A long talent sheet…

STAR APPEAL: Aditya Raj Kapoor

Legendary actor Shammi Kapoor's son Aditya Raj Kapoor — actor, director, chef, corporate honcho, level-six Salsa dancer, charcoal artist - is living full throttle!

Here for the ongoing Chandigarh Carnival, he shares excerpts from the happening journey that life has been. Chandigarh is synonymous with happy childhood memories at Hotel Mountview where Aditya would spend month-long-vacation when studying in Sanawar. "The trips to Sukhna Lake were awesome, we didn't have Rock Garden then," he says.

Aditya barely finished school when he started working at RK Studios in Mumbai under Raj Kapoor and Randhir Kapoor as assistant director. With movies like Bobby, Dharam Karam and Satyam Shivam Sundaram under his belt, Aditya chose to change his field; he ventured into warehousing, transport and later set up some 10 amusement parks in India.

"It was easy to take up acting as a career in my family, but I chose to be adventurous," says Aditya, who has had his fair share of achievements in diverse fields - an Indo-Israel joint venture called Education Learner Shogun Limited; designed the first cooking range by Niki Tasha, migrated to the UAE to set up a fashion academy, Pearl Design School and also reached to level six mastery in salsa!

Comparisons with his famous dad have been part of his life (he resembles Shammi Kapoor in looks and gait) and salsa is another offshoot, "I can't dance like dad but, I can do salsa on any of his songs," he says. It's only some time back that Aditya made a comeback to the movie industry. "If Ranbir is generation four actor, I am generation five," he chuckles. "Ranbir is brilliant," he adds.

Memory bank

Aditya Raj Kapoor is all praise for the Filmcity that's been put up as a tribute to legendary Shammi Kapoor at Chandigarh Carnival. Aditya labels his relationship with his famous father as 'adventurous'. He wears the very bracelet that he would hold on as a kid while going with his dad. "Dad led by example. He was a superstar yet he tried to find time for us always," says Aditya, who would always find a 1,000 people between him and his dad. "At that time the media was much different. People would show up at home itself." Aditya sighs when we mention his late mum Geeta Bali. "Dad was hopelessly in love with her," says the son who wants to be as natural an actor as she was!


Silk and shine

When the dresses are heavily embellished with the semi-precious stones, swaroskis, then sarees, lehengas and gowns become part of jewellery themselves. Most of the dresses by Delhi-based designer Parul Grover boast of the ornamental look. Her dresses are on display at the exhibition — Wedding Asia. More than 55 exhibitors at the exhibition have it all for the would-be brides from head to toe and lehengas, sarees, gowns and cocktail wear for all the days of the 'Indian wedding festival'.

Apart from designer clothes and jewellery apart, the exhibition also has wedding planners, accessories, home décor and furnishings and photographers for a complete package.

Grover, who essentially creates designs for bridal wear and trousseau, has dresses ranging up to Rs 3.75 lakh. "The brides don't have to wear much jewellery with my dresses as they are already bejewelled and beautifully designed," she said. "Dabka, zardori, swaroski when combined together bring out the traditional flavour with a modern touch. Some of my dresses also have the Victorian style with the frills," she added.

Many designers, including Taniya Khanuja, Amit Talwar, Sikandar Nawaz, Anu Hora are exhibiting their collections. — TNS 

Lasting Im-print
Even as most young writers in today's age run to New Delhi, we explore what kind of options Chandigarh has as far as getting books published is concerned
Vasudha Gupta

man of letters: Harish Jain

One look at how the concept of publishing came up takes us back to the world where images were drawn on the rocks, some of which are preserved till date. Fast forward to today — every hoity-toity feels they have the writer in them. So as the complacent kohl-wearing run to Delhi to seek publishers for their manuscripts, we look closer around and find out about the publishing houses in Chandigarh.

