Sunday, February 12, 2012, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

Well Settled Chaudhary/Chahang/Bahti family from Amritsar, seeking PQM for their son 18.04.1984, 06:38 p.m., Hoshiarpur, 5'-8" B.Tech. CSE, working in reputed MNC in Pune. Contact: 9530769293, 0183-2423816. C1-123166

Affluent Jat Sikh Sandhu family seeking Dentist girl for their very handsome 1987 USA born 6' son. Completing MBA and taking over extremely well established chain businesses. Own several properties in CA, WA & India. Our son is modern, yet traditional in his values when required. We are not only seeking a great bride, but also a family, to build a loving relationship with. Prefer email: with picture & biodata or Call 509-627-1989. C1-126040

Suitable match for permanent resident Australia Parjapat Ghumar boy October 1984, 5'-6", Masters in Information Technology (Pb.), full time job. Father in America. Seeks educated, beautiful girl. Boy coming India soon. Outside India (NRI) can contact too. Respond with biodata and recent photograph. E-mail: C1-126120B

Professionally qualified match for Himachali Ghirath Chaudhary Boy MCA Sr. Software Engineer 3.8.1981/5'- 10", Amritsar. Contact: 98159-17108. C1-127284

Beautiful, tall, professionally qualified match for a Manhas Rajput handsome boy born on 24-7-1983, 1140 a.m., Shimla, 6'-2", B.Com., MBA. Working in reputed MNC, Delhi. Having rural/urban property. Father Senior Professor in university. C1-126048

Suitable match for Doaba Sikh Rajput boy 26/5'-10", B.Tech (ECE), pursuing MBA, working in Reputed Company. E-mail: C1-126342

Manglik match for handsome Hindu Rajput (Goldsmith) Computer. Engg. boy. Feb 17, 1984, 3.33 am England born. Now PR holder & well settled in USA. Caste no bar. 9914145124, 098554-01142. C1-127430

Match for Suryavanshi Rajput vegetarian boy, 5'-4", 1981, 7:35 a.m., Chandigarh, Manglik, SSA, B.Ed., Teacher in Chandigarh. M 81466-49234. C1-127672

Wanted professionally qualified match for cleanshave Kashap Rajput slim boy, 5'-11" from Sikh family 17.12.1986 (Chandigarh), 8:15 p.m., M.Sc. Hons. Chemistry from Pb. University, Chandigarh, servicing in MNC (Pharmaceutical) at Mohali. Govt. employed/Science stream in Basic Sciences preferred around tricity. NRI also welcome. Contact 95925-93338. C1-127770

Mair Rajput (Goldsmith) Manglik boy 28 years, 5'-11", MA, M.Sc. IT. Wants well qualified, beautiful girl 5'- 4" to 5'-9". Own Jewellery Shop, Agriculture Business. Contact: 97799-40185. E-mail: C1- 128350B

SM 4 Sikh Mair Rajput Jaura boy 6', 3.11.1986, B.Pharma 35000 monthly. Employed or NRI preferred. 98559-11066. NA1-90236

Macth for Saraswat Brahmin vegetarian Non-manglik boy 29/5'-11" MCA working in MNC Gurgaon package 5.70 LPA. Father gazetted officer (retd), mother on Govt job Jalnadhar based family. M.Sc B.Ed MCA MBA B. Tech preferred. 098555-30713. E-mail: C1-126190

Suitable match for a Brahmin boy 180 cm, July 1984 born, having Himachali roots. Degree from Institute of Hotel Management PUSA Delhi. Working at Delhi in retail Sector with a Multinational Company. Retired parents settled in Panchkula, having house in Himachal. Elder brother and Bhabi Dentists in Chandigarh Sister married. 098727-89056, 077383-82003, 0172-2551168. Send full particulars with horoscope to Box 5390M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Punjabi Sarswat Brahmin boy 1983 born 5'-11''
vegetarian handsome BE, Mechanical Consultant MNC France 30 (lpa). Professor parents only son. Preference beautiful tall cultured BE/ B.Tech. M.Tech/ MBA girl. Contact 09988208209 after 6 pm. Email: C1-126296

PQM4 Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin non-Manglik 10.10.1983, 9:25 am,
Roorkee, 6.5 Lakh P.A., Technology Lead in Infosys. Preferred Infosys MNC's, Bank. Early marriage. E-mail: Contact: 01332-265433, 0172-2713131. C1-126336

