Sunday, September 11, 2011, Chandigarh, India

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Grooms Wanted

Employed Well-settled Match in/around Chd. for Mohali based Sikh Ramdasia girl 25/5-6, M.Pharma, pursuing Ph.D., Working as Asstt. Professor in reputed Engineering College near Chandigarh. Early decent marriage. Contact: 98552-29078  C1-65862

Suitable match for Jat Sikh Beautiful, Convent Educated, U.S. Green Card Holder, Bachelor Pharmacy. Chandigarh based family. 25 years/5-4. Presently in India. Early marriage. Mobile: 98158-75889 Box 3689F Tribune, Chandigarh 

MBBS, doing MS Gynae, (1st year) August 85 born, 5-6 convent educated, slim, fair, very beautiful family oriented, daughter of a high status, very affluent Chandigarh based Sikh Arora/Khatri well established business family.  98883-96349 C1-67840


Preferably employed match for Manglik slim Hindu Khatri girl, 5'-3", 30.12.1986, 10:20 p.m., Chandigarh, B.Tech (Electronics Engg.), MBA, employed HDFC Bank, Chandigarh. Educated, status family. Box 3655F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable status Hindu Khatri/Arora match for Arora M.A., B.Ed. wheatish, slim, smart non-Manglik 24/5'-1" girl. Teaching convent school. Small and status family. Phone: 0181-4630438. Email:  C1-66550

MDS/MBBS/B.Tech./well settled businessman/professional for Manglik Hindu Khatri girl 24/5'-3", BDS, doing Intership. Educated, well settled family. 0161-3251374.  NA1-47236

Well placed Manglik match for Sikh Tonk-kashatriya convent educated girl, MCA, 5'-3", 29, MNC day job, Highly educated Ludhiana family. Caste no bar, Bio-data photo must on  C1-62673

Ramdasia Sikh (Weaver) smart, slim girl, 26, 5'-5", M.Com., M.A. Economics, working in State Bank of Patiala at Chandigarh. Father retired Gazetted Officer. Mother in Pb. Govt. Service. Only brother in Australia. Vegetarian family. 98722-12675. C1-65162

Highly qualified professional Sikh match, preferably Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, from USA for US citizen girl, Masters, Government Officer, working as Legal Analyst in Office of Counsel, 28, 5'-4", beautiful, smart, from well to do educated family, father attorney. Contact with family details/photographs:  or Call 301-570-9313. C1- 65888

Suitable match professionally qualified MBA/MCA/B.Tech/M.Tech tall, handsome, well settled Sikh for Brahmin Sikh smart, beautiful working girl 25/5'- 7", B.Tech (IT). E-mail:  090414- 76205, 072068-59687. C1-66270

Suitable match for Ramgarhia Sikh girl 35 years, 5'- 2", M.Com., MBA (Finance), Canadian P.R. Lecturer. Family Nangal settled. Box 3705F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Canadian Jat Sikh family former Executive Officials Punjab, well connected and established in Punjab, Canada, seeks Doctor MD match for their extremely intelligent, beautiful, slim 31/5'-5" Doctor MD Haematologist daughter, born in Canada, raised both in Canada and India well-versed in both cultures, she has been honour student all throughout her education years. Family integrity and compassionate boy are the main considerations. Our preference will be boys already settled or willing to settle in Vancouver. In your communication please do tell us city you are from and your future plans. Contact with Tel., Email:  C1-37978

Match for Jat Sikh, 30/5'-6" beautiful, professionally qualified girl, issueless divorcee, brief marriage. NET cleared, employed. Email biodata, photo: Box 3355F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Highly educated Jat Sikh match preferably Doctor for beautiful Doctor girl, 1983/5'-2", doing Fellowship. Family settled in America. Please contact with full particulars and recent photo at:  C1-60949

Jat Sikh parents seeks MD/MBBS match, 25-29 years, from Canada, India or USA from a well-educated Jat Sikh family for their Canadian-born MBBS daughter preparing for USMLE/MCCEE, 24 years, 5'-5" tall. Email:  C1-62115

