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Month on, no headway in DSP murder case
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 29
A month after the gruesome double murder of Moga DSP Balraj Singh Gill (46) and Monica Kapila (38), the police has failed to make any headway in the case.

Except character assassination of the duo, nothing concrete has come out of the investigation conducted so far. In the name of investigation, the police could only manage to establish that the duo had an affair and used to meet at a farmhouse of Sanjay Agnihotri in the Golf Link area.

Except that, the police has nothing to offer. Who were the killers ? What was the motive behind the killing? The police has simply no answers to all these questions.

The city police, for whom the double murder has become a matter of self- respect, is receiving brickbats from all quarters for failing to crack the mystery. Till now, the police has tried everything written in the criminology book, but without success.

Besides questioning the family, friends, colleagues and business partners of Gill and the husband of Monica Kapila, the police has probed nearly 100 suspects of criminal background in connection with the case.

Not only the city police, even senior officers posted in other districts are showing keen interest in the murder mystery and have even visited the farmhouse several times. According to sources, Deputy Inspector General (DIG-Ludhiana range) MF Farooqui is working behind the scenes and providing crucial inputs to the police.

Investigation so far:

February 1: Moga DSP Balraj Singh Gill and Monica Kapila killed at a farmhouse in Golf Link.

February 2: DSP cremated, police launched massive hunt to nab the criminals.

February 3: Monica cremated, husband and woman friend probed. DSP friends, cook and security guards questioned.

February 4: Police forms teams, visits Himanchal Pradesh

February 5: Cars of Balraj and Monica found from two different locations

February 6: Police starts working on a theory of robbery killing

February 7: Massive combing operation launched in Hambran, Noorpur Bet and surrounding villages.

February 8: Police allegedly rounds up few suspected youths with criminal background.

February 9: 25 persons probed in the double murder case.

February 11: Technical experts from Delhi called to crack the case.

February 12: Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) Administration Hardeep Dhillon conducts a meeting to check the progress of the case.

February 13: ADGP visits the site where the murder took place and asked a volley of questions from the investigative team.

February 14: Doctor, alleged to be the paramour of Monica and an acquaintance of DSP Gill, probed in the case. Found innocent.

February 14- 22: Daily one-hour- meeting of the SIT team, headed by DCP Ashish Chaudhry to discuss the development of the case.

February 23: Two SIT teams formed to probe the case from different angles.

February 24: The double murder case became more mysterious after it was discovered that another woman used to frequently call the DSP.

February 25: Police launches fresh probe in the case to find out the antecedents of the woman who used to call DSP.

February 26-27: No headway in the case. 


Major Blunder

The police had reportedly committed some initial blunder that has proved costly. After the double murder, the assailants took Balraj's three mobile phones. While two phones were switched off, the third remained switched on. For nearly 40 minutes, the tower location of Balraj Singh Gill's mobile phone was showing Noorpur Bet, which shows that the accused stopped in the area for nearly 40 minutes. Despite knowing all these facts, the police kept groping in the dark. It is learnt that it was on the fourth day that the police launched combing operations after receiving a rap from DIG MF Farooqui.

Friends also to blame

Had Sanjay Agnihotri, Narinderpal Singh and an assistant commissioner of police, all friends of the DSP, sounded an alert on time, the accused could have been nabbed. Vandna Arora, a close friend of Monica, was also to blame. She knew about Monica's intimacy with the DSP, but she kept a secret and did not stop her friend. It is learnt that the police did not visit the apartments located in Golf Link till a week after the double murder to ask the residents living in the apartment whether anyone of them saw any suspicious person. 

Case turns more mysterious

The murder of Moga DSP Balraj Singh Gill has turned more mysterious, with the police discovering that another person other than Monica Kapila, found murdered along with the DSP in a Hambran farmhouse in Ludhiana district on February 1, was a frequent caller on his cell. The police is now trying to trace the caller. Police sources said preliminary investigations had revealed that the address given to the telecommunication company by this caller was that of a bank.

Family devastated

KS Gill, father of slain DSP Balraj Singh Gill, said: "No one from the investigating team has visited their house to brief them about the progress of the investigation. It is through the news reports that we are coming to know the development taking place in the case. On the other hand, Sham Singh Harika, maternal uncle, and Sukhminder Singh Grewal, senior BJP leader, have demanded a CBI probe in the case.


Man languishes in jail for no crime
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 29
In a shocking incident an innocent man languished behind bars for nearly seven months for the crime he allegedly never committed.
The tragic tale of Jagshir Singh of Mullanpur, who was recently acquitted by the court, has yet again brought to fore how the poor continue to fall victim to police atrocities.

Had it not been the powerful tool of the Right to Information (RTI) Act, Jagshir could never prove his innocence. The role of judiciary is worth mentioning here.

The tragic tale of Jagshir could make the hardest of heart melt. Jagshir was ruing the moment when he lodged a complaint against his employer, who is a close relative of a leader of SAD-Delhi.

"I was working as a marketing executive for a cement trader at the Ludhiana branch office since December 2009. Everything went hunky-dory for nearly six months but after June 2010 they stopped my salary. Soon I came to know that the cement trader had shut the shop," said Jagshir.

