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Four gangs busted in city
 Nine members arrested; were behind increasing robbery, theft, drug peddling and human trafficking cases in Ludhiana
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 11
In a major crackdown on anti-social elements, the city police arrested nearly nine persons, including a woman, and claimed to have busted fours gangs that were behind the increasing robbery, snatching, theft, drug peddling and human trafficking incidents.
The couple caught in a human trafficking case in police custody in Ludhiana on Friday.
The couple caught in a human trafficking case in police custody in Ludhiana on Friday. tribune photo: inderjeet verma

In the first case, the Shimlapuri police arrested two youths, who were allegedly behind the spate of snatchings and robbery incidents that have taken place in the city.

The accused, identified as Rakesh Kumar and Sukhwinder Singh, were nabbed from a vacant plot near FCI godown located at Dana Mandi on the Gill road, while their accomplices, including the gang leader Bharat Bhushan, Balraj Tulli and Om Prakash, managed to escape from the scene. According to the police, the gang was planning a break-in in a bank located on the Gill road.

ACP Raj Kumar said PCR cops received a tip-off, following which they informed the Shimlapuri police about the gang's presence. The police recovered two pistols and two stolen motorcycles from the accused.

In the second case, the Jagatpuri police claimed to have busted a gang of thieves who had recently struck at a mobile shop in the Jagatpuri area and fled with mobile phone.

The accused, identified as Rakesh Kuamar, Mantu and Vishnu, all residents of Jagapuri and surrounding areas, were nabbed from the Jassian road here today.

The police has recovered 24 stolen mobile phones and three stolen motorcycles from the possession of the accused persons.

Giving details about the arrest, SHO Haibowal Vinod Kumar said the trio had broken open the shutter of Balaji Mobile located in Thapar Colony and fled with mobiles phones and other valuable items.

In the third case, the Division No 3 police arrested a couple for human trafficking. The couple has been identified as Mukhtiar Singh and Kulwinder Kaur, residents of Muktsar. The couple was visiting here and were luring young girls to marry elderly men for money.

The couple managed to smooth talk a girl, who lives in Division No 3 area, and took her to their native village where they made her a hostage.

The couple further took a token amount from an elderly man in Muktsar for selling the girl. In the meantime, the parents of the girl approached the police and told them about the disappearance of the girl.

Following the information, the police conducted a search and came to know about the girl's whereabouts. The police conducted a raid and nabbed the accused couple.

In the fourth case, the police nabbed an auto-rickshaw driver and his accomplice in a drug peddling case. The accused, identified as Deepak Kumar and Raj Kumar, were arrested following a routine check in the Dana Mandi area on the Gill road.

According to the police, the duo was ferrying 23 kg of poppy husk by hiding it in their auto-rickshaw. 


Marital disputes unleashed the criminal in them 
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 11
Five newly married men, who were thrown in jail for thrashing their wives for dowry, formed a gang and committed a spate of snatchings in the city.

Rakesh Kumar of Tibba Road, Sukhwinder Singh, alias Laddi, of Old Azad Nagar, Bharat Bhushan of Aakash Nagar, Balraj Tulli, a migrant from Shimlapuri, and Om Parkash formed a gang a few years ago while they were in jail.

"The youths, all school dropouts, shared their strikingly similar stories. The youths, who were branded as criminals, decided to desert their wives. Out of job, they formed a gang," said the police officers investigating the case. On coming out of jail, they unleashed a series of strikes and their preferred to target women.

After committing snatchings, they distributed the money among themselves and used to spend long holidays in expensive hotels at hill stations.

Bharat Bhushan was the kingpin of the gang and he used to keep track of their preferred target. He used to keep an eye on women coming out of banks with cash and used to alert their accomplices over phone. Subsequently, other gang members snatched their bag and used to flee from the scene.

As money began to flow, the accused also allegedly developed illicit relations with several women. 

List of snatchings

n September14, 2011: Snatched Rs 50,000 from a woman from Domoria Bridge area.

n November9, 2011: Snatched Rs 60,000 from a woman, who was returning home after withdrawing cash from a bank.

n November,2011: Snatched Rs 30,000 from a man coming out of a bank near Shinghar Cinema.

n August, 2011: Snatched Rs 60,000 from a couple from Kailash Cinema.

n Besides there were several unreported snatching incidents against the gang.



