM's sangat darshan. Moreover, the DMC did not inform us that they needed a fire tender. "

The disaster management department is imparting training to about 30 employees of health, MC, Irrigation, PWD, riot control, police etc.



Man chokes wife to death, suspecting fidelity
Flees after confessing to the crime, nabbed later
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
A 29-year-old migrant in the city who feared his wife might leave him and their two children and run away with her ‘‘lover”, strangled her to death. After lying next to her body throughout the night he confessed to the crime to the head of the area welfare society in the morning and fled but was later arrested in the evening.

Basti Jodhewal police station house officer Jatinder Singh said the suspect was nabbed near Tibba Road and will be produced in a local court on Thursday

The suspect, identified as Parveen Kumar, a native of Uttar of Pradesh who resides in the city’s Tibba Road locality, even ordered for ice slabs and tents to be brought to his place to keep the body of his murdered wife, Ritu, from getting decomposed.

Parveen reportedly acted in a fit of anger after harbouring suspicions Ritu, 26, who was from Haridwar, would "desert" him for her "paramour". He told the president of the area welfare society, Daljeet Garg, that as his wife was planning to leave him he preferred to kill her rather than allow that to happen.

Garg told the Ludhiana Tribune: “Parveen Kumar, a ‘golgappa’ seller was married to Ritu for the past eight years, with the couple having two sons, one aged 6 and the other 3 and a half. "On Wednesday morning he came to me and informed that he had killed his wife and the body was lying on the floor. He told me Ritu was having illicit relations with a boy. When I asked him about the boy's credentials, Parveen said he knew nothing about him", said Garg.

“Parveen had got his own house constructed in the Ram Nagar area and was doing fairly well in his business. He has three brothers who live separately in the city. As far as I know he isn’t addicted to drugs and is a simple and straightforward man. I fail to understand why he took such a step", Garg added.

According to the Basti Jodhewal police, after confessing to the crime Parveen ran away from Daljeet's home. "According to statements recorded Parveen had doubts about his wife's character and believed she was involved in an illicit sexual relationship with a boy who was their tenant at Tibba Road till a few months ago. The suspect felt his wife would desert him and he killed her before she could do that".

Neighbours tightlipped

On visiting Parveen Kumar’s home in the city’s Tibba Road locality, it was found to be locked with a small tent erected outside. The neighbours said they knew nothing about the family and the relations between the suspect and his wife. “The two children’s grandmother took them away with her after the incident, said one of them.



LIT makes Rs 5.90 cr from auction
11 commercial, 3 residential properties go under the hammer
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, July 20
For the Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT), the sale of residential and commercial properties through public auction today turned out to be a jackpot with three residential plots, and 11 constructed booths in different schemes of the trust at various locations in the city fetching a little over Rs 5.90 crore.

In the auction conducted under the supervision of LIT chairman MM Vyas, on offer were three residential plots in the 24-acre Dr Kitchlu Nagar scheme and 23 commercial properties in different schemes.

While all residential plots with an area of 150 square yards and reserve price of Rs 23,100 per sq yd were sold at a premium of around 95 per cent (netting around Rs 2 crore), in all 11 constructed booths in the BRS Nagar and Model Town extension schemes were taken at a premium ranging between 40 and 50 per cent.

Three constructed booths in the BRS Nagar scheme with an area 22.68 sq yd and a reserve price Rs 20,14,543 each were sold for Rs 91.50 lakh. Another five booths in Model Town extension scheme (Ring Road and block A) fetched Rs 1.32 crore while three more booths in the same scheme brought another Rs 1.66 cr to the kitty of the LIT.

Among the unsold properties — for which either there were no bidders or the buyers offered bids below the expectations of the LIT — were seven constructed booths in different areas of the Model Town extension scheme and one shop-cum-flat and four booths in the Bharat Nagar extension scheme of the Trust, Vyas said.

He said after he assumed office in November, the LIT had conducted six public auctions of its properties to generate resources for its ongoing and proposed projects.

No bidders

Among the unsold properties — for which either there were no bidders or the buyers offered bids below the expectations of the LIT — were seven constructed booths in different areas of the Model Town extension scheme and one shop-cum-flat and four booths in the Bharat Nagar extension scheme of the Trust.