Canadian Jat Sikh parents seek alliance for their daughter, 1981/5'-2", attractive, slim, MCA & MA educated. Boy should be well educated, sober and from Jat Sikh family Contact:  or 1-604- 725-3000. C1-65098

Wanted PQM for Dec. 85/5'-6", beautiful girl, studying Masters Management in UK, convent educated, father Defence Officer, mother Associate Professor, urban rural property. 95418-45595.  C1- 65256

Match for beautiful Jat Sikh Chauhan girl, 5'/25, Master in Food and Nutrition (Dietitian), presently working in CMC, have two younger brothers both Mech. Engr. Father Doctor I/c of Tara institute of Physiotherapy and Hspl. Mother lecturer in Nursing college. Well established fmly. The family waiting viza for Canada as permanent immigrant. Boy should be professional, Dr. or equal. Early decent marriage. Call at 9594329047 or 9769211699. E-mail:  C1-65700

Suitable match for Jat Sikh girl 29, 5'-4", US Citizen Edu: BS in IT/Finance, MBA. Send biodata with photo.  C1-65878

Highly qualified match for Jat Sikh Canadian born very beautiful girl, 1981/ 5'-6", B.Sc.(IT), Pursuing Masters (HR). Canadian citizen preferred. 0014035907240.  C1-65984

Parents seeking a suitable match for Australian born Jatt Sikh daughter, very fair, beautiful, age 26, height 5'-9". Bachelor Pharmacy with distinction. Currently working as a Pharmacist Manager. Brought up with strong cultural and religious values. Seeking a boy aged 24-30, minimum 6 feet, preferably someone from the Medical field (MBBS, Dentist, Vet) or from other highly qualified professions and from good status family. Send biodata with photo to:  C1-66216

Match for Jat Sikh Postgraduate girl 27/5'-4", working Ltd. Company, Chandigarh.  90410- 19758. C1-66240

Handsome educated settled boy India/NRI from respectable family for extremely beautiful, slim, attractive Jat Sikh girl 1982, 5'-7", MA (English), Tesol (London). Educated, well-settled family residing in posh locality of Ludhiana. 84271-00721.  C1-66316

US based Jat Sikh parents seeks Medico match for their MD daughter 28/ 5'-4" born and raised in USA East West blend boy should be MBBS MD only. Preferred in USA please respond with details and recent photos by e-mail  C1-66346

Status match for Jat Sikh beautiful, slim, intelligent, sober girl, Dec.77/ 5'-5", M.Sc.Physics (Hons), NET, JRF and Ph.D.(IISc), University Assistant Professor with global exposure and U/R property. Email:,  09815619771, 09417875245. C1-66414

Status match for charming Kamboj Sikh girl 33/5'-5", M.F.C., employed TCS 14 LPA. Father Defence officer. E- mail:  98148-52144. C1-66668

Match for slim, homely, fair 31/5'-5", M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed., Diploma Hair Styling from Australia from simple agriculturist family. Well-settled boy/NRI. Contact: 099156-46184. E-mail:  C1-66866B

Professionally qualified Jat Sikh alliance invited for 85 born/5'-4", beautiful, intelligent, sober, B.Tech, MBA Jat Sikh girl. Contact: 9646462859.  C1-66894

Jat Sikh slim, beautiful 33/5'-2", MBBS, USSR, Canadian Immigrant divorcee girl. Only Jat Sikh. Early marriage. Contact No. 78372-72005. C1-67107

US based Jat Sikh parents seek professional match for their US citizen daughter 5'-4"/77 born , working as a Pharmacist in US. Salary six figures. Innocently divorced after 8 months of marriage. Please send complete bio-data with recent photos. Email  Contact: 001-7735527740. C1- 67150B

Only Army officer match for Capt. Apr. 85/169 cms. Father/brother Army offrs. E-mail:  99152-37916. C1-67242

Comatible match for Dhillon Software Engineer, 29/5'- 3", package 9.5 LPA, beautiful, sweet natured , respects family values. Status Defence Officers family. NRIs excuse. Email:  C1-67262