And one point where the three publishing houses here converge, without competition, is the lack of reading habits in Chandigarh. Anil Sharma, owner of the Arun Publishing House, shares his views on the subject. "There is no doubt that the young readership in Chandigarh is very low," he says. Established in 1977 and groomed as a book as well as publishing firm by late SR Sharma, who retired as an assistant librarian from the Panjab University, the publishing house is now being looked after by Nalin Sharma and Anil Sharma. "Most authors prefer Rupa and Penguin for getting published," says Anil.

Primarily into research-based books, Arun Publishing House is also venturing into fiction and non-fiction titles. "Even the latest concept of downloading books from the Internet is spelling danger for us," he says. A fond memory has been printing 'Memoirs of Nek Chand, through their Rock Garden, a vision of creativity'.

Established in 1920 and getting into the publishing industry only in the year 2000, Abhishek Publications today has over 700 titles to its credit. Specialising in books related to textile technology, the publishing house is also into fiction and non-fiction books. Talking about the basic problems being faced by them, Bharat Bhushan Mehndiratta, owner of the publishing house, says, "Reading culture in Chandigarh is very low. In North India, the primary focus is on food." Publishing Aditya Prakash's coffee table book, Chandigarh, the city beautiful, has been a high point for the publishing house.

For Harish Jain of Unistar publications, the level of reading in Chandigarh is not at the level where it can come off age. "Everyone will remember the name of the author or the name of the bookstore, there are very few who will know about the publishers," he says. Established in 1980, in Sirhind, the publishing house is into poetry and fiction.

Being the largest publisher of Punjabi books comes with its own set of problems. "The readers of Punjabi books don't have a good mass market," he says. Inching towards digitalization of books, Unistar is now planning to get into the net savvy world of e-books.

So, next time the writer in you surfaces, remember, even Chandigarh can take you to the Booker!


Carnival calling

FUN TIME: Youngsters have a gala time at the Chandigarh Carnival

Once again, all roads lead to Leisure Valley-10 where a magical Jaadu Nagri is set to celebrate this year's Chandigarh Carnival. All decked up floats on the themes — City Beautiful, magical world, cartoon characters — render a cheerful touch to the fair.
Kashmir ki kali As melodies from Shammi Kapoor's era including Yeh Chaand Sa Roshan Chehra reverberate in the air and artistes dressed in Kashmiri ensemble shoot the song sequences, the Film City set up by ITFT recreates the magic of Kashmir where many of Shammi Kapoor's hit films were shot. Shikaras settle on the pond-side while Kashmir tourism and emporium stalls bring the flavour of the state to the city.

Opportunity to win Chandigarh carnival truly aims at promoting local talent. Singing, dancing, photography — whatever be your passion, take part and share your flair. On the spot photography competition organised by Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi promises rich rewards! Select stalls Le Corbusier Centre and Lalit Kala Akademi stalls have interesting knick-knacks on display. City lovers can pick up souvenirs and art lovers can go for arty stuff at reasonable prices (t-shirt with prints for Rs 250, Open-Hand photo frames for Rs 350). SEVA stalls offer more than goods — creative potpourri of mind-ticklers, creative stories to tough puzzles. 

CITCO da Vehra Through the years, CITCO da Vehra has become synonymous with Chandigarh Carnival. Indulge in sarson ka saag, makki ki roti and chatti wali lassi for a Punjabi treat in a well-created village ambience.

Read on British Council Library stall at the carnival brings to you various activities for children such as story-telling session, tattoo-making, clay modelling et al. It is also offering special membership at a discount of Rs 300 and free backpack. 

The foodies
Colonial temptation
Poonam Bindra

It's indeed a foodie's delight. With its signature ambience of the colonial wooden décor, subtle stain glass lightings and a wide variety of food and drinks, Geoffrey's from Sarovar group is the place to be. Situated in the heart of the city, Ansal Plaza, Geoffrey's is the place for an evening out or a morning kitty party and for the adventurous foodies. The choice varies from Thai to Chinese to continental dishes besides our authentic 'desi' fare, complete with the typical Chicken tikka masala and Mushroom hara piaz.

