Sunday, October 9, 2011, Chandigarh, India

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Grooms Wanted

Suitable Match for Hindu Khatri/Arora Slim, Beautiful B.A., L.L.B girl 1982, 5-3. Father running Petrol Pump, Punjab. Contact: 99151-32376. Box 4025F Tribune, Chandigarh.

High status Business Industrialist professional boy for slim, beautiful, December 1980 born, 5-2 girl, B.Com., PGDCA, doing MBA. Belongs to Chandigarh/Delhi based Industrialist family. 09810703182, 098141-21119.  C1-78072

MBBS, doing MS Gynae, (1st year) August 85 born, 5-6 convent educated, slim, fair, very beautiful family oriented, daughter of a high status, very affluent down to earth Chandigarh based Sikh Arora/Khatri well established business family.  98883-96349 C1-78691

Looking suitable match for British Citizen professional Verma girl, 27/5'-2". Doing Ph.D. Contact:  C1-73214

Suitable match for Arora/Khatri girl Jalandhar 30.11.1984, (7:25 am), 5'-3" smart, well educated, MA (Eng) B.Ed. MBA, working with SBI as Assistant. Contact only after matching Kundli Govt employee preferred. Box 4020F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match below 40 for beautiful, infertile Hindu Arora girl 5'-1"/01.12.75, 7.13 am, Jalandhar, B.A., B.Ed., Govt. employed. Email:  C1-77462

Professionally qualified match for (Manglik) 5'- 1"/M.A. ,Eco./15.4.1986/18000/-, Central Government Permanent Employee at Chandigarh. Correspond with photo at  C1-77486

Suitable match for smart Arora working girl, B.Com., MBE, 06.05.85, 2:45 a.m. Chandigarh, 5'-1". Preferred Delhi/Chandigarh. E-Mail Id:  94172- 51446. C1-78444

Match for beautiful Jat Sikh girl, UK born, 36, 5'-5", US Citizen living in CA. Edu: MBA. Please send biota with photo to C1-68825

PQM for slim, fair, Ramdasia Sikh Weaver 29/5'-5", PCSM-I Medical officer, working near Chandigarh. Caste no bar. Box 4003F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for unmarried, beautiful Sikh Kamboj girl 33 (looks younger) 5'-7", MBA, BE, working SDO at Chandigarh, 51000/-. Upper caste no bar. Contact only Bachelor.  C1-76248

Match for Ramdasia Sikh girl M.Com., B.Ed., M.Ed., 5'- 4", 37 years, fair, issueless divorcee. No bars. Mob. 98789-87840. Box 4041F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for highly qualified, Sikh, Sahni, good looking, wheatish, 5'-4", December 1973 born girl, Teaching in Public School at Patiala. Father retired Govt Class I Officer. Simple marriage. Contact 096464- 09224, Email :  C1-77968

Match for Sikh Brhamin beautiful fair girl 5'-6", 24 years, BDS working. Turbaned Sikh, Doctor preferred. Father mother in Govt. service, settled in Panchkula.  99889-98986. NA1-55434

Good Jat Sikh match for 82 born, 5'-5", good looking, slim, smart, convent educated, Web Developer girl. Family well settled in Ludhiana & USA. Email:  Contact: 98762-29304. A1-74353-OL

USA based Jat Sikh parents seeks suitable match Doctor, Engineer/MBA well settled in USA only, (others please excuse) for their doctor daughter 31/5'-4", beautiful, slim, smart, caring, sincere having charming personality. She is in final year of residency, having many job offer. Open to relocate after marriage. She is permanent resident of USA. She did her MBBS from top Med-School of India and is Gold Medalist. Father retired as Chief Engineer. Mother B.A., B.Ed., brother Sr. Software Engineer in USA. Early marriage. Parents visiting India. Contact email:  Call Phone: 011918054176149. A1-74510-OL