Credit war among police officers to fore
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 11
Credit war among police officers yet again came to the fore when ACP Raj Kumar and ACP Mukhtiar Singh were at loggerheads over the busting of the snatcher's gang. ACP Raj Kumar, who heads the PCR wing, claimed that it was his team that had nabbed the two gang members and seized their motorcycles during a routine checking in the Shimlapuri area.

While ACP Mukhtiar Singh claimed that it was the joint operation of the Shimlapuri police that had led to the busting of the gang. In a race to hog publicity, both officers called a press conference at the single window office.

ACP Raj Kumar was the first was to address the press conference, but he did not give any details.

In the meantime ACP Mukhtiar Singh and SHO Shimlapuri Balwinder Singh also reached the conference hall and narrated their side of the story about the busting of the snatcher gang.

Different versions by the Assistant Commissioner of Police led to confusion among the journalists.

The ACPs' soon came under fire when journalists threw a volley of questions at them.

Some journalists even scoffed at them for being publicity hungry.

Sources said both ACPs later received a rap from DCP Ashish Choudhary for their conduct.



PU communiqué creates confusion in colleges
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 11
A communiqué by Panjab University sent to its affiliated colleges pertaining to semester examinations has created confusion among the faculty. The communiqué by the university related to the details of the examination centre mentions the date for commencement of MCom exams as May 17, while the exams for MCom had already started on May 10.

A professor from one of the colleges located at Civil Lines said that they were taken aback after seeing the letter from the University. The letter was signed by assistant registrar (conduct) for controller of examinations dated May 7, 2012 with letter number 8733/8803/C.

"After seeing the letter we thought the exams were yet to start while we had conducted the exam. There was some lapse, may be on our part or on university's part. Panic was created among the staff and when we contacted the university we were told that the MCom must have been wrongly mentioned in the letter. The examination centre plan was for the remaining post graduation classes," he said.

Adding further he said that the university is a responsible body and such lapse should not occur on their part. "They should send the letters and communiqués after proper verification of the dates, class and subjects," said he.

Principal of another Panjab University affiliated college said that they had also received a similar letter from the university's side. "On contacting the university officials we came to know that it was by mistake that MCom was mentioned in the letter since the exams had already started from May 10. I was really worried and was thinking that we would have to conduct a re-examination since we have wrongly taken the exam earlier," she added.



SHO, six others beaten up by residents 
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 11
Six persons, including the SHO of Division Number 3 Police station, Maninder Bedi, were injured when angered area residents manhandled the SHO here at around 11 pm.

According to sources, the incident took place after a youth of the area claimed that the policeman had thrashed him. The angry residents then joined him and manhandled the policeman and also pelted stones at the car of the SHO.

Despite repeated attempts, the SHO Maninder Bedi could not be contacted for his comments.



Car catches fire after ramming into tree
 Traffic jam for more than an hour on Ludhiana-Moga highway
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, May 11
Just four days after the tragic road accident involving four vehicles which claimed lives of five women and injured more than one dozen persons, a Tata Indigo car caught fire only a few minutes after slamming against a tree near Sidhwan Khurd village on the Ludhiana-Moga highway.

Though three people travelling in the car escaped with minor injuries, the accident caused a traffic jam on the highway for more than one hour. Policemen faced a tough time in getting the jam cleared.

The accident took place only a few kilometres from the place where the accident had taken place on Sunday. While the pitiable condition of the road is believed to be the major reason behind the accident that took place on Sunday, today’s accident on the other side took place due to the ongoing patch work on the road, it was learnt.

The car belonged to a Jagraon-based businessman’s family. Varun Kumar of the Vijay Nagar locality near Rani Jhansi Chowk in Jagraon, along with his wife and mother, was coming back to Jagraon after meeting some relatives at Ludhiana in a Tata Indigo car.

According to Varun Kumar, when he reached near Sidhwan Khurd village, his car skidded from a newly laid patch on the road and he lost control over the car. Following this, the car rammed against a tree on the roadside.