He kept requesting the company to pay the salary, but instead of paying the dues, the company authorities threatened and levelled castiest comments against him.

It was on October 2010 that he lodged a formal complaint with the Chief Minister (CM), DGP and the Commissioner of police Ludhiana.

"On January 22, 2011, both the parties (me and the employer) were called by ASI Gyan Chand to join the investigation at Division No 5 police station. The cop recorded my statement. But the company authorities did not appear at the police station," said Jagshir Singh.

Little did Jagshir know that he was up against his rich and powerful employer.

"From here on my ordeal started. While I was in Division No 5 police station, my employers reached the police commissioner's office and lodged a counter complaint against me and five others for committing a fraud and usurping payments of cements dealers worth Rs 35 lakh. Interestingly, on the same day, the commissioner referred the case to DCP and further the case was handed over to ADCP- crime and DA- legal also filed a report on the same day. The complaint file against me moved to the office of five senior officers in a single day. And above all, I was not even asked to present my side of story before the police official," Jagshir Singh.

He was asked to appear before ADCP- III Jasdev Singh Sidhu on January 27.

While Jagshir was hoping that truth will prevail, he received a shock of his life when he was booked in a case of fraud on February 19, 2011 and a case under section 408, 420, 465, 468, 471, 120- B and 506 of the IPC for committing a conspiracy, fraud and threats was registered against him.

"Hell broke loose on me. I along with the shopkeepers appeared before the Commissioner of Police and gave a representation on February 22- 2011 stating that I was falsely implicated in the case. Commissioner further marked the probe to ADCP- III. And stated (personally ensure fair and impartial investigation and ensure justice)," said Jagshir Singh.

But free and fair investigation only remained on paper. On March 14, 2011, 48 shopkeepers and five accused in an alleged fraud case were asked to appear before Division No 8 police station.

The shopkeepers further gave statement that they would submit the pending amount on a specific date to the trader and that Jagshir and the four other members have nothing to do with the fraud. The SHO Maninder Bedi, attested the statement given by the shopkeeper. He has the visitor list and copy of statement by shopkeepers procured under RTI.

"Everyone else then left the police station. But I was arrested by the police and locked up in a cell," said Jagshir Singh.

When he did not reach home his wife got panicked and sent telegrams to President of India, Prime Minister (PM), Chief Justice Punjab and Haryana High Court, CM and DGP stating that her husband, who went to join the investigation at Division No 8 got missing.

On March 15, 2015, he was shown arrested from a police check post near Old Court Chowk.

"During the personal search, the police found a personal diary, a mobile phone and cash. But according to RTI report procured from the Malkhana, neither my mobile phone, nor my cash amount was shown submitted in the Malkhana. Clearly the police usurped it," said Jagshir.

After undergoing a seven-day police remand he was further send to judicial custody on March 20 - 2011.

"I was booked for usurping Rs 35 lakh fraud. But actual amount was Rs 19 lakh and that too was shown in credited in the account of my employers. The 146 Bill number for which I have been implicated. Instead some other employee that issued that bill," he said while showing the copy of challan with a bill book attached to it.

He considers Session Judge SP Bangar akin to god sent man.

He broke into tears on recalling that how the judge gave him a patient hearing during his visit to the jail.

"Had the Session Judge not listened to my plight I might have been languishing in jail. While I was in jail my three children including, one daughter and two sons, had undergone a hard time and virtually slept empty stomach. Everything was sold-out in the house," said Jagshir.

The role of JMIC Amrinderpal Singh, cannot be ignored here. "He listened to the case and freed me of all the charges. Now I am facing a case under section 408 of the IPC October 14- 2011. But I do not have the income sources to pursue the case further," said Jagshir Singh. 


Unanswered question

l He was the only person to have arrested in the case, while the others four accused were never arrested for fraud.

l The police has no joining letter to substantiate that he was an employee with the company. Then how can Jagshir was booked in a fraud case.

l Police did not examine the account from charted accountant (CA) or any other competent authority how could the police sertify such a huge fraud.

l Police does not even know the address of Jagshir Singh. At the name of address the police has stated the Jagshir was a resident of Mullanpur. 



Two booked for posting abuse on FB
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 29
Two medical representatives (MRs) were booked for posting abuse and creating nearly 12 fake IDs to harass their colleague.
The accuse, identified as Gurinder Chahal and Inderpreet Singh, were booked under Sections 66 and 67 of the Information Technology Act for writing abuse about Manjeet Saini, president of the Salaam Zindagi Foundation.

The matter came to light when the colleagues of Manjeet Saini told him that nearly 12 persons were using objectionable language at the social networking website Facebook against him and the organisation.

During the probe, it was found that Gurinder Chahal, and Inderpreet Singh were the alleged persons behind the negative campaign against the Salaam Zindagi Foundation and its president Manjeet Saini.

The duo was allegedly trying to give wrong impression about Manjeet Saini and the NGO working for the welfare of thalassemic children.

Due to their negative propaganda the NGO suffered a huge public embarrassment. The matter is being further investigated by Inspector Ashwani Kumar. 



