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SGPC Poll Eve Anomalies, inconvenience & coercion
178 names repeated in voters list
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Voter list of the Pakhowal constituency with names of Hindu electrorate added in it
Voter list of the Pakhowal constituency with names of Hindu electrorate added in it. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, September 17
A voters list of the Ludhiana (South) constituency in the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) polls, which has been procured by The Tribune, includes 178 voters whose names figure in the lists of two different polling booths - number 33, situated in Simlapuri, and number 27 in Janta Nagar.

The Shiromani Akali Dal (Delhi) party has accused the Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal) of indulging in electoral malpractices by “creating bogus votes.”

“How is it possible for a person to have his vote listed at two separate polling stations? Not one but 178 voters have their names listed at two different polling booths in the Ludhiana (South) constituency. If we look closer at voter lists of other polling stations the situation will be similar. We suspect there are hundreds of thousands of bogus voters in the state,” claimed SAD(D) state president Jaswinder Singh Baliewal.

He said the only way to prevent this would be to make identity cards of all voters. “Whenever elections to the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee are held voters carry their ID cards issued to them by the committee. This way even if the name of a voter is duplicated he wouldn’t be able to cast his vote. But here bureaucrats are backing the state government and whenever we complained regarding such lists they never listened to us,” Baliewal alleged.

There are reportedly similar instances in the voters list of the Pakhowal constituency with many, there are names figuring in the lists of two different polling booths. Manjit Singh Dhurkot, a Panthic Morcha candidate from Pakhowal, accused the Akali Dal candidate of “distributing money, liquor and drugs” to voters. Meanwhile, deputy commissioner Rahul Tewari, who is also the returning officer for the SGPC elections, stated all voter lists had been duly revised. “Even if any voter’s name figures in more than one list he will be allowed to cast his vote only at one polling booth,” he said.


Traders made to foot the bill
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 17
Preparations to woo the voters for tomorrow’s SGPC elections are almost complete. The candidates in fray have left no stone unturned to “lure” them, but in this entire exercise, the industrialists have been made scapegoats. The contestants, their well wishers and the subordinates of a few ruling party ministers, have been approaching local industrialists to put in their “contributions” and be a part of the “sewa” (noble cause).

A local businessman, who is also in the real estate business, said he was eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s SGPC elections to end. “I have contributed Rs 10,000 each to three different persons (candidates) for erecting their hoardings at different places in the city. Since they know me well, I could not refuse to help them. But spending money on unnecessary works is very pinching. If these politicians are too eager to fight the elections, they must arrange the funds on their own. More than candidates themselves, it is middlemen who are troubling us by demanding huge amounts. My name was not mentioned on all these hoardings,” said the businessman.

Another trader said he got a call from the “right hand” man of a local minister to arrange a small ‘get together” for voters last week. The businessman could not refuse, as one of the senior minister’s of the ruling party was involved. “I arranged everything at the last minute. The minister along with party MLAs came to the locality to address the gathering. I had to spend Rs 25,000 on the get together. But I am pretty sure; if I will approach them for getting some work done they will demand more money. In this system, the middlemen get the maximum benefits out of such situations,” the trader added.

Affluent people don’t mind spending to “please” those in power. “A trustworthy worker of a senior Akali leader asked me to accompany him to Chandigarh and contribute for the elections. I asked him how could I help him as his middleman had purchased a pair of shoes (Rs 12,000) and a Rado watch for himself and I was made to foot the entire bill,” another businessman said.



Buses ‘impounded’
Charanjit Singh Teja

Ludhiana, September 17
Hiring state transport by the district authorities for two days caused huge loss to the Punjab Roadways and PRTC, apart from causing inconvenience to commuters. The district authorities hired 50 buses of the Punjab Roadways Ludhiana Depot and 30 buses of PEPSU from district depot for election duty.

According to sources, state transport buses earn an average Rs 5,000 to Rs 6,000 a day, but the authorities are paying only Rs 3,750 per day for the election duty. In this way, the state transport is losing more than Rs 1,500 on every bus. Meanwhile, by hiring 50 buses, out of 150, the Punjab Roadways Ludhiana Depot had to cancel buses of all local routes.

No buses were available for Ahmandgarh, Mashiwara, Pakhowal and Malerkotla by the Punjab Roadways. PRTC has same story. Commuters faced inconvenience because of cancellation of buses of the local routes.

