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‘City dweller needs at least Rs 100 a day to live’
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 22
“One doesn’t need only food for living - there are many other requirements for leading a good life. If we analyze the figures given by the Planning Commission it seems as if they are based on the food requirements of the residents of Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh.

But if we compare the food requirements of a Punjabi, then it they don’t match”, observed SS Johal, noted economist and former vice chairman of the Punjab State Planning Board while talking to The Tribune.

"If a family has five members it needs Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,000 every month only for food items. So how can we say a person living in a city needs only Rs 32 per day for meeting all his expenses?” he asked.

Johal further said: "There are many other daily requirements other than food. One needs to spend on medicines in case one gets sick, for education, rent and clothing besides other things. Assuming an income of Rs 32 per head in a city and Rs 26 per head in a village is sufficient appears to be a ridiculous notion, especially at a time when prices of essential commodities are soaring.”

When asked what would be the minimum income required for a person for living in a city, he replied: "It should be at least Rs 100 per person per day."


Portion of Pakhowal road caves in
Contractor of pvt firm was laying cables
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 22
A portion of the Pakhowal road near Feroze Gandhi Market caved in due to lying of cables by a contractor of a private company today morning. There was not much traffic on the road otherwise the extent of damage could have been more.

This time, the municipal corporation is in no mood to spare those responsible for this damage. It has decided to recover the dues spent on the repair work from the contractor deputed for laying the cables.

A portion of the Pakhowal Road near Vikas Nagar had caved in on September 19. In both cases, the roads caved in due to the seepage. But, this time, human error led to the problem.

The municipal officials said employees of the contractor had used a machine for digging up a portion of the road. “They failed to carry out the work properly and damaged the sewerage line passing nearby in the process. Water started seeping from the area and this resulted in caving in of the portion of the road. I have asked an executive engineer to access the loss so as to recover the damages from the contractor,” said
Manjit Singh, superintending engineer, operations and maintenance cell, Municipal Corporation.

Senior MC officials have also asked the bridges and roads wing of the corporation to access the loss so that the amount could be recovered from the contractor.

Officiating Municipal Commissioner Malwinder Singh Jaggi said: “We have suffered huge loss. I have asked the officials to assess the loss and recover the dues from the contractor.”



Income Tax Surveys
Two steel mills’ groups surrender Rs 7 crore
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, September 22
In the course of income tax survey on two groups of steel manufacturers here, which continued till late last evening, Rs 7 crore worth of concealed income was surrendered.

The income tax sleuths under the overall supervision of Income Tax Commissioner, Ludhiana II, Kuldip Singh conducted the day-long survey at the premises of Garg Furnace at Kanganwal and Allied group of companies - Allied Recycling, Allied Multi-Metal and Krishan Multi-Metal on the Overlock Road and Budhewal.

Books of records, computer data, stock inventory and sale-purchase record of the firms were inspected and several incriminating documents were seized from their office premises.

According to department officials, Garg Furnace had surrendered Rs 2.5 crore while the Allied group had declared Rs 4.5 crore worth of concealed income, which would be added to their declared income at the end of this financial year.



Estimates grossly unrealistic
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 22
Although the Planning Commission has set Rs 10-12 as the minimum daily per capita income, this figure is far removed from ground reality. According to the panel one needs only Rs 61.30 for clothing, 99 paise for education, Rs 9.60 for shoes and slippers and Rs 28. 80 for makeup.

However, these figures may have been valid in the good old days when milk was Rs 5 a litre, wheat flour Rs 50 per 10 kg and most vegetables cost less than Rs 5 per kg. Nowadays even to buy a pencil one needs Rs 2 and other stationery items cost much more. So how can a person think of spending only 90 paise on education?

A reality check found a person needs almost five to six times more money for three meals a day than the amount suggested by the panel. For a nutritious diet one needs about Rs 100, while the panel says Rs 14-15 is enough for three meals a day.



Kisan mela: Farmers’ rush causes gridlock
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Huge rush was witnessed on the first day of the Kisan Mela at the PAU on Thursday
Huge rush was witnessed on the first day of the Kisan Mela at the PAU on Thursday. Photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Ludhiana, September 22
City residents suffered a harrowing time on Thursday with the traffic on the entire stretch of the arterial Ferozepur Road, starting from the Nanaksar gurdwara to the Maharaja Regency Hotel, jammed for three hours due to the ‘Kisan Mela’ (farmers fair) held on the Punjab Agricultural University campus grounds.