MM Vyas, LIT chairman



gastro threat
Civic body 'doing little' to prevent outbreak
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
Congress leader Bhuoinder Sidhu along with party delegates from Ludhiana South today criticised the municipal corporation authorities for their failure to take preventive measures to ensure that gastroenteritis did not spread in the area.

He said during the past seven months, he had got water samples from the area tested four times and each time they had failed.

In a statement issued here today, he said: “These were scientific tests and I tried repeatedly to awaken the MC authorities from their slumber, but to no avail.” The corporation officials remained unmoved, he regretted.

He said: “As per the reports published in a section of the media, around 75 children in the area were suffering from the gastroenteritis and liver infection.”

“Had the authorities heeded to the warnings, these people might have been saved from the disease. This is only the beginning, as the monsoon is yet reach the peak. In the coming days, we may see more cases of infection and for that only the MC is to blame,” he said.

Sidhu expressed shock over the criminal and callous negligence of the MC authorities and demanded the fixing of responsibility and punishment to the guilty.

Unless the perpetrators were held accountable, people would continue to suffer and that’s what was happening in Ludhiana South, he added.

Taking a dig at Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal, who had said that he would turn Ludhiana into Paris, the leader said in Paris people didn’t suffer due to lack of basic civic amenities.

The tall claims of the government about carrying out development in the city had fallen flat, with people struggling to get even the most basic of amenities.

However, Dr HS Bali, Civil Surgeon, Ludhiana, denied having received any such reports.

He said: “We are daily sending our teams to areas where gastroenteritis had spread last year and have not come across any such occurrence of gastroenteritis among children. However, with monsoon still on, we are educating people on drinking boiled water and using oral dehydration powder if they suffer from vomiting or diarrhoea.”



OZ-based NRI gets new lease of life
CMCH docs treat her for life-threatening condition
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
Ashika Vijan, an NRI living in the West Ryde area of Sydney, Australia, is a relieved woman. For she successfully underwent endovascular procedure to treat life-threatening AV malformation in her right foot at the Christian Medical College and Hospital.

Beaming with confidence, she is ready to pack her bags and fly back to her country.

Talking to The Tribune, Dr HS Bedi, head of cardio-vascular endovascular and thoracic surgery at the hospital, said: “Ashika was diagnosed with a large AV malformation in the right foot. Due to this, she was in a constant danger of rupturing of the malformation, which could have been fatal. She underwent three major surgeries at different times in Sydney by experienced surgeons but the procedures failed. She was now in constant and severe pain. On looking up in the Internet, she learned about the surgeries being performed at the CMCH to treat the condition and visited us.”

Dr Bedi, who has his name in the Limca Book of World Records for new and innovative surgeries, said: “They e-mailed us their reports and we later fixed an appointment. When I examined her, it was clear that her case was complicated. With extensive planning and detailed perusal of her records, a special procedure — endovascular therapy, embolisation with sclerotherapy — was planned. In this procedure, a special catheter is introduced under ultrasound guidance into the feeding arteries and veins and then with continuous monitoring of all parameters, including the heart and lungs, special drugs were given to treat the lesion.”

He added that the drugs could be toxic if not used with caution.

The team of doctors who carried out the surgery included Dr Arun Gupta, Dr A Joseph, Dr Viju Abraham, Dr Neharika, Dr Sanjiv Tayal and Dr Arjin.

Ashika’s husband Amandeep seemed to be quite happy and was looking forward to going back to Sydney.

Can plan second child

Ashika is the mother of a 2½-year-old child. She wanted to go for the second child, but her condition prevented her from doing so. “Now she is healthy and the couple can plan their second baby.

Dr HS Bedi, head, cardio-vascular surgery, CMCH



MC’s callousness shatters shop(keeper)s
Gravel left to lay road in Model Town a year ago damaging windowpanes
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
Shopkeepers are sore at a callous attitude of the municipal corporation in constructing a road in Model Town. Crushed stones, which have been laid for widening the road leading to the Gulati Chowk from Montgomery Road, are working as projectiles and repeatedly damaging glass windows of the shops.

Shopkeepers said the work was going on at a snail’s pace and officials of the municipal corporation had only laid a layer of crushed stones in a year. Hukam Singh, who owns Bikaner Mishtan Bhandar, blamed the callous attitude of the civic officials for the mess.