Rottweiler attacks woman, dog in BRS Nagar
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 29
A Rottweiler dog attacked a woman and her dog at BRS Nagar - H Block here today.
The victim, Dr Amanvir Kaur, a known dog lover of the city, was walking back from the park when the Rottweiler attacked her. She sustained serious injuries. Her dog too sustained bite injuries.

The victim said the owner of the Rottweiler had unleashed the dog. "I was walking back towards my house when the dog attacked me and bite me on a thigh. I have reported the matter to the police, "said Dr Amanvir. 



Blind murder cracked, two arrested 
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 29
With the arrest of two persons, the city police has claimed to have cracked the blind murder case of a watchman, whose butchered body was found from a park in the Jodhewal Basti area February 16.

The accused, identified as Parvesh Kumar and Radhe Sham, both migrants who were nabbed by the police for murdering the victim Surjit Singh, alias Kala, confessed before the police that they had murdered him and defaced the victim so that he could not be identified.

The duo said that Kala came to know about the theft the duo used to commit in a factory unit. He started blackmailing Parvesh and Radhe Sham.

Miffed at the continuous blackmailing, the duo planned to eliminate Kala.

They invited Kala to their quarter where they consumed liquor. When Kala got drunk they murdered him with sharp-edged weapons and dumped his body at a vacant plot in Guru Vihar Colony near the Jodhewal area.

The police has recovered the cycle and the weapon used in the crime.



Dozen leap year babies born in city hospitals
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Vanita with her newly born female baby at a nursing home in Ludhiana.
Vanita with her newly born female baby at a nursing home in Ludhiana. photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Ludhiana, February 29
City hospitals received more than a dozen leap year babies today in their maternity wards, making parents and relatives of the little ones ecstatic.

Interestingly, more than eight are female babies. Holding the little one in her lap, Bhama, grandmother of a newly born female baby at a nursing home, said,"My daughter-in-law Vanita gave her birth through the Caesarian section. We are very happy that we have been blessed with her in a leap year. In our family, birthday of children is either celebrated before birthday or after birthday. So we will celebrate it accordingly."

At another private hospital, two female infants were given birth by Manpreet Kaur and Rajwinder. Dr Manpreet, hospital gynaecologist, said, "We are expecting one more delivery by evening."

At Christian Medical College and Hospital, one female child was born. Confirming this, Dr Kumkum Avasthi, head of the gynaecology department, said,"We have three more delivery patients in the ward." At Lord Mahavira Civil Hospital, the maternity ward witnessed as many as eight newly borns.



NGO’s helping hand to curb beggary
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 29
The Noble Foundation, an NGO, has offered to work with the district administration to eradicate beggary from the industrial city of Ludhiana. Though the NGO says that it wishes to impart education to the beggars free of cost, for making the city beggar-free, the administration, too, needs to provide a helping hand.

Rajinder Sharma, chairman of the NGO, said they had already obtained a copy of the proposal for setting up beggary homes and rehabilitation-cum-vocational centres for beggars from the department concerned, wherein the state government had desired to formulate an appropriate scheme for their welfare.

"The government desires to provide financial assistance for setting up beggary homes and rehabilitation-cum-vocational centres for 50 beggars each in Ludhiana, Amritsar and Jalandhar districts. The budget earmarked for this purpose is approximately Rs 1 lakh per beggar," said Sharma.

The NGO further claimed that despite several meetings with the district administration, the project could not see the light of the day. "We had sent the representations to Deputy Commissioner, Additional Deputy Commissioner and Police Commissioner Ludhiana, but nothing came out of it," he said.

It may be mentioned that beggars belonging to all age groups can be seen outside every religious place in the city and even on roads, causing traffic nuisance at the traffic lights.

Raj Taneja, a businessman at Dandi Swami, said the area residents were fed up with the beggars creating ruckus outside Dandi Swami Temple everyday.

"Not just outside the temple, they create nuisance at every nook and corner. Some even break the windowpanes of cars if people refuse to pay them alms. They need to be rehabilitated, as a majority of them are kids up to the age of 13-14," said Taneja. 



I-T dept transfers Rs 5 cr into suspense account
e-TDS returns filed by 300 taxpayers found incorrect
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 29
The Income-Tax department has transferred Rs 5 crore to the suspense account as the quarterly e-TDS returns filed by at least 300 taxpayers were found to be incorrect.

Demand notices have been served on 35,000 TDS-defaulting companies and firms due to the mismatch of data like incorrect PAN or incomplete returns.

“We have transferred Rs 5 crore to the suspense account. Banks, insurance companies and other private agencies have to submit a correction statement with the department. Demand notices in this regard have been served on these institutions,” said a senior official from the department.

The department is scrutinising the returns and serving notices on those whose PAN and other particulars were not matching. If the year or section is wrongly mentioned in the return then one needs to send an application for rectifying the errors. All banks, insurance companies and other private agencies need to submit a correct returns failing which penalty could be imposed or defaulter prosecuted, the official added.

Aakash Sabharwal, an income tax payee, said he had received the demand notice for the returns he filed in 2007-2008. “The department could have at least informed me. If there is any mistake in the returns, it should be conveyed to the tax payees. They will slap a penalty, if we fail to submit the correction statement on time,” he added.

