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Monetary fraud — big time
Man dupes PNB of Rs 33 lakh using LIT land
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

A map of Ludhiana shows the five pieces of land pledged by Kulwinder Singh Sandhu (in red) and the Ludhiana Improvement Trust land he tried to acquire illegally (in yellow)
A map of Ludhiana shows the five pieces of land pledged by Kulwinder Singh Sandhu (in red) and the Ludhiana Improvement Trust land he tried to acquire illegally (in yellow).

Ludhiana, September 10
In a shocking case, a resident pledged public land comprising parts of roads and lanes in Sunet village to a bank and managed to get a Rs 33-lakh loan even as the authorities of the municipal corporation (MC) and the Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) did not come to know about it.

A resident of Bonker Dogra village, Kulwinder Singh Sandhu took the loan from Punjab National Bank (PNB) by submitting registries of five pieces of land, which he claimed were next to each other and formed a single unit.

But the “khasra” numbers submitted by him to the bank revealed that these plots were located in different parts of Sunet village (see map) and were acquired by the Ludhiana Improvement Trust and handed over to the MC as “reserved for purpose” later on.

The Tribune is in possession of a map, which clearly shows that the registries submitted by him are of other pieces of land. Now Kulwinder has failed to return the loan amount and the bank has issued a possession notice for the same pieces of land.

Maha Sabha, Ludhiana, an NGO, brought it to the notice of the bank and officials of the MC. “But we failed to get a satisfactory reply from them,” said Col Jagdish Singh Brar (retd), president, Maha Sabha, Ludhiana.

He stated that Sandhu had submitted registries of the five plots measuring 802 square yards (area 226, 150, 100, 226 and 100 sq yards each in “khasra” numbers 926, 926/1, 927, 928 and 929, “khatta” number 1808/1964 and “hadbast” number 159) at Sunet village while taking Rs 33,26,298 loan from the bank.

“But these “khasra” numbers are of the plots, which do not even exist as they are vacant pieces of land. As per revenue records, these five plots are located in different parts of the village and none of them form a single unit. It is sad that Sandhu even tried to acquire another piece of land, which is in “masteel (murabba)” number 51 and “qilla” (acre) number 23,” Colonel Brar said.

“These pieces of land, which are “reserved for special purpose”, were acquired by the LIT and later handed over to the MC. Ironically, the municipal corporation seems least bothered and had we not come to know about it, Sandhu would have managed to take possession of it,” he alleged.

He further argued that Sandhu failed to repay the loan after the bank sanctioned it and issued a possession notice. “The bigger question is that how did Sandhu manage to get the Rs 33-lakh loan from the bank when the pieces of land which he claimed to be his own were owned by other persons,” alleged Colonel Brar.

PNB DGM not reachable

Yashpal Kumar Brar, deputy general manager and circle head, PNB, could not be contacted. His personal assistant said he was busy video conferencing with the general manager. “He cannot talk to you today as he is busy,” he said.


Peon siphons off Rs 5 lakh from NRI’s account
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 10
A peon employed with a nationalised bank allegedly siphoned off around Rs 5 lakh from the bank account of an NRI. He was caught while he was withdrawing the second cheque for Rs 2.5 lakh.

Darshan Singh, a Canada-based NRI, said he was having a joint account with Kuldeep Singh, a peon in the bank.

Darshan Singh said he used to send money from abroad for the development of his village and for the marriage of girls of poor families.

Recently, an oil company gave Rs 5 lakh and Rs 2.5 lakh to Darshan Singh as compensation for a laying a pipeline. As Darshan Singh returned to Canada, Kuldeep deceitfully received the cheques from the company employees and deposited the same in the joint account. Kuldeep then allegedly withdrew Rs 5 lakh from the account without the knowledge of the NRI.

The oil company employees told Darshan Sing about the payment. He immediately stopped the withdrawal of Rs 2.5 lakh by informing the bank authorities.

The NRI reported the matter to the police. SHO Gopal Krishan said the police has registered a case of fraud and started investigations.