Soon the car suddenly caught fire within a few seconds. The people gathered on the scene however brought the fire under control but till then the car was completely destroyed in the fire.

The burning car also led to a huge jam of vehicles on the highway and it took about one hour for the policemen to clear the traffic jam on the highway.

The exact cause of the fire was not clear yet. It is believed that sparking in electrical wires after the car rammed into the tree might be the reason behind the car catching fire.



Rs 10 cr surrendered by garment group
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 11
Rs 10 crore was surrendered by the garment group on whose premises the income tax department conducted a raid yesterday. 

Three bank lockers were also sealed by the department. Raids were conducted at the units located on the Jalandhar bypass and Tajpur Road premises at Sarabha Nagar. Some residences located on Ferozepur Road and Barewal Road were also searched by income tax officials.



weather ailments
Avoid eating out, say experts
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 11
Ailments related to digestion have started increasing with the sudden rise in temperature. Young and old suffering from stomach ache, diarrhoea, vomitting and fever can be seen queuing up outside clinics and hospitals.

Medical Superintendent of Dayanand Medical College and Hospital Dr Sandeep Puri said: “The footfall of people falling sick after eating out has suddenly increased.”

Dr Karamveer Goel, SMO, Lord Mahavira Civil Hospital, Ludhiana, said, “There is a slight increase in the number of patients suffering from digestive and respiratory problems. Wrong eating habits, exposure to harsh temperature and dusty atmosphere are behind such ailments.”

Dr LS Chawla, a gastroenterologist and former Vice-Chancellor of Baba Farid University of Medical Sciences, said, “Usually May remains the hottest month and people who do not take care of hygienic food fall sick."

Tips for hygienic food

n One should not eat out anything raw. Salad and cut fruit should be avoided outside

n Well-cooked food should be taken

n Avoid taking curd outside as it gets maximum harmful bacteria

n Avoid eating unripe and over-ripe fruits. Over-ripe fruits are more dangerous to health as they have harmful bacteria in them

n Never eat unwashed fruit

n Make sure that person who prepares or serves fruit to you is hygienic



international nursing day
Nursing no more a female bastion
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 11
In 1854 when Florence Nightingale, commonly known as "lady with the lamp", started serving sick and injured during Crimean War between Russia and Britain, perhaps nobody had thought that her services to suffering humanity would one day inspire males to adopt this profession.

It may sound wrong to many but it is a fact that now it is no more a female bastion. Men have also started adopting nursing as a profession although less in numbers compared to females.

Talking to The Tribune Dr Suresh Sharma vice-principal of the DMC College of Nursing said, who has been in this profession for last 15 years, said, "It is a profession which gives you an immense satisfaction as you serve the suffering humanity. I take it as a matter of proud that I am a male nurse and have done MSc in Nursing from Punjab University, Chandigarh, and then did my PhD in Public Administration from PU, Chandigarh, as there used to be no PhD at that time. Now we have started PhD in nursuing. In the PhD programme I am also guiding one male nurse along with other female nurses."

Dr Jasbeer kaur principal of the college said, "Although less males join this profession but I am happy that now it is no more a female bastion. The mental barrier that it is a female profession is getting crossed by males."

There are 12 male nurses in this college doing undergraduate and postgraduate.

Bubbling with joy on his recent promotion as nursing supervisor, Ajay Bhardawaj of the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital said, "I have been working since six years here as male nurse here and finds it a very dedicate job. I can feel the pain of a patient and joy when he is on way to recovery. Of course this profession is close to my heart, so I am here."

Ajay who has worked in emergency ward for all these years said, "I never thought that I should not to do this while attending to a patient. When I am here I am supposed to serve a the patients."

Dr Navdeep Kaushal of Mohan Dai Oswal Hospital, manager operation, said, "There are very male nurses in our hospital. In North-India male nurses are less as compared to females as it is considered as a female profession."

Citing the reason behind less number of male nurses in this profession, Gurpreet Kaur nursing superintendent of the DMCH said, "Some people still think that it is not a profession rather an occupation or an assistance to a physician or medical expert. But of course male nurses are of great help to us, especially in emergency services."