“Today, a crushed stone flew and broke the glass windowpane of my while a vehicle passing from the area. Now, to get it replaced, I will have to spend at least Rs 10,000. The glass windowpane of my shop had got damaged for the third time. We have brought this to the notice of civic officials on numerous occasions, but they seem least bothered about the problem faced by us,” Hukam Singh added.

Another shopkeeper, Vinod Madaan, who owns Madaan Communications, said, “The glass windowpane of my shop got damaged in a similar fashion in May last year.”

“I had suffered a loss of Rs 4,000. Not only this, but the glass windows of a shop named Stuff Shoppe, Venus Garments and other shops were damaged in similar fashion. If the municipal corporation is not willing to construct the road here, they should have left the road in its earlier position. Even streetlights are not functioning, which makes it difficult for us to run our businesses at night time,” he added.

Madaan said: “What are we getting in return when we are paying all kinds of taxes to the civic body.” Municipal Commissioner AK Sinha said he would look into the matter and get the crushed stones flattened with the help of a road roller.



‘57 per cent Ludhianvis don’t smile’
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
“It takes more muscles to frown than to smile”, as the saying goes. The seductive power of smiling is underestimated by many people, especially those who overly focused on professional or family matters.

But, it seems that Ludhianvis have forgotten to smile. This has been revealed in a survey conducted by Prof Harpreet Singh, Ludhiana Group of Colleges, Chaukimann, Ferozepur Road, and Prof Harjeet Kaur, Bhutta College of Education. They found that most of the people in the city were walking around with a rather stern look on their faces.

The survey was conducted on 100 people. Out of it, only 22 were found smiling while not talking. Similarly, 48 persons were found talking in an affectionate manner with a smile on their faces. Perhaps people need to talk to smile for finding a reason. Among those surveyed, 57 per cent were having solid, seemingly permanent forehead lines showing a face full of worries. Students, too, were neither found to smiling in classrooms nor in corridors of their colleges.



ba-i result
City girls bag top 3 positions
Tribune New Service

Ludhiana, July 20
Girls of the city have bagged first three positions in the BA first year result of Panjab University, Chandigarh, which was declared yesterday. Garima Jain of Khalsa College for Women stood first with 81 per cent marks, while Jasminder Kaur of Government College for Women came second with 80.3 per cent marks. Jyoti of the same college shared the second position. While Kanu of GCW stood third with 79.3 per cent marks.

District topper Garima said, “I was expecting good marks. I want to be a singer that is why I have taken subjects like music vocal and instrumental.”

While Jasminder Kaur said, “I want to be an English lecturer and owe my success to my mother’s strict discipline and hard work.”

The only daughter of her parents, she said, “I miss my father Harvinder Singh, who is no more.” Her mother is a schoolteacher.

While Jyoti said, “I want to be a mathematics teacher.”



Hard work fails to engineer their success
Education still a distant dream for the poor in villages
Our Correspondent

Doraha, July 20
Even as the admission to various courses in city colleges and elsewhere is at its peak, the number of students who cannot even afford to think of entering any such institute is no less, despite the fact that they might be more deserving than many of those who got admission.

Gurmeet of Kanech village is one such example. She has just completed her senior secondary course with high first division. But, she is under frustration as most of her friends and classmates have gained entry into one or the other college for pursuing higher studies.

But Gurmeet, though being a brilliant student, will have to think twice before entering a college. Reason: Her father runs a small shop in the village and hence cannot afford to send his three children to educational institutes.

Gurmeet’s father said, “I earn Rs 3, 000 a month. I have to feed a family of six, including my wife and I. If the college asks us to deposit Rs 5, 000 as first installment what will I do for the next one-and-a-half month? In order to make just one of my kids to study further, I shall literally have to starve entire family.”

“At least Rs 15, 000 is required if she has to get admission to the first year. The fee of other courses like BBA, BCA and B.Sc is much higher. Although my daughter has scored high first division, still I am not in a position to send her to a college due to financial constraints. I will have to exhaust all my merger savings if I have to send her to a college,” he added.

Similarly, Manpreet Kaur, a student of Government Senior Secondary School, Sahnewal, who resides at Pawa Khagat village, has secured 85 per cent marks and earnestly wishes to pursue BCA course. But, when her father, who too is a small shopkeeper, heard that the fees for BCA is nearly Rs 30,000 rupees, he gave up all hopes. He even asked this correspondent to look for an organisation or association that could adopt his child and make her study. So earnest was the girl’s desire to study further and so divided she was due to her father’s helplessness that she literally broke down.

