In Kerala, they boo the film and make it a hit

Krishnanum Radhayum is a badly made film, critics have panned it and audiences are angry. But despite all that it is running houseful here. Guess why? It may sound strange, but people are thronging the theatre to abuse the first-time director Santosh Pandit for making such a bad film.

A still from Krishnanum Radhayum
A still from Krishnanum Radhayum

"Yes, we saw the film in the theatre. Please don’t ask about the quality of the movie. We went to see the howling and tamasha created by the audience inside the theatre. The theatre was full and audience was abusing the film non-stop," said a Class XII student, who came with his friends to watch the drama.

It seems Lady Luck is smiling on Santosh Pandit, who has become a star. From social media to television channels to newspapers — everybody is talking about him and how bad the film is. Various TV channels conducted talk shows on the phenomenon called Pandit.

When asked why he wasted time and money to make the film, Pandit said, "Did I ever come to your house to ask you to see my film? Those in the industry, who criticise me, have no right because their films bomb at the boxoffice, my first film is drawing huge crowds!"

Top directors are also criticising him. But Pandit is unfazed. "See, directors like Lal Jose do only direction, while in my first film I handled all the departments single handedly. So, what right a director who handles only one aspect of a filmmaking has to criticises me?" Prior to the film’s release, its eight songs were quite hit on YouTube. According to Google Trends, Pandit became the 10th most popular searchable name from India. Pandit has also announced his second and third film.

Thanks to his so-called hit movie, Pandit has become a sought-after name and he is cashing in on his ‘popularity’. He is asking for Rs 3,00,000 to be a chief guest at an event. — IANS