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9 mishaps in 1 night
Ferozepur Road becomes nightmare for motorists; victims suffer minor injuries
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

A badly damaged Tata Safari after it rammed into a truck on the Ferozepur Road in Ludhiana on Friday night
A badly damaged Tata Safari after it rammed into a truck on the Ferozepur Road in Ludhiana on Friday night. Tribune photos: Himanshu Mahajan

Ludhiana, January 7
With nine accidents taking place in one night, the Ferozepur Road turned into a nightmarish stretch for motorists here late last evening. Seven of these mishaps took place at the Bhai Bala Chowk alone.

In the first accident, a speeding truck rammed into a canopy meant for policemen to manage traffic at the Bhai Bala Chowk. The impact was so severe that it nearly demolished the canopy.

It was a close shave for a traffic policeman as he stepped out the canopy just moments before the accident took place. The truck driver, Shamsher Singh, suffered minor injuries in the accident.

In the second incident, a woman fell off a motorcycle while adjusting her shawl. According to traffic constable Ashok Kumar, the motorcyclist failed to notice the woman riding pillion fall off the bike. “When we saw the woman fall on the road, we raised the alarm. But the motorcyclist failed to notice this and continued riding the bike. Some motorists then chased the man and brought the matter to his notice,” said Ashok.

Due to slippery road conditions, nearly five cars collided with one another while applying brakes at the traffic lights.

These accidents further led to a traffic jam on the Ferozepur Road.

Later during midnight, four persons had a miraculous escape in two separate accidents.

The drivers in both cases were reportedly drunk, which led to the accidents.

In the first incident, a sports utility vehicle (SUV) rammed into the rear end of a truck on the Ferozepur Road.

The impact was so severe that the SUV got badly damaged. The driver, identified as Raja, of Rangi village, however, escaped unscathed.

The investigating officer said Raja was trying to evade policemen on duty on the stretch when the accident took place. “He will be booked for drunk and rash driving,” the police officer said.

In the last accident that took place in the wee hours, a car broke through a barrier before landing into a crater dug up for the construction of the expressway project.

According to the police, the three persons who were travelling in the car suffered minor injuries and were rescued by commuters.

An eyewitness said the driver of the speeding car failed to notice a caution signboard and broke through the fencing before ending up in the crater.

Guardian angels

Heavy police deployment proved blessing in disguise for accident victims as they got rescued by policemen and received timely treatment. The policemen were deployed as Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal was scheduled to pass the stretch.


Mayor pays for putting up hoardings
MC collects Rs 26,000 as advertising fee from Giaspura
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 7
Taking a firm stand on the putting up of illegal hoardings in the city, the Ludhiana municipal corporation today collected advertising fee of Rs 26,000 from Mayor Hakam Singh Giaspura.

The fine was collected from the Mayor for putting up 10 hoardings on private buildings in the Ludhiana South constituency, from where the Mayor is contesting the forthcoming Assembly elections on the SAD ticket.

The MC took the action after an area resident submitted a complaint with the District Electoral Officer stating that hoardings promoting Giaspura’s candidature had been put up in different parts of the constituency.

After receiving the complaint, Rajiv Bhardwaj, superintendent of the advertising wing of the MC, visited the scene today and calculated the total advertising fee of the hoardings.

“These hoardings were put up in Giaspura, Sua Road, Barota Road, Ishar Nagar and other such areas of the constituency. We calculated a total fee of Rs 26,000 for 10 such hoardings and the amount would be added to the total election expenditure limit of Mayor Hakam Singh Giaspura,” Bhardwaj said.

Kuldeep Singh Khaira, an RTI activist and a resident of Ishar Nagar, had complained to the District Electoral Officer about the presence of hoardings in the constituency.

“I had submitted my complaint telephonically and it was good on part of the MC that it took action on the complaint,” said Khaira.

Another area resident, Gurraj Singh, said: “It’s sad that senior politicians are misusing their power by putting up such hoardings in their constituency. People should remain vigilant and inform the District Electoral Officer whenever they see such violations,” he said.



Giaspura in line of fire
Accused of misusing office, creating fake votes
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 7
The city Mayor and SAD candidate from the Ludhiana South constituency, Hakam Singh Giaspura, is in the dock for allegedly misusing his official position and indulging in creating fake votes.