B.Tech./MBA match for beautiful, slim, fair, Oct. 82/5'-3" (exact), convented, B.Tech. (ECE) (NIT), MBA (ISB), working girl. Parents getting US immigration. Father S.E. Retd. settled Mohali. E-mail:  Contact: 98761-54889. C1-67582

Australian well-educated Jat Sikh parents seek alliance for their well-settled daughter 1986 born, 5'-4", beautiful, fair, slim, convent educated, Chandigarh background. Working in Govt. job. Good salary. Owns substantial property in Queensland. Professionals from high status Jat Sikh families invited to respond with photo and biodata to  C1-67626

0Professionally qualified match from status family for beautiful, convent educated, MBBS girl 28 yrs., 5'-5" from well educated reputed family. USMLE cleared. Will be starting her residency in USA shortly. E-mail:  C1-67644

Well settled educated only Jat Sikh match for beautiful, attractive features girl, belongs to well settled family from Chandigarh, 84 born, 5'-2", M.Sc.)IT), B.Ed. Teacher Chandigarh. Only three daughters, elder married in U.K., younger doing M.Tech. 98884-21219.  C1-67736

Reputed Jat Sikh family seeks alliance for their BDS daughter 5'-5", 85 born. E.mail:  98722-90010. NA1-44964

Suitable well settled match for Jat Sikh girl, 1977/5'- 6", issueless divorcee, Physiotherapist. 0172-4632192, 93160-49077. Email:  NA1-47183

BDS/Govt. officer match for Mahajan BDS girl 8.01.1985, 5'-1", Birth Ludhiana, 7:55 pm. Upper caste no bar. 097790-21693. C1-66902

Dec. 80 born, height 5'-6", working Manager Insurance Company, Gurgaon. Package 5 lacs. Fair, slilm, teetotaller girl. Box 3702F Tribune, Chandigarh.

PQM4 9 Jan/83/5' girl, based in Sydney, running own business, ID SH01668960,  C1-60765

Suitable match for Canadian citizen beautiful girl, 5'- 5", born 28th Feb. 84, Post-graduate in HR, working as manager in a Bank. Looking for a cleanshaven Sikh/Hindu educated, decent, honest & independent well settled boy in Canada/USA. Mother now in India. Contact: M-97803- 32275, 416-629-2442 (father). Send biodata E-mail:  C1-66198

Match for very beautiful Manglik Prajapati girl 17.01.83, 6:10 p.m., 5'-1", BA, Cosmetology. High status family. Father businessman, brothers pursuing Merchant Navy. Caste no bar.  99156-87074, 98789-19959. A1-65593

Suitable match for beautiful Himachali Kabirpanthy girl, 1976/5'-4", M.A. (Hindi), B.Ed, private teacher. Caste no bar. Send Bio-data:  C1-65502

Qualified match in/around Tricity for Nai (Non- Professional) fair, slim, highly educated girl, 5'-1", 1986 born. Contact 90411-29289.  C1- 66212

Match for Mair Rajput Australian citizen girl 27/5'-4", B.HR Management, working in Sydney. Khatri Arora welcomed. Email:  Ph: 0061 469 384 394. C1-66394

Match for beautiful Sikh Goldsmith Luthra caste B.Tech(CSE) 5'-1", 11.12.1985, Engg. College Govt. Lecturer girl, Chandigarh, 27,000/- p.m. Father Ex- Senior Engineer, Pb. Govt., mother Govt. school teacher. Younger brother Engineer. Own house Mohali. Tricity preferred. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 98886- 22667, 99880-31269. Box 3653F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for fair, beautiful Sikh Kashyap Rajput girl, Oct. 1983, 5'-3", MBA. Father Govt. employee. E- mail:  Box 3656F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SM for Rajput Thakur beautiful girl 06.10.83, 5'-5", 10:20 am, Chandigarh, MA, B.Ed., M.Phil. Tricity and Punjabi preferred. 95010-62348. C1-65636