Now vacations mean vocational training
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, May 11
Gone are the days when children used to wait eagerly for their vacations to enjoy to their hearts content. Now they are more curious to finish off with their exams and think in terms of preparing for one vocational course or another.

Even as the children are now heading towards the culmination of their exams, they have one or the other professional course, at the back of their mind, which are planning to initiate the moment they get off with their 
last paper.

Raman is thinking of joining a course in improvement of communication skills while Charan Kamal is planning to go 
to an industry for industrial training.

“I have my plans all made up. I have just one exam left. I shall, immediately, join a cookery class as cooking is a passion with me. I always wanted to become a chef but due to my parents’ insistence, I had to go into commerce. I would learn cooking to my hearts content and at the end of the day, if I turn out to be successful, I shall still try to convince my parents to allow me to follow my dreams,” expressed Deepika, who is appearing in BA III exams.

“As I am from a government school, English has always been all Greek to me. In these holidays, I am determined to have an upper hand over the spoken part so that I may not have to cut a sorry figure in front of my teacher and classmates when I enter the next class. I would be looking for some good institute that provides good training in spoken English and spend my vacations fruitfully,” opined Sukhpreet Kaur, who has just finished with BCom final year exams.

“Times have changed. Now, children seldom think in terms of visiting their grandparents or relatives and staying there for days together as we used to do. I think they are so insecure for their professional goals that they try to find settlements at a much early age. My daughter is already planning to learn computers and the advanced courses related to it during these vacations. Even if I try to convince her that she should take some rest before she joins a course, she is not ready listen and wants to be rather the first one to be in the line,” viewed Manpreet’s mother, whose daughter is taking her part II exams.

“These days our college is organising classes for improvement in communications skills, general aptitude and computers. I have planned to do all three in one go. I wish to utilise my time to the maximum. This was because I wish to improve myself but more so that I could be ahead my classmates when we meet again,” said Jasman.

“Children are becoming smart day by day. They do not want to leave even one opportunity unavailed. In the race of being ahead of their counterparts and being different from others, they wish to grab every opportunity that comes on their way. Even the rural lot is much 
awakened now a day. They are as curious to groom their personality as the urban students.



Govt schools sans principals
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 11
On one hand the government is implementing the RTE Act to improve the education standards on the other hand a number of schools running without principals, headmasters and sufficient teachers.

The education department of Punjab demands excellent results from the government schools but is unable to provide sufficient staff. Principals and headmasters are considered as most important posts in the school but it is unfortunate that 37 posts of principals and 38 posts of headmasters are still vacant in government schools of the district.

The government recently filled the vacant post of principals and headmasters. Meanwhile, 177 posts of school lecturers, 375 posts of master cadre teachers and 141 posts of vocational master are vacant in district.

Gurbeer Singh, from master cadre teacher union, “The department has recently promoted the lecturers to principals but still a number of posts are lying vacant. No doubt, study suffers in the absence of permanent principals. The government should provide all teaching staff to the schools for excellent results.



3,000 wheat bags gutted in fire
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, May 11
More than 3000 bags of wheat stored at a PUNSUP godown outside Malak village near Jagraon were gutted after a fire broke out in the godown here yesterday. The fire was noticed by some labourers, who were unloading a truck of wheat bags in the godown at that time.

Following which the labourers, immediately, made an announcement from a Gurduwara situated in the village informing villagers about the incident asking them for help. In no time, hundreds of villagers carrying buckets and other utensils started extinguishing the fire.

On the other side, the officials at the godown informed the local administration about the incident following which a large number of officials from the police and the civil administration officials also arrived at the scene. Till then a large number of villagers had already assembled there and efforts were on to control the fire.

As there is no fire brigade station at Jagraon, it was called from Ludhiana. In the meantime, the people present at the godown carried out efforts at their own to control the fire from spreading further. The presence of a large number of labourers in the godown at the time when the fire broke out proved quite helpful for the local administration in controlling the fire from spreading further.

After sometime, the fire brigade team also arrived there and finally the fire was controlled after two hours. But till then, it had already destroyed more than 3,000 bags of wheat.