Wanted well-placed, tall, handsome, brilliant Medico, Civil Services, Professional match preferably settled in India for extremely beautiful, slim, very fair, 5'- 9", 29 yrs., brilliant Jat Sikh American Board Certified Postgraduate Doctor girl, well groomed with rich blend of modern and traditional family values. Prestigious public school educated, MBBS from premier Medical Institute of India, presently working in leading hospital of Chandigarh. Belongs to high status, well connected dignified family of professionals. E- mail:  A1-74733

Canadian Jat Sikh family former Executive Officials Punjab, well connected and established in Punjab, Canada, seeks Doctor MD match for their extremely intelligent, beautiful, slim 31/5'-5" Doctor MD Haematologist daughter, born in Canada, raised both in Canada and India well-versed in both cultures, she has been honour student all throughout her education years. Family integrity and compassionate boy are the main considerations. Our preference will be boys already settled or willing to settle in Vancouver. In your communication please do tell us city you are from and your future plans. Contact with Tel., Email:  C1-37978

Professionally qualified match for beautiful slim fair Jat Sikh girl, MBA from US, currently in USA, 1977 born/ 5'-6".  C1-62209

US based Jat Sikh parents seeks Medico match for their MD daughter 28-5'-4" born and raised in USA East West blend boy should be MBBS MD only. Preferred in USA please respond with details and recent photos by e-mail  C1-66346

Jat Sikh parents seeking suitable match for their exceptionally beautiful daughter, Canadian Citizen, 1982 born, 5'-6", with Canadian University Degree & professionally employed. The boy should be clean shaven, well educated, professionally employed (preferably Vancouver area) & Canadian Citizen preferred. E-mail bio data and recent photo to  C1-68819

Alliance invited for California Jat Sikh girl, beautiful, 5'-5", 33 yrs old, Post Graduate, professionally employed. Early marriage, boy should be tall, handsome, Engineer/Doctor, up to 35 yrs age, with decent family biodata, early marriage. Please email bio data at  with recent photographs. C1-69256

Status Jat Sikh Defence Officers family, seeks professionally qualified match, MBA/Engr.,/Defence Officer. Preferably Defence background for their smart, beautiful, cultured girl. Born March 82/5'-5". Dr. Physiotherapist working in Pune. Email: . Contact 098812-09488. C1-72007

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh girl, MCA, 1982/5'-5", working in MNC at Bangalore. Defence background. Preferred working match at Bangalore. E- mail:  98782-63549. C1-74760

U.S. citizen Jat Sikh family seeks professionally qualified match for their daughter 5'-3"/80 born, M.Sc. Permanently settled in USA since 2007. Please send complete, biodata with recent photos. Contact: 99888- 01029, 0015109647210. E-mail:  C1-76500

PQM for Beautiful Jat Sikh girl , Oct 81, 5'-4" Manager in top MNC bank, MBA & professional certifications, Delhi based Randhawa family. Call 880240315. Mail  C1-76596

A well settled city based or NRI handsome Jat Sikh boy 31-35 for a 29, 5'-7" fair beautiful girl Masters from UK with UK work visa, living in Mumbai. Email details with photos to . C1-76862

Jat Sikh parents from educated, respectable family seeks professionaly qualified/ NRI/ Civil Officer atleast 6' compatible match for 25/ 5'-8'' fair, slim, beautiful M.Tech University Asstt. Prof daughter. ,  C1-77184

Sophisticated and well-settled match for fair, pretty, slim, convent educated Jat Sikh girl, M.Sc. IBM, CA Inter, 5'-3"/29. Highly educated and respectable family. Email:  C1-77394

Well qualied, settled match for Jat Sikh Bhullar beautiful, fair girl 25/5'-2", B.Tech., working as Guest Lecturer Govt. Poltechnic College, IELTS 6 Band. E-mail:  C1-77410