“Now I realise what it means to be born in a poor family. Even my hard work has failed me. Due to sever financial constraints, I am not supposed to study further as I already have three after me,” she added.

There is another such girl in the same village. She, too, had scored good percentage. Since her family is passing through sever economic crisis she can’t even think or openly express her wish to study further. A family of five huddled into a room and with a buffalo tied at that very place, in order to sell whatever milk she could, her mother seemed to be entirely helpless. “I cannot afford to make her sit at home after she has cleared her senior secondary examinations with such a good marks. But now I feel that the children of the poor have no right to be intelligent. The colleges demand high fees which a poor man like us cannot afford in any case,” added the mother.

Many more cases of girls, being forced to end their academic career abruptly after matriculation or 10+ 2 at Nandpur, Dharour, Tibba, Paddi, Khanpur, Jassar, Sahni and other villages have been sighted. “On one hand the government promises to make education free for girls, on the other, the girls till this day have to pay for their studies” says Kuldeep Kaur of Nandpur village, who, too, is passing through a similar predicament.

Dr Narinder Singh Sidhu, Principal, GNN College, Doraha, said the colleges surely help such needy students but within certain defined parameters. “A number of such students are issued scholarships and stipends if they a really deserving ones. Besides the college helps them with books and in a number of other ways. Still the ultimate burden has to be borne by their parents.”

Helping briliant students

Colleges surely help needy students but within certain defined parameters. A large number of poor students are awarded scholarships and stipends if they deserve these. they are also provided with books. Still, the burden has to be borne by their parents.

Dr Narinder Singh Sidhu, Principal, GNN College, Doraha



Project to bring educational reforms
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
To bring transparency, efficiency and simplify various procedures involved in the education department, the Punjab Governance Reform Commission has recently started working on a project “Reforms in educational administration”.

The project will focus on bringing educational reforms in the department in which lakhs of students, teachers and staff are involved. The project has been handed over to retired principal Prof Tarsem Bahia, who has been asked to submit the detailed report by August 31.

Prof Bahia said educational reforms covered wider aspects from difficulties being faced by students, teachers and staff to delays in pensions and gratuities.

“It is to bring transparency, proficiency in the department. The project will cover primary, secondary and higher education,” said Prof Bahia. Dr Pramod Kumar, chairman Punjab Governance Reforms Commission, said education being an important and sensitive sector needed reforms. “The project aims to bring simplicity and transparency in the department,” said Dr Kumar.



Kisan sabha to support agitating farmers
Our Correspondent

Doraha, July 20
The state unit of the Kirti Kisan Sabha organised a meeting at KK Kaushal Memorial Bhawan here yesterday. The meeting was presided over by its president Prem Singh Bhangu. He said an organisational meeting of farmers and farm labourers would soon be organised in all districts for strengthening the party. The members decided to take part in a rally to be organised in Chandigarh on September 1 and another against the “draconian and anti-people polices of the dictatorial governments” on September 15.

The members, through a resolution, opposed the hike in prices of petrol, diesel, kerosene and LPG. They were in favour of immediate rollback. They also urged the Punjab government to reduce VAT on petrol, diesel, kerosene and LPG.

The members also condemned the installation of high-tension towers by Power Grid Corporation of India in the agricultural fields without issuing any notice or giving any compensation for the land acquired by it. They also demanded compensation for land acquired for laying “gas pipeline” “to the farmers.

The Kirti Kisan Sabha also condemned the present land acquisition policy of the state government and demanded pro-farmer amendments in the Land Acquisition Act of 1894, Telegraph Act of 1885, Electricity Act of 2003 and the Land Acquisition Act of 1962. The sabha also demanded 15 hours continuous power supply for paddy cultivation and rejected the MSP announced for paddy. They, instead, urged the government to raise it to Rs 1,500 per quintal.



Residents enraged as sewerage work stopped midway at councillor’s ‘behest’
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
Residents of the Civil City area are a harried lot. For, the area councillor has “stopped” the work on laying of sewerage in a street, much to the chagrin of the residents.

The residents allege that the Mayor has also written to the sewerage board officials stating that the officials should follow the advice of the area councillor while undertaking the sewerage project in a particular area.