Sunet shooting takes U-turn
Accused claims uncle trying to grab his land
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 10
A day after a 72-year-old man claimed to have been shot at by his relative in Sunet village, the case took a U-turn.

The shooting incident was turning out of be a stage-managed bid to implicate an innocent youth and his relatives in a murderous assault case.

Sohan Singh shocked everyone when he claimed that two youths shot him on the thigh. Sohan Singh named Jatinder Singh and Pardeep Singh for the attack.

During the investigation, the police found missing links in the case, which according to sources, indicated that it was a motivated bid to falsely implicate Jatinder Singh and his relatives in the murder case.

A day after the incident, Jatinder Singh surfaced before the police and cried foul. He claimed that he was falsely being implicated by his uncle Baldev Singh, who wanted to usurp his property, worth Rs 70 crore.

Narrating his tale of woe, Jatinder said it was not the first time he was being implicated in a false case.

“It is unfortunate that relatives are stage-managing the shooting bid to involve me in a false case,” lamented Jatinder.

“It started when my uncle was booked in a fraud case of land measuring 7,000 sq yd, worth Rs 70 crore. The case was registered on the complaint of my father Sukhdev Singh,” he said.

“As I was the only educated member in the family I was pursuing the case. Since then, my uncle was planning involve me in a false case,” he added.

On January 23, 2006, nearly 1.5-kg opium was allegedly put in the vehicle of Jatinder. While Jatinder was busy in the hearing at the Punjab and Haryana High Court, an anonymous person informed the police that Jatinder was carrying 1.5-kg opium.

The police impounded the vehicle and seized the contraband, but during the investigation, Jatinder came out clean.

Even the report of Chandigarh Police, a copy of which was in the possession of The Tribune, clearly stated that a miscreant tried to falsely implicate Jatinder in a drug peddling case.

The report further stated that the miscreant placed the contraband to intensify personal enmity between Jatinder and his uncle Baldev Singh.

Jatinder heaved a sigh of relief as he had a narrow escape from an NDPS case, but little did he know that this respite would be short-lived and he would be caught in a flurry of false cases.

“I kept on receiving threats over phone. My car was also damaged. All this continued for nearly three years,” he said.

“In May, a girl levelled the allegation of rape. I had not even seen the girl. Later I came to know that Neha Thapar

levelled the allegation at the instance of Ekwinder Kaur,” Jatinder said. Later Jatinder came to know that Ekwinder Kaur, who was in jail in connection with a fraud case, was hired by Arjinder Singh, Baldev Singh’s son.

“All this was done to implicate me in a false rape case. Fortunately during investigation I came out clean. Both the women confessed before the investigating IPS officer that they had hatched a conspiracy to implicate me in a false rape case,” he said.

Pardeep Singh, Jatinder’s brother-in-law, said allegations were levelled to defame Jatinder and ruin him.

“Baldev Singh knows that if he manages to involve us in a false case, no one will be able to pursue the land fraud case,” Pardeep said.

Baldev said, “I was not involved in the earlier case against Jatinder. This time, I have complained that Jatinder shot at Sohan Singh.”

Raj Kumar, Assistant Commissioner of Police, said there were many missing links in the shooting incident.

“We came to know that Baldev Singh and his brother Sukdev Singh are at loggerheads. Sohan Singh said two persons were asleep with him when he was shot at, but none of them saw the assailants or heard a gunshot,” he said.

“If they were close to him, why did they not wake up on hearing a bullet being fired? We are investigating the case from all angles, but Jatinder does not seem involved,” he added. He said he was yet to record the statement of Sohan Singh.

Baldev Singh’s son in jail

Baldev Singh’s son Arjinder Singh was undergoing life imprisonment in jail for the high-profile kidnapping and murder of Vikramjit Singh, Frontier Cycles’ owner Rajinder Singh’s son. Vikramjit was kidnapped from Sarabha Nagar. Arjinder and his accomplice Jagminder Singh killed him and dumped his body at Barog, near Shimla.



