Sunday, April 29, 2012, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

NZ bsd Hindu Khatri family seek PQM 4 Australia settled highly placed Engineer son, BE, 8/84, 5'-8", draws 6 figures.  C2-10633

Wanted fair, suitably employed bride, preferably in teaching for Chandigarh based Engineer, 35/5'-11", 10 LPA. Upper middle class. Senior Officer in reputed Company. Caste no bar. E-mail:  0172-2743920. C2-3077

Match for Maid Rajput Hindu NRI Luthra boy, 5'-8", BCA India, Dental Asstt.
in USA, own well-settled business in USA, born 19.11.1986, now parents are in India for two weeks. Seeks educated beautiful girl. Cont: 96539- 66660. Boy coming next week India. C2-10829

Sikh Khatri cleanshaven convent educated 28/5'-8", B. Tech-MBA boy regional manager in Essel Group at Patiala. Educated family. Urban/rural property 9356205489/ Email:  C2-10975

Needed American/Canadian citizen girl for Doaba Sikh Rajput, Nov. 1979/180, with Double Master (Architect Enviorments) USA, employed Research scholar. Caste no bar. E-mail:  or 94172-93965. C2- 11169

Preferably B.Sc./M.Sc. match for Himachali Rajput Chandigarh based boy,
29/5'-7", M.Sc. Correspondent National English Daily, salary 5-figure. Box 1632M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited for Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin boy, B.Tech. (IT), Senior
Software Engineer, MNC, Gurgaon, 5'-7", slim, fair, 10.00 lacs PA, 5.12.1982, 12.15 a.m., Chandigarh. Employed girl preferred. Contact: 98764-30045, 0172-2632398. Box 1658M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Manglik N/Manglik match for vegetarian Saraswat Brahmin boy, 25.2.82,
10:10 p.m., Ludhiana, 5'-5", BA, Computer Hardware job in MNC. Decent salary. Small educated family . Kundli must. Contact: 98889-97085, Email:  C2-11035

Suitable match for May 1979 born Saraswat Brahmin handsome 5'-5" boy,
LL.M. (UK), Senior Corporate Lawyer at Mumbai, pkg. 34 LPA plus, very bright future. Please contact with BHP. 9888257579, 9417579796. E-mail:  C2-11127

Himachali Saraswat Brahmin Advocate, 16.3.81/11:30 p.m./Chandigarh.
5'-9". Preferred Himachali settled Tricity/Mandi (H.P.). 94174-13424. C2-11309

Una (Himachal) teetotaller religious boy, settled Chandigarh, 25 August
1981, 0.33 am, 5'-8", B.Sc. (IT), own English medium school, Distt. Panchkula. 98888- 87845. C2-8743

Match for Brahmin Manglik boy, 5'-9", MA, PGDMM, 19.7.82, 2.45 pm,
Jalandhar, working MNC, 4 Lac per annum. Mobile: 94636-62837. C2-9594

Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin Non-Manglik boy, 9.7.1982, 5'- 11", Master
Advance Architecture (Spain), B.Arch. CCA (Gold), employed Architect-Delhi, 9 LPA. Chandigarh- based vegetarian family. Seeks professionally well- qualified preferably employed NCR/Tricity match. Biodata/photo. 0172-2675030.  C2-9662

Educated, beautiful girl from status family for handsome Saraswat Brahmin
boy, 27/5'-11", BBA, cleared 1st year of MBA, own industry & export business. Only son of good & reputed status family. Upper caste no bar. 0161-3251374,  NA2-7119

Beautiful match 5'-4" (or above) for handsome Khatri boy. Post-graduate,
17.1.1982, 12:30 pm, 5'-11", Kurukshetra. Own well-settled business & agriculture land. Contact: 92155-43537, 98121-92337,  C2-10815

Delhi-based Hindu Punjabi parents invite suitable match for their smart boy
26 yrs 5'-9" working in UK, visiting India next week. Contact: 09899175218, 011- 25080442. Email:  C2-6322

