Game point

This Childrenís Day, make your own eco-friendly indoor game with Gaurav

All of us love playing indoor games. When we have a gathering or a sleepover with friends, it is so much fun to get together and play these games. Today we will help you make your very own eco-friendly indoor game. You can customise and make it on whatever theme you want ó pirates, jungle etc.

Things you need:

Caps of old plastic bottles ó to make your game pieces

One big cardboard piece

Art Attack paste (made with one part glue and one part water)

Cardboard tube of an old toilet paper roll

Old newspapers

Markers and colours




Take the cardboard and draw any shape you want. I have drawn the shape as shown in the image. Now make a path along with the shape. With the help of an adult, cut the cardboard in the required shape drawn.

To begin with, letís make trees and grass. To make the trunk of the tree, take the cardboard tube of the toilet paper roll and stick it to the centre of the board, with the help of a tape.

Now to increase the width of the tree, take some old newspaper, fold and make strips. Fold from one side and stick it on the cardboard roll as shown in the image. To make the top of the tree, we have to make paper balls and stick it with the tape. Make lots of these and stick on top of the cardboard roll. Stick it with the help of lots of cello tape and make it firm.

Take small pieces of newspaper and stick it on the tree with the help of art attack paste. Cover the whole tree. To make the grass, take crumbled pieces of newspaper and stick it around the tree to give it a good effect.

On the area around it, where the game has to be played, stick sheets of paper. This area should be smooth as here is where the game pieces are kept.

Now we need to do some colouring. Use dark green colour for our tree and brown for its trunk. This makes our game look so attractive. For the grass, we will use light green. Once this is done, we can do some shading to make it look more real. With the help of a black marker, divide the path into small parts, as shown. Make the eco symbols like water taps, light bulbs etc inside each part. Now we have to colour the individual parts, use any two colours of your choice to colour these. Colour the start point with black and white as shown. Make sure your whole board is coloured and the newspaper canít be seen.

Voila!! Your eco-friendly game is ready! You can punish the player who reached the open tap spot and give an extra turn to the player, who reached the closed tap spot. So get set to make your game with your very own adventures. Hope you have a great fun time playing with your friends