Sunday, November 27, 2011, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

High Status B.Tech./MBA/MCA/qualified beautiful match for handsome B.Tech. Saraswat Brahmin boy (Vashist Gotra) 10 July, 1985, 8.00 p.m. Ambala/5’-11”. Serving MNC Gurgaon, Pkg 5.5 Lac + perks. Contact: 098966-66652, 098962-00052 Email: [email protected]  [email protected]  C1-96335

Highly respectable & educated Jat Sikh Parents well-settled in U.K.
seek suitable professional match (Dentist or MBA preferred) for their well-settled Medico professional (Postgraduate in Optometry) son born & educated in U.K. age 36 Ht. 6’-0” & very handsome. Please E-mail with girl’s biodata & recent photograph at [email protected]  C1-96855

Suitable match for USA settled Jatt Sikh 33/6’-0”, handsome well
educated only son, good rural and urban properties in Punjab also. Looking for well educated, beautiful girl from a respectable and cultured family. [email protected]  C1-97360

SM4 Australian citizen Punjabi Hindu Nai NP 29 yrs., 5'-10", handsome, well-settled Engineer boy. Australia/other settled Pbi. NRI girl preferred. Caste no bar. [email protected]  C1-96493

Preferably Doctor/Engineer or Australia settled match for Himachali Rajput
handsome boy, January 1984, 5'-8", M.Sc.(Computer), MCA, working Reputed Company (Australia). Father Class-I Officer settled Chandigarh. Box 4686M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable Beautiful Match, between 23 -27 yr for US Citizen Mair Rajput Sikh
Clean shaven boy 5'-8", 31 yr old College Graduate, family business. Khatri, Sood, Upper Caste Welcome. Send Photo and Details. Contact Email: [email protected]  Contact Phone in India: 97811-69111. C1-95896

Needed American/Canadian citizen girl for Doaba Sikh Rajput, Nov.
1979/180, with Double Master (Architect Enviorments) USA, employed Research scholar. Caste no bar. E-mail: [email protected]  or 94172-93965. C1- 96509

Match for Manglik Kashyap Rajput boy, 25.10.1987, 5'- 10", B.Sc., MBA,
Govt. job Chandigarh. 9646623992, 9915861346. [email protected]  C1-96823

Match for Himachali boy 1980/5'-8", MCA, Senior Software Engineer, MNC
Gurgaon, 10 lac. Preferred B.Tech, Govt. servant, H.P. (Kangra, Una). 09711666835. [email protected]  C1-97298

Suitable match for handsome Software Engineer issueless divorce boy Oct.
69/5'-10". Upper caste & issueless. Divorcee no bar. Preference to professional. E-mail: [email protected]  Box 4744M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Educated & beautiful alliance for handsome Merchant Navy Captain boy
(unmarried), August 73/5'-5". Early marriage. E-mail: [email protected]  Box 4745M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Doaba Sikh Rajput Manhas handsome, cleanshaven, non-drinker boy, July 79/5'-9", Advocate, Mumbai High Court, JT. Secretary Consumer Court Advocate Association of Maharashtra, only son. Father well settled businessman, Mumbai. Seeks professionally qualified beautiful girl. Caste no bar. 99305-61237, 022-26651819. Email: [email protected]  C1-97605

Beautiful match for fair, non-manglik Himachali Brahmin, 5'-7", 21.11.1980,
04:30 pm, Delhi, Graduate (BA), working in Ltd. Company firm at Chandigarh, Executive Accounts, 3.06 LPA, resident Pinjore. 08295807645, 09815177446, [email protected]  C1-95275

