Creating a new world of possibilities
Reviewed by D.S. Cheema

The Perfect World
By Priya Kumar
Embassy Books Pages 319. Rs 275

The Perfect WorldThese are confusing times for millions of people worldwide who want to lead better lives. This has created a huge market of self-help books of all hues. Fortunately, this book by Priya Kumar is not one of those which offers cut-and-dry nuggets of wisdom neatly packed into a few hundred pages. It is uniquely different as it takes you to a new universe of fairy tales to narrate the story about the truth of life through a strange and imaginative manner. This science fiction-like story takes the reader through many imaginary planets but, ultimately, brings out a passionate call for leading an outstanding life on Mother Earth.

The book tells the story of Niki Sanders of planet earth who is fed up of leading an ordinary and average life - a rat's life , and wants to break free from such an existence. She weaves a prose even beyond the imagination of a poet and travels through different planets, encounters aliens, dies and "lives" a superior soul to witness how goodness ultimately prevails upon evil. The author has used the dream world of Zedius which is so perfect that some imperfections need to be introduced for its survival.

The incredible plot the author has woven of cosmic travel to another planet in a distant galaxy is scary and amusing as well as mystical.

Niki's journey from planet earth to Zedius, which needs to be saved from too much of perfection, keeps the reader engrossed as every page unfolds a new experience beyond any one's imagination. Niki has to go through nerve-racking challenges to reach many new lands of fantasy. Monster Jini, the evil spirit who has the power to break the magnetic field and gravitational force, wants to destroy Zedius. Niki, the victim of evil designs of Jini, is saved by the beings of Zedius who bring her back to life from death at the North Pole of Zedius. Zi, the chosen one who is trusted by the beings of Zedius, sacrifices his life to save planet Zedius.

Priya Kumar has created many characters to show how goodness can ultimately prevail upon evil and why goodness must constantly endeavour to understand and overcome evil. Leaving the familiar world of planet earth and moving to the unknown Zedius to discover oneself, through playing a different 'game'; creating new possibilities and availing new opportunities needs a lot of courage, conviction and passion. But it is only through such a process that one can achieve freedom, salvation and redemption.

The author seems to have chosen this strange method to draw home certain practical lessons, as she feels a good lesson cannot be learnt the easy way. But if such lessons emerge out of the extraordinary events, they stay with people much longer. No one gets the perfect world but every one has the inherent ability to create and set it right. Purpose and focus are one's greatest strengths; focus can create anything literally.

The author has done a laudable job of taking the reader through a rousing expedition of setbacks and advantages that ultimately results in the triumph of positivity.

Niki is leading an ordinary life laden with fear-loaded dreams and is a victim of self-inflicted misery. She is unhappy with Danny, her boyfriend, her boss and in fact, every one in the world. The author has touched many things closely related with the world of spirituality. She feels that journey into a greater universe helps one realise one's eternity and immortality. And the bigger purpose of any noble (evolved) soul should be to ignite others to their own immortality and their innate power to create and choose from infinite possibilities

Most people don't know the purpose of their lives, otherwise they will be able to choose a path that will help them discover the ability to fulfil that purpose with the glory it deserves. In the ultimate analysis, one is as successful as one is happy. Life offers many opportunities, some people are courageous enough, like Niki, to leave the familiar planet earth and travel to Zedius to achieve their purpose; some others are never able to get out of their comfort zone; they have created for themselves and continue leading a rat's life. In the book, Niki's natural affinity for disaster gets converted in to natural affinity for greatness.

This inspirational thriller not only takes you to the incredible universe outside but a parallel journey within.