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CM to open incomplete institute in memory of Ishmeet today
With Assembly poll nearing, Badals on inauguration spree
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 12
Nowadays Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal are busy laying foundation stones and inaugurating new buildings.

It seems they are in the hurry of inaugurating various buildings and projects even before their completion.

With not much time left for the imposition of the code of conduct for the Assembly election of 2012, the Punjab Chief Minister will inaugurate an under-construction institute in memory of late singer Ishmeet Singh here tomorrow.

It might be a rare project which will be inaugurated before its completion. The deadline for the completion of this work was November 23.

Meanwhile, the Ludhiana Improvement Trust recarpeted the road at Rajgur Nagar Road, which leads to Ishmeet Singh Music Insitute.

"The Akali-BJP government put in its efforts and money to construct the music institute in memory of Ishmeet Singh. We wanted that the current government should inaugurate this institute," said Charan Kawal Singh, uncle of Ishmeet Singh.

"The construction work is going on it and it will take at least one month for its completion. The management committee of the institute will take charge of the building after its completion."

Jaswant Singh, Additional Chief Administrator (ACA) GLADA, said, "The deadline for the completion of work is November 23."

When asked if the Chief minister would inaugurate the incomplete building on November 13, the ACA disconnected the phone.

Cultural Affairs Minister Heera Singh Gabria said, "It's the matter of dates. The Chief Minister has no time in next days as he is busy with inauguration functions in various parts of Punjab. The management committee of the institute wanted to start the admission process soon, so we took this decision to inaugurate it early. The building will be completed within this month."


assembly poll
Leaders make a beeline to woo affluent
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 12
With election fever gripping the state, the city has become favourite destination for VVIPs. If the “official” visits by leaders of two major political parties (SAD/BJP and Congress) are any indication, in the past one month more than 24 VIPs have visited the city. Most of these leaders are trying hard to woo the affluent populace of the city.

Most of the VIPs, who visited the city in the past one month (October 11-November 12), belong to the ruling SAD-BJP combine. As officials of the district administration, police and the municipal corporation are put on VIP duties, it is the common man, who bears the brunt. The entire public dealings come to a halt. Besides, the condition of already congested roads become miserable due to traffic jams and road diversions. And during their visits, politicians conveniently get away with their “works”. A local industrialist disclosed that a close associate of a serving minister had asked him to donate “generously” for the coming Assembly elections. “I wonder how can these leaders or their aides be so blunt? Look at the condition of the roads in the Focal Point area. They claim to be providing crores of rupees for the constructing these roads, but many of them are in similar condition. At times, it becomes so awkward to take foreign buyers to our offices. And still they look at us for finances,” the industrialist asked?

It is not just the common man, who feels the pinch; but officials of the police and the administration also get bugged due to repeated visits of the leaders. They admitted that public dealings suffered as majority of the officials were put on VIP duties. “And then we face the ire of public for not listening to their grievances or clearing their files. But we are helpless,” a police official said.



Congress rally
Chaos reigns supreme
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 12
Chaos and confusion ruled the stage and pandal of the much hyped Congress party’s Punjab Bachao rally organized at grain market near Arora cinema here today.

While bigwigs and small time Congress leaders stormed on the stage, nothing seemed to be in order in the pandal as the supporters jumped fencing in their bid to get their best to get as close to the stage as they could.

After failing to persuade the overzealous Congress supporters to clear the stage, the Member Parliament (MP) Manish Tiwari lost his cool and was seen pushing the supporters just a few minutes before the arrival of Captain Amarinder Singh.

After struggling to find a space on the sofa, “heavyweight” former Congress MLA Surinder Dawar sat on arm of a sofa. Some leaders kept an honourable distance and stood on the corner of the stage to watch the show. Virtually stampede like situation was witnessed when a mega garland was brought on the stage. Fortunately, the garland did not break as everyone was trying to put their neck in the garland.

The supporters did not leave any stone unturned to create ruckus. The men barged in the enclosure reserved for women and further jumped on to the VIP enclosure.

