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Donít get cyber bullied

Cyber bullying is harassment through the use of computers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices. Nothing crushes a childís self-confidence faster than humiliation. And just imagine a humiliating message sent instantly to everyone a child knows. This emotional damage can last a lifetime. Tips to avoid cyber bullying:

Think before you post: Once you post something online, itís impossible to take it back.

Donít tolerate harassment: If people bully or harass you online, report them to the hosting website.

Watch out for your friends: If you see people harassing or bullying your friends or posting rude things, report them to the website. Donít assume somebody else is going to do it.

Take suicide threats seriously: Sometimes people, especially teens, will talk about their fears or suicidal thoughts online when they wonít talk to friends or families in real or off-line life. Take all threats seriously, and tell the person to contact Lifeline for help.

Courtesy: Yahoo! Safely