Sunday, May 20, 2012, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

A reputed well settled Sikh business family Chandigarh based seeks well educated, good looking, homely girl for their, May 83 born, height 5-9, done master from England, good natured, smart son, business or service family from good background to send profile to  C2-20555

Suitable match for Anshik Manglik Himachali Koli Solan Distt, boy March 1986, 5'-7", Chandigarh born, B.E. Civil from P.E.C., job in reputed Company at Chandigarh. Well-settled family. Preferred Himachali Science graduate/Govt. employee settled around Chandigarh. Contact: 094174-28549. E-mail:  C2-18798

Suitably qualified match (slim, beautiful) for Mair Rajput, 29/5'-11", RMO
MBBS doctor, PCMS selected, handsome, non-manglik, teetotaller, well educated Hindu family. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 089687-49493. C2- 13310

Haryana based Tanwar Rajput boy Ph.D. Statistics Research Officer Grade B,
Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai, 5'-10", 25 June 83, 2:00 am, Chandigarh. The only son after match Call 092560-41610 or photo-data E- mail:  C2-20939

Beautiful match for handsome Saraswat Brahmin boy, 09.08.85, 04:00 a.m.,
Ropar, 5'-11", PR Canada, Software Engineer (Toronto). E-mail:  94175-87333. C2-19910

Professionally qualified Non-Manglik match for Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin
boy, B.Tech. (IT), Senior Software Engineer, MNC Gurgaon, Rs. 10.00 Lacs P.A., 5'-7", fair, slim, 5.12.1982, 00:15 a.m., Chandigarh. Father retired Class I officer. Mother officer in Bank, Sister married. Contact after matching horoscope.  Box 1825M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted qualified, slim, beautiful match for handsome Saraswat Brahmin
boy, 28/165, working Credit Manager with Nationalised Bank. Box 1829M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Engineer, rich, alone, Brahmin, 48+/170cms , unmarried, can relocate
anywhere. Seeks suitable unmarried Girl up to 38 yrs. Girls from poor families will also be considered. No dowry. M: 09892192723/09769081645. C2-20923B

Compatible match for Hindu/Khatri 12.08.1985, 5:30 a.m. Rajpura, 5'-9",
Satsangi reputed family boy. T.R. from Australia, expecting P.R. shortly. Manglik/non in/around Rajpura. 98558-92367. E-mail:  C2-18624 

Suitable match for B.Tech Mechanical, fair colour Khatri boy, 14.4.86, 12.35
pm, 6', PR Australia. Father gazetted officer. Mother Govt mistress, Jalandhar. 98767-13678. C2-19040

SM for Bhatia boy 5'-7", 35+, Govt. employed at Delhi 28000/- p.m. One
brother Manager Bank. Email:  092558-05232. Box 1807M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Hindu Khatri boy, Nov. 1981, Kurukshetra, 5'-7", College Lecturer and own
coaching centre, total income above, Rs. 45000/- p.m., M.Tech. (CSE). Email:  (Mob. 097290-63789). C2-19812

Really beautiful fair, slim professional match upto 32 for smart Punjabi MD
Doctor boy, 1974, 5'-9", working Australia. Contact: 0172-2571369,  C2- 19997

Preferably employed/unemployed but well-educated beautiful, sober match
for vegetarian, non-smoker, non- drinker, religious "Govt. Assistant Engineer" Khatri boy, 5'-8"/40+/55000/- p.m. Independently settled in own house at Chandigarh. Owns good property. No liability. Upper caste no bar. Send full details. Box 1830M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitably qualified match (slim, beautiful) for Sikh Parmar handsome
cleanshaved, 6'-01"/Oct. 84 born, Masters in Computer Science from USA, presently working in States having Canadian immigration, well settled educated family. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 098144- 18137. C2-18904

Match for Nai Sikh boy B.Tech. M.S. 28/5'-8", working with Top Financial
Institution of U.S. on H1B visa in U.S. Caste no bar. Sister well settled in L.A. Earlier mails received deleted by mistake.  98728-36985. C2-19098

Gursikh professionally qualified match for Gursikh Khukrain boy, Dec.
81/5'-11", Bachelor of Software Systems (4 yr. IT Degree)-MBA (both Degrees IP University Delhi), non-drinker, non-trimmer, non- vegetarian working in MNC Bangalore, 14 LA, parents settled in Delhi. # 099111-50704. Email:  C2-19298

Well settled simple, status family seeking beautiful, homely match for their
handsome, fair, teetotaller Kashmiri Sikh only son, 29, 5'-8", MBA. Established business in Own Showroom in Mohali. Urban properties in Mohali. No Bars. Office: 0172-2223651, 2227501. Residence: 0172-2273847. (M) 9888512947  C2-19386

SM4 Khatri Sikh boy 27, 6'-00", own chemist shop near Tricity seeks
Pharmacist or equivalent tall, beautiful girl. Send biodata.  C2-19852 