Suitable match for Saraswat Punjabi Brahmin boy, 49/5'- 7", B.Com. Settled
in U.S. Father a retired Class I Officer. Boy coming in January. Box 4680M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Saraswat Brahmin boy, April 1977, 5'-8", Senior Journalist in
Leading English Newspaper around Chandigarh. Own house near Punjab University, Chandigarh. Caste no bar. E-mail: [email protected]  Box 4684M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for Brahmin boy, 35/5'- 11", convented, B.Sc.
Medical, Bio Technology, Medical Transcription U.S.A., citizen of Canada & permanent overseas visa to India. Coming India Ist week of January 2012. Upper caste no bar. Box 4694M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified, beautiful match for Himachali Brahmin boy, 33
yrs./6', Ph.D Physics, working as Assist. professor, 4.2 LPA. Contact: 094182-52632, 01978-263032. C1-96321

Match for Himachali based Brahmin handsome boy 5'-8", 5.10.1982, 00:20
am, Chandigarh, MBA, working MNC as Asstt. Manager. Own house in Chandigarh. 94633-21467. C1-96351

Professionally qualified, beautiful, tall, slim match for Australian Citizen
Saraswat Brahmin boy, 27 years, 5'-11", Masters in Accounting and Finance. Associate member of CPA Australia. 094175-82735. [email protected]  C1-96945

PQM 4 smart & vegetarian teetotaller Gaur Brahmin boy, 13.03.1985, 5
a.m., Chandigarh, 5'-8", MBA, earning well. Family settled in Chandigarh. Well educated beautiful girl in and around Chandigarh preferred. Kundli must. Contact: 098962-18060 or Email BHP: [email protected]  C1-97239

Suitable match for handsome boy 11.10.1984, 5'-10", 4 a.m., Gohana,
B.Com., MCA, MBA, employed MNC Bank, Chandigarh. Tricity employed girl preferred. 98145- 65999. [email protected]  98729-93053. C1-96959

Non-manglik Alliance invited for handsome, MBA, Feb. 1980/5'-10", Asstt.
Manager (Ludhiana, Bank). Educated family. [email protected]  Box 4759M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Kamboj, BE, MBA, June 1980, 5'-10", cleanshaven, fair, Inspector
GR-I Punjab, right foot amputation, normal walking educated, homely normal girl required. No dowry. 098727-77191, 098729-00542, Email: [email protected]  C1-95830

Mazbhi Sikh boy height 5'-10", 28+, U.K. born, Govt. job in U.K. Beautiful &
English speaking girl preferred. 089687-76517. Box 4707M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Ramdasia Sikh boy 30/5'-10", M.D. (Own Software Company) at IT Park,
Chandigarh, 50,000/-+, B.A., doing MBA 2nd Semester. Father retired. 98146-41010. [email protected]  C1-97583

Professionally qualified match for Ramdasia boy, BE, MBA, Aug. 1980, 6',
working Mumbai, 9 LPA. 098781- 66266. Email: [email protected]  C1-97879

Suitable match for Ramdasia Sikh vegetarian boy, cleanshaven, smart,
5'-11"/83, B.Sc (Airline & Hospitality Management), own Building Construction business. Contact with full profile & photo: [email protected] ; 08146555533. C1-97975

Suitable match for American settled Jat Sikh clean shave handsome boy
27/5'-11", done Masters from USA good rural and urban property. Girl should be well qualified preferably US citizen, Green Card holder, H1B visa or student visa. Send bio-data & picture at Email: [email protected]  or Contact at: 98153-20154. A1- 92060

Jat Sikh parents seek MD match for their US born son 28, 6'-3" tall doing
Residency in California. Please respond with recent picture and biodata to: [email protected]  C1-73000

Australian well settled Jat Sikh family, seeks alliance for their handsome
son, 30 yr, fair, 5'-11", well educated, senior role in bank. Seeking tall, slim and well educated Jat Sikh girl from a respectable family. Please send latest photo with family details to [email protected]  C1-85006B

Jat Sikh parents seek professionally qualified match for Australian Born
clean shaven April 87 born, 5'-7", boy. Just completed Law & Accounting double degree, working for Government agency. Highly reputable, educated, well-connected and landlord family with property in Punjab and Australia, migrated to Australia in 1984. Send biodata and few recent pictures to: [email protected]  or call +61402256711. C1-89194B