Activists of a non-governmental organisation have alleged that Giaspura has been misusing his official position and employing MC officials for organising election meetings in his areas.

Baljit Singh, president, Nojawan Sabha, claimed that Giaspura had been alluring people of the area by assuring them jobs in the corporation.

“Not only this, the Mayor has assured MC employees of placing them at plum postings if they helped him win the forthcoming Assembly elections,” said Baljit Singh.

On the other hand, Jaswinder Singh, member of Shaheed-e- Aazam Bhagat Singh Sports Club, said the Mayor had made 4,000 fake votes of migrants living in the area.

The votes have been made in connivance with block level officer (BLOs), claimed Jaswinder Singh.

Ashok Kumar, personal assistant (PA) of Hakam Singh Giaspura, slammed the allegations as baseless.

“There is not an iota of truth behind such allegations. It shows that the rivals are scared of Giaspura and his popularity and that is the reason why they are levelling false allegations,” said Ashok Kumar. Giaspura was, however, not available for comments. His personal assistant said the Mayor was busy canvassing for the elections and would not be able to comment on the issue.

NGO’s salvo

Activists of a non-governmental organisation have alleged that Giaspura has been misusing his official position and employing MC officials for organising election meetings in his area. Also, the Mayor has created 4,000 fake votes of migrants living in the area, they claim.

Poll expenses

The hoardings were put up in Giaspura, Sua Road, Barota Road, Ishar Nagar and other such areas of the constituency. A total fee of Rs 26,000 was calculated for 10 such hoardings and the amount would be added to Mayor Hakam Singh Giaspura’s total election expenditure limit



assembly poll
Rumblings of discontent grow within Congress

Ludhiana Central

Surinder Dawar, who has been allotted ticket from the Ludhiana Central constituency and against whose candidature 14 sitting and former Congress Councillors have virtually declared an “open war”, has been doing every possible effort to “calm down” the rebellious councillors.

To seek their “support and blessings”, Dawar’s wife Neelam Dawar met with the rebel Congress councillors today and urged them to clear the “misunderstandings”.

However, the “displeasure” among the rebel Congress councillors over the allotment of ticket to the former MLA from Ludhiana Central constituency seems to have become more strong, with the councillors holding meetings with residents of different wards falling under the constituency to oppose the candidature of Dawar, who had done “nothing for the residents” while he was in position.

The Congress councillors, including Parminder Mehta, Sham Sunder Malhotra, Sanjay Talwar, Ashok Magga, Anil Malhotra, etc. convened meetings with their respective booth workers, asking them not to support Dawar.

Meanwhile, Surinder Dawar has said: “I do not deny the fact that my wife had approached them. It is just like a family. There can be differences, which can be sorted out. If need arises, I will personally visit each and every councillor,” said Dawar.

(With inputs from Shivani Bhakoo)

Atam Nagar

As the Assembly elections are inching closer, the infighting within the Congress is getting murkier. A day after Congress ticket applicants from the Atam Nagar constituency organised a press conference against local MP Manish Tewari, a group of Congressmen held a protest outside the MP’s house located in the Sarabha Nagar area this afternoon. The Congress activists led by Harchand Singh Dhir, Rajinder Chopra, Resham Singh Saggu and Rajesh Malhotra accused Tewari of first using them for his benefit and later dumping them.

“Malkit Singh Birmi, who had been allotted ticket from Atam Nagar is not even willing to contest from there. That is why, the party high command should rethink their decision and allot the ticket to any of the 23 aspirants, else the Congress will lose this seat,” said Dhir.

(Puneet Pal Singh Gill)


With resentment brewing within the Congress over the allotment of ticket to Gurcharan Singh Boparai from Raikot (reserved constituency), a group of party functionaries led by PPCC constituency in-charge, TP Singh, brother of Mohinder Singh Pardhan, decided to field either Hakam Singh Thekedar or Charan Singh Gurma as independent candidates if the party did not change the candidature by January 10.

The two aspirants, Hakam Singh Thekedar and Charan Singh Guram, challenged the decision of the high command. Thekedar said: “We cannot accept a ‘parachute’ candidate for our constituency.”

