Sunday, February 26, 2012, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

Highly placed professional Jat Sikh family seeks beautiful, very fair, tall, well educated bride from good Pbi. family for son B.Tech., MBA (top insti) '80/183 cms/c'shaven/ H'some/TT working top Intnl Fund/decent 8 digit package. Father v.senior bureaucrat. Email: C1-133705

Wanted fair, suitably employed bride, preferably in Teaching, for Chandigarh based Engineer, 34/5'-11", 10 LPA. Upper middle class. Senior Officer in reputed Company. Caste no bar. E-mail: 093161-31924. C1-131831

Software Engr. Delhi. IT Prof, 79/5'-9" MCA/PGDCA Sr. IT Consultant. Well Settled. Wkg with Top MNC (IBM). High 7 figure income PA. Prajapati. Caste no bar. C1-132928

Match for Rajput (Sapehia) Himachali (Kangra) boy, 29.6.1982, 5'-4", B.Com., own business at Chandigarh. 096460-89934. Box 5532M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Amritdhari Doaba Sikh Rajpoot Parmar 1980/5'- 11", Physiotherapist Govt. job in Civil Hospital. Govt. Teacher/Doctor preferred. 96462-00440. C1-132734

Beautigul, educated match for Nov. 87 born, Kashyap Rajput boy, 5'-11", B.Tech. (ECE). Presently in NZ on study basis. Educated respectable family. Box 5538M Tribune, Chandigarh.

PQM for Hindu Mair Rajput, (Gogna) 79, 5'-9", MA, LLB, Australian settled boy, 25 LPA, (PR Applied). Caste no bar. Call 9876625531, +61430776678. E-mail: C1-133177

Beautiful match for smart Rohilla (Kashtriya) handsome boy, 29 years/5'-5". Working in MNC, Software Company, Gurgaon 12 lakh p.a. MBA IIM, Lucknow. Caste no bar. Contact 094162-95902. C1-133417

Needed American/Canadian citizen girl for Doaba Sikh Rajput, Nov. 1979/180, with Double Master (Architect Enviorments) USA, employed Research scholar. Caste no bar. E-mail: or 94172-93965. C1- 133911

Suitable match for Kumaoni boy, Oct.83/5'-6", B.Tech from Thapar, pursuing P.G., working as Manager in Chandigarh. Residence in Chandigarh as well as Zirakpur. E-mail: Box 5567M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Kashyap Rajput boy 1980/5'-9", B.Tech, MBA,working as Chemical Engineer in MNC. Good salary. 01972-221927, 095000-96893. C1-134401

Match for Saraswat Brahmin boy extremely handsome teetotaller 5'-8'' born on 28.08.1984 at 6.30 pm Amritsar, working as Deputy Manager, Kotak Mohindra bank, Amritsar, package 3.50 lac pa. 98145-50223, 98141-30223. C1-132149

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin boy, 1982/5'-11", M.Sc.(Hons.) Physics, Group A Officer in BSF. Preferred in Tricity. 98783-25648. Box 5529M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for 82 born, handsome Punjabi Brahmin boy, 5'- 11", MBA, Senior Manager with IT Company at Chandigarh, 6 LPA. 99155-76965. C1-132367

Professionally qualified, employed, vegetarian match for Saraswat Brahmin handsome boy, 5'-10", 23rd Sep. 1986, 8:20 a.m., Barnala, B. Tech, SDO PWD Punjab, Mohali. Kundli match must. 94177-59168. Box 5544M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Engineer, professionally qualified girl for January, 1981, 5'-10", M.Tech. Middle class, Sarswat Punjabi, working at Seoul, South Korea. Early marriage. Upper caste considerable. , 094178-27756. C1-133557

Professionally qualified beautiful Manglik/NM match for handsome Sr. Brahman 9.11.81, 1.37 am, Barnala, 5'-10", Australian citizen, IT professional Govt. job, earning around 100000 Dollar PA. Parents Gazetted Officers and family of IAS, Dr., Engg. Boy in India till 12th March. Apply with photo and biodata. Caste no bar. 94170- 39674, 98147-40131. C1- 133565

Professionally qualified match for Hindu Arora handsome boy, 22.01.84, 
2:50 a.m., Chandigarh, 5'-5", MCA, working with US based Company in Pune, 9 Lacs PA. 78372-29533. C1-132373