The Congress insiders said the place was selected after due deliberation. “The grain market near Arora cinema is comparatively smaller as compared to the one at Jalandhar Bypass. It is easy to fill smaller venue to make it look like a mega rally. Further the Cong also wanted to send a strong message to the rival SAD and Shimlapuri area is considered to be a den of SAD.”

Traffic chaos

The arrival of galaxy of Congress leaders led to traffic chaos at Gill Road, Model Town and surrounding areas. Scores of supporters, who parked their vehicles in the middle of the road to reach the venue, also led to traffic jam.

Mission projection

It was mission projection for the local leaders who are vying for Congress tickets. They employed every tactic to grab the attention of senior Congress leaders. The supports of Bhupinder Singh Sidhu, Bharat Bhushan Ashu and Gurpreet Singh Gogi were seen flashing huge posters when Capt Aminder Singh came to deliver his speech.

SAD sources also took stock the situation

The SAD workers were monitoring the rally very closely. Even a leader of youth wing of SAD was sitting in Media enclosure to check the gathering and reaction of Congress rally. When asked, the SAD leader said he came in support of a local Congress Councillor, who is his find.



Rally messes up marriage party
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 12
The Congress party’s much-hyped Punjab Bachao Rally marred a wedding that was being organised at the grain market near Arora Cinema Chowk here today.

Nearly 200 guests, who were gathered for the wedding of Om Chopra, a businessman from Nabha, and Manila, a school teacher from Ferozepore, were shocked to see a huge pandal, showing hoardings of Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Capt Amarinder Singh, adjacent to their marriage hall pandal at Celebration Plaza. It did not take them long to realise that they were in for a big mess. Soon the DJ music was overshadowed by the noise of loudspeakers.

Tension was visible on the face of Sandeep, a close relative of Om Chopra. He said he had no clue on the people visiting the marriage. He said many supporters of the Congress party had a free lunch at the wedding. “As the boy’s side is from Nabha and the girl’s side from Ferozepore, we decided to organise the wedding in Ludhiana and booked the place nearly a month ago. But we had no clue that over marriage celebration would be rocked by the Congress rally. This marriage would remain etched in our memories.”

The relatives of both sides went into a tizzy when the panic-stricken marriage palace organiser told them to reach the venue before 10 am as Congress rally was scheduled to be held adjacent to the venue.

“We were shocked to hear that and we started making frantic calls to our relatives at around 8 am and told them to rush to the venue. They were perplexed at our gesture and asked all sorts of questions, but I told them to just reach the venue,” said Sandeep.

After facing inconvenience, they too entered the pandal to listen to Capt Amarinder Singh’s speech.

Ironically, just when the couple was planning to leave the venue, Capt Amarinder Singh also finished his speech and left the venue. A huge crowd thronged outside the pandal. The couple was again made to sit in the marriage hall till the time Congress supporters vacated the place.

DJ leaves in a huff

Irritated by the constant sound of “Capt Amarinder Singh zindabad, Congress party zindabad”, the DJ left the venue in a huff. He was upset as he could not play music due to the constant sound on loudspeakers



roadside vendors
Fear of attack keeps officials at bay
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 12
The sale of non-vegetarian food items has picked up due to the marriage season. Be it the fish, chicken or any other non-vegetarian items, people love to relish these irrespective of the hygiene being maintained while processing these. However, the fear of being attacked with butcher knives and other implements by roadside vendors in a fish market seems to be major impediment to punitive measures against them by officials of the health department. So the business of such vendors is flourishing and some places vendors are openly selling Thai Mangoor fish, the open sale of which has been banned by the administration.

Dr Kulwinder Singh, District Health Officer, Ludhiana, said, “We visit fish market time and again and keep issuing strict instructions to them for maintaining proper hygiene. Ten days ago, we raided Janak Puri fish market and made a few members of the mandi union aware of the hygiene. We also destroyed fish kept in unhygienic condition.” When asked about the action, Dr Kulwinder said: “We cannot take strict action as these roadside vendors are selling fish illegally. The municipal corporation has permitted them to sell fish in a piece of land belonging to them, but hasn’t issued any permanent rehri numbers. So these vendors keep shifting from one place to another.”