(Charanjit Singh Teja)


There are rumblings of discontent over the allotment of the Congress ticket to Koom Kalan MLA Ishar Singh Meharban from Jagraon Assembly constituency. Those opposed to his candidature say a “parachute” candidate is not acceptable to them.

Speaking over the phone to The Tribune, Rajesh Inder Sidhu, block Congress president, Jagraon, expressed his displeasure over the choice.

He said: “We don’t want any ‘parachute’ candidate at Jagraon. We have conveyed our sentiments to the party high command.”

Meharban said: “My district is Ludhiana. Earlier, Koom Kalan was a reserved constituency. Post delimitation, Jagraon is a reserved constituency. It is preposterous to say that I’m an outsider.”

(Minna Zutshi)


Aspirants for party ticket from the Sahnewal constituency, offended after Bajwa’s name was announced, have given an ultimatum to the party high command to revert its decision if the party wants their support to the party in the coming Assembly elections.

Local leaders, including Sukhjit Singh Hara, Ramesh Kumar Pappu, Jasminder Sandhu, Satinder Singh Tajpuri, Sohan Singh Dholanwal, Karnail Singh Koomkalan, assembled here to discuss the future course of action. The leaders alleged that the high command had done grave injustice towards the local Congress leaders by imposing the outsiders on them, despite the fact that the local leaders were more deserving.

Inderjit Singh Kasabad, former secretary, Punjab Pardesh Congress Committee, has already declared that would contest the elections as an independent candidate.

(Lovleen Bains)



Mercury dips to 6.6 °C
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 7
Sporadic rain in the past 24 hours coupled with chilly winds intensified the cold wave with a majority of residents preferring to remain indoors throughout the day.

As per the weatherman at Punjab Agricultural University, the minimum temperature dropped to 6.6 °C in the past 24 hours, witnessing a decline of about 3 notches, while the maximum hovered around 13 °C today. Not much change was witnessed in the day's temperature, which hovered around 12 °C yesterday.

Right from early morning, chilly winds continued to sweep the city. While senior citizens and children preferred to remain indoors, youngsters simply "enjoyed" severe weather conditions. Neerja Sharma, a college student, said she had been waiting for such a "lovely" weather for a long time.

"We go to hills to enjoy such weather. But now people are feeling cold. We should enjoy this lovely weather. I agree that such adverse weather conditions can be harmful for older people and children, but we, the youngsters, are enjoying the weather," said Neerja.

As far as the impact of the extreme weather conditions on crops is concerned, the weather is satisfactory for vegetables and the wheat crop, an expert said.



Female staff resent election duty
Expecting and lactating mothers, too, not spared despite EC directions
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, January 7
As the female staff has once again been engaged in assembly elections, the staff seems to be offended for they find their male counter parts to be best fit in for the duties for various reasons.

Without coming out opening in the picture they said they have been made scape goats in the elections duties once again.

“Performing election duty for female staff is not a child’s play. Leaving aside family responsibilities, the duties are no less than a challenge for her. It is not that the story is over after you have attended the rehearsals. The real task begins a day before the elections and thereafter. Reaching early at the spot, putting up with different sorts of men folk all day long and getting free, god knows when, is really not easy for women,” said a female employee, who says she would better resign the job than to undertake such a tough task.

“How does the Election Commission know what are the ground level problems faced by the women during such election duties? A lady has to remain on her toes, not only due to the duty assigned but due to the uncomfortable environment, she sometimes encounters but feels hesitant to reveal in the open. The limitations of the female staff will remain there and others can never understand the hard facts involved,” she added.

“It seems that the Election Commission is not complying with its own directions. There was a clear cut exemption for the ladies in the advanced stage of pregnancy and for that of lactating mothers. Although, I am in family way, I have got my duty orders. I don’t know where to go and who would listen to me. Moreover, the doctor has advised me not to travel during this period,” rued a school teacher. “My baby is very small and is still dependent on mothers feed. I was happy when I heard that the lactating mothers would be exempted this time but little did I know that I too would not be spared,” complained a school teacher who is lactating mother.

“I am a single mother and there is not even a soul to look after my two-year-old child on Sunday. I am really finding election duties and attending of rehearsals, no less that a Herculean task,” complained a women employee. “I had been on leave for the past two months and have rejoined my services recently as my post dengue trauma was difficult to overcome. Presently, I am unfit to perform any such duty that involves any type of stringent physical activity as advised by my doctor. I simply do not understand why are the ladies made to suffer in these election duties every time? I am now requesting some male counterpart to perform the election duty in my place, otherwise, I would either collapse or invite some other trouble for myself in the process,” rued a school teacher requesting anonymity.