After the fire was brought under control, the officials including the SDM Jagraon Gurmit Singh, Tehsildar Lakhwinder Singh, Market Committee Jagraon secretary Manjit Singh and the DSP Surinder Kumar took account of the situation and damage caused by the fire.

Though the exact cause of the fire is not known yet it is believed that it broke out due to sparking in electric wires. Vijay Kumar, inspector with PUNSUP, informed that more than 3000 bags of wheat were gutted in fire.

An investigation has been started in this regard, he added.



Bains duo 'skips' BJP function
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 11
The Bains brothers, Simarjit Singh Bains and Balwinder Singh Bains, bothe MLAs, did not attend a function organised by BJP councillor Gurdeep Singh Neetu to honour them. This function was organised last evening in the Amar Pura area of ward number 42, which is represented by Neetu.

While the brothers claimed that they did not attend the function as they had to go to Chandigarh for some official work, sources said they did not attend the function for some other reasons.

Sources said the function was organised by Neetu to honour the Bains brothers, who have rejoined the SAD.

“As the MC elections are nearing, some leaders are suspecting that their tickets would be cancelled and some fresh faces would be pitted in their place. That is why, they are now trying to find new “friends” so that they could stake claim to seats. The Bains brothers knew the reason why this function was organised and maybe that is why they don’t want to become party to any controversy and decided to not attend the function,” said the sources.

Neetu, too, claimed that the Bains brothers could not attend the function as they were out of station. “But we went ahead with the programme and 10 Congress leaders joined the BJP in the same function. We had organised this function to honour the Bains brothers,” claimed Neetu.



Protest against water shortage
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Residents of Friends Colony hold a protest in Ludhiana.
Residents of Friends Colony hold a protest in Ludhiana. A Tribune photograph

Ludhiana, May 11
With the election fever rising, protests and demonstrations against sitting councillors have started. Residents of Friends Colony (ward number 31) say they have been facing water shortage for the past 18 months. But, the councillor says this thing is happening for the past two days only.

“How can someone remain calm if they have been facing problem for the past 18 months? As the elections are nearing, Opposition is cooking up such baseless stories and misguiding people,” claimed Narinder Singh Malhi, husband of area councillor Roopamdeep Kaur Malhi.

A few residents of the Friends Colony staged a protest against the area councillor yesterday. If the councillor failed to resolve the issue, they will boycott him in the municipal poll, they warned.

Narinder Singh Malhi said the tube well supplying water to Friends Colony broke down two days ago. “I admit that problem of poor water supply was there for the past two days, but I fail to understand why people are raising such a hue and cry. And if they were facing any problem, why did they choose election time to air their grievances? I can assure you that the problem has been resolved and people are getting water,” he said.



Industrial area presents a shabby picture 
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Roads have not been metalled in may parts.  ((right) Big stones pose risk to commuters’ lives.
Roads have not been metalled in may parts.  ((right) Big stones pose risk to commuters’ lives.

Ludhiana, May 11
The moment one enters ward number 13 from side of the Chandigarh road, people are welcomed by smoothly laid metalled road, besides a well maintained green belt running along on the right side. But, once you reach the industrial area, garbage could be seen littered in vacant spaces. Industrialists, too, are in the habit of dumping fly ash in the area.

People residing in the area regret that though some areas of this ward were developed by the Punjab Urban Development Authority (PUDA) and handed over to the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation, the area councillor has not been able to perform up to the mark.

The situation in some of the undeclared areas is even worse. People residing in Paramjit Colony have laid sewerage system out of their own pockets. Similar problem exists in Jeevan Nagar and some parts of Mangli.

The residents of Jeevan Nagar say that most of the streets are potholed. The area turns into a swimming pool whenever it rains. They even accused the councillor of not paying any heed to the problem of sewerage overflow.

The councillor also needs to pay heed to the problem of garbage and fly ash littered in vacant areas of the ward. More safai karamcharis should be deputed to clean the ward.

Sunita Aggarwal, a sitting councillor, who belongs to the BJP, has been representing this ward for the past three terms. She is also happens to be the Deputy Mayor of the city. This ward might be reserved for women. Sunita is willing to contest from this ward only. A few SAD leaders are also trying hard to swap this ward with the BJP. But chances are less.