Suitable match for Gaur Brahmin handsome boy, 26.9.86, 23/55, 5'-10", Australian PR. Own business. Visiting Chandigarh in March. 093575-31865. C1-126706

Saraswat Brahmin, slim, beautiful, professionally qualified girl for B.Tech. partially Manglik boy 5'- 10", 15.08.84/2.53 p.m., Ambala, employed Mumbai, package 6.50 lacs. Contact: 089013-20879. Email: C1-126752

Match for Brahmin Non-manglik boy, 29/5'-8", B.Tech, Masters in Financial Management, working in bank in Holland. Seeks B.Tech/M.Tech/MBA/CS working girl. Contact: 99153-91064, 0181-2211997. E-mail: C1-127170

Gaur Brahmin family from Delhi seeks suitable match for 5'-8" boy, 30 yrs handsome, IT Engineer in MNC, drawing 150K annually. Girl should be Engineer/Doctor/CA. Contact: 09899063330. E-mail:
C1- 127332

Brahmin 5'-8", 19.11.1980, 1:22 a.m., Chandigarh, Sr. Engg. MNC, Gurgaon, 6 Lacs. 93164-71970. C1-127794

Brahmin status rich family invite alliance for very fair, handsome,
teetotaller only son 6 April, 1985, 09.48 am Ambala Cantt. (Haryana), B.Tech., MBA, well- placed seeks fair, educated & beautiful girl from status cultured family. Contact after matching kundli. Mb: 094160-17082. E.mail: C1-128092

Match for Manglik Sarswat Brahmin boy Engineer 29/5'- 7", earning 35000/- monthly financially sound family white spots on body face clear. 98920-13114, 95010- 24681. NA1-90517

Hindu Khatri boy 21.11.1981, Shahabad, 5'-7", Lecturer, income Rs.35-40,000/- p.m., M.Tech. E-mail: C1-123066

Professionally qualified, beautiful match for handsome Software Engineer, Mohali 2.5 L (near to increase), veg., 5'-10.5", 20.11.1985, 9:35 pm Kaithal. Educated small family. Girl main consideration. 94160-77176. C1-126176

Professionally qualified Manglik employed match for Arora boy decent, fair, handsome Postgraduate in IATA 11.9.1983, 4:05 a.m., Saharanpur, 5'-11", working as Executive Assistant in renowned Company, Chandigarh. Contact: Box 5391M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for very fair, handsome Hindu Arora boy, MBA, PGDCA, Businessman, 5'-8", 07.02.1976, 02:00 am, Chd. High Income. Divorced. Father retired from high govt. post, Brother USA Citizen Send full particulars with photo. Email: Box 5394M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified preferably from New Zealand/Australia match for Arora slim, handsome New Zealand citizen well employed boy, 16-9-1979, 5.30 pm, Jalandhar, 5'-8", MBA from Massey University, New Zealand. Well settled status family. Contact: 93572- 11557, 0064211681047. E-mail: C1-127206

Suitable match for handsome, fair, slim boy, B.Com., 5'-8", 5.8.83, 3:15 p.m., Chandigarh, own established business settled in Chandigarh. Girl the main consideration. Chawla- 09417870092. C1-127458

Suitable tall beautiful qualified match preferably from Tricity for handsome Sikh Rajput N.T./T.T. boy, 27/6'- 1", B.Pharm./MBA (P.U.). Well placed approx. 6.00 lac p.a. Contact 90418-02613. Email : C1-126528

Professionally qualified match for Handsome Sikh Australia PR Boy,
April 1984/5'-8", M.S. from Australia, working MNC Sydney. Only elder Sister married settled Australia. Preferred BDS/Engineer Upper class girl below 26. Contact: 98760-71514. C1-127254

Professionally qualified match for Brahmin Sikh boy Australian citizen 28/5'-9", MBA, well-settled. Contact: Mobile: 97807-67200. E-mail: C1-127840

Match for Postgraduate handsome Ramgarhia Sikh boy 1980, 178 cm, Settled in Canada, belongs to educated family. Caste no bar. Box 5446M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well qualified, fair, slim, beautiful match for handsome Sikh Brahmin boy 15.12.1982/5'-11", BCA. Boy in Australia on study visa. Own house in Mohali. Boy now in India. 98159-93607. E-mail: C1-128466