Another lady teacher, teaching in a local government school, said she has been asked to perform the duty of the presiding officer but it is next to impossible for her. “Moreover, with the increasing cases of violence, aggression, booth capturing, it is becoming more unsafe for women to perform the election duty,” she said. “It has not been once but always that the inconvenience caused to the female staff during the rehearsal days as well as on the day of the election, has been over looked by the Election Commission. Is it in any way rational on the part of electoral office to ask women to stay back to perform their duty not only during the day time but also at night. What extra security arrangements are being done for us to make us stay for the night? We really feel sorry for the Election Commission that does not find the male staff worthy of performing such duties,” rued a local school teacher.

The female professionals who reside in remote villages and have been called to attend the rehearsals, frustrated by the election duty said most of the women, deployed on election duty, belong to the surrounding villages. “Although the distance is not much but the means of transport are scarce. From our village, a mini bus passes, in no case before an hour and it reaches the town only after stopping at all the villages on the way. I am afraid if the same thing happens on the day of elections and I am not able to reach in time what would happen?” opined a teacher who resides in the rural interior and has to come for rehearsals.



Constituency Watch
Ludhiana Central
Ganda Nullah, poor sanitation perpetual irritants
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service
The garbage dump near division No. 3 has become a headache for area residents, who want it to be shifted from its present site
The garbage dump near division No. 3 has become a headache for area residents, who want it to be shifted from its present site.

Ludhiana, January 7
The Ludhiana Central Assembly constituency is a different Ludhiana - an old, interior part of the city with its winding, twisting lanes. The constituency includes parts of Field Ganj, Mochpura, Khud Mohalla, Kidwai Nagar, CMC Road, Amarpura, Janakpuri and Sunder Nagar.

The main problem of the constituency has been the covering of the Ganda Nullah. The project of covering the nullah was initiated by the respective governments, yet its fate hangs in the balance. To date, the nullah has not been covered and the residents have virtually “lost hope” that it will ever be covered.

Besides, the residents have been crying for cleanliness. The sewerage systems have still not been laid properly in many areas. Rainwater seeps into houses in many parts of the constituency due to waterlogging on roads.

The residents of the constituency feel people will continue to suffer till “self-centered” individuals hold political power. They also feel politicians, irrespective of their party, come to their rescue only during the elections. Some of the residents say democracy as a form of government has failed. They will not mind a dictatorial rule, they say!

Candidates’ Take

Satpal Gosain (BJP)

What are the major issues facing your constituency?

I want to complete my dream of making the Civil Hospital a well-equipped 400-bed hospital.

In my next term, I will ensure that the Civil Hospital caters well to the needs of the patients.

Besides, the completion of the covering of the Ganda Nullah is the main priority.

It has to be completed at any cost.

What is your poll plank?

We will not just focus on the problem of corruption, but also remove corruption. Besides, scams are to be dealt with strictly.

What are your poll promises?

The development of the aforesaid main projects in the constituency.

I will work wholeh-eartedly to fulfil these promises in the next five years.

What makes you better than other candidates?

Whatever I have done in the past five years has been for public. I did not draw any personal benefit, whereas others have worked for themselves first and then for the common man.

What are your chances of winning?

I am 150 per cent sure of winning from the Ludhiana Central constituency.

Surinder Dawar (Congress)

What are the major issues facing your constituency?

The covering of the Ganda Nullah, which the SAD-BJP leaders claim to have been started in their regime, was in fact started by us. But due to the change in the government, it could not be completed. My foremost priority will be to get the nullah covered and provide respite to Janakpuri residents by laying a storm-sewer in the area.

What is your poll plank?

Service of the people and a corruption-free society.

What are your poll promises?

Service of the people and my accessibility to the common man. The residents in my constituency can come to me anytime with their problems. There will be no mediators.

What makes you better than other candidates?

Several allegations of corruption were levelled against me by the SAD-BJP government, but they failed to prove anything against me. Whereas, I have several proofs against many corrupt leaders. Let people decide about the better candidate.