Suitable match for Himachali Rajput girl 1984/5'-5", M.A., MBA. Send bio-data, photo. E-mail:  Box 3672F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Himachali girl 1986/5'-5", M.A., LL.B., BCA. Send bio-data, photo. Email:  Box 3673F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Himachali Rajput Pathania girl M.A. B.Ed. 1983/5'-2", working as teacher in private school. Contact: 099532-96459. Email:  C1-67020

Suitable qualified match for MBA Manglik Saraswat Brahmin girl October 1982/5'-4", working as Manager HRD. Contact: 098760-44061. E-mail:  C1-65394

Compatible professionally qualified match for beautiful, fair, smart, 5'-4" Sarsawat Brahmin Manglik November 1981 born MCA girl, working MNC Chandigarh, 6.8 LPA. Status, educated family. Contact: 0-86998- 23287. C1-65632

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin MBA girl 18 June, 1985, 6:00 am, Tarn Taran, 5'-2". 98969-01774. Email:  C1-65956

Match for Beautiful Non-Manglik Un-Married BA, LL.B, B.Ed. Intellectual Teacher. Reputed Public School, Chandigarh. November 1972/5'-2". Father Lieutenant Colonel (Retd.) settled Panchkula. Small Educated family. Seek handsome Professionally Qualified Bachelor of Matching age. Upper Caste no bar. Box 3680F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Compatible match from status family for Brahmin girl, 5'-3", 20th Sept. 1984, MBA, Manager MNC Chandigarh, Package 10 lacs. Father Retired Class I. Mother Teacheress. Send BHP.  C1-66096

Well-settled handsome match for beautiful Saraswat girl 13.7.1983, 8:59 a.m., Chandigarh, 5'-2", M.Sc. Statistics, working MNC, Chandigarh. 22000/- pm. Box 3698F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Chandigarh based Brahman M.A., B.Ed. girl, 26/5'-4". Teacher in Private school. Well settled Hindu small family. Caste no bar. Contact no. 99885-15307. C1-66428

Suitable match for Convent educated Gorgeously beautiful, slim, Brahmin (Bhardwaj) girl, B.Tech., Working in MNC I.T. Park Chandigarh, 5'-6", 8-9-1987, 6:20 am Delhi, preference to extremely handsome, tall (minimum 5'-11") Strict age limit (24-26), Professionally qualified (B.Tech., C.A., MBA), Working in I.T. Park preferred. Father DGM in Pvt. Company, Only Brother doing B.Tech. Email:  Box 3715F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Parents seek Medico, handsome, teetotaller match for their V. beautiful, 25, 5'-5" Saraswat Brahmin, US citizen only daughter. B.S. Ivy League USA University. Now pursuing Health Career in Medicine. Send biodata, photo, kundli:  C1-67136

Around Chandigarh professionally qualified employed match for Hindu Khatri girl 1981/5'-2", working MNC, handsome salary. Contact: 0172-2632996, 9417318539. C1- 65212

Preferably Air Force Officer match for 1988/5'-5", beautiful Air Force Officer girl. Father Army Officer, Chandigarh. 0-98555-89913, Email:  C1-65280

Vegetarian, teetotaller, non-smoker, professionally qualified tricity match for slim beautiful girl, 2nd August 1984, 07:45 am, Lucknow, 5', M.A. Economics B.Ed, Teacher reputed School, 2.30 LPA. Educated respectable family. 0-84272-01023,  C1-65284

Hindu Khatri beautiful, slim, 5'-4", 16.1.89, 9:51 am, Chandigarh, Graduate, Diploma in Office Management, working in Pvt. office. Kundli matching must. E-mail:  Contact: 99150-23891, Chandigarh. C1-66020

Employed match for Punjabi Hindu Khatri fair, slim girl, 5', 7.8.1988, 6:12 a.m., MCA, MBA final, working in Pharma company in Chandigarh. Box 3691F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Pure Vegetarian Hindu Khatri match for Local Khatri Manglik girl 29.6.87, 10 a.m., Chandigarh, 5'-4", fair, slim, B.Tech Computers, top MNC, Chandigarh, 3.4 lacs. Simple religious family. Parents in service near Chandigarh. E-mail:  Box 3721F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Arora beautiful, sincere, religious girl 3.10.1981, 5:30 am, Chandigarh, 5'-5", M.A., MBA. Flight Supervisor Air India, 6+ LPA.  C1-66470