Another official of the health department said, “The fear of being attacked by vendors loom large over us whenever we go for routine checking in the fish market, we feel scared for getting attacked. On seeing our team, the vendors encircle us. We just issue instructions to them in mild tone and come out of the market.”

These vendors don’t even wear gloves while selling their products. Moreover, customers also don’t pay any heed to it. Dr Kulwinder said: “Vendors have been directed to wear gloves while selling non-vegetarian items, but no one bothers.”



Special Vivek Express arrives in city
150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 12
A special exhibition train (Vivek Express) arrived in the city today to commemorate 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. The train decorated with the pictures and messages depicting the life and teachings of Swami Vivekanand will remain stationed at platform No 1 near the luggage room of the local railway station for four days. It will remain open for visitors from 10 am to 5 pm till November 15, before chugging off to Amritsar.

The four-day exhibition in the five-coaches of the train traces the story of Ramakrishna Mission and how Swami Vivekananda set it up. Avdesh Kumar Saha, guide on the train, said the train began its journey on January 12, 2010, and will culminate its journey on January 11, 2014 on the eve of Swami Vivekanand 150th birth anniversary.

Minister for Health and Family Welfare Satpal Gosain opened the exhibition today. It was presided over by Special Secretary, Finance, Punjab Government, CS Talwar, and Deputy Mayor Parveen Bansal was the guest of honour. At least 300 students from MGM Public School and Shefali International School were present on the occasion.

Prof Vinay Sophat, state coordinator, Swami Vivekananda Study Circle, said the circle was providing literature and has installed a bookstall near the train.

Thin attendance

Even though railway authorities have been regularly making announcement about its presence and pasted notes, only a few came to see the exhibition. The train, too, was stationed far off from the platform. Officials of the study circle and train staff are hopeful the more people will turn up to see the exhibition.



14.03-lakh m tonnes of paddy arrives in district
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 12
Total 14.03 lakh metric tonnes of paddy has arrived at all procurement centres in the Ludhiana district so far. The district has procured maximum paddy in Punjab. Though the produce is still arriving in mandis, but within next five days, the procurement process is expected to end. The daily arrival of paddy is about 4745 metric tonnes. Out of the total 14.03-lakh metric tonnes of paddy, 13.60 lakh metric tonnes has already been lifted.

District Mandi Official Rajpal Singh Dhaliwal said compared to last year’s figures, district got about 8 per cent less produce this season, still it is number one in the state.

“We can say that it is a good procurement season as the weather, too, is favourable. There has been no problem with the grain and majority of the produce has already been sold or lifted. The procurement process is going to end within next four to five days. As per previous years, Khanna mandi remains tops in procuring maximum paddy to the tune of 1.91798 lakh metric tonnes,” said Dhaliwal.



Safai karamcharis go on indefinite strike
Town fast turning into garbage dump
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, November 12
With the Municipal Council Safari Karamcharis going on indefinite strike in support of their various pending demands, the entire town once again is fast turning into a garbage dump as the filth is not being lifted from various locations by the safari karamcharis of the Jagraon Municipal Council.

Huge heaps of garbage can be seen laying in every nook and corner of the town which not only leaves a poor impact on visitors but also causes huge inconvenience to residents. The heaps of garbage have been emitting foul smell thus making the lives of locals difficult.

The garbage is dumped alongside the boundary wall of Sanmati Vimal Jain Senior Secondary School situated just in front of the local MC office. Ironically, many MC officials pass the area everyday while going to office but they seem to ignore it.

Irked over the non-lifting of garbage by the MC workers, the residents have held the state government as well as apathetic approach of the Municipal Council officials responsible for the problem.