Looking for a suitable Jatt Sikh match for 1981 born beautiful 5'-4", MCA Jatt Sikh Brar girl permanent Canadian resident the qualification and values of the boy are main considerations. Those seeking a ticket to Canada or dowry may please excuse. Email: ,  C1-77610

Status match for charming Kamboj Sikh girl 33/5'-5", MFC, employed TCS 14 LPA. Father Defence Officer. Email:  98148-52144. C1-77668

Suitable match very beautiful Sidhu girl 28/5'-4", B.Sc. Nsg., PGI, Chd., permanent Govt. job in Railway Hospital, earning 5.4 Lakh per annum. Email:  , 073553-30283. C1-77738

Alliance invited for December 1977 born, 5'-4" Dhaliwal Jat Sikh girl, MA (Fine Arts) B.Ed, Lecturer. Father retired from Punjab & Sindh Bank. Only brother working as Software Engineer. Mobile: 09988630185,  Box 4083F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well settled, Jat Sikh Sandhu, Ludhiana/Karnail based family invite matrimonial alliance for their MDS, persuing Laser Surgery, smart, slim, beautiful, 5'-4". 31 year daughter. Brother Doctor in USA. Please contact with full particulars and photograph at Mobile No. 94171-89735 and e-mail at  C1-77888

U.S. Citizen Jat Sikh girl, 5'-5", November 1983. Only clean shaven Degree holder preferred. Girl coming India with parents in First week of November. Contact 98144- 64779,  C1-78194

Australian citizen Jatt Sikh Dhanoa beautiful girl 26/5'-4", working at good banking position seek matching Jatt Sikh family. Preference MBBS, BDS. 98881- 99409.  NA1-54038

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh girl 33/5'- 5", M.Sc., B.Ed. PR Australia. Preference to Australian resident. Early marriage. Email:  NA1-54709

Medico/Professional/Officer from Indian/NRI for fair, slim, beautiful & homely Jat Sikh girl 23/5'-6", BDS, completing her Internship in December 2011. Only child of highly educated family. Family owns rural & urban property. 0161-3251374.  NA1-55108

PQ Jat Sikh match for 5'-3", Oct. 83 born Doctor girl pursuing MDS in Punjab, BDS (Manipal) belons to well- respected landlord family. Malwa preferred. 95699- 83700. Email:  NA1-55204

Professionally qualified match/Army Officer/reputed family match for Jat Sikh 5'-3", 1983 born girl. BA LL.B., doing IIM. Contact: 98764-36137.  NA1-55397

Ludhiana based Jat-Sikh, beautiful girl 5'-4"/1981, MA. Canadian PR holder. E-mail:  NA1- 55569

Jat Sikh parents seeking professionally qualified match for their 81 born, 5'-4", slim, beautiful daughter M.Sc. (Chem.), B.Ed. from well-established and educated family. 98723-39702.  NA1-55914

Wanted well-settled Jatt Sikh match from educated urbanized family for 84 born, 5'-3", extremely fair, beautiful girl from Ludhiana based educated Jatt Sikh family, UGC-NET qualified, working as English Lecturer in reputed Chandigarh College. Respond with biodata + photograph. E-mail:  NA1-55944

Jat Sikh 24/5'-4", M.Sc. Biotech girl, Lecturer in College seeks qualified serviceman/businessman vegetarian boy. 94659-20134.  NA1-56159

PQM 4 beautiful Saini Sikh, 1982/5'-5", MBA, working as Purchase Manager in Cipla, salary 8.5 lac. Seek alliance from suitable cleanshaven professional of reputed family. contact: 096179-34272,  C1-69688B

Cleanshaven match for Saini girl, Oct. 83, 5'-2", Master of Science in Nursing from P.U. Lecturer, 44,000/- p.m.. Tricity preferred. Upper caste no bar. NRI excuse. 09256547213.  C1-75824