Attuned to the Punjabi way of life, this suave eating joint has been careful to stick to the original recipes. You can taste their dal makhani and fish Amritsari and you know what we are talking about.

"I like to go back to the basic recipe and modulate the taste without losing sight of what made it so delicious originally," informs chef Vishvesh Khanna, who is known for the crispy falafels he dishes out.

"We come here for Geoffrey's healthy combo salad with its freshest veggies and the tangy fatoosh salad with the sprinkling of sumac powder made with pomegranate seeds," says Anjali and Aksahay Vohra who are here with their teenage children.

This joint is known for the variegated array laid out at the Sunday buffet. In the alcohol section 'flaming shots' is what connoisseurs seem to relish.

"The mellowed litchis with ice-cream and a bite of the caramel is the perfect finale to a hearty dinner" was the comment by Reena and Joy, young executives who visited the place.

Price: Rs 350 plus taxes per person for Sunday breakfast.

A lavish meal for two would cost Rs 1,200 plus taxes.

first-day-first show
Twist in the tales

Desi Boyz

Desi Boyz is the story of two men who are forced to do something extremely bizarre which gives them instant gratification but the repercussions tear them apart and its aftermath which tests everything, including their friendship. The world has been struck by the financial meltdown. But Jerry Patel (Akshay Kumar) and Nick Mathur (John Abraham) don't feel a thing in their comfortable pad in London. Nick feels smug with his successful investment banking job, a bonus in his pocket and his beautiful fiancé, Radhika (Deepika Padukone) by his side, while Jerry is so used to scraping the bottom of the barrel and living off his best buddy Nick that recession feels like home. But life has a way of pulling the rug from under our feet. Nick and Jerry stop smiling the day Nick's company decides to downsize and unceremoniously fires him. And Jerry is informed by the social services that his nephew Veer, whom Jerry is local guardian to, will be placed in a foster home unless he gets a steady job.

Starring: Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone and Chitrangda Singh.

Fun moments

There is an awesome chemistry between Akshay Kumar and John Abraham which makes it a fun film. The movie is an out-and-out entertainer which keeps you glued to your seats. The comedy is well supported by a strong storyline.

Raj Walia, B Com, 2nd year student, DAV College

Sizzling hot

The movie is very funny only because of Akshay and John's comedy and they look dashing as the male escorts. Deepika and Chitrangda sizzle and are definitely the eye candies.

Rashit Sharma, BA 3rd year student, GGDSD College

Hilarious duo

The funny oneliners thrown here and there are amazing. The music also is very entertaining. John and Akshay form a humorous duo and they have done a better job than that in Garam Masala.

Varun Saini, employee, ICICI Bank

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

In this part you are cordially invited to the wedding of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen (Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson). Yes, the time has finally come for Bella to put an end to that pesky love triangle and seal the deal with Edward, but Jacob (Taylor Lautner) holds a grudge and brooding ensues. The newlyweds wave goodbye to the friends and family and hop a plane to Rio de Janeiro after which they board a boat to the secret island de Cullen. Hence, Bella gets a baby bump. As Bella's baby grows, it destroys her from inside.

Starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner

Not so good

As a fan of Twilight this particular part of movie did not satisfy me at all. As for the critics of this series, this movie is too confusing and not worth it.

Anushka Randhawa, BA 1st year student, MCM DAV College

Stagnant story

The climax of the movie is not impressive, humour is very occasional and more or less the story is stagnant. The main characters look as if they are side actors.

Adhiraj Gulati, B.Com 1st year student, Khalsa College

End less

Being a huge fan of the Twilight series the movie is not to be missed at all. Only one thing is frustrating that you don't get to know the end and wait for the next part.

Neharika Tyagi, B.com 3rd year student, GGDSD College

(As told to Sabia Talwar)

Going global

Sony Music Entertainment, has announced its entry into the Punjabi music market through an exclusive music licensing and repertoire development agreement with Punjab's leading music label, Audio Touch. Comprising of over 1000 songs, 200 song videos across varied categories, including spiritual, folk, pop and artistws including Kaler Kant, Sabar Koti, Miss Pooja, KS Makhan, Geeta Zaildar, Kala Nizampuri and more, Audio Touch catalog is a great addition to Sony Music's Punjab repertoire.