Suitable working match for Manglik Hindu Ahuja, Khatri, 5'-6", 12.09.1984, 9:35 pm, Chandigarh, MCA, Engineer, Infosys, Bangalore, 4+LPA. Parents Punjab Government employee and settled at Chandigarh. 094176-36026. Box 5531M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionaly qualified Pharmacist (Master) (U.K) British born 23 years family well estabilished in UK with Textile and Commericial property business caste Tonk Kashatrya seeks beautiful slim educated girl from cultured family . Contact 09888064322, 09911959610. UK. 00447957487915. C1-127512

Wanted suitable match for handsome, clean shaven, US born, Jatt Sikh boy born 1983. Does not drink or smoke. Has a Doctorate in a Medical field. Full time job in US. Family well settled in US. Seeking beautiful, educated girl. Respond with biodata and recent photograph. Parents visiting India. Email: Telephone number: 98558-37932 or 1-630-221-0803. C1-129365

U.S. citizen professionally qualified, beautiful match for well settled handsome, Kamboj Sikh boy, US Citizen, 28 years, 6'-1", Electrical Engineering Degree. Owns business in Fresno, CA with good income.

Looking for a beautiful, smart girl. USA resident preferred. Contact: or (908) 455-8343. C1-131951B

Suitable match for bachelor Lobaa Sikh, fair, smart, 1967/5'-11", M.Sc. boy doing own business (Ambala). No dowry. Simple marriage. Divorcee, widower also welcome. Caste no bar. Contact: 098960-89341, 90503-56316, Email: C1-132582

Qualified match for Indore based Gursikh Khukrain Boy, divorcee from NRI, 28/5'-10", B.Sc., Business Development Officer in Corporate Enterprise, 7.20 LPA. Issueless widow/divorcee also welcome. Only sister married, well settled. Email: ; 09993034777. C1-132916

Suitable match for Turbaned, non-trimmer Kamboj Sikh boy, 30/5'-10", Engineer, Canadian citizen. Please send biodata with picture. Caste no bar. Email: or contact at 64797-80656, 91-93557-81664. C1-133209B

Wanted beautiful, min. 5'-4" B.Sc. Nursing/GNM Pharmacist/Soft. Engg. girl for USA Green Card Holder, Lobana Sikh boy, diploma in Mech. Engg. 5'-11", 29.4.1979, coming India in April, early marriage. 99928-77786, 94163-94469. C1- 133845B

Match for very handsome US citizen Engineer divorcee Jat Sikh boy 5'-10"/35. The boy is making very handsome salary and owns rural/urban property in India. Very well settled family. Father retired as Colonel from Army with substantial rural/urban property, owns 15 acres. Please send biodata with photograph preferred. Email: or Call: 98145-83696. C1- 115367B

USA based respectable Jat Sikh family invite alliance from US citizens for their clean shaven, intelligent, M.Sc., 33/5'-8", Software Engineer son. Very ambitious, good mix of modern and traditional values. Contact: C1-123544

US based SM required, for Jat Sikh boy 29, cleanshaven 5'-10", Master of Engg., working in California. Handsome package. Green card in process. Elder brother well-settled in USA. Running Multiple stores. Father retired very Senior officer, based in Chandigarh. E- mail: C1-124290

Educated Jat Sikh family well-settled in UK seek a MBBS, MD match for their MBBS, MRCP handsome son working as a Speciality Registrar in NHS Hospital. He is 5'-10" tall aged 30 clean shaven with respect for Sikh family values. Visiting India soon. Please contact email: C1-125655

Jat Sikh parents, well settled family of professionals in Canada, seek intelligent, tall, slim, beautiful MBBS girl for their very handsome, brilliant Doctor son 6'- 2" tall, 28 years old, clean-shaven, born in India raised in Canada with strong family values, doing residency in a surgical field. Parents presently in India. Please respond with recent pictures and a complete biodata of the girl and her family. Ph.No. 98780-41946. Email: C1-130031

Jat Sikh Sidhu educated, small family of Canada/Chandigarh looking for homely, beautiful, suave, graceful girl for their handsome, intelligent, cultured, sociable son Dec.82 born, 6', LL.B (P.U.) Also educated in Canada. Boy innocently divorced .Well- settled family. Girl's merits only consideration. Box 5484M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh Sidhu educated, small family of Canada/Chandigarh looking for homely, beautiful, suave, graceful girl for their handsome son, June 87 born, 5'- 11", M.Sc.(Hons) Geo-Matics Engineer, Topper thorughout. Well-settled family. Girl's merits only consideration. Box 5486M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Only MBBS beautiful match for Grewal boy from landlord family, 28/5'-10". Doing Residency at U.S.A. Boy coming to India in first week of March. Contact with recent photo and biodata: E-mail: 98556-22843. C1-131729