Well-qualified match for Jat Sikh turbaned, non-trimmer boy, 33/5'-8".
Canadian PR, Marketing Graduate and employed in Canada. Caste and dowry no consideration. M.No. 097966-69198, [email protected]  C1-90160

Tall, beautiful, educated match for handsome, clean- shaven 30/6'-1"
Jat-Sikh U.S. citizen, shortly completing MBA. Earning in high five figures in $, [email protected] , 98724-53916. C1-91042

Professionally qualified match for handsome turbaned MBA, M.Sc., 30/6'+,
Govt. employed. 0164-2211128. [email protected]  C1-92644

Matrimonial correspondence is invited for a Jat Sikh boy of 27 years, 6'-3",
M.Sc. IT, CCNA, employed by MNC as Network Engineer in Gurgaon. Girl should be around 25 years and preferably with immigration to UK or any other country, all maternal family is in UK. Please apply with photo. Email: [email protected]  [email protected]  C1-93203B

SM for Jat Sikh 38, 6 feet, MBA, very handsome, Canadian-citizen, working
with investment bank Toronto. Looking for beautiful, tall, English Speaking partner. e-mail : [email protected]  Phone : 0019052620411. C1-93349

Match for handsome Jat-Sikh boy 30, 5'-11", Canada permanent resident,
M.A., B.Ed., looking well- qualified, beautiful girl. Now in India, early marriage. Respond with photo and biodata. E-mail: [email protected]  Box 4620M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh boy, Sept.1980/ 5'-9", MBA (UK), M.Sc. Biotechnology, working Customer Care Professional on permanent basis in reputed retail firm in UK, holds 2 years UK work permit. All family settled abroad. Seeks educated, cultured, beautiful girl. Email: [email protected] , 00447581716107, 00919914512312. C1-93795

Suitable match for Jatsikh, 1980 born, 5'-10", handsome, well settled
Australia with own business and property applied PR studied YPS brother scientist, sister architect, both Australian citizens and settled Australia. Parents retired (academicians) settled Chd. residential property Chd./Moh. Seek simple educated girl with good values and family oriented. Boy coming early Jan. 12. Simple early marriage. Mobile: +61407- 656091, [email protected]  C1-94375

Jatt Sikh parents seek match for their 6'-1", 28 years old, very handsome,
intelligent, decent, clean shaven, athletic build, vegetarian, teetotaller son. Educated in India, currently working in San Francisco as Senior Business Development Manager with top technology company on H1B visa. Looking for beautiful, tall (min 5'-6"), well-educated girl from decent and cultured family. Boy visiting India in Dec. Please contact: [email protected]  C1-95658

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh Gill boy 5'-8", Sept. 84, pursuing
Ph.D. (CS) from top US University, BE (Electronics) PEC Chandigarh, worked 2.5 year in MNC. Setting up Telecom Software business in India. Status officer family seeks homely beautiful girl with similar background. Email: [email protected]  C1-95682

Beautiful, educated, homely match for 5'-8", 34 yrs, fair, very handsome Jat
Sikh Engineer boy, well settled in USA, earning Rs 90 lakhs/year. Commercial & residential properties around Chandigarh, very high status family based in Chandigarh. Boy coming to India soon. Email: [email protected]   C1-95684

Boy of 27 from UK, highly qualified, looking for an educated girl from
professional family and adaptable to both cultures East and West. Please contact with details by Email: [email protected]  Telephone: 00442920462835/00441446781259/07971701791. C1-95856B

British Jat Sikh parents seek homely girl for their 5 ft 9 handsome, B.A
educated son. Issueless divorcee, brief marriage. Send biodata and photo to [email protected] . Visiting Punjab from the 20th of January. Box 4696M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful suitable match for NRI (Italy) Jat Sikh boy, Sept. 1982, 5'-8", only
brothr, father Govt. employee match from Italy also preferred. Send recent photo. Email: [email protected]  C1-96339

Suitable match for Jat Sikh cleanshaven, Army Doctor 32, 5'-11.5", pursuing
MD Medicine, father retd. Army Officer. Mail to: [email protected]  Box 4712M Tribune, Chandigarh.