The ward consists of Urban Estate Phase I, Phase II (both on the Chandigarh road), HM and HE colonies, Power House Colony, Jeevan Nagar, Guru Bagh Colony, Phase 8, Paramjit Colony, Hari Nagar, GTB Colony and some parts of Mangli village. 

ward no.13
Population: 35,000 
Voters: 7,000

Sunita Aggarwal, Deputy Mayor and councillor councillor speak
"I think I have done something good for those residing in ward number 13. I have been representing this ward for the past 15 years. Most of the areas have metalled roads and streetlights. I admit that the garbage is littered in vacant plots along the roads, but these plots would be converted into green belts so that the entire ward looks clean and green."
— Sunita Aggarwal, Deputy Mayor and councillor



Facilities in ward number 14 primitive
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana May 11
Ward No 14 of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation is in deplorable condition. No development has taken place in the area so far. Migrant population resides in the area as most of the industries are located here. Roads in Labour Colony Pram Nagar, Ishwar Colony, Shiv Colony, Durga Colony, New Durga Colony, Jagdeesh Colony, Garcha Colony and Jasveer Colony are potholed. 

Another street where more than 100 people reside.
Another street where more than 100 people reside.

Sewers remains blocked as most of the migrants are residing in the “vehras”. Rainwater gets accumulated in the area during the monsoon. Garbage could be seen littered on roads in many areas of the ward. Major colonies are Sherpur Kalan, Vishwakarma Colony, HL Colony HIG Flats, Labour Colony, Industrial Area Phase I to VII, Rajiv Gandhi Colony, Dhandari Khurd, Deep colony, Pram Nagar, Ishwar Colony, Shiv Colony, Durga Colony, New Durga Colony, Jagdeesh Colony, Garcha Colony and Jasveer Colony.

Population: More than 3 lakh
Voters: 28,000

"The Municipal Corporation releases same amount to all wards. Mine is biggest one in the city as more than 3 lakh people are residing here. Most of them are migrants from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It is difficult to change things in migrant-dominated areas. Most of the people are living in “vehras”. Sewerage gets blocked due to pressure in these areas. I have spent Rs 25 crore on carpeting the roads in the Focal Point area. Moreover, we are maintaining a road leading to Dhandri Kalan. Some of the colonies are not getting potable water. I am not interested in contesting the next election" —
Dharmjeet singh garcha




From Schools

Declamation contest

Ludhiana: A declamation contest was organised in MGM Public School. The students from various age groups spoke on many social and federal subjects that are counted sensitive and crucial on the way to national development. The contest not only honed the oratorical and rhetorical skills of the participants rather it also brought certain social matters into light that were not thought over by so called federal authorities.
Students participate at a workshop in Indus World School in Ludhiana on Friday.
Students participate at a workshop in Indus World School in Ludhiana on Friday.
Mothers celebrate Mother’s Day at Maple Bear Canadian Playway School in Ludhiana on Friday.
Mothers celebrate Mother’s Day at Maple Bear Canadian Playway School in Ludhiana on Friday. photos: inderjeet verma

Prize distribution

Nehru Sidhant Kendar Trust commemorated the 48th Death Anniversary of India's First Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru at a function held at Panday auditorium. Students from 48 schools of Ludhiana were present in a large number along with eminent personalities of Ludhiana. On the occasion prizes were distribute to the students.

Health orientation programme

Penguin Castle Preschool, Udham Singh Nagar, celebrated Mother's Day on the school premises with great fanfare here on Friday. Mothers were invited for a special orientation program conducted by medical experts on health and medical issues concerning pre-school children. Dr Rajeev Gupta, senior consultant in Behavioral Sciences, gave tips to the mothers regarding handling of difficult children.


A workshop on 'curriculum familiarisation meet for mothers' was held at Indus World School here on Friday. A session on 'Phonics' was organised by principal. Mothers present participated in two competitions-creating a utility item from waste material and preparing a nutritious snack without cooking on fire.

Fancy dress competition

A fancy dress competition was held for the students of classes I and II of GNPS, Model Town Extension. Over 100 students participated in the competition. Thematic presentations on save environment, nature, healthy food, seasons, regional outfits, fairy tales; means of communication were feast to the eyes of spectators.