Jat Sikh only son officer, businessman, status family, 1986 born, 6 ft. extremely handsome, looking for extremely pretty, tall, smart girl from reputed/status family. Very good urban/rural properties in 7 figures. Well settled business, monthly earning 5-6 lakh. Contact: 98157-00082. A1-122370-OL

Jat Sikh parents, well settled family of professionals in Canada, seek intelligent, tall, slim, beautiful MBBS girl for their very handsome, brilliant Doctor son 6'- 2" tall, 28 years old, clean-shaven, born in India raised in Canada with strong family values, doing residency in a surgical field. Family is visiting India soon. Please respond with recent pictures and a complete biodata of the girl and her family. Email: C1-111007

Match for very handsome US citizen Engineer divorcee Jat Sikh boy
5'-10"/35. The boy is making very handsome salary and owns rural/urban property in India. Very well settled family. Father retired as Colonel from Army with substantial rural/urban property, owns 15 acres. Please send biodata with photograph preferred. Email: or Call: 98145-83696. C1- 115367B

Jat Sikh Kahlon family seeks alliance for their son, 1983 born, 5'-10"
athletic, clean shaven. Degree in B.Sc. Biotech. Well settled in Punjab with 30 acres. Elder brother (M.D. M.B.A) married in California, elder sister well settled in Germany. The girl should be permanent or US Citizen from Jat Sikh family. Please reply with girl's biodata and recent photo at or contact 9256991980 (USA) or 9501751164 (India). C1-120347B

USA based respectable Jat Sikh family invite alliance from US citizens for their clean shaven, intelligent, M.Sc., 33/5'-8", Software Engineer son. Very ambitious, good mix of modern and traditional values. Contact: C1-123544

Looking for a beautiful girl with professional degree, for Jat Sikh boy,
25 years, 5'-10", Masters in Computer Science, working as Software Engineer in reputed company, good salary, well educated family, good property in India, business in India and USA, family recently moved to USA. Visiting India from Feb 13-27. Contact at: or 94633-82315. C1- 124070

Medico/Dentist/Engineer match for tall, handsome Australian
Physiotherapist, 6'-5"/37. Belongs to a high status medico family, long established in Australia. Girl should be personable, well presented and willing to relocate to Australia. Please email response to C1-125062

Jatt Sikh boy never married 39/5'-11", handsome, teetotaller, cleanshave (MBA), American Citizenship applied. Brothers are settled, married in America. Girl must be beautiful. No demand. Phone: 0016478320012. E- mail: Post: Rajender Kaur, 416, Homeland City, Srigangangar (Rajasthan). C1-125384

Educated Jat Sikh family well-settled in UK seek a MBBS, MD match for
their MBBS, MRCP handsome son working as a Speciality Registrar in NHS Hospital. He is 5'-10" tall aged 30 clean shaven with respect for Sikh family values. Visiting India soon. Please contact email: C1-125655

Beautiful, Graduate Jat Sikh bride for Jat Sikh boy, Jan. 1982 born, 5'-11", Australian citizen, TR holder & PR applied. Qualification B.Com., MCA. Early marriage. 99153-55907, 84371-58895. Email : C1-125848

Jat Sikh innocently divorced Canadian immigrant B.D.S boy 83/6' needs well-educated smart girl. E-mail: Mobile: 99149-64175. C1-125894

Jat Sikh cleanshaven boy 26 years old, 5'-11" tall, Canadian born and educated, non-drinker with a kind and gentle personality. Looking for a professional degree holding girl who is at lease 5'-3" and under 25 years old. Please send bio and photos to C1-125946B

Professionally qualified match for U.S. citizen Jat- Sikh Amritdhari Boy, 25, pursuing Medicine in U.S. Amritdhari respected close-knit family having assets around Chandigarh seeks Amritdhari Sabat-Soorat Dastar wearing girl with family values from Amritdhari family. Respond with photos and full particulars to C1-126024B

Suitable tall, beautiful, educated match for Jat Sikh handsome cleanshaven boy July 1978, 5'-11", B.Com. working with reputed company package 3.36 LPA. Only son of retired Class-I Officer, having urban/rural property. Send bio-data, snap. Email: C1-126300

