Karuna Goswamy


1. Sea swell that breaks upon a shore

3. Swallow eagerly in large drafts

5. Grassland; meadow

6."A __ is a __ is a __" said Gertrude Stein

8. Incandescent electric lamp

10. Yellowish, acid fruit of a citrus tree

12. Member of a Muslim community in Haryana

13. Pakistan's secret agency (inits.)

14. To lead, guide or conduct

17. Baking apparatus

18. Woven or knitted fabric

19. Forepart of a foot

20. Reflected, repeated sound

21. Close by; not far


1. Bengal town where an early printing press was set up

2. Run away at speed

3. Naum __, famous Russian sculptor

4. Business head of a newspaper organization

7. Slant; inclination

9. Bring together; join

11. ___ Gibson, famous actor

15. Towards, or in the direction of

16. Portent; augury