Khatri/Arora/Aggarwal/Brahmin educated, beautiful girl for 27/5'-6",
MBA (Marketing), well established business. Family owns kothi in posh locality of Ludhiana & owns other urban properties. Highly educated Aggarwal-Khatri mix family. 0161-6545074,  NA2-7120

Punjabi Sikh boy Bhatia family, D.O.B. 15.6.1983, height 5'-5", Graduation
from PU, Diploma in Microsoft. Self employed. Contact No. 099881-21256, 090419-00422. C2-10045

Medico match for MBBS Rajput/Ramgarhia teetotaller turbaned Sikh boy, 34
years/6 feet from high status Chandigarh based family. Government job. NRI excuse. Contact:  Box 5852M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Highly respectable UK based Jat Sikh parents seek professional match for
their well settled, Asst. Head Master son born & educated in UK, 42 yrs, 5'-10" tall, slim athletic, very handsome & never married. Please email with girl's biodata & recent photo to . C2-9270

Lookind for beautiful, fair, slim, Doctor, Engineer or Executive girl i any field
for smart, handsome, turban wear Ramgarhia boy, 25 yrs, 5'-11", pure vegetarian, well settled working in Govt. Dept. of Electricity in Dubai & studying M.Sc. Tech. (Engineering Technology) from BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus evening classes. Contact: 00971501568817. C2-9862

Well placed Jat Sikh family, settled in Sweden, with good rural and urban
property in India. Looking for very beautiful, slim, well educated Jat Sikh Indian girl with good spoken English and strong family values for their only son, Dec. 1981, 5'-9", IT Management degree. Handsome, cleanshaven, well connected with the Punjabi roots and culture. Family has been running their own family business since 1989 in Sweden. For further information send email with family picture and daughter's details to: , Phone +467309-44323. C2-10007

USA based well settled Jatt Sikh parents looking for professional 5'-4" +
match for their handsome son 26/5'-9" B.Sc. Pharm.D. USA born and raised with strong traditional and cultural values. USA visitor, student and work visa will be considered. Please respond with photo and biodata to:  C2-10016

Suitable match for Mohali based Jat Sikh Kang turbaned handsome boy
27/6'-1", B.E. Mechanical, Army Officer. Email:  07814773013. C2-10325

Affluent Jat Sikh Kahlon family seeking suitable girl for their very handsome
1979 Canada born 6'-2" son. CA and Master in Education. Own several properties in Canada and India. Our son is very trustworthy and dependable, yet traditional in his values when required. Marriage annulled after few days. We are not only seeking a great bride, but also a family, to build a loving relations. Parents are now visiting India. Email:   with picture & biodata or Call 98766-07566. C2-10501

Canada/US citizen professional qualified invited for Jatt Sikh Veterinarian
Doctor 29/5'-11", Dec. 82 born. Father Lecturer, mother Principal. Early marriage. Email:  76960-45476 (Moga). C2-10533

Professionally qualified, compatible match for handsome Jatt Sikh boy
31/6', settled in US and working as a Veterinary specialist in Anesthesiology in a reputed US University Hospital. Well educated family. Elder brother and his family settled in US. Parents retd. Teachers. Please contact with photo and biodata at: +1 408 421 6949.  C2-11179B

Medico match for 32/5'-9", handsome Jat Sikh doctor boy, joining residency
in June, Green Card holder. Status family. Doctor girls doing/completed residency, or girls with good USMLE scores need respond. Please email particulars with photographs to  Contact: 408-550-9586. C2-11237

31 years, 6'+ Jatt Sikh Engineer seeks Professionally qualified cultured
caring and fun loving match from a respectable family. Please include picture in response.  C2-11581

Jat Sikh parents, well-settled family of Doctors in Canada, seek intelligent,
tall, slim, beautiful MBBS girl for their handsome brilliant Doctor son 6'-2'' tall, 28 years old, clean shaven born in India raised in Canada with strong family values, doing residency in a Surgical field. Parents presently in India. Please respond with recent pictures and a complete biodata of the girl and her family. Ph.No. 9878041946. Email:  C2-1252