Fruit day

Green Land Convent School, Sector 32, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana, celebrated 'Fruit day'. The students were attired in different fruits dresses. The tiny-tots were looking captivating in their fruit attires. It was celebrated with a purpose to make the children aware of the benefits of fruits.

Pool party

Cherry Lane play school organised a pool party for its youngest kids here on Friday with the theme "summers are fun". The tiny-tots had an enjoyable time in the pool, which was kept indoors in the school auditorium.

Health orientation programme

Penguin Castle Preschool, Udham Singh Nagar, celebrated Mother's Day on the school premises here on Friday. Mothers were invited for a special orientation programme conducted by medical experts on health and medical issues concerning pre-school children. Dr Rajeev Gupta, senior consultant in behavioral sciences, gave valuable tips to the mothers regarding handling of difficult children.


The DAV, Pakhowal Road, announced its fourth student council in the 'Investiture’ held here on Friday DSP intelligence, Ludhiana, Ranbir Singh Nirlep graced the occasion as the chief guest.

Awareness rally

To spread awareness regarding the need for potable water and how should we make an effort to stop water pollution, the students of Delhi Public School, Khanna, staged a rally in Libra village. The children went to the village and urged the people to keep water clean. They carried placards with messages written on them. A street play highlighted the need for water conservation. The people enjoyed the play and came out in large numbers to watch the children as they sent out this important public message.

Maple Bear

Maple Bear Canadian Playway and Nursery School, Udham Singh Nagar, Ludhiana, celebrated Mother’s Day. Mothers came dressed up as in wedding, classical and folk dress and presented songs on different songs, which depicted their love for the tiny-tots. Kids also joined their mothers by presenting dances, poems and saying few words in praise for their mothers.

Green Land School

Mother's Day was celebrated on the school premises of Green Land Senior Secondary Public School, Jalandhar Bye Pass, Ludhiana. The students of the school paid tribute to their mothers through talk show, dances, songs, speeches and poems.

Bal Bharti Public School

Mothers Day commenced with poem recitation. Students performed dance on different songs.

Sri Guru Hargobind Public School

Mother's Day was celebrated in Sri Guru Hargobind Public Senior Secondary School, Thakkarwal, here on Friday. The students took keen interest showing their affection for their mothers. They participated in different activities like poem recitation, singing, painting etc. They also delivered speeches on Mother's Day.

Small Wonders

Mothers' Day was celebrated at Small Wonders here on Friday. Different kinds of games were arranged and mothers played all the games with high spirits and excitement. Winners of all the games were given gifts. Two contests; self-made eatable and hand-made decorative items were held. Children presented hand-made cards to their mothers. Sweets and chocolates were distributed among the children.



TT tourney: Tamanna, Ayushi in semi-final
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, May 11
Tamanna and Ayushi, both students of Green Land School, Sector 32, Chandigarh road branch, survived a scare from their respective opponents before booking berths in the cadet girl's sections of the Open Table Tennis Tournament, which began at Punjab Agricultural University today.
A girl returns a shot at Open Tennis Tourney in PAU, Ludhiana, on Friday
A girl returns a shot at Open Tennis Tourney in PAU, Ludhiana, on Friday. Photo: Inderjeet verma

Tamanna wrapped up the first set 11-7 and won the next one 11-9, but went down fighting in the third set 7-11. However, she regained her composure in the fourth set to romp home victor 11-8, which also fetched her place in the semi final.

Ayushi, too, faced some anxious moments against Jyoti from Khanna before coming out triumphant 3-1.

Ayaushi gained lead, winning the opening set 11-6. Jyoti levelled the score with a win in the second set 11-7. But Ayushi bounced back into the match wrapping up the next two sets 11-5 and 11-8.

However, another paddler from Green Land School, Sarabjit Kaur could not make it to the semi final as she lost to Muskan from Khanna. Muskan won the verdict in straight sets 11-6, 11-5 and 11-9.

Tania of DAV Public School defeated Mehak of Green Land School 11-7, 11-9 and 11-8 to complete the semi final line-up.



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