Thousands of farmers from all over Punjab as well as the neighbouring states of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh turned up to get the latest updates on agriculture and livestock, and most of them parked their vehicles on Ferozepur Road.

The worst affected were schoolchildren who got stuck in the massive snarlup and reached home late by more than an hour and a half. Besides, commuters coming from the Jagraon and Mullanpur areas were diverted to other routes to get to their destinations. The traffic cops deployed found it too difficult to regulate the vehicular flow as hundreds of cars were parked on the road. Even after the worst was over traffic moved at a snail's pace, giving a tough time to the residents.

Almost the entire 3 kilometre stretch of the road was jampacked with cars, trolleys, jeeps and buses in which farmers had come to attend the fair. The situation turned worse when PAU officials did not allow gate number 1 of the campus to be opened to let the farmers in. It was only after traffic cops intervened that the gate was opened to the public and the traffic situation eased.

Simmi, driver of a van ferrying students of the Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, Sarabha Nagar, said the schoolchildren had to bear the hot and humid weather for about an hour and a half in the chaotic traffic jam. "The school got over at 12:30 pm but I was able to drop the kids only at around 2 pm. The students got fed up due to traffic jam. It was such an inconvenience", he added.

Commuters coming from the direction of Jagraon and Mullanpur had to go through a gruelling ordeal for over two hours. Said Bitesh Maini, a businessman from Jagraon: “I had an appointment with some one who had come to in Ludhiana from Chandigarh, but due to the chaotic traffic I couldn’t reach on time and he left. It’s so disgusting - why should the public be unnecessarily harassed?"

50 traffic cops deployed

A large number of vehicles parked outside the PAU campus and on Ferozepur Road led to a traffic nightmare. The situation worsened after the pau officials closed gate No. 1 of the campus. Though we had to deploy 40 policeme, it became difficult for them to regulate traffic. Farmers had parked their vehicles in a haphazard manner on Ferozepur Road and it took more than an hour -and-a-half to clear the traffic. We might face a similar situation on Friday as well.

— Sajjan Singh Cheema, ADCP (Traffic)



Police fails to pin offenders
Jaswant Shetra

Ludhiana, September 22
Though the administration had made elaborate security arrangements and the police was keeping a vigil on the Punjab Agricultural University campus, massive traffic violation was witnessed on the campus on the first day of the Kisan Mela 2011.

Authorities had through notices pasted in various corners of the university strictly banned the entry of the vehicles with tainted glasses. Yet a large number of such vehicles were seen moving freely in the campus.

All this happened despite the fact a large number of policemen were deployed in every nook and cranny of the campus, including various entry points. Owners of such vehicles were seen arguing with the police officials when they tried to stop them from entering the campus.

Such reckless attitude on part of some of the visitors even irked the cops who in turn exorcise their wrath over the genuine visitors. “The people take no time to criticize police. They never understand that the police too have its compulsions. If we do our duty as per the law, we are forced to face the wrath of influential people and if we ignore our duty, the people and media criticize us. It is the police which is always on the receiving end”, lamented an irritated cop deployed near Gate Number 1 after being reprimanded by an owner of a SUV whom he stopped due to tainted glasses of his SUV.

Apart from this many ‘VIPs’ with bacons on the top of their vehicles were also witnessed driving vehicles on much more higher speed as allowed by the university authorities to drive vehicles in the campus.

Besides, some of the vehicles were also seen parked on roadsides in the university campus despite appropriate parking arrangements made by the university authorities at different places. The vehicles parked on roadsides in the university campus also lead to traffic jams thus causing huge inconvenience to the visitors.



Pashu Palan Mela draws hordes of farmers
Get first-hand knowledge of new technologies in livestock farming
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 22
Hi-tech melas are a source of knowledge for farmers with the advent of various technologies and their ostentations. Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) inaugurated its 11th Pashu Palan Mela with the theme “Utpadan di gunvatta vadhao, Pashu palan ton vadh labh pao” (earn more profit in livestock farming by adopting value addition practices).

Punjab Agriculture Minister Sucha Singh Langah whoinaugurated the mela said livestock was emerging as a primary profession. A number of farmers are diverting towards dairy, poultry and fisheries as full-fledge professions. These professions are better and right option at the time of stagnation in traditional agriculture. It also offloads the burden off agriculture. The vet varsity is doing well in the field of animal and livestock care, he added.