U.S. Citizen Jat Sikh boy, 36/5'-7". Own Transport Business. Early marriage.
Fair looking girl preferred. 98720-67927, 0012064782221. Mobile 0012065014414. C1- 97675

Match for M.Tech. Lecturer 5'-7", turbaned only child December 1977,
vegetarian, R/U property, PR Canada applied 2005. E-mail: [email protected]  C1-97821

Looking for a Jatt Sikh educated girl preferably from the Medical field (MBBS,
BDS, RN) or from any other highly qualified profession (above 5'-5" tall), fair & beautiful, non-vegetarian for our clean shaven son, 27 years old, 6 feet tall, business/LLB/CA and qualified solicitor. He is born and educated in Sydney, Australia and working in a leading multinational corporation in Sydney. Please send latest photo with family details to [email protected]  C1-98124B

Reputed Jat Sikh Sandhu family seeks match for their really hansome &
well-established son 5'-6.5"/30 years (Exact) Canadian immigrant owns franchise business, convent educated B.Tech., urban & agriculture property, father officer retired. Only younger brother Pilot. Girl should be from honorable Jat Sikh family, extremely beautiful, slim, fair atleast 5'-3" professionally qualified preferably BDS/MBA. Boy coming to India in December. Contact with bio-data, photograph. [email protected]  or 98140-29738. NA1-68261

Seeking educated tall, Jatt Sikh bride for 29/6', cleanshaven USA Green Card
holder, Software Engineer boy. Please respond with picture, bio-data, only Malwa region. 98149-19516. Email: [email protected]  NA1- 68305

PQM above 5'-6" for very well settled, 27/6'-3", handsome Australian
citizen University topper Jat Sikh boy with affluent status. Contact with biodata, photos, Email: [email protected]  NA1-68896

Canadian citizen Jatt Sikh boy 29/6', cleanshaven, handsome, working on
an Executive position in a reputed company. Strong family ties and substantial land in India. The boy is innocent, issueless legally separated. Parents seeking proposals from families of good looking girls with professional qualifications. Email: [email protected]  NA1-68995

Match for handsome convent educated Jat Sikh boy 27½, 6', Electrical
Engineer MS from USA H1 Visa Green Card under process. Send bio-data/photo preferably Doctor/Engineer girl to [email protected]  0172- 2772789. NA1-69060

Jat Sikh family seek a tall, beautiful, educated professional match in India or
abroad, for their handsome, university Graduate, clean-shaven, 28 years, 5'-11" boy. He is a Marine Engineer and presently working in the Merchant Navy. Brother and sisters Engineer/Doctors settled in Canada/USA/Australia. Looking for beautiful, well educated, honest, down to earth, intelligent Jat Sikh girl. Girl's merit only consideration. Please send bio data & photographs on [email protected]  or call: 01679230671 (India) or in Canada + 14034607890. NA1-69462B

Beautiful, slim, well educated girl required for Canada PR Saini Sikh
cleanshave boy, 28/5'-10", B.Tech. (ECE), MS (Canada), working in MNC in Canada. Send photograph and biodata. Email: [email protected]  Phone: 0172- 2682465, 98767-32420. C1-95686

Match for Saini Sikh boy, 27/5'-5½", B.Tech., PGDM (RCM) from reputed
Institutes, own business tricity. Father Group-A officer, mother working in Chandigarh Admn.. Own house at Chandigarh. [email protected]  Box 4687M Tribune, Chandigarh.