Jatinder Khurana, a tax expert, said the government should adopt a liberal view and not wield sticks as the tax payees have already submitted their returns. “Heavy penalty should not be imposed in such cases. Taxpayers should be given time to send all details,” he added.



Councillors’ spouses banned
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, February 29
The Municipal Council, Jagraon, has finally debarred the husbands of the women municipal councilors from representing their wives in the municipal council meetings. The decision was taken during the monthly general house meeting of the local municipal council, held in the committee house here today. During the meeting, a resolution aiming to debar the husbands of women municipal councilors from representing their wives in the general house and other important meetings of the local municipal council was passed anonymously.

Though, the resolution was passed only after strong objections raised by some municipal councilors. As soon as the general house meeting started, today morning, four councilors including Apar Singh, Rachpal Singh, Satish Kumar Pappu and Ranjit Kaur Sidhu objected to the presence of husbands of some of the women municipal councilors in the meeting.

These councilors also declared to boycott all the meetings of municipal council till the husbands of these women municipal councilors were not banned from representing their wives in the municipal council meetings. Following which the municipal council president, Baldev Krishan Dhir, proposed a resolution in the house to ban the entry of husbands of women councilors in the council meetings which was passed anonymously.

It is pertinent to mention here that the husbands of as many as five women municipal councilors, elected from different wards, reserved for women had been representing their wives in all the important meetings of the municipal council since the present council was formed about three and a half years ago.

The women municipal councilors, who were being represented by their husbands in the council meetings, include Daljit Kaur Sivia from ward number 7, Daljeet Kaur from ward number 6, Sarita Katyal from ward number 19, Vimal Kaur Multani from ward number 15 and Ranjit Kaur Sidhu from ward number 3.

Even during the last meeting of the local municipal council some days back, the SDM Jagraon, Isha Kalia, was also surprised to see the women municipal councilors of different wards being represented by their husbands.

Though some municipal councilors had objected to the practice in the past too and demanded to ban the husbands of women councilors from taking part in council meetings yet nobody took their objections seriously and those husbands continued to take part in the council meetings in place of their wives.

However, after the resolution was passed by the municipal council today, the husbands of women municipal councilors will not be able to take part in the MC meetings in the future.



Sewage hell on Mandi Ahmedgarh streets
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh February 29
With the town lacking an efficient sewage disposal system, the residents and visitors are forced to walk through stinking sewage water.

Frequent overflow of sewage and stagnation of stinking water at many places, including at entry roads, residential colonies, main markets and schools; might lead to pathogens breeding in the low-lying areas, if remedial actions are not taken before the rainy season.

Acknowledging that there was need to strengthen and improve the sewerage system, the officials in sanitation department, sewerage and that of the water supply department of the local civic body said damage of certain pipes of disposal system had resulted in present situation. The situation would become normal after the repair work which had already been started, claimed the officials.

Councilors also denied any laxity on behalf of the officials of the civic body and maintained that the problem had persisted due to delay in the execution of work for laying main drains that were supposed to be undertaken by the Punjab Sewerage and Water Supply Board. They claimed that the council had already taken up the issue with the officials concerned and the situation would improve soon.

The Tribune team observed that some low-lying roads and the streets were usually flooded with sewage water. The condition was worse at Dhulkot, Mahavir, Amarpura, Dehliz, Bajrang Akhara Roads, Jagera, Jawahar Nagar, Bank Street and the Railway areas.

Pedestrians, including students, women and labourers were the worst sufferers. Religious places were no exception.

The residents have urged leaders of the social and political organisations to impress upon the authorities to provide them basic amenities.

The situation had also worsened due to unconcern of the higher officials towards administration of the local town on pretext of their preoccupation in jobs related with assembly election. While they remained away from the office on pretext of poll duty, earlier, and now they were waiting for the constitution of new government after March 6.

The residents have urged the higher authorities to impress upon officials at local municipal council to expedite process for strengthening the disposal and sewage system.



Doctors discuss rising Hepatitis B, C cases
Tribnune News Service

Ludhiana, February 29
NIMA, Ludhiana, organised a seminar on gastroenterology under the continued medical education CME project. Dr Rajeev Grover, gastroenterologist, spoke on "recent advances in the medical management of hepatitis B and C".

More than 100 doctors of NIMA, Ludhiana, attended the seminar.

Dr Surinder Gupta while initiating the session said that prevalence of Hepatitis B and C in Punjab has shaken the whole healthcare setup.

Moreover, it is happening despite the disposable syringes being used and stringent blood transfusion regulations in
place. That is why NIMA took this initiative to discuss this issue in the seminar.

Dr Rajeev Grover in his talk said that a lot effective treatment options are available for the management of Hepatitis B and C.

In case of Hepatitis B or C detection, further tests to access viral load should be ordered. Coincidence of Hepatitis A and E should also be ruled out. Antibodies titer to access today's response to infection also have diagnostic and treatment value.

An expectant mother with positive Hepatitis B (but having minimal viral load) can continue with pregnancy, provided the delivery is planned and executed in a super specialty center.

So that baby is saved from infection during the procedure.