Match for Jat Sikh, 1984/5'-11", tall, fair, handsome, teetotaller, B.Tech, MBA, running own business, earning in six figures per month. Having substantial Rural and Urban properties. Well settled family based in Mohali. Seeks beautiful, Convent educated and homely girl. Email details with photograph to: C1-131945

Suitable match for 29 years, 6'-3", clean-shaven Army Major from Defence Bakground. Owns substantial urban property in Tricity. Short mariage legally anulled. Respond with latest photo. Mob: 99880-17115. E-mail: C1-132069

Jat Sikh parents seek professionally qualified from reputed institution & working match for their cleanshaven teetotaler son 27/ 5'-7'' B.Tech. IIT (Topper) working (MNC) as Software Engineer (salary 7 figure). Father Army Officer having rural and urban property. Contact: M-09914699750. Email: C1-132245

Well educated, beautiful match for Canadian Citizen handsome, clean-shaven Jat Sikh C.A. boy, 1979 born, 6', settled Toronto. Parents Doctors. Reputed status family settled Canada. Owns several properties in Canda/USA. Send family details and photo must. Call: 0175-6533002, 98727-00003. E-mail: C1- 132251

PQM for handsome, turbaned, teetotaler Jat-Sikh 26/6'- 2" boy, M.Tech. from USA and earning decent package in reputed USA company. Boy is in India. Girls merit only contact 98727-59983. C1-132381

Jat Sikh match for teetotaller handsome boy 1984 born 6' MS Computer Science from USA. India born girl US citizen, Greencard, or HIB visa preferred. 9876140225 send biodata with photo to C1- 132508

Suitable match for Canadian Citizen Engineer 39/6', turbaned, trimmer boy, the boy innocently legally divorced within ten days of marriage. Contact: Email: C1-132754

Canadian PR/ Nursing match for vegetarian Brar only son 26/ 5'-11'' M.Sc 
20 acres land 98885-67082. C1-133227

Jat Sikh 5'-11"/26. U.S. Govt. Officer. Visiting India. Non-Manglik. Nursing Medical Technician IT Business Teaching Graduate. Contact : , 98883-05358. C1-133433

Affluent urbanised Jat Sikh landlord family seeks compatible match for 27/6' handsome, non-drinker Engineer boy, PR Canada, Govt. job. Father PES-I, only sister married abroad. Chandigarh, Mohali, Malwa preferred. 98767-98324. Email: C1- 133571

Handsome Jat Sikh bachelor boy well settled in US, 1976/ 6'-1", working as System Analyst, seeks beautiful professionally qualified girl. Send biodata, photo at:, 9779980991. (Boy in India). C1- 133795

USA based Jatt Sikh Aulakh family seeks match for their beautiful daughter 28/5'-7", self-employed, Cosmetologist in India. Boy should be handsome and US citizen. Call: 001-530-713-5711 or E-mail: C1-134445

Seeking suitable match for Jat Sikh cleanshaven, 35 years, 5'-8", British citizen, divorced, Govt. employee (presently in India until 15.3.12). Girl must be highly professionally qualified not less than 5'-6", slim and beautiful, having fluency in English. Please forward your particulars alongwith a recent photograph to Mob: 99157-65114. NA1-94655

Jatt Sikh Aulakh 14 Nov. 1984, 5'-10", B.Tech. (India) PG diploma in IT & Business (New Zealand), now work permit, two brothers, 16 acre. Father district level officer. Requires citizen/PR girl preferred. 98885- 20408. NA1-95138

Professionally qualified match for handsome Saini Sikh boy 29/5'-8", BCA Oracle certified, working MNC, Delhi. Mobile 099158-55446. C1-132265

Suitable match for handsome claeanshaven Saini Sikh boy, 29/6', BE/MBA, working in Abhijeet Group Ltd., Jamshedpur, from educated family. Contact: Mobile: 093340-41980, 97800- 44226. C1-132321

Professionally qualified match 4 Sood Manglik boy, 15 Oct. 1981, 5'-9", B.Com., MBA, employed, high six figure monthly income. Only sister married. Upper caste no bar. 09417304102. C1-132646

Life partner well settled US citizen divorced male 59 yrs. Looking for 50-60 yrs. female. Caste no bar. Sharma 166-F, College Street, Middletown, Connecticut- 06457 USA, Email: A1-126728-OL

