ulta pulta
Dressing down
Jaspal Bhatti

THE dress worn by Kate Middleton on her wedding day has been put on display at the Buckingham Palace. The royal dress will be on display in the palaceís ballroom from July 23 to October 3. Not a bad idea! I think, every woman should display her wedding dress once a year so that it remains etched in her husbandís memory forever.

Once my wife fished out a dress from a trunk and asked me, "Do you remember this dress?" I said, "It seems to belong to some slim girl." She replied, "I pity your memory. This is the dress I wore for one of our wedding functions." I said, "Recently you have put on a little bit of weight, thatís why I couldnít relate that dress to you." Her next question was, " So, tell me on which occasion had I worn it?í I said confidently, "At our reception." My confidence evaporated instantly when she gave me a big zero for my guesswork.

A woman, after 10 years of marriage, managed to squeeze into her wedding dress. She asked her husband, "Do I look slightly fat in it?" The husband, after asking her to come out in the balcony, went down to the far end of the street. He then called her on her cell and said, "From here you look quite slim."