Claiming that the funds for the project had been provided under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), the area councillor could not direct the sewerage board officials or the contractor to undertake the project in a specific area.

Vinod Sharma, president, Baba Deep Singh Ji Welfare Society, Civil City, questioned the rationale behind the digging of the street for laying sewerage if the sewerage board officials had decided to leave the work midway.

“The contractor had dug the road in street No. 6 of Chander Nagar, near Civil City, a few months ago. He was to lay sewerage in six streets. After completing the work in five of them, the contractor stopped the work midway in street No. 6. We have raised this issue with our area councillor Roopamdeep Kaur Malhi several times, but he is not ready to pay heed to our pleas,” rued Sharma.

The councillor’s husband, Narinder Singh Malhi, said the area where the residents were demanding sewerage had vacant plots with no inhabitants.

Roopamdeep Kaur Malhi said: “There are many areas in my ward that need sewerage and our priority is to first provide sewerage there. The residents are demanding sewerage in a street where no one lives. The entire street was dug after the residents misguided the labour into believing that sewerage had to be laid in the entire street, which is wrong. Under the plan, only half of the street, where people live, is to be covered. However, if residents still have a problem, they can come and meet me in my office anytime.”



ncc camp
170 being put through their paces
Gurvinder Singh

Ludhiana, July 20
“I had joined the NCC only for certificates, but the training and learning that I have received at the camps have helped me become a better person,” feels Reetika, a second-year student of BSc (fashion design) at Guru Nanak Girls College, Ludhiana. As many as 170 cadets from colleges in and around the city are participating in the 10-day Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC) of the NCC at SCD Government College for Boys.

“This is a significant phase in the lives of these cadets, as they train not only to become physically and mentally tough, but also responsible citizens,” says Col Subhash Sehgal, Camp Commandant and Commanding Officer, 3 Punjab Battalion for National Cadet Corps (NCC).

The cadets undergo rigorous training in obstacle negotiation, rifle firing, disaster management and physical fitness. In addition to career counselling, they participate in cultural activities at the camp every evening.

“Certificates do add to the extra-curricular activities in their CV, but its the training that they receive in personality development that counts,” says Colonel Sehgal. Those aspiring for careers in the Army also benefit from the NCC training. Of the 170 cadets, 45 are boys. From them, some will be trained and selected for the Thal Sena camp coming up in August, while some may get selected for the Republic Day Parade. “The Republic Day Parade is a big thing, as they get to mingle with the cream of the nation and meet with dignitaries, including the Prime Minister,” says Colonel Sehgal. The best cadets also get a chance to go abroad and get training under the exchange programme.

Colonel Sehgal says this year, Deepali Bhardwaj from Guru Nanak Khasla College and Mary Gharu from Government College for Women from the city have been selected for the programme. Although NCC camps are important in personality development of the youth, the response received in Punjab has been somewhat tepid.



proficiency test
Fazilka lad secures top spot
Gurvinder Singh

Ludhiana, July 20
“When I first heard of the news, I could not believe my ears. Though I was expecting a good result, I never thought that I would secure the top spot from the Ludhiana zone in the common proficiency test (CPT),” said elated Akashdeep Grover, who has secured highest marks in the test, which is taken for the entrance examination of chartered accountants (CA).

Hailing from Fazilka, Grover was inspired from the success of a CA friend, Ajay Chhabra, who had decided to break away from the family tradition of teaching.

One’s focus on the aim, the will to achieve target and regular studies plays an important role, besides from support of the family, he said.

Akashdeep Grover, Heena Goyal, Chetna Thapar, Harpreet Kaur and Aashima Garg secured top three positions in the CPT for chartered accountant (CA) course from the Ludhiana zone. Heena Goyal and Chetna Thapar have clinched the second position.

Heena Goyal said she loved reading religious books. Thapar said she was encouraged by friends and family to take the test. The 17-year-old told hard work, discipline and consistancy are the keys for cracking the test.

Harpreet Kaur and Aashima Garg have bagged the third position. Kaur said it’s her father’s dream that she becomes a CA.



Raids on shops selling pesticides
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
Dr Gurdial Singh, joint director, agriculture, Punjab, conducted today raids on shops selling seeds/pesticides, urea, etc. at Mangat, Dehlon, Pakhowal, Sudhar, Jagraon, Sidhwan Bet, Khanna and Doraha, and collected samples.