While the Hepatitis B can be managed successfully by tablets in
six months, Hepatitis C needs costlier, injection interferran.

If left, untreated patients with treatable condition are likely to lead to incurable liver cirhosis.



UN consultant to visit city to promote rural tourism
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 29
Sudhir Sahi, a consultant, United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), will soon visit the district for implementing Rural Tourism and Tourism Awareness components of UNWTO-Punjab Tourism Development Master Plan (2008-2023) and preparing the Government of India 12th Plan Scheme for this sector.

The Chief Secretary, Government of Punjab, had on February 22 sent a communication (PHTPB/UNWTO/2012/567-90) in this regard to the Deputy Commissioner.

Brig TPS Chaudhry (retd), UNTWO National Project Coordinator, will accompany Sahi. They will meet the Deputy Commissioner and in charges of the culture and education departments for gathering information regarding potential of rural tourism, including arts, crafts, cultural and natural heritage in the district.

The administration has been asked to provide demographic details of the sites and local governance structures as per 2011 Census, state/Central schemes operative in the district and details of NGOs working in the city.



Gurdwara takes initiative to beautify city
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 29
In order to improve the environment and make Sarabha Nagar a model locality, Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Sarabha Nagar, is taking an initiative to inspire residents to beautify the area.

The Gurdwara is going to organise a flower show on March 4 in the Gurudwara premises and has invited residents of the area to participate in the show.

The event will have various categories, such as potted flowers, foliage plants, succulents, cacti and bonsai. Apart from this, a painting competition would also be organised on the theme of flowers and trees that find a mention in the Gurbani.

He further said that besides the flower show, a show on chrysanthemum plants would also be held in the month of December from next year. Prizes would also be awarded to the best three lawns in three categories of houses - areas upto 250 sq yards, upto 500 sq yards, and more than 500 sq yards.

The effort, according to Jatinder Singh Sandhu, president of the management committee of the Gurdwara, is to make Sarabha Nagar a model area and to inspire residents and Gurdwaras in other areas to encourage everyone to contribute to the environment. The effort would not only be to plant trees, but also to maintain and inspire everyone to nurture all plantations in the area.

Environment activist HS Chana said that it is a good initiative by the Gurdwara management. Ludhiana has become the most polluted city in the country, but the city administration and Municipal Corporation have not been able to do much to check pollution. He said that therer are 300 gardeners for the upkeep of municipal corporation parks, but they are seldom seen working.

"It’s time residents became conscious about the environment, because without them all efforts would be futile. It is good that an initiative is being taken by Gurdwaras because religious organisations can bring a lot of change," said a resident. 



Pennsylvania experts visit GADVASU
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 29
A team from Pennsylvania University, USA, under the education exchange programme, visited GADVASU here today. The team visited the animal hospital and the main building of the veterinary college.

The team also visited all the departments of clinics and school of public health and zoonosis, which is recently established. The team also took a round of the university farms including dairy, poultry and fisheries farms.

Dr PD Juyal, registrar, of the varsity said that such types of exchange programmes develop the atmosphere of mutual understanding between the two countries.

"It also inculcates world health mission of the globalisation. We may develop dual relationship in a number of terms like trans-boundary diseases, zoonosis and other prevailing difficulties in livestock and animal husbandry," said Dr Juyal.

To make the team aware with the field condition viz-a-viz the university efforts of technology dissemination, a field visit was also arranged to Gureh village, the adopted village of the university under institute-village linkage programme for technology dissemination.

Dr VK Taneja, Vice-Chancellor, GADVASU and Dr PD Juyal, registrar, apprised them about the university future vision, functioning, strength and extension activities.



11 heads of buffalo die in fire accident
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 29
In a fire incident reported from a “Gujjar Dera” in Jaspal Bangar village, late last night, 11 heads of buffalo died, while 12 received serious burn injuries. ASI Rampal Singh from Sadar Police Station informed that Roshan Deen was sleeping in a room, with his buffaloes tied there, when the incident took place .

“While he escaped unhurt, 11 of his buffaloes died. The mishap seems to have taken place due to a bonfire. A team from the veterinary department was called on the spot, who started treatment of the buffaloes,” informed ASI Rampal Singh.



Habit-forming drugs confiscated
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 29
The health department today raided National Plaza in Pindi Street here and seized drugs worth Rs 3.84 lakh.

Civil Surgeon Ludhiana Dr Subhash Batta said,"Today a health department team conducted a raid in Pindi Street and found 12 lakh tablets of Phinotil, which are habit-forming tablets. The tablets were lying on the top floor of National Plaza in Pindi Street and none came to collect these. So we seized these drugs in the presence of Gurbaksh Singh, general secretary of the Chemist Association of Pindi Street, and have started the required action."

The health department team included drug inspector Sanjeev Garg, Ikant Priya Singla, Gurbaksh Singh, Sukhbeer Chand and Sukhdeep Singh.



Practise what you preach!
MC officials remove, then dump waste into Budha Nullah
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 29
It seems no one is serious about reducing the pollution levels in Budha Nullah. A day after The Tribune reported that residents have been dumping garbage into it; a ditch machine of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation was seen dumping waste into it after collecting it from the roadside.