Jat Sikh parents seek a match for their son, 30 years, 6' tall, born and
educated in Toronto, Engineer and working with a large Corporation. Girl should be Canadian born and educated, age under 29 years and with good family values. E-mail:  C2- 414

Wanted suitable match for England born & brought Jat Sikh, professional,
currently assigned to Middle East. Works in MNC in Senior position. 38 years, 6' tall, divorced, issueless. Girl and family main consideration. Divorced/ widows/ issueless may also apply. Reply to:  C2-4368

British Jat Sikh Sidhu family, very well-respected and established with
International Technology and Aviation Business looking for a suitable match for their only Son. He is 28 years old, 6 ft. tall, very handsome, non-veg, graduate with Degree in Finance & Management Science now running his own successful technology business in UK. We are traditional Punjabi family with strong Sikhi values and are looking for homely girl with similar background. Call: 0044797 3317550 Email:  C2-4430

Jat Sikh family of Doctors in America seek match for twenty four year old six
feet two United States born son, currently in medical school. Prospects only from America Canada or Europe. Medicine or Dentistry only. Email:  C2-6282

Suitable match for Jatsikh PR Canada,72 Born, never married, slim, looks
younger, well educated BSc, MSc.A.Ec(Honours), PGDEM, Punjab. Girl should be B.Sc. Nursing, Pharma, M.Com, BE, B.Tech. Comp. Email:  C2-6846

Well established Canadian Jat Sikh family seeking a suitable match for their
Canadian very handsome 31 yrs., 6' tall, MD (Doctor), only son. Girl should be tall, slim and beautiful, with University Degree from Canada/USA with strong family values to settle in Canada. Please send a biodata and recent photograph at email  C2-8421

Zira (Firozepur, Punjab)-based Landlord/Transporter family looking for a
highly qualified Jat Sikh girl, (Minimum height 5'-5") for their son, 27, permanently settled in Australia.  , Phone 94640-97284. C2-8755

Wanted educated beautiful tall girl preferably eligible for teaching job for
Jatt Sikh convent educated handsome 5'-11", 1984, practising Advocate. Father Advocate, mother Govt. teacher only brother married & settled in Australia. 98141-80527.  C2-8925

Beautiful, educated, homely match for 5'-8", 35 yrs., fair, very handsome
Jat Sikh Engineer boy, well-settled in USA, earning Rs 90 Lakh/year. Commercial/residential properties around Chandigarh. Issueless, divorcee, high status family based in Chandigarh. Email:  C2-9060

Medico match for handsome Jat Sikh 27 yrs,172 cm, MD, American
educated, doing residency in USA on H1. Parents professional NRIs. Respond to:  C2-9282

Australian permanent resident, Jat Sikh boy, 28/5'-9" ICSE background,
Bachelor in Accounting (Sydney) and doing CPA from well-respected family looking for well- educated girl from ICSE or CBSE background, beautiful, slim, tall, minimum 5'-5" with good family values. No demand. Contact at  Phone: 98154-88840. C2-9534

US based parents seek match for boys 34 yrs./32 yrs., Elder Diploma Hotel
Management, younger PGDCA, pursing Transport Business, likely to migrate 5'-11"/5'-10", cleanshaved. Contact:  93567- 01228, 0172-2772963. C2-9714

Qualified, family oriented match for Canadian citizen, India born Jat Sikh
27/5'-10" very handsome, cleanshaven. Bachelor's in Finance (Honours), Writing CFA, Investment Adviser with MNC (Toronto). Father Legal Consultant. Owns farm in India. Only sister University student. Send details, photos. Email: . C2-9998

Professionally qualified match for Brahmin divorcee boy Canadian Citizen
Businessman 42/5'-9". Contact:  094170-09248. C2-10275