“If the situation is so bad in front of the MC office, one can easily gauge the situation in other localities. The garbage is laying scattered and unattended on the roadsides and in the streets of various localities. and is emitting foul smell. It is an open invitation to diseases”, rued Amrit Grewal, a local resident.

The situation is worst in the Shastri Nagar locality where garbage can be seen lying scattered in streets. Ironically, the residence of local municipal council president Baldev Krishan Dhir is also situated in Shastri Nagar. “If the situation is so bad in a locality where the MC president himself resides, let alone other areas of the town”, said Munish Sharma, a resident of Shastri Nagar.

The situation is not different at Raikot Road, Sadan Market, Shubash Gate, Disposal Road and College Road, near the bus stand where heaps of garbage are dumped.

Jagraon wing president Sham Lal of the Punjab Municipal Workers Union said the strike would remain on till the demand for regularising the workers is not fulfilled. When asked about the problems being faced by the general public due to their strike, he said, “We are aware of the problems of the common people and do not want to create problems for them but we have no other option and it is our compulsion to go on strike to pressurise the government.”

Jagraon Municipal Council president Baldev Krishan Dhir when contacted said the demands of safai karamcharis were already under the government’s consideration and therefore the strike was not justified.

He, however, said that the MC was looking for alternate ways to lift the garbage.



10 SHOs appointed
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 12
The police administration appointed 10 SHOs and additional SHOs on the seats lying vacant at different police stations here today.

As per the orders, Jaswinder Singh has been appointed as the SHO, Shimlapuri, Daljit Singh Virk becomes the SHO of Moti Nagar, Surinder Singh, additional SHO, Focal Point, has been appointed as the SHO of PS Salemtabri, Ashwani Kumar becomes the SHO of Division Number 8, Sukhdeep Singh has been appointed as the SHO, Daba, SI Anil Kumar becomes the SHO, PS Division Number 2, SI Bittan Kumar becomes the Additional SHO, PS Division Number 7, Gopalkrishan becomes the additional SHO, PS Daresi, SI Gurpreet Singh becomes the SHO, Ladowal, and Sub Inspector Inderjit Singh becomes the SHO of Meharbaan.



Delivery sans staff
ESI hospital postpones inquiry by a week
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 12
The probe to be conducted by a three-member committee into the delivery case of Chanchla Devi has been postponed to next week.

It was on November 3 when her family members had alleged that Chachala Devi had delivered a baby girl on the premises of ESIC Model Hospital Ludhiana but in the absence of doctors and other paramedical staff.

Earlier, the hospital authorities were supposed to file the inquiry report into this case by November 11.

Dr Permanand, Medical Superintendent, ESIC Model Hospital, said,”This week we had two holidays of Eid and Gurupurb. Moreover, Dr Promila Jindal, head of the gyanecology department of Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, whose name has also been included in the inquiry panel, will be available on November 15. So the inquiry will be conducted by next week-end.”

The two other members of the inquiry panel include Dr Suruchi Aggarwal and Dr Rajan Sayal of the ESIC Model hospital itself.



Police tells public to avoid Advani’s rath yatra route
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 12
The Ludhiana traffic police has appealed to the residents here and those coming from outside the city to adopt alternative routes as all major roads in the city will be busy in connection with LK Advani's rath yatra tomorrow.

The rath yatra will start at 4 pm from Ferozpur Road, near the octroi post. About 400 vehicles are expected to be acompanying the yatra. The yatra will pass through Aarti Chowk, Bhai Bala Chowk, Bharat Nagar Chowk and reach the Jagraon Bridge. After paying tributes to the martyrs at Jagraon Bridge, the yatra will move towards Ghanta Ghar, Purani Sabzi Mandi and then reach Daresi Grounds in the evening. The yatra will start from Daresi Grounds to Ghanta Ghar, Jagraon Bridge, Bharat Nagar Chowk, Bus Stand and then culminate at K.Mall.