What are your chances of winning?

The people are fed up with the SAD-BJP government that fabricated false cases against many. Those who protested against the government were lathi-charged. The people definitely want a change. Let the elections take place - the poll results will show everything.



Youngsters want open parks, good roads

The youngsters in the area want good, well-managed parks where they can play and spend their leisure time. Besides, well-carpeted roads in the area are very much in demand by the youngsters of the constituency. As far as choosing the candidate from their constituency is concerned, the youngsters seem to be totally unaware about politics, but a few of them have an opinion on who should come to power.

Anmol, a youngster playing cricket in Kidwai Nagar area, says being an interior part of the city, the area has very little space to offer for children and youngsters to play. “There is one park in the area, which is a shambles.”

“Dogs roam in the area freely. Some senior citizens don’t let us play. We want an MLA who can watch the interest of youngsters. Our energies must be channelled in a positive direction,” feels Anmol.

On which party or candidate they will like to choose, the youngsters say they’ll back whosoever their parents select.

“We don’t know anything about politicians. Since I will cast my ballot for the first time, I will seek my father’s opinion,” says Vivek, a first-time voter in the area.

The parks or small places that are available in the constituency are not maintained properly, rue the youngsters.

“Had there been a proper maintenance of the parks, the constituency could have presented a different picture. The next MLA must develop the parks for children and youngsters, who have to go to far-off places to play outdoor games,” says Rahul, another resident of Kidwai Nagar. — TNS



An abode of political heavyweights
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 7
It may not be wrong to call Ludhiana West constituency an abode of political heavyweights, as more than half a dozen political leaders from different political parties reside here.

The road that connects Sarabha Nagar to the Ferozepur Road houses as many as four political leaders.

These include Congress Member of Parliament Manish Tewari, Raikot MLA Harmohinder Singh Pardhan, former Congress minister Malkit Singh Birmi and former MP Gurcharan Singh Galib.

However, Ranjeet Singh Talwandi, son of veteran SAD leader Jagdev Singh Talwandi, who is an SAD candidate from Khanna, lives in “F” block of Sarabha Nagar.

Manish Tewari has his house in “A” block of Sarabha Nagar, while the residence of Harish Rai Dhanda, former SAD MLA, is near Embassy Palace on the Ferozepur Road.

Harmohinder Singh Pardhan, sitting Congress MLA from Raikot, who did not get ticket this time, lives in “K” block of Sarabha Nagar.

Gurcharan Singh Galib, former Congress MP, who unsuccessfully contested the last Lok Sabha elections as an SAD candidate from Ludhiana, lives in “C” block of Sarabha Nagar.

Malkit Singh Birmi, former Congress MLA, who is contesting from the Atam Nagar constituency,, resides in “K” block.Bharat

Bhushan Aashu, Congress councillor who is contesting the Vidhan Sabha elections, lives in Model Town.

Rajinder Bhandari, former state president for the BJP, who will contest from the Ludhiana West constituency, lives in HIG flats near Ghumar Mandi.

The constituency residents are quite happy with this fact and feel that in the coming years, it will witness development on the whole.

Suresh Rana, a serviceman, says, “We are lucky to have our house in the Model Town area as whosoever comes to power will do something good for us.”



Private schools stick to old timing 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 7
Although the Punjab Government has changed school timing of the government schools due to the foggy and cold weather, most of the city private schools still start at 9 am.

The private schools gave some relaxation to the students as they can now wear the warm clothes instead of uniform. A few private schools have changed the timing after the announcement in newspapers.

Some school authorities are not willing to change time because they feel that the weather is a matter of only one or two days.

"Changing the timing every now and then or so disturbs the whole schedule of everyone, including that of the teachers and parents. We had changed the timings once for winters in the middle of the session, and we will stick to it."

Some of the schools, however, have changed the timings. "We have changed the schedule after reading the news in a local newspaper. The schools today started at 9.30 am. We have to obey to the government instructions for the betterment of students, said Shashi Sahrma, a principal of a private school.

Another principal said, "We shall face problems if we change the timings. We would get lesser time to cover the syllabus.

Weather is unpredictable and it can change anytime but the change in school time will affect all those who are concerned with the students and the school."

Some parents were in favour of changing the school timings. "Today the temperature was 6 degree Celsius.