“The Punjab Roadways is already facing financial crisis. Nobody knows when the government will return expenses for the election duty to roadways. Fifty buses from every depot of Punjab made a big loss to the Punjab Roadways,” said a bus conductor requesting anonymity.

Zora Singh, general manager, PRTC, said, “We are following the government orders. It led to few loses but we will mange. We are running one bus instead of two, so the commuters may have to face inconvenience. But it’s only for two days.” Meanwhile, Navtej Batish, bus stand in charge, Punjab Roadways, said our buses were not earning too much, so there is no loss if the government pays Rs 3,750. A few routes were cancelled, but it does not matter.”

“The government hired private and roadways buses for the election duty. The government should provide some alternative if they hire public transport,” said Sukhpreet, a college student.

On the other hand, private bus operators also rued. Jaswinder Singh Grewal, president Mini Bus Association, said, “Electoral officer requisitioned private buses on fix wages. We were willing to provide our buses for the election duty. Then why does the government need to hire the state transport?”



sgpc polls
SAD, Panthic Morcha strike ‘secret deal’
Not to oppose voting by non-baptised Sikhs
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 17
The SAD, the Panthic Morcha and other parties seem to have entered into a “secret” deal when it comes to polling by non-baptised Sikhs during the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) elections. In some constituencies of the district, several candidates have already decided not to oppose each other’s supporters when they come to vote at the polling stations.

“Earlier, we had decided to oppose those voters who were either non-turbaned with trimmed hair and beards or non-baptised. But there are some voters who are supporting us and are non-baptised. So we have decided not to oppose voting by them. After all, a person born into a Sikh family is a Sikh,” said a candidate from the Panthic Morcha while requesting anonymity.

The candidate further said they entered into a secret tie-up last evening, when supporters of an SAD candidate contacted one of his supporters.

“They came to meet him (his supporter) and asked whether we will oppose those voters who are non-baptised and non-turbaned. He then spoke to me and we decided to enter into a pact, as opposing them will lead us nowhere and both of us will suffer on account of it,” said the candidate.

An Akali candidate from the same area of the district corroborated this and said the aim of the elections was to allow the Sikhs to vote best candidates to the SGPC.

“Though we cannot confirm it publically but yes, we have a tie-up,” claimed the Akali candidate.

‘Some of them supporting us’

We had earlier decided to oppose those voters who were either non-turbaned Sikhs with trimmed hair and beards or non-baptised individuals. But some voters supporting us are not baptised. So we have decided not to prevent them from voting in the election

— Panthic Morcha candidate



Poll duty sends women staff in a tizzy
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, September 17
Resentment was writ large on the faces of women employees of the education department after they were assigned stations today for the SGPC elections slated for tomorrow.

A number of women employees who had assembled at Dr Ishwar Singh Memorial Hall of Guru Nanak National College to enquire about their stations and listen to the instructions that followed were resentful of their duties owing to the bitter experience they’ve had in the previous elections.

While some managed to find a substitute, others who couldn’t were visibly upset. A group of teachers of Government Senior Secondary School, Doraha, alleged that three teachers of their school had taken exemption on health grounds even as they were attending the school.

“If we have been assigned duties, why should others who are as fit get exemption?” said a teacher.

“The summative examinations of my children are going on. The election duty will take a toll on their studies as they are bound to take it easy when I am away,” said a teacher whose station is a good two-hour run from her residence.

“I am staying at Doraha and my station is Ghawaddi. Also, my colleague stays at Begowal and she has been assigned duty at Gurm. To top it all, we have to reach our stations at 7 am. It will be an exercise not only for us but also for our husbands, who will have to drop us at a convenient place,” rued another.

“Our problem will not end after the polling gets over. It will not be before 8 pm, after we have deposited the polling material, that we can go back home,” complained a group of women employees.

“During the last elections, the women staff had to encounter a number of difficulties. Although arrangements for transportation had been made at some booths, it wasn’t the case at most others. Women staff had to board buses at night,” claimed an employee who had to go through the ordeal during the last elections.

“The election commission has been urged not to put women on election duties but to no avail. If they don’t have adequate male staff in the education department, staff from other departments can be engaged,” said another teacher.

“The ruling party has deployed a large number of women staff in elections apparently to have their way. But the government should not forget that the voters’ mind is already made up,” said Gurmail Singh Sangowal, a rebel candidate.