Match for Commercial Pilot Jatt Sikh, clean shaven boy, age 29, height 5'-9", settled in New Delhi, owning agricultural property on National Highway. Seeking public school educated girl, min height 5'-4". Contact: 97809-43389. Box 5398M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Looking for a smart professional girl for Jat Sikh,very smart boy, 25 years, 5'-11" IIT Graduate from India.Working in reputed company. Permanent resident of USA. Highly educated family. Contact: C1-126580

Wanted homely, beautiful match for Jat Sikh boy 1985/5'-10", Canadian citizen, presently in India. Family based in Chandigarh. Contact: 98889-65882. C1-126628

Wanted Jat Sikh tall, slim, beautiful educated good natured sincere girl between 30 to 33 age for convent school educated Graduate boy 40/6'-2", slim, smart, divorced after short time, citizen of USA. Educated family, settled in Jalandhar. Presently boy in India. Simple marriage. No dowry. Girls merit main consideration. 98039-44290. E-mail: C1-126734

Jat-Sikh American handsome educated boy, 1985/5'-11" seeks beautiful min. 5'-5", tall girl , B.Sc. Nursing preferred., 81463-04464. C1- 127052

Suitable match for Canada settled Jat Sidhu boy 25/5'- 6", B.Tech, PG (Pow Gen.). Now in India (short period). Well settled family, having good Urban/rural property. Box 5407M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Handsome very fair Jatt Sikh vegetarian teetoaller, cleanshave Kahlon boy, 1980, 5'-8", working Senior Software Engineer IBM US MNC Gurgaon NCR, Seven digit, seeking unmarried beautiful & gotgeous MBBS/MD/BDS/MCA/MCA/BE /M.Tech./MBA/CA Indian/NRI girl life partner. Please send recent photo's & profile 95018-68395. C1-127110

Suitable match for Jat Sikh Grewal cleanshaven boy (Graduate), 1981, 6'-2". Rural and Urban property around Chandigarh. Send photo and biodata on email id: Ph.No. 4609281 (Between 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.). C1-127438

Match for tall, handsome, non-drinker only son, Graduate, 28/5'-11".
Having huge rural & urban property. Well settled in Chandigarh. Preferred non- working, tall girl. 98142-07742. E-mail: C1-127531

Jat Sikh 29 yrs/5'-9", belongs to a well educated family, USA resident, Chartered Accountant/CPA, self employed, brief marriage, annulled in 2009. Please respond with a picture. Email: C1-127708

Seeking well educated girl min 5'-5" for Jat Sikh slim, fair boy, 5'-11", 27 yrs, MBA Finance (IBS, Hyderabad), CFA & IFB (USA), working with Bank of Newyork, London. Earning 90000 p.a. Contact: 99149-88330. C1-127718

Jat Sikh medico, Dental, Engineering professional match for 32/5'-9"
Medical graduate with high USMLE scores. Residency interviewed. US resident. Status family. Early marriage. Email particulars with pictures to Contact 408-216-8118. C1-127728

PQM for handsome, turbaned, teetotaler Jat-Sikh 26/6'- 2" boy, M.Tech. from USA and earning decent package in reputed USA company. Boy is in India. Girls merit only contact 98727-59983. C1-127790

Match for Jat Sikh cleanshaven Chahal boy 32 yrs./6 ft., PR of Canada, Diploma in Computer Hardware after 10+2. Brothers settled in Australia and USA. Parents live in Mohali. E-mail: 98148- 69966. C1-127868

Jat Sikh family invite proposal from beautiful suitable match preferably
from Ambala, Chandigarh, Kurukshetra, Yamunanagar for their NRI son Italy settled (PR) 5'-7", Sept. 1982, Electronic & Communication Diploma. Parents Govt. employee. Only brother. 094169-75650, 094164- 99742. Email: C1-128126

M.Sc/B.Sc. Nursing/Professionally qualified beautiful match for Canadian PR handsome Jat Sikh boy, 27/5'-11", Graduate. Huge rural/urban property near Chandigarh. Boy now in India. Early marriage. Chandigarh, Mohali, Ropar, Fatehgarh, Ludhiana Distt preferred. Contact 94635-94529, 97798-50085. C1-128334B

Wanted very beautiful homely slim fair professional match for Jat Sikh handsome cleanshaven Doctor settled in USA, 29/5'-10", NRI preferred. Apply with photograph, biodata. NA1-89783

