Wild encounters

The series India: Wild Encounters everyday at 8 p.m. on Animal Planet provides a glimpse of rich wildlife of India. Wildlife explorers — Jeff Corwin, Austin Stevens and Dave Salmoni — capture the enthralling stories such as a rhino’s journey from infancy to adolescence, Ranthambhore’s big cats, tigers of Sunderbans and the elephants of North East India. The series also follows the endangered river dolphins of Ganges and King Cobra that lives in the remote forests of South India. In the series, the expertstrek all over India, from the foothills of the Himalayas, where two of most endangered fishers on earth live in the chilly waters of the Girwa River, a gharial; a weird-looking crocodile with a narrow, tooth-studded snout, and the Ganges River Dolphin. From the world’s largest venomous snake, the King cobra, 18 feet in length, with a head as big as a hand and stands tall enough to look a grown man straight in the eye, with enough venom in a single bite to kill more than 20 men to a front line of a war between humans and elephants, the series has all kind of adventures. Zoologist Dave Salmoni, joins forces with an armed elephant squad, helps defend the villages of North East India from rampaging elephants. — TNS

Wild Encounters showcases the unique and rich wildlife of India