ĎMausam is a classic love storyí

Says Sonam Kapoor about her latest film, in which she acts opposite Shahid Kapoor, in a chat with Surekha Kadapa-Bose 

Though she is still in her early twenties, she has already carved a niche for herself as a style diva. It was this label, which got her the most coveted brand ambassadorship of LíOreal. Coming from a film background, Sonam Kapoor, the eldest daughter of veteran actor Anil Kapoor and niece of Boney and Sunjay Kapoor, she is no novice to this industry. Her initial films ó Saawariya with Ranbir Kapoor and Delhi 6 with Abhishek Bachchan ó werenít commercial successes but she did get noticed. Her latest film Mausam, a directorial debut of senior actor Pankaj Kapoor, in which she is cast, along with Shahid Kapoor, is due for release soon. Excerpts:

Sonam and Shahid in a still from Pankaj Kapoorís directorial debut film Mausam
Sonam and Shahid in a still from Pankaj Kapoorís directorial debut film Mausam

After the bout of fainting and illness, are you feeling completely fit? Does the necessity to look beautiful 24x7 times take a heavy toll on young girls in the industry?

I am feeling much better, not completely fit though but much better than before. I enjoy fashion and love my work and when someone loves what they do, itís anything but stress.

Give us two reasons why you accepted Mausum other than knowing the father-son duo of Kapoors!`

I wanted to do a classic love story and thatís exactly what Mausam is. It is a beautiful story about an extraordinary love between two people.`A0Also Pankaj Kapoor is a fabulous actor, so I knew working with him would be a learning experience in itself. Of course, Shahid and I did not know each other that well before though we had met a couple of times. In Mausam, our first scene was a dance sequence and that helped build a rapport.

Sonam Kapoor, who is the brand ambassador for LíOreal, in an intense scene from the film
Sonam Kapoor, who is the brand ambassador for LíOreal, in an intense scene from the film

The industry being so small, you must know most of the old-time directors and actors. So how does it feel to perform under the directions of people in front of whom you have grown up?

Since I have known most of them for a long time, there is a level of comfort that I share with them. Itís more fun and relaxed. There is an untold understanding one shares. This makes working with them a breeze. Also I generally avoid interacting with co-stars.

Is it better to work with a complete stranger rather than with known people or vice-versa?

Both have their own pros and cons. While working with a known person, you share a different level of comfort. Itís more relaxed. While working with a stranger, you need to first establish that relationship, but then, you are getting to know one more new person, who thinks differently, has different ideas and thus brings a new approach and perspective to work.

When the first rumour about you hit the news, what was your reaction ó something like at last people are talking about me or upset? Coming from a film background, are you better prepared to handle any rumours? 

It doesnít make a difference to me, ícoz at the end of the day, my loved ones and I know what the truth is. People always need and want something to talk about. So sometimes itís me, sometimes itís someone else. Besides this, people really have short memory spans. One always laps onto the latest and hottest topic of discussion (she laughs).

You come across as a lonely girl, happy being with her sister, brother and family and not bothered about the world.`A0 Any comments?`

I am anything but lonely. However yes I love being with my family and siblings. Actually I am an extremely shy and reserved person. Before Mausam, I had heard that even Shahid is a shy person. But fortunately, it was he who started talking to me and broke the ice. And then, we became friends chatting away, fighting and talking.

After some years, would you take to directing or will you leave it to your sister? 

I want to act for the rest of my life. Though I love reading and writing, so may be somewhere down the line, I might just write a story and if need be direct it as well.