Professionally qualified match for very handsome slim fair cleanshaved Jat Sikh only son 1974, 5'-10", teetotaller, M.Sc., Branch Manager Govt. Bank (India), 20 acres agriculture land, good urban property also, well-established appreciable business with income over 20 LPA, also got permanent residence Canada, legally divorced issueless. Parents deceased, only sister marriage Gynaecologist, running own hospital. Caste no bar. 81465-85973, 94176-01314, 98151-78978. NA1-90093

Qualified working/non-working girl from India for cleanshaven Jat Sikh by 28/6' schooling from Pine Grove (Himachal Pradesh), MCA, own well-established family business. Small, educated, landlord family, owns urban properties. 0161-3269074. NA1-90205

Match for Jatt Sikh 23, 5'-10", BAMS (Final) boy India. Parents & sister
(MD Doctors USA), owns rural, urban properties & hospital. No demand. Preferred USA, Canada. 99153-21877. NA1-90231

Jatt Sikh veterinary Doctor (veterinarian) BV.Sc. 28/5'-11", employed in Punjab Govt. preferred US citizen or green card holder only. Others excuse. 76960-45476 Moga. NA1-90232

Suitable match for Jat Sikh cleanshaven 35 years, 5'- 9", British citizen divorcee boy doing job in home office in London. Coming India on 13 Feb. 2012. The girl should be highly professionally qualified tall, slim and beautiful. Email biodata & photographs to Mob: 99157-65114. NA1-90516

Match for Jatt Sikh 23, 5'-10", BAMS (final) boy India. Parents & sister (MD Doctor USA). Owns rural urban properties & hospital. No demand. Preferred USA, Canada. 99153-21877. NA1-91566

Handsome Mahajan boy 27/5'-7", 23000/- pm. Own Kothi, doing MBA. Box 5389M Tribune, Chandigarh.

PQM for Saini Sikh turbaned 5'-10", Feb. 5, 1979, 1.03 pm, Chandigarh, B.Tech. (Comp), working in MNC at Bangalore. Earning 1.25 Lac P.M. Issueless divorced. Own Kothi in Mohali. Upper caste no bar. E-mail: 93161-17537. C1-125252

Well educated Manglik/NM match for Saini clean shave Delhi boy MCA, 5'-11", July 84, wkg in Mumbai. 93122- 11011. Box 5397M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted suitable match Hindu Saini B.Tech., March 1984, 5'-9", handsome, teetotaller. Working MNC. Highly educated, cultured family. Caste religion no bar. 098961-43911. E-mail: C1- 127745

Really beautiful, educated, 5'-5" plus match for handsome USA Citizen, handling own business, 6'/37 (looks younger), never married, Saini Sikh turbaned boy. Girl main consideration. Upper caste no bar. Send Bio-data, recent photographs to: Mobile: 98787-63082. C1-128156

Mair Rajput (Kanda) parents seeking a suitable slim, beautiful, educated & family oriented match for their handsome son 24 years, 5'-8", Mechanical Engineer, Canadian citizen, working in Toronto. Please respond with photograph/full biodata at email: C1-126258

Handsome Punjabi Brahmin boy, 31/6', USA citizen looking for NRI/abroad studied girl. Send photograph/biodata. E-mail: C1-126446

Educated family girl, from a respectable family for a U.K. born Hindu Khatri boy. 17.7.1981, Height 5'-7", Qualified in Business studies. Working with Parents in a well established family business. (Available in India until 27.2.12). Contact 076960-34551. Email : C1-126522

Seeking professionally qualified Green-card holder girl from US/Canada for IT Professional handsome Rajput boy, B.Tech., M.S. (USA), 27 years, 5'-10". Working as Software Developer. Send details with photo to: or 99150-07222. C1-126650

Jatt Sikh Uppal cleanshaven Aug. 1979, 5'-11", Canadian born, permanent job, seeking beautiful, tall, educated girl. 99140-09884, 81468-14064. C1- 126750

Well qualified suitable match in U.K. for SC M.Tech., 5'-10", slim, handsome, 1979, issueless divorcee, pure vegetarian, teetotaller British passport holder, earnings six figures GBP p.a.. 09815952842. C1-126778