Harbir Singh, returning officer, Doraha, said only rarest of the rare cases had been allowed exemption from poll duty.



Liquor vends remain shut across city
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 17
In view of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) elections, scheduled for tomorrow, liquor vends in the district remained closed today. Liquor vends in Mansuran, Jodhan, Aasi, Narangwal, Kila Raipur, Dehlon, Ghawaddi, other villages, besides city areas, remained closed till this evening.

Though there were reports of some liquor vends in these areas covertly selling liquor, almost all vends were found locked from outside.

“People have been coming to buy liquor since afternoon, but we have clear orders from our vend owners that we have to keep our vends locked and not sell liquor to anyone,” said an employee of a liquor vend near Ghawaddi village.

Even the offer of some extra money for a liquor bottle couldn’t lure vendors into selling liquor as they claimed that they did not have the keys to the liquor vend.

“I don’t want to get arrested for a few extra bucks,” he said after being offered some extra money to sell a liquor bottle.

However, reports of a dhaba on the banks of the canal near Ghawaddi village, on the Dehlon-Sahnewal Road, selling liquor were received.

An employee of the dhaba said some liquor vends were selling liquor last night.

“All vends of the area are closed today as no one wants to sell liquor from their vends during the SGPC elections,” said the dhaba owner.

Two potential customers were seen hanging around another liquor vend located near Narangwal village. On being asked to purchase a bottle of liquor, they refused to do so.

Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tewari said all liquor vend owners had been asked to keep their vends closed till September 18 evening.

“If any of them is found violating the orders, action will be taken against them. If anyone has information about an open liquor vend, they can complain with the district administration officials,” he added.



Flag march by police
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 17
In view of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) election, scheduled for tomorrow, the police department carried out a flag march in different parts of the city today. The flag march was carried out in areas falling under police stations of division number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6, Daresi, Salem Tabri, besides other police stations.

The flag march was led by Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP), City I, Manjit Singh Dhesi, who was accompanied by division number 1 police station SHO Sub-Inspector Amandeep Singh Brar, division number 2 SHO Inspector Surinder Mohan, division number 3 SHO Sub-Inspector Rajesh Kumar, division number 4 SHO Sub-Inspector Brij Mohan, division number 6 SHO Inspector Mandeep Singh, Daresi SHO Inspector Satinderpal Singh and Salem Tabri SHO Inspector Davinder Kumar, besides hundreds of other police officials.

Dhesi informed that the flag march was carried out in view of the SGPC election and instilling a sense of security amongst city residents.

Meanwhile, two election observers have been appointed for Ludhiana, who would keep a close watch during the election. These observers are Phateh Singh Dagar, director-cum-special secretary, archeology and museums department, Haryana, and TK Sharma, Commissioner, division Gurgaon, Haryana.

DC Rahul Tewari informed that both election observers are stationed at the Circuit House. “Phateh Singh Dagar is stationed in room No. 1 and his phone numbers are 09464236044, 09781103349 and 01612888990, while TK Sharma is stationed in room No. 2 and his phone numbers are 09781170000 and 01612888989. Any complaint regarding the elections can be made through these observers.”



SHO defies senior, suspended
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 17
Getting into an argument with a senior proved costly to Division No. 7 Station House Officer (SHO), Harjinder Singh who was suspended for insubordination late last night. He had reportedly argued with Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Nilambari Jagdale, during a surprise check over the absence of constables in the area.

The incident took place at around 11pm last night when the ACP bumped into the police station and found it in haphazard condition.

She reportedly asked the SHO to explain as to why no constable was present in the area and the police station at night. Police sources said instead of giving any explanation, the SHO got into an argument with the ACP.

This miffed the officer, who reported the entire incident in the Daily Diary Report (DDR) and informed the Commissioner of Police.

The sources said different parts of the city were put on red alert and special checkpoints erected to hunt down miscreants. Commissioner of Police, Dr SS Chauhan, had ordered all senior officers to raid all such places where checkpoints were erected.

When the ACP visited the Division No 7 area, she was shocked find that no police checkpoint had been erected in the area.

She immediately reached the Division No 7 police station, summoned the SHO and enquired about the absence of cops from duty. The entire area was put on red alert due rise in theft and snatching incidents. A few unidentified thieves had fled with a bag containing Rs 9 lakh on Thursday night. The incident took place just a few meters from the police station.