Manglik/Non-Manglik, vegetarian, Non-drinker Gursikh match for 27/5'-6", M.A. (Eng.), B.Ed., MBA, slim, fair girl. Contact: 098166-75105. Email:  C1-67186

Professionally qualified handsome match for beautiful fair, looks young Ramgarhia Sikh girl, 1978 born, 5'- 3", M.A., B.Sc., B.Ed., Australian permanent resident Customer Service Representative also pursuing Microbiology course in Australia, doctor, engineer preferred. Contact at  with full biodata and photograph. NA1-48563

MD/MS match for MD Skin, 30/5'-5", Chandigarh based Khatri Sikh girl, Working as Senior Resident. Tricity matches preferred. Email :,  98145-12034. C1-65792

Non-trimmer, Non-drinker Gursikh educated match for Chandigarh based convent educated 5'-5", August 1986, M.Com., MBA, UGC (NET), Gursikh Khatri girl. Lecturer in College. 84271-74159.  C1-66718

Professionally qualified match for SC (Mazbi Sikh) beautiful, slim girl, age 27/5'-5", B.E. (IT), employed as Software Engineer in MNC. Father Gazetted Officer, only brother in USA. Email bio-data alongwith Photo.  Mob: 99880-49600. C1-67636

Suitable match for Chandigarh based Ad-dharmi (S.C.) girl 28/ 5'-7" beautiful, fair M.A. ( Pol.Sc.) doing Computers. Contact: 98884-52146, 99888-53370. Box 3753F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SM for beautiful Walia girl Sept. 79, MA, Mass Comm., 5'-2". Send detail with photograph at  C1-66918

Manglik match for Khatri girl 5'-2", 8.8.81, 4:48 p.m., Chandigarh, M.Sc. Computer Science, working in Govt. School, Chandigarh.  Box 3710F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match businessman/working Manglik/non-Manglik for Chartered Accountant Punjabi girl, slim, fair 5'-3", 2.04.83, 7:50 pm, Delhi. #098114-13072.  NA1-47137

Suitable match for Tonk-Kashtriya Sikh girl, 1985/5'- 0", MBA, B.A., Mohali based. Caste no bar. 09007918060.  C1-66402

Match for 35/5'-4" Kamboj Govt. employee innocent divorcee girl. Cleanshaven, Govt. employee preferred. Caste no bar.  Box 3528F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Manglik/Non-Manglik suitable match for 28/5'-4", fair, beautiufl, Punjabi Khatri girl. Central Govt. employee at Chandigarh. Girl willing to settle out of Chandigarh/abroad. Contact: 97800-39069/  C1-67122

Qualified well settled match for Arora Sikh girl 5'-4", 79 born, M.A. (Economics) M.Ed. UGC (NET) permanent job Assistant Professor in and around Ludhiana preferred.  90238-79029. C1-65908

Gursikh non-trimmer, non-drinker match for beautiful, slim, 28/5'-9", well qualified Masters girl working Freelance. Send full particulars and photo. E-mail:  98551-12341. C1-66634

Medico/Professionally qualified match for beautiful slim Arora Sikh girl, 30/ 5'-4", MDS. Senior Lecturer.,  098455-42620. C1-66850

Gursikh Khatri Arora match for beautiful girl 1987, 5'- 3", B.Tech. lecturer Engineering College. 94160-85270.  C1-67352

Well educated very high status business family seeks business industrialist or well established match from high status family for their slim, well cultured, homely, PG, beautiful daughter, DoB 5.6.1983 /5'-1.5",  098103-30866. C1-59724

Suitable match for beautiful slim Garg girl, 29.4.1988/4:55 a.m./Chandigarh. 5'-3", B.Tech. (C.S.) & Pursuing M.Tech and doing Lecturer job. Parents in Govt job and Brother in MNC. Govt/Bank preferred in Tricity. Contact 89681-88477. C1-65292