Suitable well-qualified match for Hindu Punjabi boy Australian citizen 28/5'-11", Software Engineer, working in MNC Sydney. Family settled in Australia. Email details: , else Phone: 61- 402093763. C1-130737B

Wanted NRI girl for clean shave Sikh Ramgarhia (Kalsi) Graduate boy 28/5'-10", Europe settled, coming to India first week of March. Preferred Canada & USA, others also welcome. Caste no bar. Contact: 98140-60936, 97816-50471. Email: C1-131467

Wanted beautiful match for Saini Sikh clean-shaven Canadian immigrant very handsome boy 1983/5'-8". Master Degree, well-established status and educated family settled in USA and Canada. At presently boy in India. Girl should be B.Sc./M.Sc. (Nursing). Early marriage. Please respond with recently pictures and a complete biodata. Email: 98722-88831, 85578-87661. C1-132137B

Suitable Medico, Dentico professional match for fair, handsome 35/5'-7", MBBS, MRCP Khatri boy, working National Health Services Hospital, UK. Parents Doctors. 094163-78082. C1-134023

Suitable match for permanent resident Australia Parjapat Ghumar boy October 1984, 5'-6", Masters in Information Technology (PB), Full time job. Father in America. Seeks educated, beautiful girl. Boy coming India soon. Outside India (NRI) can contact too. Respond with biodata and recent photograph. Email: C1-134137B

Tall, beautiful, Medico match for well status Sikh Tonk-Kashtriya handsome cleanshaven Doctor 32/ 6' MD in USA. Contact with biodata and latest photo at or 9041903040. C1-134385

Seeking match of compatible age for US settled handsome Physiotherapist/ 6ft/83 born/Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin cherishing family values. Father GM with MNC in India, mother homemaker. Medico/Engr/ Archt /CA /Pharma girl prfbly from community willing to relocate send horoscope/birth details, biodata & photo to Mbl. 9190499-17135. C1-134485

Suitable match for very handsome Australian citizen Hindu Arora (Chhabra) boy 5'-6", DoB 6.1.1983, time 7.10 a.m. Place of birth Goraya Jalandhar require homely beautiful slim girl. Early marriage as boy reach India. Contact: 98765-05004. NA1-95687

Qualified match for PR Canada Punjabi Hindu Khatri boy, B.Tech. (Food), 5'-10", 02.06.1984, 9:30 p.m., Patiala, working Managerial position Toronto, 35 LPA. Visiting India March 2012. Send BHP: 09814194277. C1-133082

Professionally qualified working match for Punjabi Khatri handsome non manglik 08.01.1983, 2:14 pm, Hoshiarpur, 5'-8", B.Tech, MBA, working top Telecom company Gurgaon, 7 LPA. Status family, Panchkula. Email: , 0-98144-37342. C1-133421

Medico match (Prof. BDSE), minimum 5'-6", for very fair handsome Khatri BDS boy Manglik 6'-0", 23.09.83, 21.46, Delhi, working in MNC, Gurgaon. 098104-49223. Sene BHP. Mail: C1-133691

Suitable match for Ramgarhia Sikh boy 8th May 1980, 5'- 10", BCA, System Manager in IT Society, Chandigarh Administration. Contact: 98880-25467. E-mail: C1-132199

Gursikh Khatri boy, 39/182, MBA, MIB (Aust.), working Sr. Exev. position in MNC Dubai seeks tall, b'ful well educated girl. 094243-10502, Email: A1-126664-OL

Seeking match for 1984/5'-11", Khatri Gursikh, tall, fair, handsome, well settled boy, B.Tech, running own business, earning 6 figures per month. Having substantial Rural and Urban property. Vegetarian, teetotaller Mohali based family seeks beautiful, well educated and homely girl. Email family details with photograph to: C1-132001

Suitable Gursikh match for Sikh Khatri B.Com., MBA boy 5'-11", July 84, Manager with reputed Retail Co. Future Group Package 5 Plus. Employed preferred. E-mail: 98728-01761. Box 5533M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified working match for Khatri Sikh turbaned boy 82 born, 6'-1", slim, fair, smart, done B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts) from Pb. University, doing Brand Consultancy, Web and Ad. Design Business set up his own big office in Chandigarh. Handsome income. Well educated family. Brief biodata, mail to Mobile: 98155-16508. C1-132998

Suitable match for Chandigarh based MBBS Doctor 35 years/5'-8" Ad dharmi boy. Permanent job. 97794-68089. C1-126134