Suitable qualified preferably Doctor match for Permanent settled Ireland, Brahmin boy, 2-2-1984, 3.32 pm, 6', Degree in Computer Science, permanent Govt Job. Presently boy in India for short period. Contact: 94638-50329. C1-126790

Very beautiful convent educated B.Sc./M.Sc. Nursing match for Saini Sikh cleanshaven 28, 5'-8", Canadian Immigrant boy, Master degree, well settled status educated family. Brother sister married and well settled abroad. Marriage bureu excuse. 98722-88831, 95011-88919, C1-127082B

Suitable Medico Dentico professional match for fair handsome 35/5'-7", MBBS, MRCP Khatri boy working National Health Services Hospital UK Doctors family. 094163-78082. C1-127328

SM4 Jindal Manglik handsome boy, 13.02.83, 1:25 am, Jalandhar/6', B.Com. + Diploma in Computer Applications, working as GM for a Dubai based MNC, posted in Ghana (W. Africa), 26 LPA, imm. marriage. Caste no bar. 0181-2403378, 94172-59050. C1-127482

Professionally qualified tall and beautiful match for handsome Canadian citizen turbaned Kamboj Sikh boy 30/5'-11", Electrical Engineer, working in reputed R & D Company. Send biodata with photograph. 093557-81664. (India) C1-128106

Educated, beautiful match for handsome Sodhi Khatri boy, 24/5'-8",
B.Com., own well established family business. 088943-64889. C1- 125906

Qualified beautiful match for handsome Sodhi Hindu Khatri manglik MBA
boy 05.01.1984, 5:00 am (Amritsar) 5'-9'' working in top MNC 7 lpa. Parents employed. Contact (0183-2424124) C1- 126302

Professionally qualified preferably employed match for non-manglik Khatri boy, 11.05.1982, 02:35 am, Patiala, 5'-8", B.Tech, MBA, MNC Banglore, 6 LPA. Send biodata/Photo. 98726-10002, C1- 126312

Doctor/Engineer match for USA settled handsome, fair complexioned Khatri boy, 29/5'-10", Engg IT (MS). Status family. Caste no bar. Contact: 94164-98046.  C1-126916

MD/MS/MDS match for handsome Khatri boy, 1978/5'-6", M.D. Medicine, working Fortis Hospital, Delhi. Send bio- data with recent photograph. 98960-40436. E-mail: C1-127426

Manglik/Non-Manglik professionally qualified match of status family for US based Hindu Khatri boy 29/6', MBA India/SAP Siemens. Boy currently in India. Email photo & Biodata: Mob: 88727-25044. C1-127766

Suitable match for handsome MBA regular, Oct 80, 5'-9", teetotaller status family boy working Deputy Manager HDFC Bank Panchkula. Father retired Chief Engineer. Early marraige. C1-128284

Suitable vegetarian employed match preferably Teacher for Arora Advocate boy, B.Com., LL.B., CA (Inter), teetotaller, 6'-2", 18.07.1980, 8:15 p.m., own practice in Distt. Courts at Chandigarh. Well settled family. No liability. Mob. 9463380336. E-mail: C1-127788

Suitable match for Ramgarhia, 26/6' Graduate boy, Europe settled. Coming India first week of March. Contact: 98140-60936, 97816-50471. E-mail: C1-125634

Match for Khatti Punjabi Ireland settled handsome only son 30/5'-11", convent educated, Diploma. Boy reached Chandigarh residence. 094178-40068. C1-127014

Beautiful match for handsome clean shaven Sikh Ramgarhia boy 27 yr 6'-2", B.E. working in top investment bank in USA on H1-B Visa. Send latest photos and Biodata. Email: C1-127854

Gursikh B.Tech, MBA, 28 years 5'-11", working MNC Gurgaon, 11 Lacs. Divorced mutually shortly after marriage. Seeking vegetarian girl. Simple marriage without dowry. 97801-42011. C1-128104

Preferably Doctor/Engineer/US Citizen match for Sikh boy, 10.7.1985, 6'-1", PEC Engineer, MS from UCLA, working Los Angeles USA. 98760-11208. E-mail: C1-128252

Match for Ramgarhia Sikh boy 28/5'-7", M.Tech. (UK), Asstt. Professor reputed University. Upper caste no bar. 81464-00226. NA1-88423

Suitable match for handsome, clean-shaven Khatri Sikh boy 27/5'-10", of reputed family. MBA, working with MNC. Wanted fair, beautiful English speaking girl within 26 years. Contact: 76545-81555, 88730-92885. Email: C1-127002