Chief agriculture officer Dr Rajinder Singh Pandher said the aim was to prevent dealers from selling spurious/fake brands of urea to farmers in the district.

He said those found guilty would be booked under the Insecticide Act, 1968 and Insecticide Rule, 1971.

“Farmers must not be duped by shopkeepers selling substandard urea at exorbitant rates. Recently, 23 samples of insecticide, pesticide and urea were collected from various places and their results were awaited. The guilty will be punished under the law,” he added.



Sanskritik Samagam to pay tributes to Faiz Ahmad
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
Ludhiana Sanskritik Samagam will organise a ghazals nite at Guru Nanak Dev Bhawan on July 30 to pay tributes to Faiz Ahmad Faiz, an eminent Urdu poet.

General secretary of the Ludhiana Sanskritik Samagam said, “ Faiz was a prominent Urdu poet after Galib. Dr Rahat Indori, an eminent Urdu scholar and Bollywood lyricist, will present the show. Jaswinder Singh, a ghazal singer, will sing ghazals of Faiz. Jaswinder is son and student of legendary composer Kuldip Singh, composer of ghazal such “Tumko dekha to ye khyala aaya and bhajan “Itni shakti hamein dena data “ from film “Ankush.”

Jaswinder was chosen to sing for the play “Kaifi aur mein” featuring Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi. He has also performed in “Ghalibnama” a conceptual show based on the prose and poetry of Mirza Galib.



Bineyjeet tops MCom entrance test

Ludhiana, July 20
Panjab University today declared the result of MCom business innovations entrance test.

As per the result declared, Bineyjeet Singh with roll number 1,032 has topped the tally, followed by Guneet Khurana (1,034) as second and Manisha Vats (1,004) as third. Anjali (1,133) has been ranked as fourth in the tally.

The detailed result can be seen on the notice board of SCD Government College. College principal Jasbir Kaur Makkar told counselling for admission to this programme will be held tomorrow and eligibility of candidates will be verified, along with checking of testimonial by the admission committee.

She said selected students had to deposit fee on the spot, failing which the seat will go to the next candidate in the merit list. — TNS



Teachers’ morcha burns CM’s effigy
Our Correspondent

Amloh, July 20
Activists of Joint Teachers’ Morcha organised a protest rally and burnt the effigy of Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal in front of the block primary education official (BPEO) office here yesterday.

They raised slogans against the government for not fulfilling the promise of giving promotions, award of higher grade and higher pay on 4-9-14 year service under the ACP scheme and after 8-16-24-32 year service benefit. The hike in rural allowance of 10 per cent, Rs 1,000 per month medical allowance, to regularise services of employees appointed on contractual basis also demanded.

The failure of BPEO was criticised for not making the payment of arrears of revised salary as remanded by the pay commission. State vice-president Balbir Singh Ghuman, Rajish Kumar, Amar Singh, Jarnail Singh Tooran, Balwinder Singh, Bhajan Singh, Baljit Sinbgh, Gurmeet Singh and Raj Paheri addressed the rally.



from schools
Paper reading contest

Students of Vardhman International Public School perform during the Vanamahotsava celebrations in Ludhiana
Students of Vardhman International Public School perform during the Vanamahotsava celebrations in Ludhiana on Wednesday. A Tribune photograph

LUDHIANA: The primary section of BCM Senior Secondary School conducted a couple of activities for students of Class IV. The Articulators Club conducted an extempore competition to instill confidence of public speaking. Aiming at fostering general awareness as well as enhancing reading skills among students, the Yamuna House conducted newspaper reading competition. Cognizant efforts of students were complimented by principal DP Guleria. Alok of Class IV-E, Amritpal of IV-G and Ankita of IV-B bagged the first, second and third positions, respectively, in extempore competition. Amarjot of IV-F, Lipakshi of IV-C and Harshit of IV-J emerged as first, second and third, respectively, in the newspaper reading competition.

‘Best out of waste’

The best out of waste material activity was organised at Nankana Sahib Public School. It aimed to spread awareness amongst students about recycling and reusing waste items and to give a platform for their creative ideas. Students from Classes VI to VIII participated under group I and from Classes IX onwards under group II. Students collected waste material like plastic, glass, paper, metal items, polythene, etc, and recycled them. Under group 1, Sourav of Class VII was declared first, Pranav second and Kamaljeet Kaur was declared third. Tanvir Singh of Class X made a plane out of the waste material and was declared first in the senior group. Simranpreet Kaur second and Mentekpal Singh, who made a remote control car was declared third.