The school-going kids were helpless as they have to go school on time. Relaxation in time will help," said Suraj Bhan, resident of Punjabi Baag.



Motorists grapple with jams on College Road
Jaswant Shetra

Vehicles parked haphazardly on College Road, Jagraon, on Saturday
Vehicles parked haphazardly on College Road, Jagraon, on Saturday. A Tribune photograph

Jagraon, January 7
Despite repeated efforts of the local traffic police to smoothen the traffic flow on the College Road, Jagraon, the traffic problem continues to haunt the residents of the area. The long jams of traffic on the road have become a common phenomenon and the vehicles can be seen struck in the traffic jam throughout the day.

The situation is most drastic at Old Grain Market Chowk where one can often see long queues of the vehicles amidst traffic jams. One of the main reasons behind the traffic chaos on the road is the haphazard parking of vehicles by the visitors.

The residents said the visitors from various villages often park their vehicles on the road sides, which causes heavy congestion in traffic on the road.

“Most of the visitors coming to the town from the nearby villages park their vehicles on road sides in an uneven manner resulting in long traffic jams. When we try to stop the visitors from parking their vehicles on road sides, they often fight with us. The vehicles like tractor-trolleys, jeeps, cars and bull carts are making the situation more complex,” says Deepak Kumar, who runs a shopkeeper on the College Road.

The visitors on the other side term the lack of proper parking space in the town responsible for traffic congestion. “In the absence of parking space, we have no option but to park our vehicles on the road sides. The local municipal council should make arrangements for the parking space in the town to solve the problem,” said a resident of a nearby village.

Though there is a ban on the entry of heavy vehicles on the road during the day time, yet many such vehicles can be seen entering the road. Moreover, the drivers of some of the heavy vehicles even park their vehicles on the road side thus aggregating the problem further.

Another factor that leads to the problem is the illegal encroachments by the shopkeepers on both sides of the road. Majority of the shopkeepers on the road have encroached upon the road up to 5 feet, which has made already added to the problem.

“The officials as well as councillors of the local municipal council do not bother about the illegal encroachments by the shopkeepers. The municipal councillors often come to the rescue of such shopkeepers when any action is initiated against such shopkeepers,” said a resident of Shastri Nagar.

Besides, the presence of a large number of rehris vendors on the road sides have also been worsening the situation. Though the local traffic police had taken various innovative initiatives in the past to sort out the problem of traffic congestion on this road yet there is on improvement in the situation.

The traffic problem worsens during the winter season when a large number of NRIs from various villages surrounding Jagraon throng the city markets for shopping parking their vehicles on the road sides contributing to the jams.

Jagraon Municipal Council president Baldev Krishan Dhir when contacted said, “We have conducted many anti-encroachment drives in the town time to time and have even taken actions against the shopkeepers who have encroached upon the road sides.”

When asked that still there have been a number of shopkeepers who have encroached upon the roadsides, he said, “It is not possible for us to launch the anti-encroachment drives every day. Once we remove the encroachments, the situation remains fine for some days but the things come to square once after only few days.”



ADC’s orders
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 7
Ludhiana Additional Deputy Commissioner Rupanjali Kartik has warned against any illegal construction or renovation of a building within the circumference of 1,000 square yards of the Ammunition Depot of the Baddowal Army.

The orders, issued under Section 144 of CrPC, will be effective from January 8 to February 7.



Renal patient needs help
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 7
A 26-ear-old patient Puneet, a local resident, has been regularly undergoing bi-weekly dialysis at the DMCH.

Doctors say, Puneet is suffering from renal kidney failure and has been on dialysis for the past four years.

His father, Ishwar Chander, is a bed-ridden with chronic arthritis.

The family has exhausted all the financial resources on Puneet’s dialysis treatment. On behalf of the family, the hospital authorities have appealed to the public for monetary help by sending cheque/draft in favour of “Dayanand Medical College & Hospital” with “Treatment for Puneet” along with CR No 89816 written on the backside of the cheque or draft.



Oil spill harries motorists
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 7
A slippery road reportedly caused by a leakage of oil from a car on the road in front of Khalsa College for Women, Civil lines, caused many two-wheelers to skid on the road. Wet road due to afternoon drizzle made the road very soggy.