Got brickbats instead

SHO Harjinder Singh and his team had nabbed two persons for peddling 90 boxes of illicit liquor from Chandigarh yesterday. He was expecting pat on the back from seniors, but received brickbats for entering into an argument with a senior.



VVIPs’ presence floors co-passengers
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 17
Many a passengers on board Shatabdi Express from New Delhi to Amritsar today morning were taken by a surprise when they came to know that they were travelling with Prime Minister’s wife and daughter.

Passengers disembarking from other compartments were surprised to see two ladies escorted by SPG commandoes at the railway station here this morning.

While for those travelling in the executive class of the Shatabdi, it turned out to be an unforgetable journey with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s wife.

Kamaljit Chahal, travelling along with his daughter from Delhi, said: “The family is known for their simplicity and humility. She along with her daughter was seated in the train accompanied by commandoes. Not for a moment did the two pose inconvenience to passengers travelling alongside them.”

PS Bhatia, another passenger was delighted when he came to know about the identity of the VVIP co-passengers.

“When I saw commandoes, I realised the women were VIPs. The passengers murmured that they were Gursharan Kaur and Upinder Singh, PM’s wife and daughter, respectively. However, I couldn’t believe they were travelling by train. The picture became clear when we reached the railway station and saw a heavy security to receive the two women,” said PS Bhatia.

Gaurav Gupta, a resident of Civil Lines, was all praise for the simplicity of the two and said while small-time politicians throw the rules to the wind, PM’s wife did not let her presence cause inconvenience to others.

“Pseudo-politicians and their relatives who hold the traffic to ransom and create ruckus at the railway station should learn a lesson from the PM’s wife,” said Gaurav.

The catering staff of the Shatabdi said the two took tea and bread slices for breakfast.

Rly station spruced up

The otherwise dingy railway station was given a fresh look ahead of the the VVIPs’ arrival. Sweepers were seen cleaning and washing the station hours before their arrival.



PM's wife visits ailing sister
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 17
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's wife, Gursharan Kaur, was in town on Saturday to visit her sister, Thananter Kaur, 84, who is suffering from hepatitis and is stated to be in a serious condition. Clad in a light green ‘salwar kameez’ , she was arrived at the train station at about 11:40 am, accompanied by her younger daughter, Upinder Singh, 50, a history professor at Delhi University.

SPG (Special Protection Group) commandos had cordoned off the railway platform well before the Shatabdi Express in which the two were traveling arrived at the station. Railway Protection Force and Government Railway Police personnel were also on their toes and cleared the entire platform before Gursharan’s arrival.

Special arrangements were made at the station and SPG and RPF officials took steps to ensure the visit did not pose any problems for other passengers. Surrounded by SPG commandoes, Gursharan and Upinder were taken from a small enclosure located near the newly constructed passenger restroom.

On her arrival she made it clear she would not interact with the media as she was on a private visit. A heavy police force was deployed on the route she took from the station. Traffic was not disrupted as the police had made prior arrangements to provide smooth passage for her vehicle and those of the security personnel accompanying her.

Gursharan straightaway headed for Thananter’s home in Sargodha Colony. Sources said after enquiring about her elder sister’s health she met other family members. Many relatives, including CK Singh, a professor at the city’s Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, and his wife visited the house and had lunch together.

After resting briefly she again joined her elder sister, leaving for Sahnewal airport along with Upinder at around 4:30 pm to return to New Delhi by a 5:30 pm flight.



2 inmates escape from juvenile home
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 17
Two inmates escaped from a juvenile home located in the Shimlapuri area here last night. The duo identified as Jatinder Kumar and Bishanjit, scaled the wall of the juvenile home and escaped.

The incident took place last night, when the duo climbed the building following a power cut and jumped into house adjacent to the juvenile home. The warden tried to chase them, but the duo managed to escape. They were sent to the juvenile home a few months ago in connection with a theft case. Both accused are 16- years- old.



Stray dogs maul, kill 85 Campbells
Charanjit Singh Teja

Ludhiana September 17
Stray dogs in Guru Angand Dev Veterinary and Sciences University (GADVASU) killed at least 85 Khaki Campbell ducks last night. The unfortunate incident took place at the duck house, constructed near the College of Fisheries at the integrated fish-cum-duck farming system ponds.

A few dogs attacked the duck house by making an “underground” tunnel. Another duck house was, however, safe as its floor was constructed on the bamboo logs. At least 95 ducks were kept in the duck house, which was attacked by stray dogs.

