Asia’s rising superpower
China has prioritised development of infrastructure on all frontiers, including Tibet, with the belief that such infrastructure is part of political and military power projection
China: Military Modernisation and Strategy
By Monika Chansoria.
KW Publishers. 
Pages 339. Rs 795.

Reviewed by General V. P. Malik
S China races forward in the next few decades to match its comprehensive national power with that of the US, the study of China’s military modernisation and strategy has become a mandatory subject for strategic analysts and military experts all over the world.

Books received: English

Poignant tale of love and longing
The Folded Earth
By Anuradha Roy.
Pages 262. Rs 495. 
Reviewed by Deepti
HERE is love, hate, change and loss. And there is a sense of dislocation and disbelief. Yet, being with woods, streams, stones and animals in a sleepy town is what is destined for Maya. The Folded Earth unfolds the story of love and longing of Maya for her husband Michael who died under mysterious circumstances during one of his trekking expeditions in the Himalayas.

Lending a helping hand
The Essential Guide to Doing 
your Research Project
By Zina O’Leary.
Pages 308. Rs 450.
Reviewed by Jayanti Roy
RESEARCH is more and more becoming a part of our day-to-day consciousness. Research skills, which were earlier required only at the highest levels of academia, have now become survival skills for students even at the undergraduate level.

Nuances of English language
Tenses and Grammatical Concepts in English 
By Chander Parkash Rahi.
Des Raj & Sons, Patiala. 
Pages 223. Rs 110.
Reviewed by B. S. Thaur
THIS book is not only a manual on teaching of English, it is much more. Like a babu who goes by the rulebook, the teachers ritualistically go by grammatical rules which hardly sustain the interest of learners. The author avers that in order to make the teaching of English interesting, the concepts of grammatical rules be enjoined upon first.

Forgotten Victorian man of letters
By D.J. Taylor. 
Pages 512. £10.99.
Reviewed by Lesley McDowell
WILL there be national celebrations this year for William Makepeace Thackeray’s bicentenary? Probably not. It probably isn’t "fanciful to suggest", as D. J. Taylor does, "that Thackeray is the forgotten man of the Victorian novel".

Panoramic prose
Sanjeev Gandhi
Premchand broke the barriers between the writer and the mass reader, the peasant and the worker, as his novels and short stories advocated humanism, equality and justice

unshi Premchand was not only a versatile writer, but also a social philosopher, a born rebel, a patriot, a freedom fighter, and the harbinger of the progressive movement in Indian Literature. It was he who brought a new wave of realism in Urdu and Hindi fiction in the first decade of the 20th century and thus gave a new dimension to fiction writing in these languages.

Young perspectives
Madhusree Chatterjee
Magic and vampires stir India's young adult literature
OY wizard Harry Potter, youthful criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl and vampire Edward from the Twilight series — the neo-adolescent heroes of the West — have spurred the creativity of young Indian authors and led to a stream of books set in a fantasy world, eagerly read by their contemporaries.

Back of the book
Miss Timmins’ School for Girls
By Nayana Currimbhoy
Harper Collins. Pages 496. Rs 399.

  • Live from London
    By Parinda Joshi
    Rupa & Co. Pages 204. Rs 195

  • Theodore Boone: The Abduction
    By John Grisham
    Hachette. Pages 217. Rs 225