Soil to soul
Son of the soil Jagjit Singh not only became a ghazal legend but also did a lot for other genres of music 

A turbaned Jagjit Singh with a tanpura during his graduation days in DAV College, JalandharS. D. Sharma
Bade shauq se sunn raha tha zamana, hum hi so gaye dastan kehte kehte...

five decades of musical excellence, Jagjit Singh, the maestro who enraptured the world with his incredible contribution to film and ghazal singing, Punjabi folk, devotional, and popular music, would have regaled music lovers for more times to come but destiny willed otherwise. Very few maestros have elicited the love and affection of music lovers the world over as Jagjit Singh, who continued to be in the limelight since his childhood days at Sriganganagar.

A turbaned Jagjit Singh with a tanpura during his graduation days in DAV College, Jalandhar


Pampered misery
Handbag-style dogs are being abandoned by owners after the animals started showing behavioural problems due to over-pampering

number of miniature dogs handed over to dog shelters has tripled in the past one year after they developed behavioural problems from being over pampered. The ‘fashion accessory’ dogs, apparently popularised by celebrity icons like Paris Hilton were reportedly being dumped at animal shelters after owners got bored and couldn’t handle them anymore.

Eternal tea
Tea has stirred conflicts and created chaos. The destinies of several individuals and even the world have been decided, rulers overthrown, peace treaties signed and declarations of war made over cups of tea, writes Suparna-Saraswati Puri

from the Chinese, the word tea occurs in almost all languages of the world. This is the name by which the beverage came to be known in the countries it initially arrived via sea (the in French, tee in Germany, te in Italian). Meanwhile, the countries it reached by land adopted a derivative of the more common Chinese pronunciation cha.

Touch of tradition
The artistic consciousness of paharis finds reflection in Himachali women’s attire — a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and utility, writes Roshni Johar

is fashion apparel’s latest buzzword. Regional dresses of Himachal — whether dohru of Kulu-Manali, rejta of Kotkhai or ghagra of Gaddis, all worn and wrapped in woollen shawls and crowned with topis or dhatus (scarves) — are attracting`A0global admiration. Undeniably, Himachal has been bestowed with picturesque natural charm.

Romance of Quebec
Put on your walking shoes to explore the city of Quebec, which is sure to cast its magical spell on you with its grandeur, writes Seema Sachdeva

first thing that strikes you about the city of Quebec, the capital city of the Quebec province of Canada, is its old-world charm. The magic of a bygone era can be felt in the stone walls, cobblestone streets, old lamp posts, Norman-style houses, dormer windows, richly carved window frames, besides the numerous murals and tapestries that adorn the walls of the city.

Bard of Benaras
Britain-based filmmaker-writer Nasreen Munni Kabir has collaborated with A. R. Rahman to bring out a documentary on shehnai maestro Bismillah Khan, writes Madhusree Chatterjee

maestro Bismillah Khan had "music on his face", remembers Britain-based filmmaker-writer Nasreen Munni Kabir, who struggled to bring out a documentary on the famous bard of Benaras until the intervention of composer A. R. Rahman.

Inflatable concert hall
Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor is designing an inflatable concert hall for disaster-hit Japan

sculptor Anish Kapoor is designing a giant inflatable concert hall, which will bring music and performance arts in some areas of Japan. These were devastated by the earthquake and tsunami, which hit earlier this year. The hall, seating up to 700 spectators, will be a "pneumatic structure" so that it can be inflated quickly with air.

Mod is not a usual love story’
Says Nagesh Kukunoor in conversation with Arnab Chakraborty about his latest film Mod and his foray into the genre of love stories
In Bollywood, love stories are more common than anything else. So why would someone want to watch Mod?

Well Mod is a love story but it is not the kind you see in Bollywood today. For me, love stories work only when characters are mismatched and the journey of falling in love is equally important if not more than the actual act of falling in love. If you as the audience already know yes, these two people are already made for each other then the fun is lost, but if the characters are quirky as it is in Mod, you wonder that how are these two people going to come together.

Ranbir gets rocking
Sreya Basu catches up with Ranbir Kapoor on his latest film Rockstar, in which he got an opportunity to act with grand-uncle Shammi Kapoor
How much of Ranbir Kapoor do we see in Rockstar?

Janardhan Jakhar is not a cool guy. I won’t say it was the toughest role for me to play, but it was a great experience. Being on the journey of the film itself, I have learnt a lot and grown as an actor. When people see this character, they can see me somewhere in him.



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Subversive sentiments
We see, in this volume, the contributors' initiation into activism. We also trace the relevance of feminist concerns to their existence
Making a Difference: Memoirs from the Women’s Movement in India
Ed. Ritu Menon.
Women Unlimited. Pages 384. Rs 350.

Reviewed by Rumina Sethi

Books received: english

Irreverent, intimate and funny
Welcome to Americastan
By Jabeen Akhtar.
Penguin. Pages 266. Rs 499.

Reviewed by Uttam Sengupta

Looking back in a novel way
Windows into the Past:
Life Histories and Historian
of South Asia
By Judith M. Brown.
Oxford University Press. 
Pages 118. Rs 295.

Reviewed by Ivninderpal Singh

Murky world of female gangsters
Mafia Queens of Mumbai: Stories of Women from the Ganglands 
By S. Hussain Zaidi with Jane Borges.
Tranquebar. Pages 290. Rs 250.
Reviewed by Rajbir Deswal

Just Jobs
Steve Jobs biography pushed up for release

release date for a Steve Jobs biography has been pushed up to October 24 in the wake of the Apple co-founder's death recently, according to a spokesman for publishing house Simon & Schuster. The book was originally planned for release on November 21.

Talking times
Our Rashtriya English is legitimate: Jug Suraiya
Madhusree Chatterjee

English language in India is becoming 'glocal' - a cross between global and local, says noted writer-columnist Jug Suraiya who has written about his early years in a new book, JS & The Times of My Life.

Purity of expression
Nonika Singh

Sufi singer, cinema theorist, writer and lyricist Madan Gopal Singh questions become redundant. Like a torrent, his thoughts envelop you just as his honest and pure singing does. All he needs is a little nudge here and there to take you back to reveal the story of his life, his musical journey, the twists and turns that have taken him from one milestone to another, from one interest to another passion.

Short Takes
Of love, God and Partition
Reviewed by Randeep Wadehra
When God was a Rabbit 
by Sarah Winman
Hachette. Pages: 341. Rs. 295
n My Bollywood Wedding
by Rekha Waheed
n Hachette. Pages: 344. Rs. 295
God is a River
by Mona Verma
Prakash Books. Pages: 284. Price: not mentioned