Ahluwalia USA based 29 years/6' Finance Graduate boy. Contact
90238-29327. Email :  C2- 11609

Match for handsome green card,convent educated jat sikh boy 38 , 6 ft.
widower has one child who is in boarding school in India. Preferably girl residing or working in USA. Respond with recent photo: . C2- 3627

Very beautiful MBBS/MD/USMLE/ Professionally qualified match for
Canadian PR handsome Himachali Sood boy, 14 Jan. 1982, 6', MBA, Manager leading Bank (Toronto). Contact: 098160-63330. E-mail:  C2-7350

SM4 NRI Hindu Nai (Punjabi) handsome boy, Sept, 86 born, 175 cm, Air Craft
maint. Technician in Qutar mail BHP to  Box 1633M Tribune, Chandigarh.

SM4 Australian citizen (divorced) Sikh Weaver boy 5'- 7", 36 yr., Engineer,
preferably professional from Australia. No bar. 81465-70243. C2-9542

Suitable highly educated height min. 5'-4" match for Kamboj Sikh Canada
Citizen, cleanshaven, non-smoker, non-drinker boy, 30, 5'-11", Graduate in Information Technology, Well settled. E-mail:  Box 1640M Tribune, Chandigarh.

UK citizen, ambitious, loving Punjabi Khatri 5'-8", 06.08.82, Delhi, 2.25 pm,
well-settled own business. Only child of parents. Seeks beautiful match to compliment him & family. Educated UK, Switzerland family from Chandigarh. Relatives in Ludhiana, Delhi.  A2-9042

Medico/IAS/IIM/IIT/Non-Medico match for 1978 born Khatri boy, 5'-6",
M.D. Medicine formerly at PGI Chandigarh, working Fortis Hospital Delhi. Mob. 09896040436. E-mail:  C2-10059

SM4 Canadian Citizen Hindu Khatri Punjabi boy (Manglik) from good family
back ground 30/5'-10", 30th July 1981/4:40 p.m., Chandigarh born, working with MNC, earning above $ 55000/- PA. Well settled pretty, tall, slim girl. Preferably in Canada/USA or India. Marriage bureau excuse. Send photo and biodata at E-mail: . C2-11234

Match for MNC Noida employed Khatri boy, 5'-11", 27th July 1981, 7:23 a.m.,
Kullu (HP), package 10 lakh p.a.. NCR employed preferred. Mail biodata with photograph:  09888947997. C2-11251

Professionally qualified manglik/non manglik match for Punjabi Hindu Khatri
boy, 6', 15.01.1982, 04:20 pm, Chandigarh, MBA (India) SAP (Siemens), working in Bank in USA (California). Father retd. Class-I Officer, settled in Panchkula. Upper caste no bar. Send biodata with photograph.  , 93161- 32036. C2-8996

Non-manglik match for Khatri boy, 5'-7", 16.11.83, 9:26 am Karnal, B.Tech,
M.Sc., working Tata communication Delhi, 6 LPA. Upper caste no bar. 0172-2731509,  C2-9942

Arora boy, 5'-7", 28.8.86, 8.30 pm, Jalandhar, B.Tech working in MNC, 10
LPA. Preferred M.Sc, B.Ed. E-mail after matching Kundli.  C2- 10487

SQ educated & only unmarried match for Arora (Gandhi) boy 5'-9", fair, 18
Sep. 1979, 11:40 a.m., Phagwara, MBA, working in reputed co as ASM, package 10 LPA, legally divorced after 20 days. No issue, no demand. Contact after matching kundli. 99888-48174, 98886- 70241. Email:  NA2-7227

Highly educated status Sikh Ramgarhia family seek suitbale match for their
cleanshaven boy 30/5'-8", permanent resident Australia, B.Com., MBA, MPA (Australia), now in India. Caste no bar. Respond with biodata recent photograph on  98888-43341. C2-10895

