Sunday, April 1, 2012, Chandigarh, India

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Grooms Wanted

High Status Chandigarh Based Sikh family seeks match for their very fair, beautiful 85 born, 5-8, tall, Convent Educated, BA Hons., LL.B. Daughter. Preferred Tall, Professionally Qualified Boy from High Status family. Upper caste no bar.  C1-147905

Beautiful, convent educated girl 26/5'-5", MBA Symbiosis Regular, Manager Scale-II, Nationalzed Bank. Status family. 098143-02035. E-mail:  C1-147497

Well settled professional/business, match for fair, working girl, MBA (Finance), 34/5'. Caste no bar. Contact: 98150-69478, Email:  C1-147879

Wanted professionally qualified match for beautiful partially Manglik Convented MPT Physiotherapist, College lecturer, 1.11.1984, 5'-3", 6.30 pm, Jalandhar. 8146198484, 0181-5059446. E-mail:  C1-148553

Alliance for Hindu Arora beautiful girl 28, 5'-2", M.A. (English), B.Ed. Govt. Bank employee. Only child. Parents retd. Govt. Lecturers. Patiala-Chandigarh belt preferred. Email:  Box 6050F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable professionally qualified match for slim, smart Hindu Arora girl 25.6.1985, 8:10 am, Chandigarh, 5', MBA (Finance), working Bank of America Gurgaon. 098882- 75090. E-mail:  Box 6058F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Reputed Hotelier of Chandigarh seeks well-settled businessman match of Tricity for their Anshik Manglik daughter, B.Com., MBA, 8.5.85, 5:45 pm, Chandigarh, 5'- 4". Contact: 98728-60524,  C1-149639

Educated businessman/industrialist from high status Khatri/Arora/Brahmin family for slim, Khatri girl 22/5'-4", B.Com., CA (Inter) cleared, pursuing CA final year. Father established businessman & importer. Family residing in posh locality. 0161-3251374.  NA1-105361

Canadian Gursikh parents seek alliance from well- educated Sikh Professional, between ages 37-40 years preferably from Canada/USA, for their Canadian born and educated daughter, 37/5'-4", professionally qualified presently she is on the faculty of renowned USA, university. She is Green card holder. Please respond with full biodata and recent photos to :  C1-135361

New Zealand (PR) Sikh female 42 years, very beautiful, young looks, divorcee, 5'-0", good job, highly qualified from status family and has cute female child. Seeks status match from India or abroad, one child acceptable. Email:  C1-147071

Looking highly qualified professional well-settled teetotaller boy for slim, working girl, 6.8.83, 5'-3", B.Sc. Fashion Designing, pursuing MBA (PU).  98889-56298. C1-148980

Match for Jat Sikh Canadian born girl 26/5'-6", Lawyer well versed in Indian culture, professional qualified American/Canada settled boy. Apply with photo/biodata. Email:  A1-139648-OL

Suitable match 31-35 above 5'-10", from a cultured family in India or overseas for 5'-6", 1982 born, fair & beautiful Jat Sikh girl living in Mumbai, having Masters in International Business & valid UK work visa. Mail details with photos to  C1-135373

Jatt Sikh family seeking a suitable match for their daughter: Australian born, very fair, beautiful, age 27, height 5'-9". Bachelor Pharmacy with distinction. Currently working as a Pharmacist Manager. Brought up with strong cultural and religious values. Seeking a boy aged 25-30, minimum 6 feet, from a highly qualified profession, willing to consider settling in Australia and from good status family. Send biodata with photo to:  C1-139024

Jat Sikh Canadian parents having mortgage finance family business seek alliance for a very beautiful, slim, fair daughter 29/5'-5", having perfect blend of modern and traditional values. Looking for a qualified handsome, well-placed Jat Sikh boy from a high status educated family. Reply with picture, Email:  C1-141262

Suitable Medico match for a Jat Sikh, beautiful MBBS girl, US citizen, age 23 years, height 5'-5", doing internship in Punjab. Please respond with bio data and a picture through email  C1-141370B

Seeking suitable match for 26 year old, professionally qualified, employed, good looking, 5'-2", slim, Canadian citizen, Jatt Sikh girl. Well educated family. Send full particulars/photo to  C1-143987

Professionally qualified match for Canadian PR employed Jat Sikh girl, 35/5'-3", M.Com. Preference for within Canada only.  C1-147145

Suitable match for Jat Sikh slim, fair, very beautiful girl, 5'-3", Nov. 78, M.A. English, B.Ed., Punjab Govt job, English Teacher Govt. High School. Chandigarh based small educated family. E-mail:  Box 6009F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Status Jat Sikh family seeks suitable match for their 86 born, 5'-6", beautiful, cultured and vegetarian daughter, LL.M. (Delhi University). Father retired Defence officer. Sufficient U/R and commercial property.  C1-147971

Wanted Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh, 29/5'-3", vegetarian girl. Born and broughtup in India. BS, MS from US Universities. Handsome pay package. Parents retired as Senior Officers and residing in Chandigarh. Respond with biodata and photos:  C1-148169

Wanted cleanshaven professional, NRI, Army officer for beautiful, 28 yrs., 5feet, Chandigarh based, MBA Jat Sikh girl, working in MNC Gurgaon with handsome package, 3 yrs. banking experience. Highly respectable family. Contact: 97801-50246. E-mail:  C1-148181

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh Dhillon fair complexion girl, 1986/5'-5", Bio-Medical Engineer, working in Canada (Govt. job). E-mail:  C1-148305

US based Jatt Sikh parents seeks professionally qualified match for their US Citizen 28, 5'-3" daughter, Bachelor of Science in Accounting, employed full-time as an Accountant. Studying part-time for Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license. Please correspond with bio-data and pictures at  C1-148373

Match for beautiful Jat Sikh girl Defence background March 1983, 5'-9", B.Tech., MBA, Private Bank Officer. Contact with biodata and photo. Mobile: 90231-77577. Email:  C1-148477

Clean shaven Jat Sikh professional match for 1986/5'- 6", beautiful, convent educated, MBA, professional. Drawing handsome package, Mumbai MNC daughter of Army officer. Defence background match preferred.  98765-81223. Box 6035F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh USA born, 29 yrs. Medical Doctor, 5'-3", very fair seeking Jat Sikh Doctor/Dentist, USMLE (1&2) cleared, professional family of multiple USA Doctors and Engineers, 804-360-3382,  Box 6059F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well-educated Jat Sikh family seeks professionally qualified well-settled match for their Australian citizen daughter Aug. 78 born, well-cultured family oriented and highly educated with 2 Masters Degrees (IT & IS), working Administration Manager in leading MNC Sydney. Send biodata & picture to  80544-53595. NA1-105296

Well qualified businessman/serviceman, cleanshaven boy from India/NRI for fair, slim Jat Sikh girl, 21, 5'-6", B.Com., MBA (Finance). Father well established businessman. Family residing in posh locality of Ludhiana, owns agricultural land & urban properties. 0161-3269074.  NA1-105359

Professionally qualified match from India, Canada/USA for beautiful Jat Sikh girl 81 born, 5'-4", M.Sc. (Chem), B.Ed. 98723-39702.  NA1-106793

Suitable match for Himachali, beautiful, fair, Gupta girl, 28.03.1985/5'-4"/B.Com., MBA (HR), M.Com. Himachali preferred. Contact: 094180-18926, 01792- 220311. C1-148653

Doctor/Engineer, MBA, professionally qualified, well- settled, tall, handsome match from status family for Saini Sikh beautiful May 83 born, 5'-7" BPT girl. Father retd. Class I Officer. Upper caste no bar. E- mail:  C1-146895

Well-settled match for Saini girl, 21.12.83, 5'-3", double M.A., Masters in Travelling & Tourism Mgmt., Diploma Computers. Parents Gazetted officers, brother Canada. 98723-41122, 98729-80922. E-mail ID:  C1-146919

Educated Well settled Local Hindu Bachelor Below 45 for Unmarried Hindu Saini girl, June 1969, 5'-5", M.A. English, B.Ed. Central Govt Teacher Chandigarh. 98728- 82879. Box 6010F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Hindu Saini girl, 31/5'-2", B.Tech. (Computer), employed PGT (Lecturer) Computer Science, regular Kendriya Vidyalaya near Chandigarh. Salary 36000/- p.m. Caste no bar. 97795-83404, 94171-67083.  C1-147983

Alliance invited for a beautiful, hardworking, sociable US born citizen, 26, 5'-2", working in a Govt. Hospital as RN. Preference to Medical personnels. Visiting India with parents shortly. Early simple marriage. Caste creed no bar. 661 877 5035  C1-141922

Alliance invited for Canadian immigrant Radha Soami Kamboj Sikh 5'-6", Nov. 82 born, beautiful, fair, slilm, and homely girl. Girl in India for one month, boy should be Lawyer, Doctor or Canadian resident preferably. Email:  C1-145175

Suitable match for NRI slim, smart Gursikh Khatri unmarried girl 41/5'-3". Caste no bar. Forward biodata with photo:  96533-45566. C1-148444

Suitable match for New Zealand permanent resident, Hindu Nai girl, 18 years, very beautiful, fair, smart, 5'-5", belongs to very reputed family, studying Bachelor's in Information System (Software Engineering), looking for tall, handsome, educated boy, between 21-24 years, belonging to reputed family, preference Chandigarh or nearest cities. Please contact 0064221901412 or send bio-data at  C1-148689

Match for Arora Sikh girl, BDS, May 79, 155 cm, leaving for Canada shortly on PR basis. 098888-29394. C1-149368

Punjabi Khatri family seeks professionals only in USA for their USA born daughter 35/ 5'-4''. Health professional completing MHA and Management. Email: biodata/photo  C1-149802

Hindu Punjabi Khatri parents of US citizen daughter 43/ 5'-5''. University educated, well settled and seeking alliance from professionals in USA only. Email with biodata/ photo  C1-149814

Match for 38 years unmarried CNI Christian girl, GNM, Govt. job, Chandigarh. 99146-86082.  C1-140734

PQM for Canadian citizen Parjapati girl 30/5'-8", slim, business & Finance Management. Preference NRI, cleanshaven. Contact: 98142-10250, 94172-72222.  NA1-105052

Suitable match for Anshik Manglik Mair Rajput girl 7.10.1984, 6:55 a.m., Chandigarh, 5'-7", MA, PGDCA, PGD (Family Welfare). Service at Chandigarh, Vegetarian. Box 5850F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Himachali Rajput girl, 15.9.1984/3:50 p.m./Gagret-Una, Himachal/5'-4". M.Sc.- Physics, M.Ed. (P.U., Chandigarh). Mobile 098164-95226. Email :  C1-143224

Match for Himachali Thakur girl, March 1984 born, 5'- 4", MBA. Working Reputed MNC Noida. Father Gazetted Officer. Brother Army Officer. Mother Teacher. Status family. Contact 0172-5074501, 98760-55459, 98784-95459. C1-146131

Match for Kashyap Rajput girl, 13-11-1983, 1:55 am Chandigarh, 5'-3", Postgraduate Banking and Finance, Asst. Manager (reputed bank Chandigarh). Caste no bar. Contact: 84278-76162, 0172-6573691, Email:  C1-147887

Punjab Doaba Karnana Parhars, humble sober look girl, 5'-2"/1981, M.Com., B.Ed., School Teacher. Father working Principal after Retirement. Only brother, Engineer, with MNC Delhi. 01823-279409, 99158-27531. C1-148193

MD/MS match for Mair Rajput girl, MBBS, 29/5'-6", beautiful, fair, slim, convent educated. Well respected family. Send biodata & Photo. E-mail:  C1-148313

Suitable match for Choudhary Rajput girl 22.5.69, 5'- 2", Aganwari worker, Diploma in Library Science. Govt. employee preferred. Contact: 97811-97629. C1-149138

Suitable match for Choudhary Rajput girl 09.06.1974/5'- 6", MA, PGDCA, Pvt. job. Preferred Govt. employee. Contact: 97811-97629. C1-149140

Mair Rajput Chd-based girl, 28, 5'-3", graduate, parents settled NZ seeks well educated teetotaller smart well settled boy, early marriage, caste no bars. 95012-07138.  C1-149190

Match for Hindu Rajput girl 25.12.85, 5'-2", B.Sc., B.Ed. (Science-Math), M.Sc. (Math), working in Pvt. School. 078373-31253. Caste no bar. Preference surrounding Chandigarh. C1-149776

Suitable PQ match for beautiful homely girl 29 (looks 23), 5'-1", M.Sc. UGC NET. Working as Associate Professor in Pvt. University. Father GM Nationalised Bank. Brother Vice-President in MNC. Caste no bar. Tricity preferred. Send BHP. Email:  Mob: 98155-52722. A1-139585-OL

Match for convent educated Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin slim, beautiful girl, MCA, 29/5'-3", Senior Software Engineer MNC, daughter of Colonel.  C1-144423

Manglik Brahmin fair, slim girl, MA, B.Ed., 14.09.1985, 5.25 am, Jalandhar, 5'-4", doing job in reputed school, salary 18000. Tricity preferred. 80540-43885, 98550- 01113. C1-146911

Match for Brahmin Lower Himachali girl 34/5'-2", B.Ed., MA (Eco.), M.Lib. Well-qualified (Himachali) Govt. employee/businessman preferred. 098162-49392, 094188- 39494, 01899-266643. C1-147238

Match for Bhumihar Brahmin 32/5'-4", M.Sc. Computer Science, Chandigarh. Mobile No. 094175-27260. Box 6005F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin girl, 18.8.1985/Time 9:45/Birth place Chandigarh. 5'-3". M.Sc. (ATHM), MBA (HR). Working in Chandigarh. Contact : 098723-31342, 095010-21627. C1-148117

PQM4 Anshik Manglik Brahmin girl, slim, fair, 5'-2", Masters in Physiotherapy (MPT), born 20th June 1985/ 18:20/ Patiala. Parents in Govt. service. Kundli match must. Email:  C1-148127

Tricity match for slim, fair, Manglik Saraswat Brahmin girl 1984/5'-5", pure vegetarian, working teacher. Kundli match must. Email:  C1-148213

Match for Saraswat Brahmin Manglik working girl, 5'-6", 2.4. 83, Chandigarh. Contact 99158-10366. E-mail:  C1-148733

Match for Chandigarh based Brahmin smart girl, 5'-6", 22.8.86, B.Tech, MBA, placed in MNC, 8 LPA. Teetotaller family. 75894-92379.  C1-148833

Professionally qualified match for fair, good looking Doctor, 28 years, MBBS, MD (Skin) girl, Ht. 5'-4", educated, Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin family. Contact 01792-237167, 094484-67036. E-mail:  C1-148837

Professional match for slim, beautiful, fair Brahmin girl. 25/5'-5", MBA(Finance). Working with Reputed MNC, Package 6 lacs. Parents Doctors, settled Panchkula. Respond :  C1-149206

Professionally qualified match for slim, beautiful Brahmin girl 13.7.1985, 12:15 p.m. Chandigarh, 5'-5", B.A., B.Ed. Masters of Proff. Accountancy (MPA) Bank job Australia. Belongs to well settled business family in Chandigarh. Australian Citizen/PR preferred. Hindu upper caste no bar. Mobile: 09814017645.  C1-149364

Match for Saraswat Brahmin fair, slim girl, January 1976, 5'-2", M.Sc. (Nursing), working in Ireland. Send biodata along with Kundli. E-mail:  Box 6055F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable and professionally qualified well settled matches for Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin Sisters: tall, slim, beautiful, 22-04-84, Ahmednagar (Maharashtra) 10:15 pm, 172 cms employed as Manager in Taj Hotel in U.S. and very beautiful 21-12-88 Delhi, 2:10 pm, 162 cms, B.Tech. (IT) employed in reputed MNC. Status family, Father Army officer. Contact after matching horoscopes. 9501624889,  C1-149560

Suitable match for Chandigarh based Gaur Brahmin Non- Manglik, slim, beautiful girl, 3.10.84, 6 p.m., Bhiwani, 5'-2", M.A. Mass Communication., Asstt. Public Relation Officer. Govt job. Father Gazetted Officer. 098885-35393. Box 6064F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well-reputed Hindu Brahmin family invites matrimonial proposal for daughter 5'-2", 83 born slim and smart, convent educated, MA (MBA from UK), doing highly statusable job in UK seeks a smart match Indian/NRI/IPS/IRS, Judiciary Services or well-settled in business from high status/professional should be highly placed in job. Email:  Contact: 84379-26329. NA1-106230

Required professionally qualified match for employed & based at Chandigarh Khatri girl, April 1982/5'-7". Contact: 098551-71079. Email:  A1-140948-OL

Match for Khatri Kashyap girl 25 yrs./5'-4", wheatish complexion, MA Sociology, Diploma Mass Communication. Only Business boys from Tricity only. Horoscope 1st instance. Contact Box 5998F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Required match for homely, beautiful, slim Punjabi Hindu Khatri girl of Pharmaceutical business family. Running own Beauty Centre. Born 1978, looks 25 (7.35 a.m., Monday, Chandigarh), decent marriage.  Mob: 98157-77744. C1-147207

Professionally qualified match for a MNC working, Punjabi Khatri girl 5'-8", 7.6.1987, 1:40 pm. Package 3.5 LPA. Contact with biodata and photo. 084276-95295.  C1-147290

Match for Khatri B.E., PEC, 5'-5", 28.2.86, 12:30 pm, working in MNC (Bank), Noida. Salary 3.00 lacs pa. Preferred Radhaswami/vegetarian. 99880-91147.  C1-147319

Teetotaller suitable match for Hindu Khatri MBA girl 5'-2", 4 Nov 1986, 9:20 am, Kapurthala. Send BHP after matching Kundli. M 90419-21644. Email:  C1-147533

Educated, Well settled match for good looking Khatri girl, 13.6.1988/11:48 a.m./Chandigarh. 5'-3". MFC, MBA Finance. Presently working as Lecturer. Parents Govt employee in Chandigarh. Contact 95013-67442.  C1-147915

Vegetarian Hindu Khatri Manglik/Non-manglik alliance for Local Manglik B.Tech., slim girl, 29.06.1987, 10 a.m., Chandigarh, 5'-4", Top MNC Chandigarh. Presently in UK for job assignment upto July 2012. Parents Govt. employees.  C1-148719

SM4 very B'ful Hindu Khatri girl, 4.03.82, 1:23 a.m., Nalagarh, 5'-1", B.Tech NIT/REC, M.Tech PEC Chd. Wkng. in MNC, 7.5 LPA. Mob.: 094183-22576, Email:  NA1-106740

SM4 very B'ful Hindu Khatri girl, 27.04.83, 2:50 a.m., Nalagarh, 5'-7", Ph.D near completion, wkng. as Asstt. Prof, in English Govt. PG College. Mob.: 094181-62575, Email:  NA1-106754

Match for beautiful Arora girl, 20.8.1989/5'-3", B.Sc. Home Science, Diploma in Dietician, Pursuing M.Sc. Contact 96460-36236, 98155-62638. C1-149376

Looking for suitable professionally qualified teetotaller Sikh Ramgarhia match for 5'-6" tall, born 1987, beautiful, MBA girl working in well-reputed company in Kuwait. NRI will be preferred. Now in India till 10th April. Contact: 98149-74031, 89688-45882. Email:  A1-139484-OL

Clean shaven Ramgarhia match required for beautiful Matharu girl 77 born 5'-6", M.A. Eco. + Dip in Soft Engg. teaching IELTS. Brother setted in Australia. Please contact:  + 917696639819, +61433270842. C1-146769B

Suitable match for Graduate Dhiman girl 28.10.1982, 3:04 pm Chandigarh, 5'-4", private job. 98889-10540. C1-147471

Looking for Gursikh, well-educated and professionally settled boy for Ramgarhia Sikh girl, 26/5'-2" B.E., working as Consultant in MNC IT company in NCR. Caste no bar. Email: ; 92022-40905, 075140-31954. C1-148432

Match for Hindu Dhiman homely girl, Dec. 1982, 5'-5", M.Sc (Math), M.Phil, Asstt. Professor in Engineering college. Father Senior Manager in Bank. Mohali based Small educated family.  C1-148599

Professionally qualified/Civil-Defence Officer/Established businessman match for Sikh Ramgarhia girl, (B. Arch, M.Arch), 5'-3", 27 years, very fair, smart, working MNC. Elder sister Architect (M.Arch) well settled in life. Younger brother Civil Engineer. Father Chief Engineer (Retired) Punjab Government. Decent upper caste family no bar. Email:  Box 6031F Tribune, Chandigarh.

PQM for Ramgarhia Sikh beautiful, slim, fair girl 29/5'-6", MCA (PU Chandigarh), working in Chandigarh. Contact: 0172-2707301. E-mail:  C1-149369

Professionally qualified match for beautiful, smart, 5'-1", April 84, B.Tech/MBA (Top Institutes) Sikh Ramgarhia girl, working, 14 LPA. Well settled family preferably from tricity.  C1-149608

Well-settled Ramgarhia match for elegant convent educated Oct. 85/5'-4", B.Com., B.Ed., MA Eng. Father own business. Ludhiana, Chandigarh preferred. Contact: 85590-76367. Email:  NA1-105776

Professionally qualified match for beautiful, fair, Sikh Khatri girl, 1 April 1983, 10:35 a.m., Patiala, 5', convent educated, Graduate, Marketing Manager Patiala, 5 LPA. Only child. 09988244330, 09988315355.  C1-149758

Ravidasia SC girl, 1985, 5'-3", M.Sc IT, private teacher in convent school, residence in Jalandhar. Looking for well settled boy. 8968629853, 8558900915. C1-147679

Suitable match for Ramdasia Sikh smart girl 15.3.1975, 5'-4", M.Sc., M.Ed., UGC, permanent Science Mistress, 37,000/- p.m. Lecturer promotion due. Early simple marriage. Chandigarh/around preferred. Box 6014F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for qualified Ramdasia beautiful girl, 26/5'-5", M.A. (English), MBA (HR), English Lecturer Degree college. Father Govt. employee. 9646051919.  C1-148027

Wanted suitable match for Himachali SC girl 20.3.85/5', BA, B.Ed., PGDCA, working as Clerk on Contract at Chandigarh. 0172-2722029. E-mail:  C1-148651

Balmiki girl, 7.3.80, 5'-4", BA, PGDCA, M.Sc. (IT), MCA, doing job. Prefer Jalandhar/Doaba. 98153-49377. C1-148970

MBBS, 1975/5'-2", Beautiful, smart, Doctor in Reputed Hospital. Teetotaller, pure vegetarian family. Father Senior Doctor in P.G.I. Mother housewife, Brother IIT Engineer, Working in Mumbai. Preferred Professional, Well settled. Caste no bar. Contact 98885-52023, 0172- 2715352. Email :  C1-148992

Officer match for Ad-dharmi beautiful girl 25/5'-2", MBA, Bank Officer. Father IAS. Doaba family. Box 6057F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for beautiful Tankashtria girl 28 yr., 5'-7", canadian citizen working in a Bank. Boy should be well educated & belong to a good family back ground. Only Canadian citizen can contact for further info 78096- 57513 or email to  C1-147089

SM for Ramdasia Sikh, issueless, divorcee, Oct. 75, 5'- 4", fair, M.A. Caste no bar. 84279-76021.  A1-141237-OL

Prof. qualified & well settled decent match for beautiful, slim Saini Sikh 36/5'-3" B.Tech. Architect girl, working in MNC at Delhi issueless divorcee. Having US/Canada Multi entry visas. Family belongs to Doaba region of Punjab. Contact:  C1-148377

Match for Sarswat Brahmin innocent divorcee issueless girl DoB 11.09.72 @18:15, 5'-1", looks younger MA B.Ed., PGDCA. Seeks issueless educated well-settled vegetarian match, around Jalandhar, Ludhiana preferred. Contact 8054502737. C1-148699

PQM for beautiful Jindal Manglik girl 5'-4", 26.9.83, 5.45 pm, Chandigarh, M.Sc. Bio-Informatics P.U. Chandigarh. Working IT professional on her Projects. Contact: 094173-14439. E-mail:  C1-146979

SM4 Bansal girl, legally divorcee issueless, 27.12.1980, 00:30 am, Mohali, 5'-4", M.Sc. Math, B.Ed., working as Maths Teacher. 94176-89474, 94635-96260.  C1-147315

MD/MS/MDS match for beautiful girl, doing MDS (Prostho) (3rd year), 5'-2", 26, father Senior Doctor in HCMS, younger sister doing MBBS. Contact 094161-45300. Email:  C1-147561

Employed match for Mangal Gotra (Saralia) non-manglik girl 27/5'-2", B.Tech, M.Tech, College Lecturer, 32,000/- p.m. 097290-12359, 94661-70870. Box 6023F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally highly qualified match for 1974/5'-6" working girl. Caste no bar. Divorcee without issue acceptable. 093135-15016.  C1-148821

High Professional/Businessman, teetotaller match for beautiful, slim, fair Goel Manglik, 25/5', M.SC (Hons.) PU and Animation diploma, Panchkula. Email:  C1-149012

Sikh Arora beautiful, slim, Chandigarh working girl 1978/5'-6", MA, MBA (Marketing), Computer. Contact: 95922-79003. C1-149378


6 Marla House triple storey, sun facing, facing park, Sector 20-A,
Chandigarh. 93162-25784. Immediate settlement. C1-148767

Hot sale 11 marla, FF, corner, facing park house Sector 15-B, Chandigarh. Genuine purchaser Contact: Col. Ahluwalia 98765-58145. C1-148943

Hot sale. Booth on 9 years lease with bank, monthly rent Rs. 20,000/-, Sector-31, Chandigarh. Going at reasonable price. Genuine purchaser Contact: Col. Ahluwalia 98765-58145. C1-148951

Hot sale. One kanal single storey house Sector 36C, Chandigarh. Genuine purchaser. Contact: Col. Ahluwalia 98765-58145. C1-148955

Hot purchaser NRI wants basement in Phase-I, Industrial Area, Chandigarh.
Genuine seller Contact: Col. Ahluwalia 98765-58145. C1-148959

Four, two, one kanal independent bungalows fully furnished/unfurnished 3,
4, 5, 7 bedrooms attach baths, drawing dining with servant quarter. Also floorwise Sector 2, 4, 7, 8-A, 10, 11-A, 18, 19, 27-A, 33, 34, 35, 36 vast range. All Chandigarh, Panchkula on lease. 92163-15745. C1-147785

First Floor One Kanal Two bedrooms, Drawing Dining, Study, Kitchen, Two bathrooms. New construction. 11-A, Chandigarh. MNC's/Corporates. 98141-13677. C1-147863

Ground floor newly built fully marbled three bedrooms, servant room, car parking, 10 marla house Sector 15-A, Chandigarh. Contact: Col. Ahluwalia 98765-58145. C1-148941

Jyoti Relocation, Packers & Movers. Household goods & car shifting, all over
India, Chandigarh: 93571-11500, Ludhiana: 93171-11500, Jalandhar: 93565-25853. C1- 148013

Office space, cabin, godown/industrial fully furnished/unfurnished 200 to
5000 sq.feet. Any size, all Chandigarh/ Mohali/Manimajra/Panchkula. 92163- 15745. C1-147781

All your wedding needs under one roof flower dropping by air craft on
marriage, Nagar Kirtan. Lubana Space Agency. 99882-83078, 93572-84057. A1-139236-OL

Category 'A' 1680 sq. feet four bedroom, well- furnished, second floor flat
with roof-right in IAS/IPS Society, Sector 49-A, Chandigarh. Contact: 81463-96320. C1-147669

Hotel Site available for sale/joint-venture in Chandigarh (2 basement + 10
storey permissible). Mobile: 98157-77744. Mail:  C1-147209

Farmland for immediate sale 27 acres of canal irrigated fertile land in
Baghapurana Tehsil. This is ancestral land. Owner lives in USA (Phone 607-238-7719). Only highest bids will be considered. Send your bids to  No middleman or property dealers please. C1-146973

11 Acres-Manuke Jagraon, 6 Acres-Samadh Bhai (Moga), 2 Acres-Takhan Wadh (Moga). Contact: 81463-96320. C1-147675

Nurpura (Raikot): 11 acre prime land on Main Road, most suitable for commercial/educational institutions. Contact: 81463-96320. C1-147677

If you are a Math Graduate and fluent in English, you can earn around Rs 200
per hour from our tutor centre in Chandigarh.  C1-146915

Scholar Public High School, Ladhana Veha (CBSE) requires TGT-Science (B.Sc. Medical) B.Ed., TGT (English), Art & Craft, Music Teacher, clerk. Contact: 80540-06540. Mail:  C1-146945

Required accounts teacher qualification B.Com, M.Com Tally and Busy. 9814055346.  C1-146773


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