BCM bags green school award

BCM Arya Model Senior Secondary School, Shastri Nagar, Ludhiana, once again bagged the “top green school” award and is among the top 10 “green schools” of India as announced by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi. The award is based on rigorous audits of the schools’ environmental practices, carried out by its team of land, air, water, energy, waste management, biodiversity, following a set of guidelines specified by the CSE in the green school programme manual. It aims not merely to rate, but to encourage and support the schools to build up an environmentally aware, active and skilled community of teachers, students, Class IV employees, parents, principal and management. BCM Aryans through their hard work and sustained efforts adopted the most innovative and effective practices to manage natural resources on the premises and energy conservation, rainwater harvesting, proper waste management is a priority with the school. Nearly 15,000 schools from 18 states and two Union Territories vied to bag this prestigious award. The team received the coveted award in a glittering award-giving ceremony held at Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, from Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dixit and Sunita Narain, director, CSE. School principal Paramjit Kaur congratulated the team and encouraged the team to serve Mother Nature.


Green Land Convent School, Dugri, celebrated Vanamahotsava. Students planted a variety of saplings on the school premises. Chairman Rajesh Rudhra and president Shabad Rudhra motivated the students to plant trees to save environment and told students about the importance of Vanamahotsava.

‘Bosco Brains’

In an endeavour to explore the world of science, social science, mathematics, computers and art and craft, Don Bosco Global School organised “Bosco Brains”, an exhibition, which displayed models made by budding scientists and young explorers. The exhibition stimulated the spirit of enquiry. It helped teachers to measure children on various behavioural parameters. Both students and the teachers participated enthusiastically to put up a grand show.


The ISTE faculty chapter of GNIMT organised a PTU-sponsored FDP on role of emotional intelligence in teaching. Dr MA Zaheer, chairman Synetic Business School and management guru in Northern India, inaugurated the six-day workshop. Dr (Col) HS Singha, director of the institute, honoured Dr Zaheer. Elaborating on the role of emotional intelligence and interpersonal effectiveness in teaching, Dr Zaheer stated, “The purpose of teaching is not only for imparting knowledge but is an exercise in developing knowledge, attitude and skills.” He also advised faculty members on how to handle students.

Group discussion

Kundan Vidya Mandir organised an inter-house group discussion for senior section. Ravneet Kaur, captain of Gandhi House, welcomed principal Navita Puri, students and teachers. The topic for Classes IX and X was “Politeness and courtesy - A vanishing trend”, whereas the topic for Classes XI and XII was “Those who forget the mistakes of history are forced to repeat it”. Students expressed great ideas to elaborate, illustrate and expatiate the topics. The principal said events like group discussion helped students on an important front of public speaking. — TNS



ludhiana scan
Sewerage project

A project for laying sewerage pipes from Jwala Singh Chowk to Jassian village in ward no 21 got underway with a ceremony being performed by area councillor Hem Raj Aggarwal and Jwala Singh. Aggarwal said with the completion of this project, estimated to cost Rs 2 crore, sewerage disposal problem of several localities, including Prem Nagar, Gian Nagar, Hari Singh Nagar, Jagatpuri falling in ward nos 21, 25, 26 and 27 will be solved. — OC

Science exhibition

On the second day of inspire award exhibition, Vijay Kaushal, state project director, and Surekha, assistant state project director (ASPD), visited the science exhibition. They encouraged students to work hard and praised the way the exhibition is organised. Dr Shashi Trehan, district science supervisor, said such exhibitions would inspire students to adopt the scientific way of thinking. Awards for winning models would be given on July 23.

Dengue awareness

The campaign for prevention and control of dengue was launched in Bhartiya Vidya Mandir School, Kitchlu Nagar, on Wednesday under the guidance of Dr Sandeep Puri, professor and head, department of medicine, Dayanand Medical College and Hospital. Dr Puri apprised students of the mechanism of transmission of dengue. He made them aware of the ways to identify mosquitoes causing dengue.

Go Green week

For sensitising students on environmental issues, Go Green week was celebrated at Atam Devki Niketan here. Various activities, including sapling plantation, poster making, slogan writing, poem recitation and quiz, were organised. Students were also made aware of environmental challenges like rising population and energy conservation.