A caretaker disclosed that the stray dogs bit all ducks to death and wounded 10 others. Only eight ducks could survive the attack. Veterinary doctors treated the wounded ducks in morning.


It highlights negligence on the part of GADVASU authorities. As per the recommendations of the Central Poultry Development Organisation, the duck house should be rat proof. But even the caretakers failed to prevent the attack.

Why were ducks kept?

Ducks help to aerate pond water to provide oxygen to fishes. They keep the ponds clean as they feed on aquatic weeds, insects, worms and tadpoles. Duck droppings fertilise the pond and boost production of natural food, which save the cost of fish feed and fertilisers.



Take ‘Anna Hazare award’ from health staff: Clerical union
Honoured for unfolding scams in health dept; body alleges that criminal cases are pending against him
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 17
The Punjab Health Department Subordinate Offices Clerical Union has requested health and family welfare minister Satpal Gosain to take back “Anna Hazare award” from Sukhwinder Singh, senior assistant at the Pakhowal community health centre, as the union alleged that there are many criminal cases pending against him.

Addressing a press conference, union president Deepak Middha said, “Sukhwinder alleged that Satish Kumar Garg is involved in scams, which is baseless. Satish is a honourable member of the union and he never tempered with any record and his service record was always good.”

Middha further alleged, “Sukhwinder does not have good record and remained under suspicion.

Moreover, he is involved in about six criminal cases. So an employee with this reputation does not deserve to be awarded with Anna Hazare award.”

Sukhwinder was awarded this award by the health minister for unfolding scams in the health department. On September 7, Sukhwinder gave an ultimatum to Gosain to return the award in case the health minister and principal secretary, health, failed to take action against the accused of these scams. Among the accused, he also mentioned Satish Kumar Garg, who is presently serving at the Civil Surgeon office, Ludhiana.

Meanwhile, when contacted, Sukhwinder denied all allegations levelled against him. He said, “There is no criminal case pending against me. And my service record is also good. Satish has said all this to sabotage my decision for returning my award to the health minister.”

Sukhwinder further said, “I did not ask for any award, it was the health minister who gave me this award for unearthing three scams in the health department.”



It’s love for language
Minna Zutshi
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 17
She’s meticulous when it comes to words. And that’s the spillover effect of her profession. For Amardeep Lall, director of The Languages Council (TLC), words are, too, sacrosanct to be fiddled with.

It was love for languages that made Amardeep start the TLC venture in 2005. Initially, she had thought that she would include foreign languages like French, Italian and Spanish in the curriculum. But the idea was dropped when she found that the city did not have many good tutors, who could do justice to these languages. So, she restricted TLC to English.

“I didn’t want the ‘chalk and board’ method of teaching in my institute. The next question was: If not the conventional method, then what? I realised that multi-media use could work out well,” she says.

The institute has been a labour of love for her. Downloading pod casts and audio clips, developing content that’s educative as well as interesting - it took a good chunk of her time. Luckily, she had enough of it at her disposal.

She kept adding on to her skills. Some of the courses that, she says, helped her included “Train the Trainer” course from Edxcel (UK) and “Teaching Knowledge Test” from the University of Cambridge.

Incidentally, she has been, sometimes unwittingly, an agony aunt to many youngsters who come to her institute. “Girls with rosy dreams about finding an NRI groom come for IELTS coaching. Though it goes against my business interests, I often tell them to do a reality check. The NRI grooms are surely not passports to marital happiness.”

She feels that she has learnt many lessons from her work at TLC. “I now know that in any venture, the gestation period is hard. Moreover, not everything can be taken at its face value,” she says.

“My journey has not been a bed of roses. Being single has its challenges. But I’m happy to have my space. I can decide for myself and also own up the responsibility for my decisions,” she adds.



from Colleges
Industrial visit to milk plant

Ludhiana: Postgraduate department of commerce, Guru Nanak Khalsa for Women, Gujarkhan Campus, Model Town, organised an industrial visit to Verka Milk Plant, here on Saturday. The students interacted with workers of the plant and were briefed about the working and procedure of the plant. The students learned about the production, storage, pasteurisation and delivery procedures, etc. The students also saw the storage as well packaging units.

