Karuna Goswamy


2. The language of ancient Rome 

6. Intense anger; wrath

7. Mineral in raw form

8. Tie; link

11. Famous cricketing ground in England

12. One of the planets in Hindu myths

13. Land of Lincoln and Obama (inits.)

14.Ardent; enthusiastic

16. Sons of this are often preferred

18. At no time; not ever

20.Segment of a circle

21. Is attached to a high army officer (inits.)

22. Advantage; use; efficacy


1. The glass city of Uttar Pradesh

2. __ Horne, famouse American singer

3. What the government imposes on us

4. The organ of smell

5. Bend on one knee in reverence

9. Dodge; shun

10. Edict or order in Czarist Russia

15. South American Indian people

17. Spoken; transmitted by speech

19. By a route; by way of