However, as soon as the driver of the ditch machine saw The Tribune team, he fled from the spot. The Tribune had yesterday reported that residents were dumping garbage and other solid waste into the nullah that was recently cleaned by the municipal corporation. The situation is such that at some places, the nullah has almost got choked. The municipal corporation, instead of cleaning it, was seen polluting it by dumping waste.

An area resident claimed that he had seen a team of the municipal corporation dumping garbage on earlier occasions also.

“The officials of the municipal corporation challan residents whenever they catch someone polluting the water body, but who would challan them? It is sad that every year before monsoon, municipal corporation spends lakhs of rupees for cleaning the Budha Nullah and now they are themselves polluting it. Maybe the civic body wants it to remain polluted,” a resident said sarcastically.

Dr Vipin Malhotra, health officer, municipal corporation, promised to look into the matter. “No one can dump anything into the nullah. I will enquire if any ditch machine was dumping waste into it. If found guilty, action would be taken against the official concerned,” said Dr Malhotra.

MC Commissioner Malwinder Singh Jaggi was not available for comments.



Storeowners go hi-tech
Create websites, are on Facebook to market products
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 29
There was a time when salesmen use to stand outside shops and attract customers; today virtual world has taken over the scene. Storeowners dealing in fabric and readymade garments have gone hi-tech. They have created their own websites. In addition to this, social networking sites are an added advantage for them.

“We have our own website where all latest designs, patterns and embroiders are displayed. These websites have proven to be handy especially for NRI customers. They book orders online and we deliver them at their postal address,” said Rajat Khanna, owner of one of the leading store.

Apart from websites, almost all leading stores are also on social networking sites. They have their groups, pages and profiles. While websites are generally visited by the NRIs, everyone visits profiles and pages on social networking sites like Facebook.

“We display our latest collection everyday and people not only from Ludhiana but those from cities like Patiala, Jalandhar and Amritsar also book their orders online and personally collect them. No marketing tactic is better than displaying products on networking sites. People buy even if they don’t require them. We have a regular clientele who often buy from the designs displayed on our profile pages,” said owner of a leading store on the Mall Road.

Manvinder Grewal, a local resident, said, “I am a member of all leading fabric stores in the city. It is cumbersome to go to the shop and buy stuff. Sometimes you don’t even get what you want. So, I don’t miss a chance to order online whenever I see something elegant and sophisticated matching to my taste. I go and pick my material and my time is also saved in this practice,” she added.

Another customer Kamal said apart from displaying items on the Internet, one of the leading stores dealing in women wear shows the designs on computers to their customers.

“This idea is unique. One gets to know how the outfit will look like. A leading store located at Westend Mall and Ansal Plaza show the designs to the customers on computers with models wearing them. Apart from seeing the fabric, it is good to see the finished product,” she added. 



A treat for art aficionados
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 29
A weeklong art exhibition was inaugurated at MS Randhawa Art Gallery of Punjab Agricultural University for art aficionados today. The exhibition, jointly organised by the Punjab Lalit Kala Akademi and Punjab Agricultural University, features selected works of 124 artists from Punjab.

Works of both categories, including that of professionals and students, were exhibited. About 10 award-winning paintings, sculptures and photography besides simple black and white pencil works have been featured in the exhibition.

“The quality of work is good,” said Ranjodh Singh, President, Punjab Lalit Kala Akademi. “The exhibition has been organised for the second time in the city. The trend has changed; people are getting attracted to modern and abstract art. But, realistic art is here to stay,” he added.

Selected works of a few city-based artists like Amita Gupta, Meenu Ahuja, Himanshu Mahajan, Hapleen Kaur, Harminder Boparai, Meenakshi, Harpreet Kaur, Gurjinder Kaur, Hardeep Singh, Kiran Matharoo, Manpreet Kaur and Balbir Singh were also exhibited in the gallery.

Harminder Singh Boparai’s sculpture of a dog made out of discarded cycle parts and a wooden butterfly by Balbir Singh was also displayed on the occasion.

Jasleen, a student of fine arts, Government College for Women, said such exhibitions would give a good fillip to art and inspire budding artists in the city. The exhibition was inaugurated by Kahan Singh Pannu, IAS, Chief Administrator, GLADA.



Parents want schools to ban junk foods
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 29
City-based children prefer gorging burgers, munching pizzas, patties, grilled sandwiches and guzzling cold drinks instead of home-cooked food and fruits. They have not only started liking an unhealthy diet but are putting on weight due to the sudden change in the lifestyle.

With Rajasthan government banning junk food in colleges, people are espousing the move for banning the same in the city. Principals of a few schools admit that there is a need to become more conscious towards the health of children.

“We don’t have a canteen in our school. Students are encouraged to bring home-cooked food. There is an empanelled nutritionist who guides the students about nutritious eating habits,” says Paramjit Kaur, Principal, BCM Arya Model School.

Col DB Sharma, Director, Sat Paul Mittal School, says their school, too, has no canteen. “Only milk and juices are available in the school. Students have been told to bring home-cooked food for lunch,” he added.