About 15 people riding two-wheelers fell down while commuting on the road.

As the vehicles started skidding on the road, many of the bystanders and passers-by helped them. Some residents then put some sand on the road to prevent further accidents.



Local students win medals
Our Correspondent

Two students of CS International School who won medals in a table soccer meet, at Mandi Gobindgarh
Two students of CS International School who won medals in a table soccer meet, at Mandi Gobindgarh. Photo: Bhushan Sood

Mandi Gobindgarh, January 7
The students of CS International School, Mandi Gobindgarh, brought laurels to the institution by winning medals in Indo-Nepal Table Soccer Championship held in Nepal from December 28 to 3 January.

Jaskirat Matharoo and Yuvraj Sethi won gold Medals whereas Karanveer Singh won silver medal in the championship.

Chairman and principal of the school congratulated the winners at a function in the school today.



Poll Buzz

Online candidate

Jassi Khangura, Congress candidate from the Dakha Assembly constituency, announced the news of his candidature on Facebook. He’s regularly posting messages on his Facebook page. A December 6 posting on his facebook page reads: “At Shri Harmandir Sahib to pay my respects and give thanks for being nominated Congress candidate for Halqa Dakha. I’m with Gurpreet Khangura, Kamal Khangura, my son Jaibir, Bibi Surjit Kaur and Ranjit Mangat…”

Rain plays spoilsport

Chilly weather is playing spoilsport in the election campaign of the candidates of various political parties. On Friday, the SAD candidate from the Jagraon Assembly constituency and former ADC, Shiv Ram Kaler, who had been busy campaigning for the past several days, had to postpone his scheduled visits to various areas of the constituency due to rain. The supporters of Isher Singh Meharban, who was declared the Congress candidate from the Jagraon constituency, also failed to launch his election campaign on the first day. Meharban’s supporters, however, celebrated the awarding of the party ticket to him by distributing “laddoos” amongst themselves.

— Contributed by Minna Zutshi, Jaswant Shetra



3 held for stealing vehicles
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 7
With the arrest of three persons, including a woman, the Division Number 4 police today claimed to have busted a gang of vehicle lifters, who were active in different parts of the city for a long time. Two stolen Honda Activa scooters have been recovered from their possession.

The arrested persons have been identified as Kamalpreet Singh alias Bunty, Anoop Kumar, both residents of Chander Nagar, and Neeru Jain, a resident of Kehar Singh Nagar.

While addressing a press conference today, Sub Inspector Amandeep Singh Brar, SHO, Division No. 4 Police Station, told that the two Activa scooters recovered from their possession are PB 10 BW 9107 and PB 10 CW 2874.

“Yesterday, after receiving information about this gang, we held a naka near Chander Nagar Pully. The three were arrested while going on these scooters, the registration number plates of which were removed. With their arrest, we are hopeful of recovering more such stolen vehicles,” informed Amandeep Singh Brar.



Unidentified body found
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 7
An unidentified body of a middle-aged man was found lying in Railway Colony at the engine shed area, here on yesterday morning.

Sources said the railway employees spotted the body on Friday morning and informed the police. The identity of the body could not be established and police sources said that the man perhaps died due to cold.

However, the investigating officer of the government railway police said the exact cause of death would be known only after the postmortem examination. In the meantime, the police has initiated inquest proceeding under Section 174 of the CrPc.



Murder accused poisoned by victim’s kin
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 7
A prominent local Akali activist and senior Valmiki leader, Kala Hans, who was facing charges of killing a youth by setting him on fire in the Jodhewal Basti area, was allegedly poisoned to death by the victim’s relatives here yesterday.

The police has registered a case against Jujhar Singh, Ashwani Kumar and his wife Sucheta for poisoning Hans to death.

Hans had approached the family of the victim, Paramjit Singh, to effect a compromise after the High Court rejected his bail plea and that of the others in the murder case.

According to Ajay Kumar and Deepu, who had accompanied Kala Hans to Jujhar Singh’s house: “We reached the house to effect a compromise. Jujhar, Ashwani and their wives were present there. After a brief word, we were told to stand outside. Around 10 minutes later, Hans came out of the room and collapsed. We took him to a hospital where he was declared brought dead,” said Ajay and Deepu in their joint statement to the police.



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