Play contest

The language department has decided to hold division-level play competitions in Hindi and Punjabi. District language official of Ludhiana, Satnam Singh said, “The Hindi plays will be staged on August 9 and Punjabi will be on August 10 at Patiala. For participation, applicant schools can get forms from the district language official, Ludhiana, free of cost. Students up to Class XII can participate and can send their applications through school headmaster or principal. The application forms should reach the district language department, Ludhiana or Patiala by August 4.” — TNS



Girl set afire by jilted lover, dies
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
In yet another incident, a jilted lover allegedly poured kerosene on a girl (16) and set her afire near the Bahadurke Road on Monday. The girl succumbed to burn injuries on Tuesday. This incident took place when the girl came to know that Amit Kumar, her boyfriend, was already married. The girl barged into Amit’s house and told the truth to his wife.

This angered Amit, who allegedly poured kerosene and set her on fire. Whereas, people residing in the area say the girl had set herself on fire. A case has been registered against Amit Kumar in this regard.



3 get life term for killing 3 of family
Had rammed their vehicle into victims’ car with intent to kill
Our Legal Correspondent

Ludhiana, July 20
Additional Sessions Judge Mohd. Gulzar convicted two brothers — Gurpreet Singh, alias Gandhi, and Jaspreet Singh, alias Jassi, of Dugri, and Ravinder Singh, alias Ravi, of Dugri — in a triple murder case here today.

Pronouncing the verdict, the court handed down rigorous life imprisonment to the convicts. They were also ordered to pay a fine of Rs 3,000 each.

The three were facing charges of eliminating Harvinder Singh, his wife Jasvir Kaur and their son Pawanjot Singh by hitting their car into the victims’ vehicle with intent to kill.

A case under Sections 302, 307, 427 and 34 of the IPC had been registered against the three on February 7, 2009 at the Samrala police station on the statement of Harvinder’s father-in-law Jaspal Singh.

The complainant had told the police that he along with his family had gone to Gill Marriage Palace, Samrala, to attend his nephew’s marriage.

His daughter Jasvir Kaur along with her husband and son were also present at the marriage venue, he had claimed.

Around 4.30 pm, when they were about to take meal, the accused started quarrelling with Harvinder. They even broke a windowpane at the marriage palace.

The relatives left the venue after the departure of “doli” around 5.30 pm. Harvinder’s family along with two others left the venue in a separate car, while the complainant travelled in his son’s car.

“On the way, my son-in-law called up on my cell phone saying that the accused were following their car and hurling abuses at them. The accused were driving rashly to intimidate the victims,” he alleged.

When they reached Christian Public School, Ghulal village, the accused hit Harvinder’s car with their vehicle. The victims’ car veered off road and fell in the fields, killing the three on the spot. The accused drove off in their Hyundai Verna car.

The two other occupants of the car — Lovepreet Singh and Sardel Singh — received injuries in the incident.

Additional public prosecutor Ravinder Abrol said the prosecution examined 20 witnesses to prove its case. The accused, however, continued to deny their involvement in the incident.

Accused were hooked to smack

Sardel Singh, the key witness in the case and a common friend of Harvinder and the accused, had deposed before the court that the latter were addicted to smack. Harvinder used to desist them from taking drugs



BVM girls bag football title
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, July 20
The students (girls u-14) of Bhartiya Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School, Kitchlu Nagar branch, gave a good account of themselves as they emerged champions in the Ludhiana District Inter-School Football Tournament (PAU Zone) organised by the Punjab Education Department here yesterday.

After registering convincing victories over their opponents in the league phase, BVM, Kitchlu Nagar, secured a berth in the semifinal, where they scored an emphatic 3-0 win against Government Girls High School, Dakha.

Guneet scored a brace, while Mona accounted for one goal to enable BVM School to romp home.

The final played between BVM School and Sutlej Public School, Rahon road branch, turned out to be a battle of nerves.

BVM players had to toil to quell the spirited challenge put up by Sutlej Public School girls, who ultimately wilted under pressure 1-0.

The all-important goal was scored by Mona off a pass from Guneet.

BVM School principal Santosh Mehra appreciated the girls’ performance and lauded the efforts of sports director Baljeet Singh Gill and other coaches.



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