NRI girl preferably New Zealand, Australia match for Ad-dharmi boy, 
25/5'-7", Diploma Polytechnic Three year Electrical. Brother, sister settled Australia. Father Govt. employee. Caste no bar. 98721-49359, 98768-73005. C1-131741

Ad-dharmi US boy 5'-9", 26, needs very beautiful girl. Medical background wud be great. Please send pics and biodata. Contact: C1-133735B

Ad-Dharmi Mehmi cleanshaven smart boy, 1.1.1985, 5'-9", MA English. Father UK settled, two sisters UK and England settled. Required educated America, Australia, Canada, England citizen NRI girl. Contact: 98768-26706. E-mail: NA1-95070

Match for handsome well-settled clean shaven Ahluwalia Sikh boy 29, 5'-11" Canadian citizen. Contact: 081465- 30058. E-mail: C1-134249

New Zealand PR, Arora Manglik boy 5'-11"/11 Dec. 1984 seeks tall, beautiful, professionally well educated match. 98881-01310. NA1- 95105

Sikh Tonk-Kashatriya, handsome boy (cleanshave), 27/5'-9", (Graduate), UT Govt. employee (Chandigarh), Salary 26000/- pm. Parents Retd. Govt. Service. Own Kothi in Mohali. Preferred Govt. employee in Tricity. 98148-22451, 94649-89451. C1-132718

Match for Sikh Kashyap Rajput, Punjab Govt. Class-1 Officer, 48/5'-8", 
legally divorced, one daughter. No bars. Contact: 93160-72282. C1-132786B

Suitable match for Hindu Dhiman boy, B.Com., MBA (Finance) CTM, 37 years, 5'-10", Divorcee issueless. Chandigarh employed. Well settled family. , 98153-01862. C1-134247

Well established Arora Khatri Sikh family looking for very beautiful girl for their very handsome turbaned non-drinker Doctor boy, 30/5'-9", working in USA on H1B Visa. Caste no bar. Contact 075200-08445. C1-132267

Educated, homely, Teacher, Lecturer girl from well- settled family for trimmer, turbaned, smart Sikh Khatri boy 28/5'-11" convent educated, B.Com., well- established business. Father landlord. Only son of well-educated, affluent family residing in posh locality, other properties in & around Ludhiana. 0161- 6545074. NA1-94591

Suitable professionally qualified match for MBA, Gupta (Mittal) Manglik boy 5'-9", 11.03.1985, 11:15 am Chandigarh, Manager in reputed company in Delhi, 5.5 LPA. Contact after kundli matching. 98551-85544. A1-126091-OL

Software Engineer match for handsome Jindal Senior Software Engineer, 5'-7"/26/MNC Gurgaon, 9 Lacs. Decent family. 094164-73713. C1-121641

Educated suitable match for smart Aggarwal Goyal boy 71 inch, DOB 19.1.85, Kharar (Mohali). Self established business with good income at Kurali near Chandigarh. 98774-06184. C1-132289

Medico/Non-Medico employed match for Goyal Manglik, 28 years, 5'-9", MBBS, working as Medical Officer. Only sister married to PCS, Judicial. Contact: 96461-00333, 80545-00789. C1-132962

Match for Singal BE, MBA handsome boy 26/5'-6", doing own business Ambala Cantt. Contact: 0171-2660761, 090171-38924. Email: C1-133022

PQM 4 NM/30/6', DoB 28.05.81/15:08, Ghaziabad, BE, MBA working in MNC, ND, 15 LPA. Caste no bar. Email: Ph.: 92124-44302. C1-133277B

Very beautiful professionally qualified Doctor, Engineer girl from Tricity for fair Aggarwal Only Son, 23.03.1985, 02:40 am, Ferozpur, 5'-8", B.Tech, working Smart Data Company, Mohali, 3.25 LPA. 99881-65616, 95016-70686, Kothi No. 159, Wadhava Nagar, Zirakpur. C1-133865

Educated, beautiful, homely girl from well settled family for Hoshiarpur based fair Aggarwal boy 25/5'-9", convent educated, B.Com., pursuing MBA, industrialist, manufacturers of Auto & Tractor parts. Only son. 0161- 3251374, NA1-92321

Educated, beautiful girl, who can assist in family business/Lecturer/Banker from respectable family for fair, handsome Aggarwal boy, 25/5'-8", B.Com., MBA- regular, well established business. Family owns residence, showrooms, urban property. Only son. 0161- 3251374, NA1-94592


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