Lecture on nano-technology

An extension lecture on “Wonders of nano-technology” was organised by the department of physics, Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines, here on Saturday. Prof Keya Dharamvir from the department of physics, PU, was the resource person. The lecture touched upon nanoscale, nanoscale-based tools; properties of nano-materials and their future aspects. Physical, chemical and biological applications of nanomaterials were also discussed.

Placement programme

The training and placement cell of Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women, Gujarkhan Campus, Model Town, organised an induction-cum-placement programme with IBM-Global Processing Services. — TNS



Tension as restaurateur alleges assault
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 17
The Mall Road witnessed high drama yesterday after a restaurateur alleged that a bouncer, employed by a mall owner, had thrashed him. The incident led to tension in the area as both sides enjoyed political clout.

On the other hand, the mall owner said the restaurateur was levelling baseless allegations as the latter was neither paying rent nor vacating his premises.

The matter was later settled after the intervention of certain local politicians.



Worker falls to death
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 17
A 30-year-old worker was killed after he fell off an under constructed residential quarters for soldiers in Dugri, Phase-III, here today. The victim, Sajid, a native of Bihar, who was currently residing in the Punjabi Bagh area was cleaning the glass of windows on the third floor of the building when he lost the balance and fell to the ground.

According to investigating officer Jaswinder Singh, the worker was not using the safety belt.

The police has registered a case and started the investigation.



Five injured in pile-up
Jaswant Shetra

Mullanpur Dakha, September 17
Five persons were injured in a road accident involving three vehicles, including a Punjab Roadways bus and two Mahindra Jeeps, near the Mullanpur Dakha bus stand on the Ludhiana-Ferozepur road this evening.

Four of them received serious injuries, while the fifth escaped with minor injuries. Three of the injured have been identified as Kalu, Mandar, Jeeta Ram. While two were admitted to the DMCH, two others were admitted to the Civil Hospital, Ludhiana, from where they were referred to the CMCH.



Thieves strike at religious place, house
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, September 17
As the police remained busy preparing for the SGPC elections, thieves targeted two places, including a religious place, and decamped with thousands of rupees last night.

In the first incident, some miscreants broke open the donation box of Peer Baba Lappe Shah Dargah in the old city area and decamped with thousands of rupees in cash.

The incident came to light this morning when dargah manager Arun Bery came to the place of worship and found the lock of the donation box broken and the money stolen.

According to Bery, the donation box was opened once every month and on an average contained Rs 50,000 in offerings, which were deposited in the account of the dargah management.

As per an estimate, the donation box contained Rs 25,000 at the time of the theft.

The religious place is located just a few meters from the city police station.

In the second incident, burglars broke into a house in the Agwar Ladhai area and took away Rs 20,000 in cash.

According to house owner Daleep Singh, he had kept the money in a cupboard in one of the rooms. He came to know about the incident when he woke up this morning and found the lock of the cupboard broken and cash stolen.

City police station sub-inspector Hari Mittar said he had received information about theft at Peer Baba Lappe Shah Dargah. “But we are yet to receive a written complaint in this regard.”

“We are busy with the preparations for tomorrow’s SGPC elections and a case will be registered once the elections are over,” he added.



Land mafia kingpin held
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 17
The Model Town police yesterday arrested Maninderpal Singh Goni and claimed to have arrested the kingpin of the land grabbing mafia. He along with around 100 men had tried to grab Ludhiana Improvement Trust’s land worth Rs 200 crore.

The piece of land had been lying vacant near Fortune Classic Hotel five months ago. The police has also recovered a pistol from his possession.



Two get 2-yr term for manhandling cop
Our Legal Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 17
Judicial Magistrate Deepika convicted Major Singh of Dakha and Jagwinder Singh of Galouti village on the charges of forcibly entering the quarter of a cop and to tear his uniform. They were ordered to undergo a two-year imprisonment and also to pay a fine of Rs 1,000 each.

Assistant public prosecutor Monika Gupta apprised that a case under Sections 452, 353, 332, 323, 506, 148 and 149 of the IPC was registered at the Dakha police station on January 27, 2008, on the complaint of a constable, Chaman Lal.

The complainant had stated that he along with another police official had removed the unauthorised hoarding of a kabaddi tournament displayed near the Dakha police post. This irked the accused. In the night, the accused forcibly entered his quarter and torn his uniform. It was alleged that the accused also beat him up.

However, the accused pleaded false implication. They alleged that they were framed in this case due to political vendetta. But the court found them guilty.



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