GADVASU Vice Chancellor Dr VK Taneja said: “We can develop a number of value added products from a single raw product. It increases demand and scope of marketing. The vet varsity is capable to train farmers in production and preservation of value added products.”

At the mela, GADVASU showcased all its research, education and extension programmes for the benefit of livestock farmers. A bi-annual affair (March and September), it brings with it zest and excitement.

The two-day event at the mela ground of GADVASU provided a platform for farmers, scientists, extension workers, dairy officials, fodder and fisheries officials, various veterinary pharmaceuticals and agribusiness firms and banking sectors for showing their experience and information about the latest knowledge, technologies and schemes which has come up in the livestock sector.

Dr KS Sandhu, director of extension education, said a large number of people showed interest in taking up goat, pig and fishery farming and especially enquired about their training programmes. University publications on different subjects of livestock farming were also available.

Various departments of College of Vet Science put up their stall during the mela and strived their best to transfer their valuable inputs and recommendations to the farmers. A question answer session was held for the livestock farmers. Experts delivered talks on the various aspects of livestock, poultry and fish farming and the mechanism and procedures to overcome the common problems faced by them. Live demonstrations on the various aspects along with Mastitis Diagnosing kit, teat dip practice and acaricide drug application were also demonstrated to the farmers.

An earnest endeavour by the College of Fisheries Science was the stall having various carp fishes, ornamental fish, azolla, duckweed cultivation and duck farming with integration of fish farming.. People inquired about Fisheries profession, ornamental fish and saline water fisheries.

College of Dairy Science and Technology introduced sweetened dahi in the name of ‘Mitha Dahi’. Likewise, value added products of meat and milk like flavoured milk, lassi, ice-cream, dhodha sweet, nuggets, egg pickles. Meat pickles and patties are also displayed by the College of Dairy Science and Technology and Department of Livestock Product Technology.

A large number of farmers visited the stall put up by the animal nutrition department to purchase the mineral mixture and uromin lick prepared by the university.

All the leading veterinary pharmaceuticals put up their stalls in exhibition.



Shows interest in cattle than equipment
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 22
Farmers were amazed by the healthy cattle brought at the Pashu Palan Mela on the GADVSU campus here today. However, they asserted that they could not afford such cattle. “The university receives government aid and they employ two to three persons to take care of every cattle. We have to take care of 10 cattle with limited financial assets,” said a farmer.

Jaswinder Singh, a resident of Pandoori village, another farmer at the Pashu Palan Mela, said information provided by the university was very helpful. “But farmers are interested in discounted agriculture items,” he added.

Hardev Singh from Kangniwal village, Jalandhar district, who participated in discussion on GADVSU campus, said: “I have a number of queries about livestock. I am facing problem in re-production of my cattle. Doctors and other researchers gave instructions, which are very useful for me.”



Domestic ‘bater’ not readily available
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 22
Even as the domestic bater (Punjab white quil) attracts non-vegetarians at the Pashu Palan Mela of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU), they fail to purchase the same as it is not readily available for purchase.

Farmers seeing the bater at the fair find it attractive and get their names registered for purchasing them in good quantity, but when they reach back, the enthusiasm for buying mellows down by the time they get the sales call from the university authorities.

Bater meat is rated as culinary delicacy. People from rural Punjab used to hunt bater from the fields and served to special guests. That is why local specie of bater is now near extinction in Punjab. Quail meat and eggs are specifically suited as therapeutics for anaemia, diabetes, asthma, tuberculosis and, sexual and nervous disorders.

Animal breading head of department Moti Lal Chaudri said: "Punjab white quil was developed by the university in 2007. But coloured Japanese quails are a protected species under the Wildlife Act and farmers and breeders needed licence for their rearing. Therefore, work on the development of a white plumage stock of quail was initiated in 2007.



3 bogies derail near Dhandari rly station
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, September 22
Three bogies of a goods train were derailed near the Dhandari railway station on the Ludhiana-Delhi route while the train was on its way to Dhuri at around 1 pm today. The train was loaded with containers carrying goods for export. The rail traffic, however, remained unaffected both on up and down lines.

Railway officials said the train had just left the Dhandari station when three bogies went off the track and blocked a part of the down line. The driver applied emergency brakes to halt the train.

Divisional traffic manager (DTM) Parminder Singh said a recovery team was rushed to the spot and officials of traffic, engineering and operation wing also arrived. Even as the removal of the bogies was on with the help of cranes and giant hydraulic jacks, the traffic on the section was restored with the use of an alternative track.