Fatal Accidents
Transport minister gets cracking
Writes to DC, police head, MC Commissioner to fix responsibility
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 10
Two days after three persons, including a two-year-old child and a student, died in three road accidents in various parts of the city, the state transport minister, Surjeet Kumar Jiyani, has come down heavily on the authorities concerned for the spurt in accidents.

The minister has written to Municipal Corporation (MC)Commissioner MS Jaggi, Police Commissioner SS Chauhan and Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tiwari to file a report and fix responsibility in cases that are taking place due to the negligence of the official(s) concerned.

“We cannot lose young lives like this. So many people are dying every day in road accidents. We cannot simply sit and watch as innocent lives are lost in accidents. The authorities should take preventive measures to bring down accidents, he said.

Earlier, an IIT team visiting the city had advocated that areas witnessing the most accidents should be converted into low-speed zones and speed breakers should be constructed on accident-prone spots.

Traffic expert Kamaljit Soi, making a jibe at the MC authorities, had said if rumbles could be constructed outside the residence of the MC Commissioner, speed breakers and caution signs could be put up at accident-prone points.

Death toll in city/periphery since Jan 2011

Total Deaths: 253

January: 54, February: 37, March: 48, April: 37, May: 37, June: 40.

(No compensation has been paid)

Accident-prone spots

y Samrala Road, Cheema Chowk, Bharat Nagar Chowk, Bhai Bala Chowk, Jalandhar bypass, Tajpur-Jodhewal stretch, Ferozpur-Milahpur stretch, Pakhowal Road till Phullanwal Octroi post and Rajpura Road.



Three hurt in road mishap
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 10
Three persons were injured when an over-speeding bus collided with a three-wheeler near Laddowal toll post. The injured, including a four-year-old girl, were taken to the Civil Hospital, Ludhiana, for treatment.

An auto-rickshaw driver and a passenger were also hurt in the incident.

While the condition of the auto-rickshaw driver, who sustained injuries on his leg, is said to be serious, the girl and the other passenger are stated to be out of danger.



ITI only college making learner’s licences
DTO entitled all colleges to issue licences to their students
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 10
Even after about two months of the announcement made by the District Transport Office (DTO) that government and private colleges in the district will be entitled to issue learner’s licences to their students, none of the colleges, except for the Industrial Training Institute for Boys (ITI), has started with the project. Though the ITI has issued about 50 learner’s licences in the last 10 days, other colleges have failed to initiate the process.

While the district transport department here claims to have got a software, which was being installed in colleges along with web cameras, the college managements maintain that they have not been issued any guidelines by the officials in absence of which they could not start with the process.

As per information, none of the government colleges -- SCD Government College and Government College for Women (GCW) -- has started with the process yet. “We are waiting for department’s officials, which had to send us guidelines and the staff to train us. We cannot start anything on our own till the department gives us a go-ahead. Certain issues are still to be discussed with the department,” said Jasbir Kaur Makkar, principal of the SCD Government College.

Meanwhile, Anurag Aggarwal, secretary transport, visited the ITI today for getting the first hand information on the licences being issued there.

Baljinder Singh, principal of the ITI, said the college had the provision of clicking photographs of students, staff and computers to do the job.

“In the last 10 days, we have made about 50 learner’s licences and students have expressed happiness over the move. A lot of time of students is saved while getting the licences made here at the college,” said Baljinder Singh.

According to information, many of the private college managements had already conveyed to the DTO that they were not willing to do the extra work for which government was not going to pay them anything.

No guidelines

The college managements maintain that they have not been issued any guidelines by the officials in the absence of which they have been unable to start the process. Besides, many of the private college managements were unwilling to do the extra work for which the government was not going to pay them.



shooting incident
City colleges step up security
Instal CCTV cameras, metal detectors
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 10
After a youth was killed and several others were injured in a shooting incident in Kamla Lohtia College a few days ago, city colleges have started stepping up security on their campuses.

From setting up doorframe metal detectors (DFMDs) to installing closed-circuit television cameras on their campuses, the authorities are making every effort to avoid the repeat of the similar incident.