Suitable match for Ravidasia Sikh cleanshaven boy. Dec. 1980, 5'-10", B.A., Three year Diploma in Computer Science, Technical Support Expert in reputed International IT company Mohali, salary Rs.28,000/- p.m. Small Sikh family, own double storey house, Mohali. Father retired Gazetted Officer, Mother Govt. employee. NRI preferred. Send biodata with photo E- mail: Contact: 98880-44074. C1- 125490

Suitable match for Chandigarh based MBBS Doctor 35 years/5'-8" Ad dharmi boy. Permanent job. 97794-68089. C1-126134

Looking for a beautiful professionally qualified girl for Ludhiana based Ramdasia Sikh (cleanshaven) boy 29 years/5'-7" from a well educated family. Doing Ph.D. Agriculture in Australian University preferred Post Graduation in Science or agriculture. Send biodata and photo. , +9195012-79512. NA1-90127

Gursikh Tonk-Kashtriya MD Doctor in USA, 1982/5'-9", seeks suitable match E-mail: Contact: 98035-20616. C1- 127750

Match for handsome Khatri boy 31/5'-9", B.Sc. Status business family. Handsome income. Innocently issueless divorced in very short period. Required unmarried/issueless divorcee girl. Caste no bar. 99967- 00503. E-mail: C1-127910

Educated match for Gursikh Khatri-Arora boy B.Tech., Senior Manager
with MNC @ Gurgaon, 37/5'-9"/17LPA. Respond with pic, biodata on Box 5401M Tribune, Chandigarh.

28/5'-10" clean-shaven, handsome, convent educated Arora/Khatri Sikh boy Canadian citizen, Canadian University graduate, working full-time, seeks slim, cultured, professionally qualified Sikh girl. Mother Class-I Officer, Chandigarh-based family. Contact: 99142-09805, C1-127670

Sikh MBBS/MD/BDS/DDS/Pharma/professional match working/studying in USA/Canada for (Ahluwalia) handsome, turban wearing, dual US/Canada citizen, 5'- 8"/Oct.73, Vancouver upbringing, MBA (Health Services Management), holding Senior Healthcare Administrative position, California. Ph: +91622-40170. C1-127714

Software Engineer match for handsome Jindal Senior Software Engineer, 5'-7" 26/MNC Gurgaon, 9 Lacs. Decent family. 094164-73713. C1-121641

Garg boy 24.11.82, 4:15 pm, Radaur, Yamunanagar, MBA, Asst. Mgr., wrkg. bank. Send BHP. M: 98124-39343. C1-122876

Preferably Australia settled/B.Sc. Nursing in India match for Manglik Tayal boy, 15.12.1988, 12:30 Night, Rajpura, 5'-5", doing B.Tech. in Australia. Caste no bar. Contact: 98721-37068, 01762-242647. C1-126146

Suitable match for handsome Anshik Manglik 6', boy 00:35 a.m., 7.6.83, Ludhiana, B.Tech., MBA, Manager MNC Dubai, 20,00,000/-, Chandigarh. Status family. 98761- 02850. C1-126164

Professionally qualified match for MBA boy from IIM Lucknow and Computer Science Engineer, 5'-11"/Jan. 79, Senior Technologist in HP, California (USA), $ 120K P.A. veg., TT, send BHP. Email: C1- 126218

Slim, smart Aggarwal non-Manglik 33/5'-9", Postgraduate (UK) Veterinary Doctor (Class-I Govt. Officer). C1-126418

Manglik beautiful match for handsome Gupta boy, 5'-11", 8.11.1982,
8:30 p.m., Yamunanagar, PGDCA, Hospitality and Business Management from Australia. Working Australia, PR applied. 09356732719. C1-126616

Suitable match for Garg boy 5'-6", 14 Sep., 1985, 2.45 am Sangrur, B.Tech., MNC Gurgaon, 4.32 Lakh, working girl GGN preferred. Mobile: 094643-74443. Email: C1-128328

Educated, beautiful Aggarwal girl for fair Aggarwal boy 26/5'-7", schooling from Dalhousie, BFA from UK, own well-established business. Status family, residence in posh locality & owns urban properties in Ludhiana. 0161-6545074. NA1-90204



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