“The rail traffic on the Ludhiana-Delhi and Ludhiana-Dhuri sections is unaffected and trains are running as per schedule,” they said.

It could not be established yet if the bogies had derailed due to a fault in the tracks or the wagons.



ANMs clash with police outside Gosain’s house
Accuse police of highhandedness, burn Health Minister’s effigy
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 22
The situation became tense outside the house of Health Minister Satpal Gosain this afternoon after about 170 auxiliary nursing midwives (ANMs) clashed with the police while protesting against the state government's “callous” attitude in implementing their pending demands. The ANMs raised slogans and burnt an effigy of the Health Minister.

The ANMs started their protest at around 3 pm and when they reached near the residence of the Health Minister, the police stopped them. They raised slogans against the minister and state government and burnt the former’s effigy. They also blocked the traffic.

One of the health workers, Sonia, said that ANMs were on hunger strike for the past more than 20 days and the Health Minister had given an assurance that their demands would be met soon. The minister had also promised the health workers that he himself would come and end their fast. "The workers waited for the minister till 3 pm, but he never came. They decided to move to his residence and protest, where they were manhandled and even lathicharged by the police,” alleged Sonia.

ACP (Central) Naginder Rana said the police tried to stop them, but the protesters refused to listen. "Instead they indulged in a scuffle with women constables who were just 10 in number. The health workers overpowered our women force and one of the woman constables got seriously injured, while a thumb of another constable was broken. We have recorded the entire incident in the camera,” said Rana.

9 protesters arrested

ACP Rana said that police had arrested nine leaders and case would be registered against all of them (about 170 in number). On asking which sections will be imposed, Rana said since they had attacked the police and tore clothes of women constables, charges would be framed accordingly.

Police condemned

The National Rural Health Mission Union has supported the cause of the health workers and condemned the “lathi charge” on protesting workers. Condemning the police action, district president Dinesh Gulati, "They have been lathi charged and some of them have fractured their legs and arms,” he claimed. He added said that the injured workers were reluctant to go to the hospital for treatment till their president was released.

They deserved it: Gosain

Health Minister Satpal Gosain said he was not going to ask the police to spare the protesters since they had called for it. "Since I was not at home, I don't know what exactly happened. As far as the protesting health workers are concerned, I think I pampered them too much and the result is in front of me,” he added.



People don’t feel safe in city: DCC
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 22
The District Congress Committee (DCC), Ludhiana (Urban) has expressed concern over the deteriorating law and order situation in the state, particularly in this district. The DCC criticised the civic administration for its “failure” to provide basic amenities like the clean drinking water, drainage and roads to the people.

Addressing a party workers meeting at Dholewal under Ward No. 69 as part of the mass contact programme, DCC president Pawan Dewan said the crime had touched an all-time high. He said nobody was feeling safe as the criminals were having a free run. “The way the vehicles like cars and motorcycles are snatched at gunpoint reflected poorly on the law enforcement machinery and the state government. The city roads have become unsafe for the women also as chain and purse snatchings has become order of the day.”

Dewan alleged that the government had also failed to provide civic amenities to the people. He said the recent rains had exposed the claims of the civic body as the entire city was flooded in the rainwater. He demanded adequate compensation to the people affected by floods.

Prominent among those present on the occasion included DCC block president Rakesh Sharma, Vinod Bathla, Jarnail Singh Shimlapuri, Sudhir Sayal, Pritpal Singh Ubhi and Gurbachan Singh Ubhi.



Liquor, non-veg sale fall
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 22
The sale of liquor and non-vegetarian food has dipped in the city due to shraadh. People ritualistically pay obeisance and remember their ancestors during this 15-day ritual. They abstain from shopping, drinking and living for themselves. No marriages are solemnised and people avoid doing auspicious things, including giving matrimonial advertisements during these days.

Parvinder Singh, manager, Chawla’s restaurant, said, “The sale of non-vegetarian has dipped by 50 per cent, while that of vegetarian food is down by 10 per cent.”

Ravinder Singh, salesman at a liquor vend near the local railway station, said, “We generally sale liquor worth Rs 50,000 on daily basis, but it has dipped by Rs 10,000 during this period.”

“I feel a sense of guilt, if I live for myself. I just pray for the peace and emancipation of my father who died a few years ago,” says Sahil Malhotra, a resident of Rishi Nagar.

“We are waiting for the shradh to get over as our food business really takes a hit during these days. Our profit generally depend on non-vegetarian food and alcoholic beverages,” said a restaurant owner on the Pakhowal Road.