Professional match for fair, beautiful, Chandigarh based Saini girl, March 1982, New Delhi, 5', Lead Engineer in MNC Noida. Well settled family. Mobile: 098786-68479, 0172-2698479. E-mail:  C1-76564

Match for Hindu Saini girl 31/5'-3", M.Com., M.Phil., doing MBA STET cleared. Own Coaching near Panchkula. Caste no bar. 97790-13237. E-mail:  C1-77268

American citizen Sikh Saini girl presently in India, 25 yrs, well-educated needs well-educated, turbaned Sikh Saini boy in Science Engineering/Medical field. Send photo/biodata on Email:  Mobile: 98155-19084. C1-77404

Professionally qualified match for Saini Sikh girl, 28 plus, M.Sc. (IT), Brother in Australia. Father senior class-I officer (retd.). Contact: 086948-41492. C1-78270

Alliance invited 4 girl based in Sydney, 9 Jan., 83, 5'. ID SH01668960,  Mb: 98150-42655. C1-60765

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh girl from status family, US citizen, Dentist, 38 yrs old/5'-7", slim, beautiful. Issueless, innocent divorcee. Email: biodata with photo:  C1-70523

Upper caste, never married clean shaven, well-settled PQM working in Canada for Doaba Sikh Rajput beautiful, never married S/W Er. girl July 78/5'-6", BE (India) MS (USA) PR Canada employed in Toronto. Send biodata, photo. Email:  Tel: 0181-2275465. C1-75892

Looking for clean shaved gentleman for Australian citizen Lubana girl 5'-3"/ 1983. Please respond with full bio data and two pics at email:  C1-77246

Suitable match for Ramgarhia Sikh girl, 84 born, 5'-5", fair, Physiotherapist in Australia. Preferred Australian PR/Citizen. Respond with photo and biodata  C1-77350

Alliance invited for slim, good looking accomplished Hindu Nai girl, 30/5'-4", MBA, (HR)., LL.B. (Panjab University), working MNC, Package 4.15 LPA. Belongs Non-professional educated family. Early marriage. Upper caste no bar. Contact 0172-4631202. C1-76616

Match for Nai (NP) girl, 37/5'-5", Graduate, Computer. Caste no bar. Simple early marriage. 93165-27278. C1-77556B

Nai NP Sikh girl, slim, attractive, 27 yrs, 5'-6" with pleasing personality from Tourism and Hospitality seeks Professionally Qualified match from Hindu/Sikh. At present girl is on work visa in Newzealand. Will be visiting India in November. Caste no bar. E-mail:  Box 4089F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well established Himachali family from Mandi (HP) solicits alliance for their slim, beautiful daughter, 6.9.1981 born, 5'-7", Graduate, GNM, Staff Nurse in Govt. Hospital. Contact: 094185-11151.  C1-71547

Match for Rajput slim Jammu based girl, 5'-2", 3 Dec. 1983, 1:10 a.m., Chandigarh, +2, One year Diploma Computer Teacher Training. 97805-59290, 80549-07072. C1-75792

Suitable match for Himachali Thakur Rajput beautiful girl 5'-2", 19.01.82 (7:20 a.m.), Mandi, MA English, B.Ed., PGCTE. Father Govt. Officer. Contact: 94637- 41458.  Box 4004F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Delhi born (now settled in Chandigarh) Himachali Rajput fair girl, Dec. 22, 1977, 12.50 pm, 154 cm., B.Sc., LL.M., working as Manager (Legal) with MNC Mohali, 5 LPA. Father retired Class-I Officer. 09478912555. Box 4033F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match from Doaba Rajput Baradari, for sober look 5'- 2"/1981, M.Com., B.Ed. Pvt. School Teacher Karnana Parhars. 01823-279409, 99158-27531. C1-77884B

Suitable match for beautiful Hindu Verma (Sehdev) girl 5'-5"/28, M.Com., M.C.S.E. Upper caste invited. Ph: 98157-33309, Email:  C1-78146

