Karuna Goswamy


1. Favourite candy made with cocoa

6. Great English poet of 19th century

9. ___ Stravinsky, famous composer

10. Very light brown in colour

11. Sir C.V. ___, Indian Nobel laureate

14. Weedy plant with golden yellow flowers and toothed leaves




1. Been put to death by nailing to a cross

2. Sphere

3. Long shaft used in rowing

4. Old film classic with Dilip Kumar and Nadira

5. Charles Darwin will always remain associated with this theory

7. Famous play by Federico Lorca

8. Mozart’s Magic Flute is one as is Wagner’s Flying Dutchman

11. Akira Kurosawa’s masterly film

12. ___ West, Hollywood’s naughty leading lady of yesteryear

13. Indian settled abroad (inits.)