Punjab, a vibrant music market, has an impressive and growing talent pool where Sony Music Entertainment aggressively plans to develop local artiste roster by setting up a dedicated team. This team will be working on managing artistes and their work, exploring Publishing, live music and branding opportunities.

Commenting on the same, Shridhar Subramaniam, president, India and Middle East, Sony Music Entertainment said, "Punjabi music has huge potential with followers not only in India but internationally as well. Our entry into this market reinforces our commitment to expand in the regional music business. —TNS 

Technically speaking
Do you sleep text? You could be badly stressed

Day-to-day stress has triggered an unusual habit of sleep texting-where people text messages even while sleeping, according to researchers.

People with this peculiar condition send incoherent messages while asleep to their friends and family - completely unaware of doing it, said researcher Frank Thorne.

"Patients reported incidents of sleep texting - were advised to leave their mobile phones outside the bedroom, it is one of those things that happen, but it is very rare, and certainly not a common trend," said sleep specialist David Cunnington. He described sleep texting as the result of having too much to do during daytime.

"People are doing so much during a normal day that it makes them feel like they're on call even at night," he explained.

"It's so easy to receive emails constantly and get notifications from smartphones, that it becomes difficult for us to separate our waking and sleeping time," he added. — IANS

Star track
Scripting a Dirty tale 

Tusshar Kapoor is one more person who is making news for The Dirty Picture as he will be romancing Vidya Balan. Here is a small chat with the actor…

Fan club: Tusshar Kapoor

Interesting experience

When the film was getting scripted I was nowhere there in the film but later it was Milan who asked Ekta whether I could do the role or not. Then when I heard the script I found it interesting. And working with Milan was a great experience.

Playing scriptwriter

I am playing the role of a scriptwriter Ramakant who is a shy and slow guy. He is a colourful character in himself, he is romantic at heart but very shy. He loves Silk, who is very bold. My character goes through an interesting graph.

Knowing Silk

It seems everyone is thinking it’s the biopic of Silk Smitha but let me tell you it’s just an inspiration from her life. The film revolves around a porn star but there is nothing like nudity or anything vulgar in the film. So we did not need to do any research and the characters around are totally new so we had to play what Milan had in mind.

Getting intimate

It’s a role of a lifetime for her. After watching the film, I have become a fan of Vidya as she is a great actress. People are expecting her to be bold and getting dirty in the film but let me tell you there is nothing like that. It’s more of an iconic role. Performances by every actor will be memorable. Yes, there are few intimate scenes in the film but I enjoyed working with Vidya as she is a very down to earth person who concentrates on her work. When we were doing our intimate scenes we thought we should finish it in the first take only so that we don’t need to repeat it (laughs). It feels weird because so many people are looking at you. This was a demand of the script but there is nothing vulgar in the film.

Projects in the pipeline

I have Char Din Ki Chandni directed by Samir Karnik where I am playing the solo lead. It’s a comedy film. Then I am also shooting for Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum. Ritesh and I get along really well. But the story in the film is totally new as I play a model who wants to become an actor. Then there is Bhaiya Superhit directed by Neeraj Pathak. While I play a Bengali guy who is a writer of a mad comedy, Sunny Deol is the don of a small town. —HRM

Britney enjoys competition

inspiring company: Britney Spears

Pop diva Britney Spears says she is inspired by the younger generation of artists such as Jessie J and Adele.

The Toxic singer made a comeback earlier this year with her Femme Fatale album, and is glad to have competition from new young artists, who push her to make her songs and live shows better.

“It’s really cool because there are so many new, up-and-coming artists to look at and be inspired by. For me, I think it’s great to have a little competition because I feel it inspires and makes me want to do better. There are so many soulful singers, even the ones coming from London, like Adele and Jessie J, who are just amazing. It feels like a really cool time to be making music now,” Spears said.