Jasbir Kaur Makkar, principal of SCD Government College, said to keep a tab on the entry of outsiders, the college has recently installed 11 closed-circuit television cameras (CCTVs) at different locations of the college premises.

“We have made ample arrangements of security to prevent miscreants from entering the premises. If DFMDs are installed at the entrance, it would help the college authorities in tightening security,” said Makkar.

She said it was important for the college authorities to have all the information on any kind of development, which could disrupt harmony. The callous attitude towards the anti-social elements roaming on the college campus could lead to trouble. The shooting incident in SD Kamla Lohtia College was a classic example of this, said Makkar.

Another college principal said the row over the leadership of college unions was the main reason behind violence. College principals should take the necessary measures during these months to foil any attempt of miscreants to disrupt harmony in colleges.

“College is an educational institution not jail. The police has to play a major role to keep a tab on the anti-social elements,” he said.

Perturbed over the incidents of outsiders creating ruckus in Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), the campus authorities have cracked a whip on the two-wheeler riders who ply their vehicles with muffled faces.

“We have received orders from the authorities that no one would be allowed to rode a two-wheeler on the campus with a covered face,” said Arun Joshi, senior security guard at the PAU.



Thousands of Devotees throng Chhappar Mela
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, September 10
Thousands of devotees thronged Guga Mari Mandir at Chhappar village near here to worship snake, the embodiment of the nag devta. The first day, known as “chowkis”, saw a large number of men and women attending the religious fair. The police, which was busy planning security arrangements, found it difficult to control the unexpectedly large gathering in the afternoon.

Being one of the largest fairs of this region, Chhappar Mela started attracting a large number of devotees since early morning. Till noon, women outnumbered men.

Joginder Singh Sandhu, DSP, Dakha, who supervised the security arrangements today, said around 1,000 policemen had been deputed to ensure security for the devotees.

To keep a check on the sale and use of liquor, special teams had been constituted. Police personnel in plain clothes, including women cops, have been deputed at sensitive points.

The police has installed TV cameras to keep an eye on the anti-social elements. Besides, special anti-riot police squads equipped with anti-riot vehicles and equipment have also been deputed to deal with any adverse situation.

Sandhu said a limited number of four-wheelers would be issued passes to enter the mela area. This, he said, would restrict carrying of weapons and wine.

Leaders and workers of various parties remained busy in setting up their ‘pandals’ for conferences of their respective parties. At least four political camps would be held during the next two days and state-level party leaders would address conferences on Monday.

Meanwhile, owners of stalls and activists of various political parties heaved a sigh of relief with the resumption of fair weather on the first day of the mega event.



PPCB raids dyeing units
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 10
Raids by officials of the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) on six dyeing units owned by office-bearers of the Punjab Dyeing Association (PDA) have shocked the local dyeing industry. The pollution board officials from Patiala raided these dyeing units yesterday and its local office wasn’t even informed about it.

Ganpati Dyeing, Rampal Industry, Ashoka Dyeing, Pawan Dyeing, Balaji Dyeing and Jindal Dyeing, all belonging to office-bearers of the Punjab Dyeing Association, were raided. The pollution board officials not only took samples of discharged water but documents pertaining to machinery details, cost of investment and electricity bills were also seized by them.

Bobby Jindal, general secretary, Punjab Dyeing Association, whose premises was also raided, said the dyeing industry was trying to do everything that the pollution board wanted, but such harassment at the hands of officials was uncalled for.

The dyeing industry is spending Rs 450 crores for installing it. Till the time, the CETP is installed; the board will have to cooperate with us. Someone might have instigated the pollution board against us as only the units owned by the office-bearers of the association have been targeted. The raids are unjustified,” Bobby Jindal added.

According to the sources, the raids have been conducted as a few big dyeing units had lodged complaints against “small-and-medium” scale units. “As per new directions, they have to upgrade water-treatment plants. A few large-scale units wanted that the discharged water should also be added in the proposed CETP, but the small-and- medium scale dyeing associations had declined to accommodate them. These large-scale units had lodged complaint against dyeing units,” the official added.



