ulta pulta
Super service
Jaspal Bhatti 

Retailer Pala Singh was dancing to the famous Punjabi song, ‘Tunak tunak tun,da da’. I asked him, "What makes you dance? Don’t you fear that with allowing 51 per cent FDI in multi-brand retailing, big fish like Walmart would swallow small retailers lie you? Pala said with a smug grin, "They cannot give personalised service as I do."

I said, "You are a very thankless person. The whole Opposition is standing up for your cause and stalling the Parliament session just for you, and you are nullifying their effort. What is that personalised service that Walmart cannot give?’ Pala said, "Look, I have a ladies’ garment section. Ladies come to my shop because before showing them my product range I attentively listen to their woes like how rude their mothers-in-law were this morning. I also give them information what their neighbour has bought just before they came in. I also console if someone’s daughter has run away with their servant and so on."

Pala Singh is never afraid of competition. Once Pala Singh found that the shop on his left had started selling the same products. So he wrote on his board, ‘New Pala Store’. Not after very long the other shop on the right renovated, kept the same products and put up a board saying, ‘Original Pala Store’. Pala Singh then repainted his shop’s signboard ‘MAIN ENTRANCE"