Keeping a martyrís memory alive
We see how the young Bhagat Singh became a revolutionary as we journey along with him on his short-but-action-packed life.  Here was a precocious young boy, buffeted by the forces that shaped events around him.
Saheed Bhagat Singh
by Harish Dhillon. 
Indus Source Books.  Pages 244. Rs 225.

Reviewed by Roopinder Singh

Romancing history
The Yellow Emperorís Cure
by Kunal Basu.
Picador India
Pages 325. Rs 499 
Reviewed by Manisha Gangahar

Of love and loss
Can Love Happen Twice?
by Ravinder Singh
Penguin Metro Reads.
Pages 214. Rs 125. 
Reviewed by Balwinder Kaur

Ground-breaking work
The Turning Point
by Fritjof Capra. 
Pages 516. Rs 499.
Reviewed by Kuldip Singh Dhir

Poet of the pulse of Punjab
It may be impossible to take Patar out of Punjab or Punjab out of poet Surjit Patar, but despite being rooted in Punjabi soil the poet has a voice nuanced in humanism that transcends regional barriers. Neelam Mansingh Chowdhry describes how she collaborated with Patar for her various theatre productions
HE award of the 2012 Padma Shri to Surjit Patar is indeed a proud moment for every Punjabi, as his identification with Punjab is inextricably woven into the imagery and syntax of his poems.

German court bans Mein Kampf excerpts
Moscow: A court in Munich has banned British publisher Peter McGee from printing excerpts in Germany from Adolf Hitlerís Mein Kampf because it breaches copyright laws.

Goa the cradle of Indo-western wear
ETERAN designer Wendell Rodricks has carried the sartorial legacy of Goa to a new level by documenting it in Moda Goa - a first-of-its kind pictorial and illustrative fashion chronicle of the state. He says Goa was the cradle of Indo-Western couture.

Beauty and terror of the flatlands
EN years ago, Jon McGregorís first short story was published in Granta magazine. In Winter The Sky was about a teenager who, driving back home after a romantic tryst, is so distracted by the warm memory of the girl he has just kissed, that he runs over a man and kills him.