We pay respect to our ancestors during these days. According to ancient Indian texts, soul has to wander in cosmos after death due to past karmas. We alleviate the sufferings of our ancestors by giving alms and offerings at religious places so that they rest in peace.



My mother wrote for Tribune: Kabir Bedi
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 22
Actor Kabir Bedi’s mother was a regular contributor to The Tribune during the 1930s and the 1940s. Bedi said this while talking to the media here today. He said his mother was an active member of Mahatma Gandhi’s Satyagraha Movement. Bedi, along with actor-singer Harbhajan Mann, was in the city for the promotion of Punjabi film “Yaara O Dildaara”. The film marks Bedi’s debut in Punjabi films.

Bedi and Mann voiced their concern on the issue of piracy. They said the state government must provide support to the Punjabi film industry.

Mann said the audience appreciated the films that dealt with social issues. “Any film that promotes family values is usually well received. Unfortunately, we have a misconception that youngsters like watching violent films,” he said.

As part of their promotional tour, Bedi and Mann performed at the GGNIMT, where the alumni association had organised a welcome programme for them.



copying menace
CCTV cameras installed in border area schools
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune news service

ludhiana, September 22
In order to prevent copying in board examinations, Punjab School Education Board has installed CCTV cameras in the schools near the border areas. “It is the first time that CCTV cameras have been installed in border area schools near Amritsar to prevent copying,” said Suresh Tondon, vice-chairman, PSEB, who was in Ludhiana to attend Teachers' Day function organised by the Alumni Association of Gujranwala Guru Nanak Institute of Management and Technology (GGNIMT) at the institute here on Thursday.

Copying is particularly rampant in the border areas due to political interference, local mafia and difficulty in access to the area, he said.

"It is difficult to control the menace of copying unless people feel the responsibility and students realise that it is not good for them in the long run. With control measures, we can only minimise it, but like corruption, it is difficult to completely erase it if people don't take responsibility,” he said.

He added that this time, Examination Control Room has been set up and the students can call on the following phone numbers for any problem related to examinations: 0172- 3047260, 0172-3047261, 0172-3047263, and 0172-3047264.

“Although copying cases have reduced because of the semester system, grading system and children not being declared failed, but it is still existing. Border areas of Patti, Gurdaspur and Bhindi are still affected. There were times, when students studying in Malwa region would especially choose examination centres made in these areas as it was easier to copy,” said Sandeep Singh, teaching in a government school at Khalra near district Amritsar.



Youth fest: Students strike musical notes
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 22
On the second day of the Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival at Government College for Women here today, the students participated in various competitions. In the creative writing section, students explored their creative potential in story, poetry and essay writing. Chief Parliamentary Secretary, Technical Education, Punjab, Bikramjeet Singh Khalsa was the chief guest.

The results of the competitions in the first, second and third positions, respectively.

Group Shabad/Bhajan, Governemnt College for Women, Khalsa College for Women, Ramgarhia Girls College and also Guru Nanak Girls College.

Individual prizes for group shabad; Amarpreet Kaur: Khalsa College for Women, Karuna Sharma: Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women, Amanpreet Kaur: Master Tara Singh Memorial College for Women and also Anureet Kaur: Government College for Women.

Classical vocal: Shweta: Ramgarhia Girls College, Jagjit Kaur: SDP College for Women, Isha Pawar: Government College for Women and also Ravneet Kaur: Master Tara Singh Memorial College for Women.

Geet/ Gazal: Anureet Kaur: Government College for Women, Jagjit Kaur: S.DP. College for Women, Priya Sidhu: Master Tara Singh Memorial College for Women and also Vidisha: Guru Nanak Girls College.

Folk Song: Bhawna Handa: Government College for Women, Amrit Kaur: Ramgarhia Girls College, Amarpreet Kaur: Khalsa College for Women and also Amandeep Kaur: Master Tara Singh Memorial College for Women.

Group Song: Government College for Women, Master Tara Singh Memorial College and also Ramgarhia Girls College, Guru Nanak Girls College.

Individual prizes for group song: Baljeet Kaur: Ramgarhia Girls College, Amandeep Kaur: Master Tara Singh Memorial College, Amarpreet Kaur: Khalsa College for Women.



Talent hunt week at Doraha college
Our Correspondent

Doraha, September 22
A Talent Hunt week was organised in Doraha College of Education from September 17 to September 22. Students showcased their talent in different items like fine arts, creative writing, literary items, musical, dance and theatre. Students showed enthusiasm by participating in various items.