The police has appealed to the public to adopt other routes so that traffic moved smoothly. Sajjan Singh Cheema, ADCP, Traffic, said roads would be blocked only at the time of the passing of the yatra from a particular road. "Though we will not block all roads, at the same time, we will not allow the public to move when the yatra passes through a particular point. We appeal to the masses to cooperate with us," said Cheema.



Six cases of power theft detected
Rs 90,000 penalty imposed on defaulters
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, November 12
Under the stepped up drive to check the power theft, officials of the operation wing of the City Central division of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) conducted raids in Harbanspura, Kashmir Nagar and Khud Mohalla localities in Division No 3 this morning.

Energy meters and electrical installations of more than 100 consumers were inspected out of which six commercial units were found stealing power either with the energy meters that were tampered with or through bypassing the metered supply.

Senior Executive Engineer of the PSPCL MP Singh said a penalty of Rs 90,000 had been imposed in theft cases and demand notices issued to the defaulting consumers. He said the field staff had been directed to maintain strict vigil on consumers to check the pilferage of power.



SSA bends under pressure
Stops sending monitor diaries to schools
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 12
Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), Punjab, under the pressure of teachers’ association stopped sending monitor diaries to schools. A letter circulated to all schools by the Director General of School Education (DGSE) states that the monitor diaries would not be sent to the schools in future.

Associations of school teachers had objected to the decision taken by the Director General of School Education since long. They claimed that this was putting students and teachers under severe pressure due to unnessary filework. Jaswinder Singh, president, Math Teachers’ Association, said, "We welcome this decision. There wasn’t anything in the monitor diaries, but it was the matter of dignity. Monitor diary means that the department has no trust on teachers." “It was an useless idea, how can a student monitor the teacher? The DGSE took this decision to remove the condition of the moniter diary,” said a teacher from the local Government Senior Secondary School.



Mystery surrounds woman’s death
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 12
Ruby Rai (25), wife of Ravish Rai, a resident of New Basant Nagar, died under mysterious circumstances at a private hospital here today. A post-mortem examination of the body was conducted at the local Civil Hospital.

The local police has informed Ruby’s parents, who live in Uttar Pradesh, about her death.

The couple was married for the past eight years and had two children.



Para Olympics
Special children, parents on cloud nine
Sunny of Asha Kiran wins 50-m dash
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, November 12
A large number of boys and girls and seniors representing different NGOs and schools from all over the state competed in various sports disciplines of sports and fun games being organised during the 14th Punjab State Special Olympics at Guru Nanak Public School, Sarabha Nagar, here today.

Parents as well as trainers of these “special” players were seen cheering them up to give their best. Sharing his feeling after his son won several medals, a parent said such events should be held at regular interval so that the children could enjoy and feel at par with others.

Today’s results: 50-m Dash (Lower ability-male): Sunny Kumar (Asha Kiran, Hoshiarpur) 1st, Rohit Kumar (Asha Kiran, Hoshiarpur) 2nd and Navjot (Udaan, Jalandhar) 3rd. 100-m Dash (22 to 29 years male): Kewal (DAV Red Cross, Amritsar) 1st, Ankit (DAV Red Cross, Amritsar) 2nd, and Gagandeep (Ek Prayas, Ludhiana) 3rd.

100-m Dash (16-21 years male): Suraj (B.P.S., Amritsar) 1st, Mohit (DAV Red Cross, Amritsar) 2nd and Gaurav (Muskan, Ludhiana) 3rd. 100-m Dash (16 to 21 years female): Shalu (Saint Francis, Pathankot) 1st, Varundeep Kaur (Sahyog, Sangrur) 2nd and Renu (B.P.S., Amritsar) 3rd. 25-m Dash (Lower ability male): Harvinder Singh (Muskan, Ludhiana) 1st, Rupesh Kumar (Asha AWWA, Pathankot) 2nd and Ramesh Singh (Asha AWWA, Pathankot) 3rd.