Tricity settled match Manglik/Non-Manglik for Brahmin girl, B.Tech., fair, slim, beautiful, 5'-4", 22.01.1985/10 a.m./Chandigarh. Working Counsellor. Father Engineer. Preferred Army Officer, IAF Ground duty Officer. Email :  , Box 3993F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified teetotaller match for Sarswat Brahmin girl, 12.10.1984, 5'-2", Chandigarh, B.Tech (Computers), employed MNC IT Park, Chandigarh, package 5.5. lacs. 084279-37292. E-mail:  C1-75808

Manglik Lomash Brahmin girl, 15.01.1986, 6:45 p.m. Sunam, 5'-5", M.A., MBA (IT). Required well educated Manglik Brahmin boy. Contact: 76962-61455. E-mail:  C1-75898

Wanted match for Non-Manglik working Saraswat Brahmin girl 5'-3", March 84 born, graduate, three year Diploma in Interior Designing. 98550-63950. C1-76326

Match for Saraswat Brahmin girl, slim, smart with wheatish look, 5'-4", 29 Jan 1983, Master in English, working in reputed education consultancy. 9646096722, 9356836600. E-mail:  C1-76394

Alliance invited for beautiful fair slim, 81 born, 5'- 2", Manglik convent edu., MA English, MA History, B.Ed. Brahmin girl, teaching Army Public School. Father retd. (Lt.col.). BHP must. Box 4030F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for beautiful MBA working girl, 26.04.84, 12:05 p.m., Hardwar, 5'-5", youngest of two elder brothers. Kundli matching must. Contact: 094103- 95953.  C1-76776

Suitable match for slim, fair, July 76, 5', permanent Govt. teacher. Transferable job. 0172-2648720. C1-77282

Professionally qualified match for Manglik/Non-manglik Saraswat Moudgil Brahmin, girl, March 81/5'-1", M.A. (Psychology) P.G. Diploma in Guidance and Counselling, pursuing B.Ed. 94171-87204.  C1-78210

Suitable match for beautiful Hindu Khatri girl, 5'-2", 10.06.1982/10 a.m./Chandigarh. Graduate. Diploma in Computer. Email : , 98146-35016, 98557-76390. C1-76098

Manglik/Non-manglik match for Sarin Khatri girl, 19-11- 82, 10.00 am, Patti, 5'-3", M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed. Status family. Early marriage. E-mail:  94176-33834. C1-76188

PQM for Punjabi Hindu Non-Manglik Khatri beautiful girl 27/5'-2", B.Tech., working in Infosys Pune. E-mail:  C1-76360

PQM for slim, fair, LL.B., Khatri girl 5.9.1984, 10:20 a.m., Chandigarh, 5'-5", practising in High Court, Chandigarh. E-mail:  97802-40724. C1-76852

Match for 21, 5'-4", beautiful, slim girl, B.Pharmacy, doing MBA, working as Business Development Executive, Pharma company. Parents Gazetted officers. Doctor/Engineer/Bank Officer inservice preferred. Box 4066F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted Non Manglik match for beautiful, B.Sc Economics, PGDCA, MBA, good looking Khatri girl, 5'/21-06-1983, 1:40 p.m., Sonipat Haryana. Working as Operations Manager in Foreign Exchange in Amritsar. Father central Govt. PSU Grad-I Officer. Contact: 09780512034, 07508356390. Email:  C1-78552

Senior Govt. officer seeks professionally qualified alliance for his Chandigarh born 7th Aug.1985, 00:45 a.m. daughter from well educated, status family. Early decent marriage. 98148-01292. C1-78687

Well-settled match for Sikh Ramgarhia girl 1977 born, 5'-2", Masters of Accounts from Australia, having PR. Upper caste Sikh families no bar boy having PR or TR Aus preferred. Contact details - Email:  Mobile: +61423765883. C1-75838