SM4 Manglik Mohali based Saini Sikh turbaned boy 31/5'- 5", B.Sc. (IT),
B.Tech. (Mech), MBA Manager MNC Gurgaon. 12 LPA. 31.01.79, 8:40 a.m., Patiala. Call: 098031-01578. [email protected]  094175-67522. C1-96043

Preferably Canadian Citizen or study based at Canada beautiful match for
clean-shaven Siani Sikh smart boy, July 1984/5'-6", Diploma Automobiles, perusing Degree. Permanent Canadian Resident. Coming India in January. Contact: 98153-03837. C1-96307B

Well qualified match for Saini Sikh cleanshaven, handsome boy, 1980, 6',
M.Sc (IT), working, earning 65K in Australia. Preferred NRI girl. Early marriage. 98159-62667. [email protected]  C1-97496

Professionally qualified match Saini Sikh cleanshaven Australian citizen,
Pathankot Oct 1982/5'-8", B.Tech. Information System job, one lac ten thousand dollar. Contact: [email protected]  Phone: 94643-79868. NA1- 68274

Match for turbaned Saini Sikh boy, 1 Sept, 1983, 5'-9", working as an
Engineer in MNC based in Dubai. Seeking alliance with a beautiful and well educated girl. Contact: 089688-44307. NA1-69467B

Match for handsome Saini Sikh Australian resident boy 28/5'-11", working
as Mechanical Engineer. Seeking professionally educated girl. Ph: 95016-52227. Email: [email protected]  A1-92070-OL

Canadian Businessman 35/6' tall Highly Educated looking for an educated
girl from Brahmin family. 94176-30560. [email protected]  C1-95612

Slim, beautiful match preferably Doctor, Engineer or professional for legally
divorced issueless 3.08.1974, 5'-8", Engineer cleanshaven handsome, intelligent Khatri Sikh MS USA, working Senior Engineer California. Caste no bar. Relationship with Jat Sikhs. Exist Gursikh family. 0172-2705242. Box 4698M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Australian Citizen Aggarwal Garg, 31/5'-7½", fair, Masters of Commerce in
professional Accounting. Package Aud 60000. Good match upper caste no bar. Family settled Chandigarh. Contact: 98158-47935. [email protected]  C1-96645

Suitable medico/professional match for fair handsome 34/5'-7", MBBS,
MRCP Khatri boy, working National Health Services Hospital UK, presently in India, parents Doctor. [email protected]  094163-78082. C1-96893

Jatt Sikh Mann seeks NRI match for cleanshaven, 26/5'- 11", M.Tech from
Thapar Uni., working as AP with a Uni. 94631-06773, [email protected]  C1-97192

Suitable match for 34 yrs smart Punjabi Sarswat Brahmin boy 5'-9", U.S.
citizen. Well settled. Earning six figures. Innocent, issueless divorcee. Status family, caste no bar. E-mail: [email protected]  001-510-461- 0124. C1-97623

U.K. based Ramgarhia Sikh parents are looking for a suitable match for their
U.K. born son 26/5'-9", graduate in Computer Science, vegetarian, non-drinker, turban and uncut beard. E-mail: [email protected] C1-97766B

Suitable match for legally divorcee Khatri welll- settled CA 45, 5'-8", looking
for homely issueless educated girl preferable age upto 40. Only upper caste preferred. 98155-56423. [email protected]  ; [email protected]  Box 4736M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for handsome Khatri Manglik boy 28.8.1982, 7:45 pm, Ambala, 5'-11",
Merchant Navy officer. Preferably professionally qualified. Contact: 099961-59846. E- mail: [email protected]  C1-97829

Beautiful match for Hindu Sood Khatri boy, B.Com., 21.4.84, 7:48 p.m.,
Ludhiana, 5'-8". Status industrialist family. Contact after matching kundli. 080576-70007, 095921-05000. C1-97901

Professionally qualified match for Arora boy 15th September 1983, 10:10
am, 6', working in Foreign Bank at Delhi. 7.5 LPA, seek Chandigarh based girl, working at Delhi/Gurgaon preferred. E-mail: [email protected]  98146-95234. C1-97603

Professionally qualified match for handsome Sikh Ramgarhia boy, 30/5'-10",
B.Tech (C. Science), Project Manager MNC Gurgaon, 15 LPA. Status family. [email protected] C1-96609

