Rhyme time

Bullied boy

Once a fat boy

Became the victim of school bullying

They called him fat egg

And laughed at the tears his eyes were shedding

His parents told him to avoid them

And let them go to hell

His answer was always a yes

But his sad heart still cried bitterly in his chest

He wanted to try everything with his full might

But embarrassment and bullying were his fright

In every race, he came last

Everyone bullied him

And none patted his back for taking part

He starts a day afresh

But ends in routine in embarrassment

Tired of it he said one day, "I donít want you to pity me

Just stop your bullying how similar to you I must be."

Watandeep Singh Sidhu, VII-E, 
Sacred Heart Convent Sen. Sec. School,

Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana