Sunday, April 8, 2012, Chandigarh, India

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Grooms Wanted

Suitable match for beautiful, slim, intelligent girl, 23 Jan. 83, 1.20 p.m., Patiala, 5'-2", B.D.S., doing MBA regular (from one of top Business School). Upper caste no bar. 98156-05979, 98728-05979. E-mail: C2-2162

Suitable match for Non-Manglik slim, beautiful Puri Khatri Physiotherapist 
girl 8.1.1987, 9:30 a.m., Rampura Phul, 5'-5'. 96460-46972. C2-2449

Manglik/Non-Manglik match for Tonk Kshatriya, B.Tech. girl, 5'-4", 27.01.1987, 7:30 a.m., Chandigarh, working in MNC, Pune. Upper caste no bar. 81466-59409. E-mail: C2-2781

Match for beautiful Hindu Khatri (Sethi) girl, 3.5.1993, 7:12 p.m., Chandigarh, 5'-1", studying in 5th semester B.Pharma. Business family preferred. Box 7F Tribune, Chandigarh.

MDS/MD/MBBS/BDS/Engineer match for beautiful, slim, convent educated, vegetarian Arora/Khatri girl BDS (P.G.I. Rohtak), 5'-4", 20.10.85, 2:06 a.m., Chandigarh. Working Dental Surgeon Haryana Govt. Permanent job. Well educated family. Doctor running own Hospital/Clinic preferred. Contact: 098885-61719. C2-572

Match for Maggo girl, MBA (Finance), fair, 5'-3", 30 Jan. 1983, 11:55 a.m., Chandigarh, employed reputed company Zirakpur. Contact after matching Kundli. 98883- 56500. C2-602

Suitable match for Punjabi Khatri girl M.Sc. (Biotech.), Non-Manlgik, 3.8.1987, 0202 pm Chandigarh, 5'-1". Tricity businessman family preferred. 98140- 08470, C2-864

Looking highly qualified professional well-settled teetotaller boy for slim, working girl, 6.8.83, 5'-3", B.Sc. Fashion Designing, pursuing MBA (PU). 98889-56298. C1-148980

SM for fair slim homely very sincere Ramdasia Weaver Sikh girl, 26 year, 5'-2", B.A., M.A., PTT. 94163- 66752. Email: C2-1623B

Academic or Scientist or Professional match from Tricity or nearby for 31 years/5'-2", Convent educated, good looking Malhotra Sikh girl, Assistant Professor with Doctorate in a State University. Well established family. Caste or religion no bar. Box 51F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Panchkula based Ramdasia Sikh girl, June.79, 5'-3", 
B.Com. Diploma in Art and Craft. Regular Teacher in CBSE affiliated School. Wanted well settled handsome boy preferably in service. 89501-28860. Box 60F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well qualified professional match for Kamboj Sikh girl, 25, 5'-4", Australian B.Sc. Nursing. Doing job in Hospital TR applied. Father businessman PR/TR preferred. No bars 9815964151. C2-2471

Medico/Professionally qualified match for Nai (N/P) Sikh beautiful, smart, fair Doctor girl, MBBS, 27/5'- 2". Well settled family. Caste no bar. Contact: C2-378B

Match for Jat Sikh Canadian born girl, 26/5'-6", Lawyer well versed in Indian culture, professional qualified American/Canada settle boy. Apply with photo/biodata. A2-444-OL

Suitable match 31-35 above 5'-10", from a cultured family in India or overseas for 5'-6", 1982 born, fair & beautiful Jat Sikh girl living in Mumbai, having Masters in International Business & valid UK work visa. Mail details with photos to C1- 135373

PQM for beautiful Jat Sikh girl, Oct 81, 5'-4", Manager in top MNC bank, MBA & professional certifications, Delhi based Randhawa family. Call 8802403151. Mail C1-138128

Jat Sikh Canadian parents having mortgage finance family business seek alliance for a very beautiful, slim, fair daughter 29/5'-5", having perfect blend of modern and traditional values. Looking for a qualified handsome, well-placed Jat Sikh boy from a high status educated family. Reply with picture, Email: C1-141262

Professionally qualified, cleanshaven match for Jat Sikh H1B beautiful girl, April 79, 5'-4", MCA/MBA from Top US University, working as Senior Consultant in Big 4 MNC. Respond if US citizen/Green-card/H1B with details & photos. E-mail: C1- 147232

Jat Sikh USA born, 29 yrs. Medical Doctor, 5'-3", very fair seeking Jat Sikh Doctor/Dentist, USMLE (1&2) cleared, professional family of multiple USA Doctors and Engineers, 804-360-3382, Box 6059F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Chandigarh based Army Officer's daughter, Jul. 85, 5'- 3", MBA, Simbiosis, working MNC, 10 Lac package. She is smart, beautiful, very intelligent. Required cleanshaven well qualified boy from status family. E- mail: C1-149882

Match for Jat-Sikh girl, Jan. 86, 5'-4", B.Sc. Nursing. Regular Govt. Hospital employee, Chandigarh. Upper caste no bar. Respond with biodata and recent photo. Preferred Tricity boy. Email: C2-1132

Suitable match for Jat Sikh beautiful, slim, fair girl, February 1984 born, 5'-4", B.D.S. Masters in Public Health . Father Class-I officer retd. Contact: 098762- 76168, C2-1272

Suitable match for 1987 born 5'-5'' Jat Sikh Dentist girl joinging DDS in June 2012. educated family. Boy doing DDS/ residency preferred. C2- 1388

Match for Jat Sikh girl, 26/5'-6", B.Tech, MBA, Bank employed. Tricity preferred. Contact: 98888-67574. C2- 1400

Jat-Sikh match Doctor, IAS, IPS or other high status profile for daughter of Senior Army Officer, employed as Doctor. MBBS, MD, 29 years, 5'-3". Owns property. Contact: Mobile: 098786-19464. C2- 1600

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh convented MCA, 5'-5", June 1978 girl, working as IT professional with MNC. Small educated urbanised family. E-mail: C2-1658

Suitable Jat Sikh match for beautiful 5'-5", 29 yrs., MBBS, USMLE Steps cleared with good score. Presently in USA. Parents from reputed landlord family in Punjab. USA/Canada settled professional/business boy from status family preferred. C2-1768

Defence background Jat Sikh family seek qualified, cleanshaven match for daughter, 1988/5'-2", Public school ed., MBA, working MNC. Father serving offr. Preferred Defence offr. E-mail: Ph. 09596633991. C2-192

Professional match for Jat Sikh Dhaliwal girl, M.D., 30/5', USA Citizen. Contact 098-724-04852. C2-1964B

Professional, business, NRI Jat Sikh, match for beautiful, slim, homely girl Aug. 82/5'-3", B.Com. (Professional), Degree in Garment Manufacturing Technology from NIIFT Mohali, worked in export and garment manufacturing co. as merchandizer for 2 years. Now Lecturer in University, Depp. of Garment and Fashion Technology. Jalandhar based family, 2 kanal house posh colony, urban + rural properties. Father - retired Professor, mother - M.A., housewife, only sister B.Tech. (Computer), Major in Army, married in an affluent family. Mamaji - SSP Punjab Police, Tayajis - eldest settled in Canada, elder retd. IAS. Email: M.: 98157-76841. C2-2102

Suitable, well qualified/settled Jat Sikh match for Mohali based Sandhu girl, born Aug. 84/5'-1", B.Com, MBA, Pvt. College Lecturer. 9779882471. C2-2124

Jatt Sikh status family seeks teetotaller PQM for their smart, 25/5'-2", convent educated girl, MBA, pursuing CS. Kindly send photos & biodata. E-mail: C2-2168

Suitable match for Jatsikh 26/5'-7" fair MDS girl (final year) belongs to well-reputed family. Father Senior Police Officer. Civil Services/State Services/Doctor belonging to well-settled family preferred. Decent marriage assured. Email: C2-2212

Convent educated, 1984/5'-4", USA Software Engineer MBA Employed Multinational Newyork. Father Army officer retired. 098727-75788. C2-2352

Professionaly match for beautiful Jat-Sikh girl, 1980/ 5'-4", M.A. B.Ed., MCA. 94174-31522 ; C2-2529

Wanted a Professional/Businessman match for convent educated, Post Graduate (University of Adelaide, Australia), Ex-Graduate Officer (Australian Public Service), 5'-4 tall, 30+ girl match from well settled businessman/professional families are welcome. Send biodata & latest pics of boy at 98761-31221. C2-2835

Required well settled Jatt Sikh boy for extremely beautiful Jatt Sikh Dentist girl, 5'-3", 1978, Australian PR. Ready to settle in India or abroad according to requirement. 98787-99922, C2-406

Qualified match for Jat Sikh beautiful girl, Oct, 1986. 5'-5", M.Sc (IT), MCA College lecturer. Mgr bureau excuse. E-mail: Mob: +918146264801. Australia preferred. C2-408

Doctor/ Engineer USA settled / studying match for beautiful Jat Sikh green card holder BDS Doctor girl 25/ 5'-5'' perparing for further study USA. Mobile 98141-17175, 001847-9910251. C2-410

Educated match for slim, beautiful, divorcee Jat Sikh girl, having 7 years son, 1978/5'-4", Post-Graduate (India), settled in U.K. Upper caste no bar. 099145- 12312, 00447581716107, C2-590

PQM for beautiful Jatt Sikh girl, 28, 5'-7", MS (Comp. Sc.), US green card holder. Well settled family. Email biodata & recent photograph., 85698- 62409. C2-714

Well-qualified Jat Sikh match for 33/ 5'-5", well- educated, very beautiful, very fair girl working in Canada. 9779980991, C2-774

US based Jat Sikh parents seek Medico (MBBS, MD) match for their daughter 82 born/5'-4", U.S. permanent resident, pursuing DDS. Boy should be from Jatt Sikh family in USA. Respond with biodata and recent photos. E-mail: 98786-32708. NA2-1045

Professionally qualified/NRI match for Jatsikh Sahota 1984/5'-5" slim, beautiful, MA (Economics), B.Ed., BA (Hons.), regular Govt. job girl. Send photograph and biodata. Contact: 98144-62294, 89685-00233; NA2-1221

Well qualified boy for fair, slim Jat Sikh girl, 23/5'- 7", B.Tech, pursuing M.Tech. Father retired Class-I Officer from Central Govt. Family owns agricultural land. 0161-6545074, NA2-555

Match required well settled brave Muslim any stream for 45, unemployed educationist independent brave, 5'-2", wheatish, smart, modern, bobcut, English speaking, lively, Law Professional widow, politically active, around Chandigarh. Religious marriage. Less age no bar. E-mail: Call: 8559047321. C2- 2052

Manglik match for Hindu Saini girl (Panchkula based) 5'-1", 15.7.88, 12:05 am, Ambala, MBA, working as Executive HR, Gurgaon. Contact: 094164-65200, C2-1580

Professionally qualified well-settled match for Saini Sikh pure vegetarian beautiful girl 24/5'-5", B.Sc. Nursing, working in reputed Govt. Hospital (Chandigarh). Parents Govt. employee. In/around Chandigarh preferred. Caste no bar. E-mail: 96460-06870. C2-872

Employed match for beautiful Khatri girl, 5'-3", 2.4.1986, 8:20 p.m., Rajpura, B.Tech., M.Tech., Lecturer, 25000/- pm. Business family. 98153-38725. E- mail: C2-43

Match for Jat Sikh Engineer in Toronto (Canada) born & brought up in India, 5'-1"/32, small educated family. Father Senior Officer in PSU, only brother Engineer in Canada. Caste no bar. E-mail: Mobile: 98726-42711. C2-1122B

Wanted handsome NRI boy for M.Sc./MBA Newzealand Brahmin girl 1983/5'-3", Spent two years UK. Now working Newzealand. Parents gazetted officer. No bar. 98558-55244. C2-2532

Medical/Dentist/Veterinarian match for US citizen Punjabi Brahmin girl, 26/5'-3", Licensed to practice as a Dentist in USA. E-mail: Phone: (USA): 001-323-875-8073. C2-520

Match for Kabirpanthi Hindu girl, 30.4.1978, 5'-1", M.Sc. (Zoology), M.Ed., Govt. Teacher (Regular) in HP. Polio defect right leg. Walk without support. Well- settled family. Disabled excused. Nirankari preferred. 09418125935. Box 11F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for 38 years unmarried CNI Christian girl, GNM, Govt. job, Chandigarh. 99146-86082. C1-140734

Doctor/Engineer/Lecturer or well-settled match for Prajapati, Ph.D. girl Govt. Scientist 30/5'-3". Early decent marriage. Send full biodata. Upper caste no bar. Box 42F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for fair BAMS Himachali Chaudhary family girl, Jan. 1989/5'-2". Doctor preferred. +91-94648- 30493. C2-170

Suitable match for Manglik wheatish girl 28, 5'-1", MA, B.Ed. Govt. Teacher (contract basis) Chandigarh. Caste no bar (SC excuse). Contact: 97808-97890. C2-870

Suitable match for Himachali Thakur Rajput beautiful girl 5'-2", 19.01.82 (7:20 a.m.), Mandi, MA English, B.Ed., PGCTE. Father Govt. Officer. Contact: 94637-41458. Box 35F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Mair Rajput Shoor fair girl 5'-1", born 15.3.84, Assistant Nurse USA citizen wanted cleanshave highly educated and high status family from Punjab. Contact with latest photograph and biodata. Email: C2-1620

Match for Chandel Rajput girl 5'-5", 28th Oct. 1984, 7.20 am Nangal-Dam, M.Phil., doing Ph.D. Lecturer. Contact: 94641-36021, 94641-36057. C2-1758

SM 4 Mair Rajput (Bagga) Manglik beautiful girl Study visa UK (25.4.86, 9:44 am, Phagwara), 5'-1", BA, doing Hotel Management in UK. NRI preferred. # 98789-77373. NA2-516

Suitable match for Gaur Brahmin slim girl, 5'-1", 16.10.1984, 12:30 a.m., (looks 22) Chandigarh, NTT, B.A. (B.Ed.). Tricity preferred. Mob: 98788-61530. C2-1268

Suitable match for beautiful Punjabi Sarswat Brahmin girl, 22.09.1986, 2:10 a.m. (Amritsar), 5'-5", M.A. (English), 1 year Computer Diploma, 2 elder sisters are married near Amritsar, one brother married and living in Canada, residence Mandi Dabwali (Bathinda). 95019- 29159. C2-2214

Vegetarian match for Saraswat Brahmin Doaba girl, 5'- 3", fair complexion, 2.1.81, 1:45 p.m., Jalandhar, M.A., B.Ed.. Kundli must. 9815322449. C2-2318

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin slim, fair, convented girl, 34/5'-2", M.Sc. Microbiology, B.Ed., Vice Principal in reputed school. 98153-97437. E-mail: C2-2589

Smart match for July 80, 5'-2" girl, Haryana Govt. Junior Lecturer Maths. NET qualified. Avoid Rathi, Sangwan, Pahal. 9896010769, 9958712133. C2-152

Professionally qualified match for b'ful, slim, tall, fair Punjabi Khatri Dr. Girl BDS (Dentist) 5'-6'' 15- 4-1986 1:18pm Amritsar cultured well educated family of Amritsar. Email: C2-1986

Suitable match in/around Chandigarh for working Khatri girl, B.Sc., 5'-6"/1985, C2-2390

Professionally qualified match for beautiful, slim, Hindu vegetarian Khatri girl, 22.7.1987, 04.47 am, Jalandhar, 5'-3", M.Sc. Computer Science, pursuing MCA, Status family. Father retired Chief Manager. College Lecturer. (Chandigarh/Jalandhar preferred). Contact after matching Kundli. Send biodata. E-mail: 98763-98085. C2-242

Suitable match for Khatri girl 5'-4", Ph.D English, 74 born. Working as 
Lecturer in University at Jullundhar. Mob: 98960-40436, E-mail: C2- 456

Panchkula based Radhasoami family required match for Manglik, 28.4.1985, 9:00 p.m., Chandigarh, 5'-4", slim, beautiful, M.Sc. (Clothing & Textiles), UGC-Net cleared, Lecturer in Government College Chandigarh. Local, (tricity) and Govt serviceman preferred. 99886- 90508. C2-654

Match for Doctor Physiotherapist, MBA, Hospital Healthcare, 5'-2"/7th June, 1982/11:20 am/Chandigarh. Father Doctor. Mother Lecturer. Early marriage. 094184- 76623. NA2-692

Match for extremely beautiful, very fair Hindu Arora girl, B.A., B.Ed, Convent educated, 5'-3", 25-11-1982, 4:30 a.m., Chandigarh. Brother Merchant Navy Officer. Chandigarh / Panchkula / Mohali preferred. 09780101033. Box 61F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for slim, beautiful Hindu Arora girl, born 18.9.82, 09.03 am, 5'-1", Computer Science Gradaute, MA (Eng.), NTT doing job. 86991-89022. E-mail: C2-2701

Arora girl 5.4.82, 3:34 a.m., Ferozepur, 5'-4", MA, own Rice Mill, Ghee Factory, looking business family. 92170-21245, 98769-04472, 98143-04507. NA2-13

Clean shaven Ramgarhia match required for beautiful Matharu girl 77 born 5'-6", M.A. Eco. + Dip in Soft Engg. teaching IELTS. Brother setted in Australia. Please contact: + 917696639819, +61433270842. C1-146769B

Match for Ramgarhia girl 78/5'-3", BA, one year Diploma Medical Transcription, homely girl. 94172-89128. E- mail: C2-1792B

High status settled match for smart, slim, convent educated Ramgarhia Sikh girl 81/5'-4" M.Sc, B.Ed, research scholar shortly innocent issueless. Divorcee Industrialist family. 98152-40562 C2-2631

Match for Ramgarhia Gursikh girl 24/5'-4", B.Sc., M.Sc. Fashion Designing. Private job. Tricity preferred. 98886-26626. C2-2775

Hindu Dhiman match for Jan. 1981, 5'-4", M.Sc., B.Ed., working Chandigarh. 3.5 LPA. 98148-96657. C2-94

Ramgarhia/Dhiman Manglik match wanted for slim girl 5'- 4", Jan. 1982 
born, MBA. NRI preferred. Contact: 98789- 13241. NA2-1796

Status match for beautiful Sikh Arora girl, B.Sc. (Non- Med), MA (English), convent educaed, 5'-3", Nov. 84, 99146-66646, C2-2322

Match for Khatri Sikh software project lead, April 82, 5'-3", MCA, MNC Noida, 6.0 LPA, shortened hair. 9888515266. C2-2414

Suitable match for beautiful NRI girl, March '71, unmarried, 5'-3", B.Com., Certified Yoga Instructor. Correspond with full data and recent photo. Caste no bar. Box 66F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for slim, tall, fair Gursikh Khatri girl 5'-7", Dec. 88, B.Tech. employed. Contact No. 094180- 77742, C2-500

Suitable General Category educated decent match for Sikh Khatri unmarried educated girl 36 yrs./5'-3", BA, B.Ed., wheatish complexion, School teacher. Contact if caring sincere partner needed, if girls merits only concern. Genuine enquiries only. No believe in kundli. Divorcees/marriage bureau excuse. E-mail: (Photo must). Contact: 98766- 65826. NA2-1036

Ad-Dharmi girl, 28/5'-2", B.A., B.Ed., IELTS 6 Bands. Private teacher. Prefer Govt employee, NRI and who want to go U.K. 95929-17033. Email Id : C2-1022

Well settled match for fair Ramdasia Sikh convent educated, employed girl 24/5'-7", B.Tech, MBA(IIM), handsome package. Parents Gazetted officers. Send bio- data, photo. E-mail: C2-103

Cleanshaven match for Ramdasia girl, B.Tech. (Computer) from IIT, Birth March 1987/5'-5", slim, fair, working Software Engineer, Bangalore, salary 14 lacs per year. Medium family. Upper Caste no bar. Please send biodata and photo to E-mail ID: C2-1202

Suitable match cleanshave for Majhabi Sikh/Balmiki girl, M.A., B.Ed., 5'-4"/1980. Chandigarh and around. 90616-14006. C2-162

Suitable match for SC (Chamar) girl, Feb. 84, 5'-0", MA, B.Ed., M.A. Education, HTET cleared for Lecturer and B.Ed. Teacher. Bank Common Entrance Test also cleared. Ph: 089013-38378, 078765-71555. Email: C2-2132

Suitable match for SC Ravidasia girl 1982/5'-2", PGDMC, working in MNC, Chandigarh. 098164-22381, 097360-47724. C2-2178

Asstt. Professor/Lecturer/Post-graduate/Ph.D. Science stream (Govt. job) well-educated/Executive job PSU, cleanshaven Adharmi/Ramdasia match for fair girl, January 1982, 5'-6" NET cleared. J.R.F. qualified, pursuing Ph.D. Preference to Tricity, New Delhi. Send biodata, Photographs. Email: 085568-20097. C2-478

Professionally qualified match for 27/5'-4" very fair Shimla born girl, 6 lakh. Parents Gazetted Officer settled in Chandigarh. Contact 08197220060. Email : C2-2258

Well established Businessman/Serviceman match for 28/5'-4", beautiful, fair, innocent issueless divorcee, Punjabi Khatri girl, doing Govt. job in Chandigarh. Contact: 99159-51999. C2-1678

Match for issueless divorcee Hindu girl 32/5'-2", M.Com., MBA (Finance & HR). Caste no bar. 89684-44755. C2-594

Match for slim Garg girl 19.01.1987, 13.40 Hrs., 5'-4", B.Tech., father Sr. Engineer, BSNL Chandigarh. 99886-06287, Box 47F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for beautiful Garg girl, 5'. 12.01.1988. Running Own speech and hearing Clinic in Chandigarh. Pure vegetarian family. , 97794- 58928. C2-2088

Suitable match for Doctor non manglik fair, slim girl, BDS, MDS (Prosthodontics) 3rd year student completing May 2013 and Haryana Govt. servant, 160/17.06.1980. Father retd. DHS (Hry.) Mobile: 094172-55696, Email: C2-2459

Manglik/non-manglik match for Gupta girl, 04.03.1983, 10:10 am, Panchkula, 5'-2", MBA, working in tricity. Contact: 9888933995, Email: C2-2757

Well established businessman/industrialist from status family for fair, slim, smart, confident, religious & cultured Aggarwal girl 23/5'-2", BDS, doing internship. Father respected businessman actively associated (and office bearer) with various industrial & social organizations. 0161-3251374 NA2-564

Professionally qualified match for Arora Sikh 83 born, 5'-3", LL.B, MBA, Govt. employee girl. Legal professional or Gazetted officer preferred. 98556- 98777. C2-101

Professionally qualified match for beautiful smart MA, M.Phil, Economics Kamboj Thind girl 29/5'-3", now doing advance course in Business Management in Melbourne. The PR boy in Melbourne Jalandhar Kapurthala Distt. preferred. Email: C2-206

Well qualified professional match for Kamboj Sikh girl, 25, 5'-4", Australian, B.Sc. Nursing. Doing job in Hospital, TR applied. Father businessman, PR/TR preferred. No bars. 9815964151. C2-2465

Suitable match for Australian citizen, beautiful girl. 'Khinda', 10/82, 5'-3". Working as Chef. Contact 94631- 25506. C2-992


Hotel site available for sale/joint-venture/partnership in Chandigarh
(2 basement + 10 storey permissible). Mobile: 98157-77744. Mail: C2-3190

Need business loan Rs. 10.00 Crore against Hotel site in Chandigarh. Contact: 98157-77744. C2-3192


Wanted small/medium running Pharmaceutical unit at Baddi. We are direct
buyer. Payment ready. Mobile: 09872-7777-55. Mail: C2-908


Farmland for immediate sale 27 acres of canal irrigated fertile land in
Baghapurana Tehsil. This is ancestral land. Owner lives in USA (Phone 607-238-7719). Only highest bids will be considered. Send your bids to No middleman or property dealers please. C1-146973

Prime Land about 25 Acres on Chandigarh-Ambala Highway. Chandigarh-Sirhind road 4, 5, 10 Acres. 90 Acres hilly land near Chandigarh. Contact: Toor Associates: 9876111786. C2-2567

Prime pieces of Land 50, 100, 200 Acres in Punjab. Reasonable rates. Contact: Toor Associates: 9876111786, 9803700065. C2-2571

Excellent pieces of Land on Chandigarh-Kharar Road (3 Acres), Landran-Kharar road. 5, 10, 25, 2 Acres Land on Landran-Chunni Road. Contact: Toor Associates: 9876111786. C2-2573


Fauji Colony Kharar 2 plots for shops (12.5'x36') good location, Rate 13 lakh
each. Five plots for shops 10'x42' near Mander Nagar, Kharar, Rate 8 lakh each. 80540-46181, 97816-00063. C2-454B


Excellent Kothies 1 Kanal 69, 71, 3B2, 3B1, 7, X. 16 Marla 71. 10 Marla 70,
71, 3, 7, X, 69, 68. 8 Marla Phase-3, 7, 10, 69, 68. 5 Marla 76-80. Contact: Toor Associates: 9876111786. C2-2577


SCO-24, Phase-XI, Mohali, ground floor, Basement on Rent.
MNC's/Banks/Brands preferred. Contact: 99157- 00463. C1-149880


Four/Two/One independent bunglows fully furnished/unfurnished, 3 to 8
bedroom, drawing dining, with servant quarter. Vast range also first floor. All Chandigarh/NAC/Panchkula. For topmost companies on lease. 92163-15745. C2-2691


Online tuition: If you are a Maths Graduate and speak English fluently then
you can earn around Rs 400 per hour. Training is available. C2-534

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Required accounts teacher qualification B.Com, M.Com Tally and Busy. 9814055346.  C1- 146773


Jyoti Relocation, Packers & Movers. Household goods & car shifting, all over
India, Chandigarh: 93571-11500, Ludhiana: 93171-11500, Jalandhar: 93565-25853. C1- 148013


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