The 29-year-old, who rose to fame in 1998 aged 16 with her track Baby One More Time, also said she has grown in her career and now feels comfortable with her position in the music business.

“I think as the years have gone by, and as I’ve evolved as an artist, I’ve put even more into my career, and after that amount of time you start to know exactly what you want. You feel a little bit more in your skin, in terms of who you are. And that just feels really nice.” — PTI

Launch pad for Tiger 

Bollywood calling: Tiger Shroff

Did Aamir Khan meet Jackie Shroff in Mahabaleshwar hill resort last week to finalise plans to launch Jackie’s son Tiger? Jackie didn’t confirm it, but said that to be launched by Aamir would be a big privilege for his son.

“Aamir and I have known each another for years. We’re fond of one another. I was shooting for Ananth Mahadevan’s Life’s Good in Mahabaleshwar. Aamir has a home there. He dropped in to see me twice. As far as launching Tiger goes, I’d be really happy if it happens,” said Jackie.’

Even Subhash Ghai has shown a keen interest in the boy. In fact, Ghai’s interest goes back to Tiger’s childhood when he had made a pledge he would launch his friend and discovery Jackie’s son whenever the boy was ready to take the plunge. But now there is a very interesting twist in Tiger’s tale, with Bollywood’s resident maverick-producer Aamir showing a keen interest in launching Tiger.

When asked about his son, Jackie said: “Tiger has turned out...decent. Hasn’t he? Yes, he has met Aamir Khan. To be launched by Aamir would be a big privilege. Aamir is very fine producer, actor and human being. My boy would be in great hands. However, Subhashji is also very keen. Do you know he had done Ayesha and mine kanyaadan? To unka Tiger pe haq banta hai. Let’s see...” After playing bit roles in Dev Anand’s Swami Dada, Jackie got his big break with Subhash Ghai’s Hero.

Reminiscing about his own launch, the 51-year-old chuckles, “Tiger has it all laid out in front of him. When I had come into the industry, I had no one to guide me. If Subhashji had not given me a break, I wonder what would’ve happened to me!” — IANS

Shah Rukh offers to strip

King of humour: Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan turned an otherwise drab official function into a rib-tickling affair by offering to strip and reveal his bermudas on stage at the inauguration of the 42nd International Film Festival of India (IFFI) recently.

Shah Rukh, the chief guest at the inauguration of the 11-day festival, was at his hilarious best and had union Minister for Information and Broadcasting Ambika Soni and Goa Chief Minister Digambar Kamat in splits by threatening to strip down to his beach wear, which he claimed he was wearing beneath his formal slacks.

“I wanted to wear my bermudas, but then chose to wear my suit. But I am still wearing bermudas beneath. Do you want me to take my pants off,” he asked, leaving the 1,000 strong audience laughing their guts out.

“The younger girls (referring to compere Tisca Chopra and actress Rituparna Sengupta) and Ambika ji are saying ‘take it off, take it off’!” Khan chided in banter, after being at the receiving end of Soni’s playful jibe at him in her introductory speech.

Soni had earlier said that it was “extremely easy” to get Shah Rukh Khan to attend the festival and that she did not have to approach any “powerful” friends and people to coax the Bollywood badshah to attend the mega I&B event.

“All I told him was that we need to him to come to the festival to raise the profile of the IFFI (International Film Festival of India). And he said yes,” Soni said, even as Shah Rukh had the organisers waiting for nearly 40 minutes before he arrived at the venue.

The festival will screen more than 100 movies from 65 countries and will have special packages like ‘Master Classes’ by renowned film personalities like Milcho Manchevski, Hugh Welchman, Laurence Kardish and a first of its kind package of 3D and animation movies.

Actress Madhuri Dixit and Freida Pinto are also expected to attend the festival. — IANS

The punch girl

Kristen Stewart says she accidentally punched co-star Chris Hemsworth during a fight scene for ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’. The 21-year-old actress, who is playing the titular character and is currently shooting the fantasy movie, left the Hollywood hunk with a black eye and a big lump on his nose after a fight scene went wrong.