Seeking tall, beautiful, educated girl for Ludhiana based Graduate
Ramgarhia Sikh Manglik, handsome, tall boy, 6 ft/Nov 85 born, running well settled own business, handsome income. Email:  C2-11045

Required suitable match for clean shaven Ramgarhia boy, Dec. 83 born,
5'-10", MBA, working with leading Hospital at Mohali. Father Army Officer. 98827-61050, 089882-06474. C2-11123

Professionally qualified match for turbaned Ramgarhia Sikh boy, 5'-7",
19.11.84, Amritsar, 1:20 p.m., B.Tech. (Civil), Dy. Manager, Punj Lloyd Gurgaon 6.5 LPA. Elder sister married. Father retired Class-I, Mother housewife. 093560-35951, 093168-63391.  C2-11431

Suitable match for Khatri Sikh Oct. 70 born, 5'-7", handsome, v. young
looking, never married, M.Com, Post- graduate diploma in Computer, own well settled business. Below 36 required. Box 1643M Tribune, Chandigarh.

MBA/Doctor/B.E. Tall, slim girl for Gursikh, handsome, December 1984/6',
B.E., MBA. Well placed. Good package. Doctors family. Only status family contact 098113- 52807. Email :  Box 1624M Tribune, Chandigarh.

PQM Req. for SC PG handsome boy 5'-7", 1975 born, Regional Manager in
Pharmaceutical Company, Chandigarh. UP-based family settled Chandigarh. Early marriage. Mob: 98151-66969, C2-10773

Suitable match for Hindu Chamar boy, 32 years, 5'-9", B.Tech, MBA, working
in Software Company Mohali. Family of Doctors, Engineers. Mobile: 99158-77066, 98154- 77066, 98780-13579, Email:  ,  C2-11717

Suitable match for Chamar boy 1979/5'-8", B.Tech., working with MNC,
package 8.5 LPA.  C2-7161

Suitable match for Valmiki Manglik, 5'-10", 27.12.81, working as Technical
Educator in Punjab. Father Class-I Officer in O.N.G.C. Having own house. No dowry. Caste no bar.  98723-71811. C2-9854

Suitable match for Chandigarh based Smart fair Jain boy 26/5'-9", Graduate
(Scotland), Post Graduate (H.M). New Zealand, Settled abroad. Reputed family background. 92167-67611,  C2-10327

USA Citizen 60+ Sikh divorced, no liability looking for alliance. No Caste, no
bar. Now in Punjab. Cell: 98787- 78250. C2-10032

Match for divorcee issueless Ramgarhia Sikh BEMS Doctor boy, 5'-10",
28.4.74 born. Caste no bar. 98145-57137. C2-10123

Match for Rajput 38, 5'-10"+, Divorced. Masters' English, Mass
Communication Degree. Having business/kothi Chandigarh (Own name). Age/Caste no bar. Paying business loans. 97806-01010, 98141-10317.  C2-11521B

Match for Hindu Khatri/Arora boy 40/5'-4", legally divorcee, Graduate, only
son, Sr. Manager C&F, good income, own house at Panchkula. Wanted issueless, qualified, homely girl. 0172-2595941. Mob: 098558- 06607. Box 1680M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for slim, Punjabi Brahmin, Graduate boy, 35/5'-10", legally
divorcee (issueless), Own small business. Looking for working unmarried/issueless divorcee woman. In and around Tricity preferred. Contact: 99156-27101. C2-9728

Seeking homely match for handsome Aggarwal boy, 18.07.1987, 13:55,
Derabassi, 5'-8", MBA, Own handsome family business. Contact: 93564-20206,  C2-11497

Match for BE (Computers) MBA UBS, handsome, 26 years, 5'-11", employed
with reputed Bank at Chandigarh. Salary 9 Lacs. Father Businessman. Own house at Panchkula. Box 1684M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted suitable match for Singla handsome Graduate boy 28/5'-5", fair complexion, own industrial business/house at Chandigarh. 098767-38000. E-mail:  C2-9296


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