Ludhiana scan

Conference on early childhood

Ludhiana: A conference on early childhood was hosted by Indus World School at Park Plaza here today to address the concern of parents and educators during the formative years of children. Ameeta Mullah Wattal, principalof Springdales School, New Delhi, said the formative years were the most important in the development of a child. Rajesh Batta, director operations at the school, said that spirit of enquiry among the students was very important right from the beginning. Learning for a child should be joyful instead of a task.

Bankers’ meet

A meeting of bankers was organised by Ludhiana branch of the Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India at Nagpal Regency on Friday. Branch organiser Rahul said the aim of the meet was to give information to banks about various schemes of the corporation. On this occasion, regional organiser for northern region gave a cheque of claim amount of Rs 6.15 crore to Jammu and Kashmir Bank, Chaura Bazar, in accordance with ECIB-WT-PC/PS. A cheque of claim amount Rs 2 crore was provided to other banks also. — TNS



Nurses play key role in patient care

Ludhiana, September 10
Hospital authorities should give more respect and importance to nurses. As the number of patients of haematology, oncology and bone marrow transplantation are increasing in the country, the role of bedside caregiver (nursing) becomes important, said experts who came to participate in the national conference for nurses and physician assistants working in the field of cancer and bone marrow transplantation.

The conference on the theme “importance of nursing care” focusing on quality, competency and research was held at Christian Medical College and Hospital. More than 300 delegates from 10 states and 25 institutes participated in it.

Chief guest Dr Kim J Mammen inaugurated the event. Abanti Gopan from Kolkota spoke about quality in nursing care while Swapna Joshi from the TMH, Mumbai, detailed on how to go about research in nursing care. — TNS



From schools and colleges

Ganpati Mahotsava

A 10-day ‘Ganpati Mahotsava’ culminated in Ludhiana on Saturday with the “ganesh pratima visarjan” ceremony by Sidh Data Sewa Society at Green Land Public School. The procession started from Sidh Data Temple.

Hawan ceremony

A hawan ceremony was held for students of classes X and XII for forthcoming board examination at Bhartiya Vidya Mandir, Udham Singh Nagar. Yajna with 'bhoomi pujan’ and ‘navgreh pujan’ were performed during the ceremony.

Talent search competition

Ludhiana: Partap College of Education organised a talent hunt competition for the students here on Saturday. The students showed their talent by presenting marvellous performaces in dance, singing, mono-acting and poetry recitation competitions.
Girls during a freshers’ party at the GNIMT in Ludhiana on Saturday
Girls during a freshers’ party at the GNIMT in Ludhiana on Saturday. tribune photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Freshers’ party

GNIMT Model Town celebrated Fresher’s Day galaxy 2011" for MBA & MCA students here on Saturday “The event was inaugurated by Dr HS Singha, director of the institute.

Talent hunt competition

A three-day talent hunt competition commenced on the campus of D D Jain College of Education here on Friday. The talent hunt function was organised to screen out the talented students thereby providing them a platform to participate in the Panjab University zonal youth festival going to be held from October 20 to 23 in Bhutta College of Education for Zone-A. — TNS



DPRS project launched
Auto dealers to issue RCs for new vehicles
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 10
In a major respite to city residents who had to shuttle between the district transport office and the suvidha centre to register their vehicles, the onus of completing the necessary paperwork and delivering the registration certificate (RC) to a vehicle buyer will now be on the auto dealer.

Secretary Transport Anurag Agarwal launched the ambitious project — Dealer Point Registration System — here today. Agarwal said the DPRS project had been introduced in the entire state and it would bring a major relief to residents who complain of facing difficulties in preparing RCs.



25 families of eye donors honoured
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 10
The 25 families that donated the eyes of their relatives in the year 2011 were honoured in a regional conference on "eye banking". The conference was organised on Thursday by IMA Ludhiana, Ophthomological Association and Punarjot Eye Bank to commemorate National Eye Donation Day.



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