Karuna Goswamy


1. Fundamental doctrine or tenet

5. Want; necessity

7. Indian institution where atomic research is done (inits.)

8. ___ Branco, city in W, Brazil

9. Lake between Canada and U.S.

10. Cainís brother in the Testament

11. In music, a tune, melody

12. Popular festival in Kerala

14. "___ thou art", as the Biblical saying goes

16. How our flag is often referred to


1. Is also called Whitsunday among the Christians

2. Anger, wrath

3. What bothered the princess in the fairytale

4. A moving staircase, often seen at airports and shopping malls

6. "To sleep, perchance to ___", as Hamlet said

7. In big companies, directors sit on it

13. __ Granth, sacred book of the Sikhs

15. Many people claim to have seen this object in the skies (inits)