Suitable match for Bank Manager, Ramgarhia boy, 1983/5'-7". Send
Bio-data with Photo. Mail: [email protected]  ;09316123059. C1-97320

Match for Ramgarhia Sikh turbaned B.Tech. CSE boy born 79/6'-1",
belonging to educated family. Prefererd B.Tech./M.Tech./MBA Ramgarhia Sikh girl from Doaba area, NRI's also preferred. Contact: 098141-37809, 0172-2603344. E-mail: [email protected]  C1-97464

Parents looking for match for 35 year old, 5'-10", divorced (no child),
Gursikh boy born and raised in Canada. He is well-educated, with M.Eng. and MBA degrees, and is currently working as Business Consultant for a mining company based in Toronto. Please contact by telephone at 1-519-432-1338 or by email at [email protected]  for further details. C1- 97639B

Match for 24 years/6'-1½", UK born clean shaven, very fair, teetotaller,
professional, Project Engineer for MNC. Family very well settled in professions and business. Email: [email protected]  C1-97789

Professional match for Hindu Dhiman handsome Australian citizen boy,
D.O.B. 15.10.1984, 5'-9", belongs to Una, HP. Well settled & living with family in Australia. Contact: 0061431142133. [email protected]  C1- 98133B

Suitable match for tall, handsome Khatri Sikh boy, 30/5'-10", MBA, working
in top MNC at Senior designation. Father industrialist, brother Pilot, Mohali based family. 098145-06533. [email protected]  C1-91504

Wanted tall, beautiful, educated girl for Sikh Khatri Ahluwalia handsome boy,
28/6', completing MBA from Italy through G-MAT score. Educated family having landed urban properties. E-mail: [email protected]  Box 4715M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for handsome smart PCMS Doctor 32/5'- 8½", from Sikh Khatri Sodhi, landlord family. Father, brother Doctors. No liability. Maternal high Judicial Officers. Email: [email protected]  94171-94935 after 7 p.m. NA1-68668

Suitable match for Ramdasia Clean-shave boy, 1981, 5'- 8", B.Tech, M.B.A,
working in MNC, well settled Jalandhar based family. Cont: 98154-60691. C1-95961

Suitable match for Ramdasia Sikh handsome boy, 1982, 5'-9", MA, B.Ed.,
M.Phil., UGC (NET), pursuing Ph.D. Govt. Teacher. Father-mother retd. Teacher Urban/rural property. Preferred Govt. service. Contact: 97794- 42141. NA1-68658

Suitable match for Senior IAAS (SAG) retired fair, sweet natured, handsome
Ramdasia Sikh Officer, 67/5'- 9". Looks younger. Legal consented divorce. No liabilities. Pension Rs 37000/-. Own house/car. Living with mother 88. Homely, sweet natured and caring lady only consideration. Caste, religion, age no bar. BHP must. Contact 098145-28357. email : [email protected]  C1-94811

Suitable issueless match for innocent divorcee cleanshaven handsome Saini
boy 29/5'-7", permanent resident Australia. Please send photograph, biodata at E-mail: [email protected]  Early simple marriage. Contact: 097797-26203. C1-96781

Seeking beautiful, educated, slim match for handsome, turbaned Sikh Khatri
Canadian citizen boy, 29/5'-8". MBA from reputed Canadian University, well-settled, running successful IT business. Delhi born. Visiting December. Mail details along with recent photos to Email: [email protected]  C1-88989B

Seeking beautiful, professional, Sikh girl for handsome Sikh Khatri boy,
Canadian Citizen, 6'-2"/35, Divorcee, Graduate with Diploma in Hotel Management. Can settle in India or in Canada. 9779698317, 0172-2265663. [email protected]  C1-96147

Suitable educated family oriented girl for Arora Sikh MBA 5'-8", 33 years
Canadian citizen cleanshaven Government job. Doing CMA. Coming India shortly. Contact: 98141-22001, [email protected]  C1-97791