25-m Dash (Lower ability female): Neha (AMK, Ropar) 2nd, Jewan Lata (Mini Bright, Pathankot) 2nd and Diksha (T.S.K, Nawashahar) 3rd. Softball Throw (Lower ability male): Sandeep (Ek Prayas, Ludhiana) 1st, Arashvir (Asha Kiran, Hoshiarpur) 2nd, Amraj S. (DAV Red Cross, Amritsar) 3rd. 100-m Dash (12 to 15 year male): Mandeep (Muskan, Ludhiana) 1st, Shahid (Muskan, Ludhiana) 2nd and Gulshan (St. Francis, Pathankot). 100-m Dash (8 to 11 years male): Kamal Khanna (Asha Kiran, Hoshiarpur) 1st, Gautam (Muskan, Ludhiana) 2nd and Harish (Udaan, Jalandhar) 3rd. 100-m Dash (8 to 11 years female): Ritu Kumari (Asha AWWA, Pathankot) 1st, Pooja Rani (Asha Kiran, Hoshiarpur) 2nd and Anjali (Muskan, Ludhiana) 3rd. 100-m Dash (12 to 15 years female): Mandeep Kaur (Asha AWWA, Pathankot) 1st, Rajdeep Kaur (Umang, Faridkot) 2nd and Mamata Sharma (Asha AWWA, Pathankot) 3rd. 25-m walk (Lower ability male): Laddi (Udaan, Faridkot) 1st, Tanveer Singh (AMK, Ropar) 2nd and Harshbir Singh (Ashirwad, Ludhiana) 3rd. 50-m dash (Lower ability female): Rajdeep Kaur (Umang, Faridkot) 1st, Akko Kaur (Uddan, Faridkot) 2nd and Neha (AMK, Ropar) 3rd. Shotput (8 to 1 Years Male): Rinku (Asha Kiran, Hoshiarpur) 1st and Jasdeep Singh (Navjivani Sular, Patiala) 2nd.

Shotput (8 to 11 years female): Ritu Kumari (Asha AWWA, Pathankot) 1st and Pooja Rani (Asha Kiran, Hoshiarpur) 2nd. Shotput (12 to 15 years male): Sourav Thakur (Asha AWWA, Pathankot) 1st, Satnam (Asha Kiran, Pathankot) 2nd and Manvir Singh (Asha AWWA, Pathankot) 3rd.

Shotput (12 to 15 years female): Mamta Sharma (Asha AWWA, Pathankot) 1st, Gurdeep Kaur (Sahyog, Sangrur) 2nd and Reepika (Saint Francis, Pathankot) 3rd. Shotput (Lower ability male): Shingarveer Singh (DSOA, Mohali) 1st, Gurpreet Singh (DSOA, Mohali) 2nd. Shotput (16 to 21 years female): Deepika (Saint Francis, Pathankot) 1st, Deepa Gautam (Chetak, Bathinda Cantt) 2nd and Varundeep Kaur (Sahyog, Sangrur) 3rd.



Dr Ishwar Singh hockey tourney from Nov 14
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, November 12
The 13th Inter-School Diwali Hockey Tournament, organised every year in memory of Dr Ishwar Singh, the founder president of Guru Nanak National College, will start from November 14 at Guru Nanak Stadium.

A total of 7 teams, including Doraha Public School, Guru Nanak Model Senior Secondary School, Doraha, Nanakana Sahib Senior Secondary School, Rampur, Nankana Sahib Senior Secondary School, Kila Raipur, Mehta Gurukul Senior Secondary School, Doraha, Government Senior Secondary School, Jatana, and Malwa Senior Secondary School, Ludhiana, will take part in the tournament.

Principal Dr Narinder Singh Sidhu said Dr Hardaljit Singh Gosal, Principal, Govind College, Narangwal, will be chief guest for the closing ceremony.

Dr Nirlep Kaur, head, physical education department, said the winning team would be awarded cash prize of Rs 5,100 along with team and individual trophies and the runners up shall be given a prize of Rs 3,100 along with the team and individual trophies.



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