“Girls, if you’ve ever wondered if it works, it works! I was supposed to miss him but I basically knocked him right out of his close-up,” she said.

The Twilight Saga star, who has been pictured with scraped and bruised knuckles this week, also said that she won the sought after part after a “really intense, four-hour” meeting with director Catherine Hardwick. — PTI

Super dimension

On a hiatus following his illness, Tamil superstar Rajinikanth will now act in India’s first 3D film directed by his younger daughter, Soundarya. Work on his under-production Rana, on whose sets he fell ill early this year, has been postponed in favour of the 3D film Kochadaiyaan.

According to a release here, the film will be released in August, after which Rajinikanth will resume shooting for Rana.

This is the first time that a 3D film with “performance capturing technology” is being produced in India. — PTI

Home coming

Reel to real: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Twilight couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are reportedly renting a luxurious apartment in west London together.The couple, who play on-screen lovers Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in the Twilight franchise, are renting a flat to use it as a base when they are in Europe.

The spacious flat has an open plan kitchen, modern decor throughout, a master bedroom, comfy arm chairs and a stylish dressing table. It also has a second bedroom, an open plan living area and a large rooftop terrace which offers fantastic views over the city.

London-born Pattinson, 25, likes to spend as much time in his home country as he can, and Stewart, 21, has been based in the UK recently while filming Snow White and The Huntsman.

Pattinson and Stewart were also spotted out on a date, watching folk singer Laura Marling at the exclusive Soho House members’ club.

“It took a while for staff to realise who they were. Once in, they kept it low-key by standing at the back sipping pints. You’d never have guessed they were film stars,” a source said. — PTI

Luxurious love nest

Fun time: Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston and her partner Justin Theroux have splashed 60,000 dollars on a luxury hotel suite for three months. The 42-year-old actress and her beau have been holed up in the famous Sunset Towel Hotel in a plush room that has been serving as their love nest in recent weeks.

The Friends star has been without a pad in Los Angeles since she sold her Beverly Hills mansion for 38 million dollars in July 2011.

Aniston still owns the first home she bought in the city but she rents it out to celebrity friends now.

Prior to moving into the hotel on Sunset Strip, the pair had reportedly rented a house nearby but moved out after being pestered.

According to reports, the couple celebrated their six-month anniversary by the hotel pool. Staff said that with room service and generous tips Aniston’s final tab could easily reach 100,000 dollars — ANI

Bebo beats all

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor has emerged as the sexiest Asian woman in the world, according to a survey.

Eastern Eye, a weekly, conducted a survey through social networking sites like twitter and Kareena came out on top, edging out last year’s winner Katrina Kaif.

Kareena, who recently gave hits like Bodyguard and Ra.One, won by one per cent of votes, the narrowest ever margin and beat off tough competition from some of the most stunning women from around the world.

Katrina, who had won the title for the last three years by a large margin, slipped into second place. — PTI




Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: You will be in a relaxed mood. If you need to make any personal decisions, go with your gut feel. Romance will lead to happy moments and singles can meet someone special while socialising. Tarot message: A bird in hand is worth more than two in the bush. Lucky colour: Orange. Magic number: 36.

TAURUS: Spending time with family will bring about a sense of peace and well-being. Gains from past investments for new sources of income are likely. A casual conversation can lead to romantic times. Tarot message: Beware of depleting your energy or resources on others. Lucky colour: Forest green. Magic number: 46.

GEMINI: “The Magician” conjures up some travel and business opportunities. You will be hearing from someone unexpected, like a friend from your past. Couples could be getting cabin fever. Tarot message: Trust your heart and intuition rather than confusing yourself. Lucky colour: Sky blue. Magic number: 54.

