Karuna Goswamy


1. The young one of an animal like a tiger or bear

3. In an ashram this is where rishis live

6. Network known to all computer users (inits.)

7. Water saturated with salt

8. Worthless horse

9. Form of Buddhism popular in Japan

12. Persons excessively proper in speech, dress etc.

14. ‘Catch a nigger’ by this, the song goes

15. The coalition in power in India (inits.)

16. A communist is also known as this


1. Still; free of excitement

2. Karnataka capital’s new name

3. A wheel’s central part

4. Term or period of three months

5. Sharp; intense

10. The very top; summit

11. Nourish; supply for maintenance

13. __ Bhatt, celebrated Gujarati social activist