Principal of KVM School Navita Puri said “fruit period” is especially held to inculcate good food habits among children. This should be followed at homes as well. TL Joshi, Principal, Arya College, said youngsters need to be educated towards ill effects of having junk food. Turning away from junk food would not help because it is here for good, he says. Due to the changing work-culture and professional demands, they should not be alien to such food but aware of its ill effects.

Students, however, say that there aren’t any good options available that are delicious enough. “Burgers and pizzas have become part of everyday food. These are yummy and why should they be banned,” says Varun, who studies in Class IX. Arushi Goyal, another student, said she understood the importance of reducing the intake of such food after she fell ill.



School gets public address system

Ludhiana, February 29
The Rotary Club, Ludhiana Greater, gifted a public address system to Government Girls High School, Gujarwal village, as a part of the Rural Schools Project.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Sanjeev Uppal, president of the club, stressed upon the need for families to understand that the daughters should be treated at par with sons as far as the education and bringing up is concerned.

Vice-president of the club emphasised that the girls have an equal role in the development of the nation. On the occasion, the girl students presented a cultural show depicting the plight of girl child. — TNS



college notes
Industrial visit

Ludhiana: The students of the management department of Guru Nanak Girls College visited an industry at Jugiana. The staff made the students aware of the manufacturing process going on in the production department.

Seminar on Internet

The IT department of the DRV DAV Centenary College, Phillaur, organised one day UGC sponsored-national seminar on "privacy and security issues on internet and e-Commerce". The seminar was attended by around 60 delegates. The college principal, Dr Karan Sharma, spoke about the importance of the subject. While the key speakers were Dr Maninder Singh, Rahul Tiyagi and Nitin Bhatia. While DR Maninder Singh delivered a comprehensive lecture on "How to surf internet". While Rahul Tyagi from the TCIL, Chandigarh, spoke on the subject "Terrorist and stenography" he told as how terrorist ended their messages in the image and send them over to internet to their other members. Various delegates from different institutions presented their research paper. SK Malhotra, chairman, of the local committee. The seminar ended with the National Anthem.

National seminar held

A two-day UGC sponsored national seminar was organised at Kamla Lohtia SD College by the postgraduate department of the commerce, headed by Prof Rajesh Marwaha. Prof JS Pasricha, dean, faculty of business studies, Punjabi University, Patiala, in his keynote address, stressed upon the inevitability of Information Technology in the banking sector. The first technical session was chaired by Dr RS Arora. He talked about the innovations in banking in post reform period and described the growing amount of the NPAs as the major area of concern for the whole banking system. Dr Tajinder Sharma, associate professor, Kurukshetra University, delivered a talk about the role of banking sector in Financial Inclusion of subsistence market place. He suggested that banks have to influence the people to participate in banking activities. Dr Tejinderpal Singh, assistant professor, university business school, Punjab University, Chandigarh, gave a SWOT analysis of e-banking in India.



Man kills wife for ‘objecting to affair’
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, February 29
A woman was allegedly killed by her husband for objecting to his illicit relationship with his sister-in-law. The accused, Manjit Singh, was reportedly assisted by his sister-in-law, Satwinder Kaur, in the heinous crime.

As per the information, the incident took place at Bhaini Arayian village near Sidhwan Bet yesterday morning. The deceased woman has been identified as Surinder Kaur.

According to sources, after killing his wife, the accused hid the body in the house. After keeping the body hidden in the house for the whole day, he falsely told the villagers and the relatives of the deceased that she had died due to a heart attack.

He even tried to cremate her in order to conceal the issue. But someone from the village informed the police, following which a team of senior police officials, including SP (D) Ludhiana (Rural) Harjit Singh Pannu, DSP Mullanpur Dakha Joginder Singh, and SHO Sidhwan Bet police station Gurpreet Singh reached the village and stopped the cremation. The police took the dead body and sent it for postmortem.

According to SHO Gurpreet Singh, initial investigations revealed signs of strangulation on the throat of the deceased which made the police suspicious. Following this both Manjit Singh and Sarabjit Kaur were arrested. He further said that Manjit Singh confessed to his crime during interrogation. He also revealed that he has been living at the house of his in-laws at Bhaini Arayian village for last many years. After the death of Satwinder’s husband some time back, Manjit developed illicit relations with Satwinder due to which his relationship with his wife got bitter.

“Surinder Kaur was asking her husband to end his relationship with his sister-in-law, but Manjit was not ready for that. As a result they often had fights. After this Manjit Singh and Satwinder Kaur conspired to eliminate Surinder Kaur and finally killed her yesterday,” said SHO Gurpreet Singh. The police have registered a case against Manjit Singh and Satwinder Kaur for killing Surinder Kaur. 



200g gold, Rs 1.60 lakh looted
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, Feb 29
Two persons, armed with pistols, entered a house in Vikas Nagar and decamped with Rs 1.60 lakh cash and 200 gram gold today.

They entered the house on the pretext of checking the load of an electricity meter. Woman identified as Sapna Sethi was alone in the house.

They asked her bring water for them. She went to fetch water from the kitchen. They followed and gagged her. They went inside a room and looted 200-gram gold and Rs 1.60 lakh at pistol-point.