CANCER: You are articulate and others are ready to tune in to what you are offering. Work will progress satisfactorily. By evening you can be in an irritable mood and will be prone to losing your temper with friends and family. Tarot message: Avoid frictions with business partners. Lucky colour: Brown. Magic number: 62.

LEO: A busy day ahead but any indulgence of previous evenings could be catching up with you. An important task to maintain a sound relationship seems difficult. Your chances of success are better today than ever before. Tarot message: Be firm and stand your ground. Lucky colour: Pink. Magic number: 59.

VIRGO: Don’t trust unreliable friends or relatives. Don’t depend on others to do your important work. You should take some advice from the people whom you see as your ideal. Try exercising for relaxation. Tarot message: Remember never to fall for rash promises. Lucky colour: Purple. Magic number: 52.

LIBRA: Today mixing with friends could be tricky. If you don’t want to be alone, choose a companion who is least likely to irritate you. Don’t get involved in petty arguments with your mate or partner. Tarot message: Consolidate your gains instead of throwing security to the winds. Lucky colour: Grey.  Magic number: 58.

SCORPIO: Passionate emotions are likely to accompany your actions and you might be more impulsive than usual. You will have a better chance of getting through odd jobs connected with home and family affairs. Tarot message: Lack of confidence can leave you in losses. Lucky colour: Rust. Magic number: 45.

SAGITTARIUS: “The Hanged Man” helps you to move into new and better situation. Spirituality beckons and you are inclined to try and find out more about it. You struggle to keep your temper in check today. Take your partner for a movie. Tarot message: Focus on your dream project. Lucky colour: White. Magic number: 56.

CAPRICORN: This is a fine day to plan for future business expansion. Relax with your mate in the evening; it’s just the antidote for the trials and tensions of the day. Someone you are attracted to at work feels the same way. Tarot message: Take limited risks while speculating. Lucky colour: Crimson. Magic number: 55.

AQUARIUS: Today is open for excitement. Conquer your fear and take a chance to reality live. You may be worried and concerned about certain family issues. There could be delays with business ventures. Socialising can be costly. Tarot message: Outline your goals ahead of time. Lucky colour: Deep red. Magic number: 28.

PISCES: Things happen quickly and you need to take decisions. You are sharp and aware to capitalise opportunities. Children will be a source of joy and their progress will make you proud. Indulge in a session of yoga. Tarot message: Don’t build situations you dislike. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 34.

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is November 26...

You are usually modest and are often religious with a strong sense of morality, though tend to overemphasise the ethical codes, follow and worship beliefs about God. In a negative sense you are rigid, unloving, and intolerant and your adherence to ritual and conventional codes are more important than the truths that they symbolise or embody. You sometimes pay lip service to religions and political parties because the outward forms satisfy you, yet you may not hesitate to switch allegiance in politics or change their system of belief if you see personal advantage in doing so. You may find that your energy is better spent on entirely new activities and plans. The old stuff doesn’t appeal to you. In 2012 you’ll be audacious and won’t be afraid of anything, not even an angry boss who has been checking up on you of late. Your loved one will show intensity of his or her feelings without asking for anything in exchange. Be careful however you don’t go too far and try to be fair towards your partner. Don’t waste time wondering, waiting, or wandering in a search of subtle clues. Instructions will be signaled loud and clear. You will know the time for the next move. Those who are engaged in a job and are earning should start thinking about their responsibilities now. Be prepared to face a few small difficulties in office. Help from some unexpected source comes as a great and pleasant surprise. Mood: Cheerful and expansive. Compatible signs: Leo, Taurus. Lucky colours: Gold, Yellow.

Lucky days: Monday and Saturday. Lucky numbers: 2, 5, 11, 15, 25. Lucky gem: Bloodstone. Lucky flower: Christmas rose

Arjun Rampal (November26, 1972) has worked steadily in films such as Aankhen, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and played a supporting role in Don - The Chase Begins Again. Rampal donned the role of Jasjit who was played by Pran in the original version. Arjun Rampal has done a l ot for charity including sponsoring  many children in an orphanage. The year 2015 will bring laurels to him.

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