Match for Khatri Sikh boy, 9/83, 5'-8", B-Pharmacy, working in MNC
Chandigarh, Package 5.80 LPA. Father retd. Class-I Officer. 9316161418, Email: [email protected]  C1-98089

Educated, beautiful girl belonging to status family for Sikh Kalra boy
24/5'-11", B.Com., and MBA (Marketing and International Business), Pharmaceutical Distributors and Marketing, Building & Construction business, Oxygen Manufacturing and Filling Plant. Highly educated, well-settled fmialy. 0161-3251374, [email protected]  NA1-68617

Professionally qualified match for very handsome Garg boy, 6', 25.12.1982/
12:10 p.m./Najibabad. B.Tech. Working Noida 8 LPA. Native Bathinda. 99101-40443. BHP at : [email protected]  C1-94167

SM4 Bansal boy, B.Tech NIT-K, 35/5'-5", wheatish, slim, veg. teetotaller,
running own IIT-JEE coaching centre. Email: [email protected]  Mobile: 97296-87543 (after 8:30 p.m.) Box 4667M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Doctor MBBS/MD) match for Mittal boy, handsome, 26/5'- 11", MBBS, 2nd
year MD from USA, Gold Medalist, from Punjab based good status family. Visting India in Nov end. Wants to settle in USA. Send biodata: [email protected]  or call 9463345871. C1-95614

Suitable match for Non-Manglik Bindlish boy 26 year, 6'-1", advance
diploma in Hospitality Management, permanent resident of North Costa (Australia), self employed doing extremely well absolutely no demand. Two brothers married and settled. Father reputed businessman at Ludhiana. Height, background, look and nature only consideration. Contact: Brij Mohan (M) 92165-65653. E-mail: [email protected]  C1-96081

Suitable match for Anshik Manglik Garg boy, Ph.D, Asstt. Professor, 3-4 LPA,
7.8.83, 11:55 p.m., Banur, 5'-2". (HP) Mob: 094181-52144. [email protected]  C1-96097

Professionally qualified beautiful Manglik/Non-Manglik match for handsome
Anshik Manglik Goyal boy June 82 Chandigarh/5'-10", B.Tech. IIT, working Noida, 15.5 LPA. 99884-90922. E-mail:- [email protected]  C1-96319

Australian Citizen Garg, 31/5'-7½", fair, Masters of Commerce in
professional Accounting. Package Aud 60000. Good match upper caste no bar. Family settled Chandigarh. Contact: 98158-47935. [email protected]  C1-96643

High status, affluent, Bindal business family invites alliance for their
handsome boy, 5'-4½", 6.5.85, 7.10 p.m., Ambala, MBA, well settled in family jewellery business. E-mail: [email protected]  C1-96724

Non-manglik, beautiful match for very fair, handsome, B.Tech., Senior
Software Engineer MNC, +5 LPA, 6', 11.10.1985. Educated family. Send biodata, horoscope, photo. E-mail: [email protected]  Mobile: 09896104854. Box 4754M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Arora Sikh boy Graduate 4th January 1983, 5'-11", own
industry at Saha (Ambala) settled business, preferred beautiful, educated girl. Email: [email protected]  89501-26319, 93153-41739. C1-96885

Smart, handsome Sikh Arora, Non-veg, trimmer boy, 29/5'-11", MBA,
working MNC (Pune), package 7 figures. Mohali based family. 9501042369, 7589490747. [email protected]  C1-96983

Match for 36/6'-1", MBA, LL.B., Advocate, only son of well educated/settled
parents of Chandigarh, issueless, innocent divorcee. [email protected]  Box 4764M Tribune, Chandigarh. 

Status match for handsome, tall, clean-shaven, 5'-11", 81 born, Kamboj
Sikh boy, MCA, Software Engineer MNC, 7.5 LPA, belongs to highly educated, respectable family, having R/U property. Doctor/Engineer beautiful girl, min. 5'-4" preferred. Send biodata with latest photos. E-mail: [email protected]  M-93164-80915. C1- 96315


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