The Mandi Gobindgarh police has registered a case against the unidentified persons. 



Bodybuilding panel to honour Degra
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, February 29
To recognise his contribution in the field of bodybuilding, the Punjab State Amateur Bodybuilding Association (PSABBA) will honour Padma Shri awardee and former world champion, Prem Chand Degra of Hoshiarpur.

This was announced by Ramesh Bangar, chairman, North Zone Bodybuilding Association, at a press conference here today. “The former champion will be given a cash prize of Rs 11 lakh during the upcoming Federation Cup 2012 Bodybuilding Championship slated to be held at Guru Nanak Bhawan, Ludhiana, on March 2 and March 3,” 
he added.

Giving details of this mega event, Bangar said arrangements had been made those taking part in the event and officials.

A few committees had been formed for the smooth conduct of the event.

At least 350 participants would shrug their shoulders to finish at the podium. A cash prize of 4 lakh would be at stake.

Navneet Singh, Kiran Preet Singh, Manpreet Singh, Shibbu, Ajay Kapoor, Sukhminder Singh, Charanjit Singh, Manpreet Manak and Sumit Puri were also present on the occasion.



Kiranjit adjudged best athlete
Gurminder Singh Grewal

Girls take part in a sack race during athletics meet organised at Mata Ganga Khalsa College.
Girls take part in a sack race during athletics meet organised at Mata Ganga Khalsa College. A Tribune photo

Khanna, February 29
Mata Ganga Khalsa College for girls, Kottan, (under the management of the SGPC) organised its 12th annual athletics meet on its premises.

Iqbal Singh Channi, President, Municipal Council, Khanna, was the chief guest at the inaugural ceremony. Dr Jatinder Kaur, Principal, welcomed the guests with bouquets and inspired the students to take part in games in large numbers. She also presented the Annual Sports Report of the college. The chief guest took the salute of the march past.

A large number of students participated in the meet with great zeal. The most interesting part of the meet was the couple race, kangaroo race and the chatti race, which were organised for the staff members of the college.

Kiranjit Kaur, MAI (Economics), was adjudged the best athlete. The following are the results.

100m race: Komalpreet Kaur (BA I) 1; 200m race: Supreet Kaur (BA II) 1; chatti race: Sukhdeep Kaur (BA III) 1; shot put: Anmol Kaur 1, discus throw: Anmol Kaur (BA II) 1; back race: Kamaljit Kaur (MA I) 1; cycle race: Amandeep Kaur (MA I) 1; frog race: Kiranjit Kaur (MA I) 1; skipping: Arminder Kaur (plus two) 1; long jump: Kamalpreet Kaur 1; hurdle race: Amandeep Kaur (BA III) 1; kangroo race: Kiranjit Kaur (MA I) 1.

Mata Gujri House was adjudged the best house in the march past. Emanjot Kaur of plus one, who participated in Republic Day Parade, was felicitated.

Sukhwinder Singh Grewal, manager, Gurdwara Katana Sahib, won the musical chair contest for the guests. Brinder Singh won the cycling race for the staff members while Gurpreet Kaur of the Chemistry Department won the lemon race. Kirana won the race for the non-teaching staff.

Samrala DSP Tejvir Singh Hundal distributed the prizes among the winners.

The college giddha team at the closing ceremony presented Giddha.



LBA, Ludhiana district cagers in semis
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, February 29
Continuing its winning streak, the current champions (men), Ludhiana Basketball Academy (LBA) stormed into the semifinal league on the penultimate day of the 62nd Punjab State Basketball Championship (women and men) being played at Guru Nanak Sports Complex here today.

In the men’s section, Ludhiana district along with the Amritsar and Kapurthala districts secured their berths in the last four leagues.

Last year’s winners in the women’s section, Kapurthala district besides the Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Amritsar districts completed the entered in the semifinal league. The semifinal matches in both sections will be played on round-robin league system.

Today, the LBA players faced stiff challenge from the Kapurthala district, which gave some tough time before going down 24-37.

In the second encounter, Amritsar men proved too good for the hosts, Ludhiana district as the former came out triumphant 85-69.

The match (men) was played between the Ludhiana Basketball Academy and the Amritsar district in which the former recorded a thumping 69-35 victory to top the point’s table.

Amritsar district with three points followed at second place while the Ludhiana and Kapurthala districts with one point each were tied at third and fourth places, respectively. In the women’s section, Jalandhar district defeated the reigning champions, Kapurthala district 62-30.

Karamjit Kaur and Surbhi accounted for 17 and 13 points, respectively, for the winning side while Rajwinder Kaur fought well for the losers with 14 points.

In another match, Ludhiana district survived a scare before emerging victorious 46-34 against Amritsar district. The current champions (women) Kapurthala had a dismal day as they went down fighting in their second match also. They lost a battle of nerves 46-49 against Ludhiana to suffer second defeat.

Surjit Singh Sandhu, District Sports Officer, Ludhiana, along with Vijay Chopra, vice-president, Ludhiana District Basketball Association, Yashveer Walia, finance secretary, Punjab Basketball Association, and Dr S Subramanian, former director, NIS, Patiala, were present on the occasion. 



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