Suitable cleanshaven match for Ramgarhia Bhamra girl, 27 April 1984 born, 5'-3", diploma in fashion designing and brother well settled in business. Contact: 90419- 19901, 0181-6573630. E-mail:  C1-75896

Alliance for a Ramgarhia girl 24 US citizen lives in Mission valley San Diego, looking for a only Ramgarhia match, age 24 to 28 only Engineer, boy must be at least 5'-10" not above. Email:  C1-75900B

Professionally qualified vegetarian turbaned match for beautiful, slim, tall Ramgarhia girl 26/5'-8", work permit holder after doing M.Tech. from University in Canada. Boy should be of age 26-28 years, height 6'-0", preferably B.Tech./M.Tech. well-settled in Canada.  C1-76294

Well employed qualified match Ramgarhia girl M.Tech., 9 Sept. 1985, 1:58 am, 5'-1", Ropar. Employed at Chandigarh. Software Co. as trainer cleanshaven pure veg. Tricity around preferred. E-mail:  98161-11724. C1-76702

Professional/Qualified match for Sikh Ramgarhia Girl 26/5'-3", very fair, Architect (B.Arch., M.Arch.) from Premier Institution. Working NCR, good package. Father Chief Engineer(Retired). Educated family of Officers/Engineers from Doaba. Well educated, well settled Boy from decent family most welcome.  Box 4065F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Medico/Non-Medico handsome match for beautiful fair looks young Ramgarhia Sikh girl 1978 born, 5'-3", MA, B.Sc., B.Ed. Australian permanent resident also pursuing Microbiology course in Australia. Please contact at:  with full biodata and photograph. NA1-56184

Professionally qualified Gursikh match for Khukrian Khatri girl Oct. 1983/5', LL.B., LL.M. (Final year). Contact: 98729-24573.  C1-77198

Professionally qualified well-settled non-drinker, non- trimmer Gursikh match for Bhatia Gursikh 31/5'-4", MCA, PGDCA, B.Ed., slim, fair, homely girl. 94179-66760, 86992-98988.  C1-77502

Preferably vegetarian Govt. employee match around Tricity for Saharanpur-based Chamar girl, 27/5'-1", M.A., M.Lib., B.Ed., employed PU Chandigarh. Father Govt. Gazetted Officer, brother in Ministry of Defence. Contact: 99914-01792. C1-76214

Suitable match for beautiful MA, M.Phil., 34 yrs., 5'- 4", SC girl, working as Lecturer in Govt. College at Chandigarh. Contact at 94658-00009 or at  C1-76970

Suitable match for slim, very good looking, unmarried, Postgraduate, Ad-dharmi girl, 34/5'-4". Chandigarh based family. Father retired Officer. Brothers Engineers. Unmarried, issueless divorcee may respond. Contact: 9815994292 or E-mail:  C1-77188

Suitable medico match for MBBS, 5'-2"/Sept. 83, SC (Ad- dharmi). Contact: 94642-82833. E-mail:  C1-78707

Match for 25/5'-6", Ravidasia serving M.Com., B.Ed. girl. Govt. services/NRI preferred. Contact: 98724- 13772. NA1-54623

Well-settled match for Tonk-Kashtriya beautiful Manglik, fair, homely girl 1980 born, 5'-6", 10+2, Computer Course. Father & Brother Businessman. Contact: 092185-24700.  C1-77251

Match for 35/5'-5", Post-graduate, Govt. Employed, divorcee, Khatri Sikh girl. Chandigarh/Ludhiana preferred. 097808-92192. Box 4118F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Seeking a well established Qual.Pro./businessman/industrialist for a beautiful, caring, well spoken, slim, cultural, Sikh girl. 1979/5'-3", Australian PR, Registered Nurse. Widowed - daughter adopted by brother. Brother settled in Australia. Father with strong political ties in Punjab. Girl willing to relocate. Visiting India October, early marriage. Contact: +91 9815482278. +91 94783-00003. C1-74138