Match Manglik Singla fair, beautiful B.Tech. Lecturer. Doing M.Tech. 27.07.1985/5:45 p.m./Chandigarh. 5'-2". 95018-83856.  C1-66256

Suitable match for beautiful, fair, Singla girl, 5'- 4"/1987, MBA, working in HDFC Bank. Preferred teetotaller. 09814691740.  C1-66272

Suitable match for B.Tech. PEC Manglik Garg, 5'-3", 13..3.85, 11 p.m., Mansa, Infosys Chandigarh. Presently UK work permit. Coming Mid October for three weeks. 94174-06849.  Box 3692F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited for Very fair, beautiful, slim, 5'-2", December 85 born girl, MBBS (IGMC) Shimla, belonging to very respectable family of Panchkula. Presently Medical Officer HCMS-II Govt. permanent job Haryana. Highly qualified groom from well established family. Send photograph and complete bio-data. Email:  C1-66488

Doctor/Engg. Non-manglik match for MDS girl, March 83, 5'-4". NCR preferred. Mob: 9855535105. E-mail:  C1-66546

Professionally qualified match for slim, fair, beautiful 5'-7", 26.4.1982, 06.00 a.m. Ambala, MCA, working MNC Gurgaon, package 8 Lacs. Email:  C1-67366

Punjabi Agarwal industrialist boy settled in Punjab/Chandigarh/Haryana/ Delhi/NCR for fair, slim Aggarwal girl 27/5'-3", Graduation in Economics, Assisting father in export business. Father renowned industrialist & exporter. Upper caste no bar. Horoscope matching not required. Very decent marriage assured. 0161-3269074.  NA1-47233

Well qualified match for Kamboj (Dhot) girl, 5'- 4"/1983, BAMS, MBA Health Care Services. Only Kamboj may contact 98146-26251, 94643-09944. C1-66056


Showroom available for Rent Ground and Basement Prime Location Hotel Piccadily Block Sector 22-B Contact: 098140-82060  C1-67300

Fully furnished double storey House 200 yards, prime locality, Anandpur
Sahib. 98725-91713, 98158-17119. C1- 65478B

Chandigarh- Sector-17 rented showroom with Ist floor vacant. Bank lease. Top location. Pardeep 919779782299., C1- 67208

Kanal double, facing park 21-D, 7 Marla double 22-A. Ten marla single Phase-XI. Chhabra Estates. 9316111311, 9417008844. C1-67790. 

3, 6 acres land front facing G.T. Road Near Pipli, suitable for school/college,
resort etc. 098157-23477. C1-65708B

Mohali: Sector 68 built up showroom 15'x77', 3 storey with 15,000 rent for Roof tower. Pardeep +91-97797- 82299. C1-67196

Kharar: 6.5 Acre within M.C. behind Sunny Enclave.  +91-97797-82299. www.anacindia.canada-com C1-67198

Mullanpur- 5 Acre mix land for sale. Pardeep Sharma- 919779782299.,  www.anacindia- C1-67200

Rajpura: 25 Acre with 3.5 Acre frontage on 6 Lane Highway commercial CLU of Warehouse. Pardeep +91-97797- 82299.  C1-67204

14 Marla Plot for sale Sector 12, Panchkula. Genuine buyers only. Brokers
excuse. 97801-44120, 78373-02060. C1-66440

New Delhi: Hotel with 42 rooms, best located, near IIT. Only Genuine buyers.
E-mail:  +91- 97797-82299. C1-67206

Four kanal independent 9-A, 27-A, two kanal 33-A, 19-A. Kanal F/F, 11-A,
21-D, 18-C, 36-B. Fourteen marla G/F 36-B, 34-C. Chhabra: 9417008844, 9316111311. C1-67758. 


Work from home Proof Readers required. Must have excellent knowledge of English, Masters in English or journalism, own computer and internet. Monday to Friday, from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. (night shift). Send resume, hourly salary requirement, and available and preferred times to  C1-67134


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