In the group shabad, Diptti Sharma, Simaranjeet Kaur and Jaspreet Kaur bagged the first prize.

In folk song, Simranjeet Kaur got the first prize. In ladies traditional songs, Prabhdeep Kaur, Gurpreet Kaur, Maninder Kaur and Karamjeeet Kaur won first prize.



Faculty development programme at RIMT
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, September 22
A four-day faculty development programme (FDP) organised by Panjab Technical University (PTU) concluded here today at RIMT IET Campus, Mandi Gobindgarh. More than 60 faculty members from nearby colleges participated in the programme.

Professionals from IT industry and PTU, shared their knowledge on software, by which e-mails can be exchanged within an organisation. Both theoretical and practical aspects were discussed in the programme.



ludhiana scan

Power employees protest today

Ludhiana: The Punjab Raj Bijli Board Karamcharai Dal, Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL), has decided to stage a state level protest in Patiala on September 23 for unwarranted deduction in their salary for September. Addressing a meeting of the body here on Thursday, state general secretary of joint forum, Parkash Singh Mann, said instead of accepting the justified pending demands of the employees, the management was out to harass the employees by ridiculous and provocative actions. Mann added that if the pending demands were not accepted, the employees would stage black flag demonstration against the PSPCL officials from September 24 to October 3, which will be followed by a complete strike on October 4.

Sohi is director, investigation wing

Harjit Singh Sohi assumed the office as the director, investigation wing of income tax department for Punjab and Jammu-Kashmir circles. An IRS officer of 1982 batch, Sohi served as a Commissioner, income tax, at Amritsar prior to his new posting. He has served in Mumbai, Chennai and Jalandhar besides serving as the Additional Commissioner of the department at Ludhiana from 1998 to 2002.

Neelam Choudhry takes over as DETC

Neelam Choudhry, deputy excise and taxation commissioner (DETC), posted at Jalandhar has been given additional charge of Ludhiana after the previous incumbent Parampal Singh attained the age of superannuating. Neelam joined the department as an excise and taxation officer in 1981. She was promoted as an assistant excise and taxation commissioner in 1999, and then to the rank of the DETC in 2006.

SBoP holds farmers’ meet

The Raikot branch of the State Bank of Patiala (SBoP) organised a farmers’ meet on its branch premises, which was attended by a large number of farmers and others carrying out allied professions. The deputy branch manager Pradeep K Arora explained various schemes formulated by the bank for the benefit of farmers. — TNS



Ludhiana shuttlers corner glory
Anil Datt
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, September 22
Shuttlers from Ludhiana district gave a stupendous performance to mark their presence in the Punjab State Senior Badminton Championship held recently. Upcoming, Steffi Kala along with Anand Tiwari and Raj Kumar swept four titles. Steffi, who is still a junior, excelled to bag two titles.

Pairing with Damanpreet Kaur, Steffi defeated Amritsar pair of Sania and Sehar Chaddha to lift the trophy in the doubles category.

Later, Steffi defeated her team mate, Damanpreet Kaur, in straight sets 21-12 and 21-8 to add another medal in her kitty.

Similarly, in the men’s singles final, Anand Tiwari of Ludhiana quelled a strong challenge from his companion, Raj Kumar, before wrapping up the title.

Anand lost the first set 14-21, but came back in the match with a vengeance, winning it 21-12. He survived a scare in the third set before clinching the cliffhanger 25-23 which also fetched him the title.

However, in the men’s doubles, Raj Kumar paired with Harwinder Pal Singh of Patiala to beat Anand Tiwari and Abhinav of Jalandhar.

On the basis of their performance in this championship, these three players have been picked up to represent the state in the North Zone Badminton Tournament to be held next month.



Gurdaspur eves emerge champs
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, September 22
Gurdaspur toiled hard to outperform hosts Ludhiana 7-5 in the girl’s final of the 16th Junior Punjab State Softball Championship being held at Ramgarhia Educational Complex, Miller Ganj, here today.

Hosts Ludhiana gave many anxious moments before going down against the visitors, who dominated the proceedings and came out triumphant. Earlier, in the semi-finals, Ludhiana outplayed Moga 6-4 while Gurdaspur eves overpowered Jalandhar 2-0. In the match to decide the third position, Jalandhar faced a stiff resistance from Moga before romping home victorious with a narrow margin (4-3).



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