American citizen, Business Management, smart, Sikh Arora girl 30/5'-6", Managing Own family business Gift Stores & Restaurant. Grand parents settled in Chandigarh, looking for Non Veg., healthy, tall, educated, smart, clean shave/turbaned match already in USA or willing to settle in USA. Photograph, biodata must. Mobile: 94173-78778.  C1-76744

Garg slim, fair girl, 30.09.1984, 16:03, 5'-3", B.Tech, IT Technology Analyst Infosys Chandigarh. Send biodata, photograph.  C1-76250

MD/ MS/ IIT/ IIM match for Garg girl V. b'ful, slim fair (looks much younger) MBBS MD (Peds) Child Specialist SR in Delhi's Hosp, 1981/160, belongs to status educated business family. Email:  C1-78340

Well settled match for Garg Software girl 06.04.1986, 07;05 a.m. Sirsa, 5'-3", MNC Chennai, 6 LPA. Perfer Chennai/Hyderabad settled. Contact:  094164-35177 (5 p.m. to 9 a.m.). C1-78492

Aggarwal/Khatri/Arora industrialist boy for slim, extremely beautiful & sharp featured Aggarwal girl 28/5'-4", convent educated, B.Com., M.A. (English). Father established businessman & exporter. Family residing in posh locality of Ludhiana. 0161-3269074.  NA1-55107


Franchise Business Opportunity in Canada We offer: Turn Key Operation with all Store set up All equipment, furniture & signage.7 Days Training Programme & Support from Head Office. You Need: C$200,000 Paid in 4 instalments in 6 months. Can-World Services House No. 2368, Top Floor, Sector 23-C, Chandigarh. 097790-82288, 097790-85533. C1-78038

FOR SALE One kanal kothi, Sector 71, Mohali. 3 bedroom flat 2350 sq. ft. Multitech Tower, 6th Floor, Sector 91, Mohali. Contact owner 98140-08873 C1-78156

3 bedrooms, D/D, First Floor 10 Marla House Sector 37- B, Chandigarh.
Contact 098144-73400. C1-77832

Omaxe Chandigarh Extension, Mullanpur, 300 sq. yd. plot Phase 2, down
payment plan. Malik Realtors 95922-37777. NA1-56171

New SCF 44, Industrial Area, Phase-7, Mohali. Ground Floor and basement
for reputed Firms, Companies. Broker welcome. Contact 98140-54843. C1-77316

"Office Building for Lease". Built up area 4400 sft situated in prime Commercial locality in Yamunanagar available for lease to Govt Office/Bank. Contact Mob: 094234-77544. Box 262G Tribune, Chandigarh.

SCF-110, 3B2 (Sector-60) Mohali only for MNC/Bank/Food chain company
preferred. 3320 sq.ft. approximately ground, first, 2nd, 3rd floors. Huge parking. Central place. Prime location. 098726-26463, 098720-20730. C1-78540

Immediate sale of Gagret (HP) based Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Co. Plot
area 1000 Sq.M covered area 9000 sq. feet. With all tax benefits machinery RM PM 1000 approvals Cylinders 150 Parties Genuine buyer ready to invest Rs 2.5 Crore. Call: 9815097242. Email:  C1-76084

DLF Valley Panchkula 1450 sqft independent floor, Phase-1, 2nd floor, east
facing for sale. Malik Realtors: 95922-37777. NA1-56181

Upto 10 biswas land prime, picturesque, upcoming, premium location
Kasauli Hills. Genuinely interested buyers contact 098160-87052. C1-75232

50 acres, Canal irrigated, 2 motors close to Highway on linkroad, between Muktsar Faridkot. 94170-04179. C1-76754

(5 to 60) acres 40 Foot No. 1, ground, Water Level, District Fazilka-Abohar road. 75087-49670. C1-77478B


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