Well-settled Ramdasia Sikh boy, 30/5'-10", Managing Director of Software
company at Chandigarh, salary 50,000/- p.m., sister married. Father retired, mother home maker.  9814641010. C2-20574 

Suitable match for bachelor Lubana clean shave, fair, smart boy, 38,
Diploma, 5'-9", doing own business. Contact: 094660-18956, 098965-63315, Email:  C2-20672

Professionally qualified USA citizen Jat Sikh girl for cleanshaven Jat Sikh 26/
5'-9" boy, working as Software Engineer in USA on H1B visa.  C2- 16687 

Chandigarh/overseas based upper middle class Jat Sikh parents of tall,
handsome, clean-shaven young man completing Ph.D in London, 27, seek tall, beautiful, well-read, articulate, convent-educated young lady with personality, charm and a liberal arts background. Write in detail of schools attended, interests and family background to:  C2-18594

Medico, Law, IIT, Investment Banker or equivalent qualified match for a
highly qualified smart Jat Sikh Boy, 25 years 6' tall, highly placed professional earning $140 K+ p.a. Educated and well settled family living in posh area of Sydney. Respond with photos.  C2-19178

Suitable well qualified Jat Sikh match for handsome cleanshaven 5'-7"/30,
persuing MBA, working International firm, 25000/- p.m. Parents retired Class- I officers, well settled family. Urban/Rural property, 18 acres agriculture land. 0172-4671312.  C2-19708

PQM from status family for fair, smart, handsome, cheerful 6'-2"
cleanshaven Col. son 29 Aug., 83, employed MNC Gurgaon, 7.20 Lakh. Sufficient rural urban property. 94160-24473.  C2- 19859

25 years, 5'-8", well settled in Aust. from 5 years, rural/urban property.
Father gazetted officer. Seeks Canada/Australia PR girl. E-mail:  Contact: 96461-16133. C2-19943

Cleanshaven Jat Sikh, Dhaliwal, boy, 9 Sept., 1985/165 cm, B.E. (Biotech),
PU, Master's in Biotechnology from USA, working in USA on H1B visa. One sister unmarried. Father on a Constitutional post, Rural and Urban property. Girl's qualification and merit main consideration. Send biodata with photo to  C2-20285

Professionally qualified match for Jatt Sikh boy, 1983 born, 5'-11", B.Tech.
Mechanical, works in MNC, 6.50 LPA. Preferred serving girl from educated family having M.Tech./B.Tech./M.Sc. (Math/Phy.) Send family bio-data with photo. E-mail:  Ph. 099159- 99446. C2-20391

Beautiful, educated working/non-working girl for fair, cleanshaven Jat Sikh
boy 28/5'-10", BCA, Diploma in International Marketing from Canada, MBA (Finance) from PAU, Ludhiana, Deputy Manager with reputed bank in Ludhiana. Only son of educated, landlord family having urban properties & getting rental income in six figures p.m. 0161-6545074.  NA2-13790

Jatt Sikh parents (Pensioners) seek beautiful tall Graduate girl for only child Australian citizen M.Tech. (Telecom) handsome 5'-9", 31. Please contact with photo:  98143-92096. NA2-14106

Suitable MBBS match required for MBBS Jat Sikh Dhillon, cleanshaven,
6'-4"/15.8.80, only son. Doctors family. No demand. Decent marriage. 98140-49200.  NA2-14259

Jat Sikh Canadian citizen 28/6'-1" slim, B.Tech., CSE from India, Masters in
Computer Engg. from Uni. of Alberta, employed at senior position in large oil/mining sector in Saskatoon SK looking for cultured traditional slim, minimum 5'-5", equally qualified from Canadian/US University. Mobile: 98761-54113. E.mail recent pictures & complete data at:  NA2-14276

Never married educated alliance for Canada settled $ 105,000/36/5'-11",
Hindu, handsome affluent family. Brief marriage annulled within weeks.  C2-19562

Match for handsome Jat Sikh India born, Canada PR holder boy 34/5'-11",
legally divorced, issueless. Well settled in India & Canada. Having commercial & Urban property with good business. Having little speech problem. Nursing preferred. Caste no bar. No demand. Box 1798M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable Doctor/Engineer match for a Mahasha (Arya Samaji) boy, 84 born,
5'-9", B.Tech (CSE) from India, MS from USA, working as S/W Engineer in USA, good salary & better future. Small & educated family. Equivalent/upper caste no bar. Contact: 94172-26849. C2-19218

Match for Sikh Ahluwalia clean shaven MBA Finance and CEFA qualified July
83, 5'-8", working as Wealth Planning Manager in reputed bank London. Caste no bar. 96464-00475, 0161-4612075. Email:  C2-19876

PQM for Australian citizen 1982 born, Punjabi Hindu Nai boy, 5'-10",
Engineer, employed in a Govt. Corpn. at Sydney. Handsome salary. Valued NRI girl or on study visa preferred. No bars. E-mail:  Mobile: +9198766-95673. C2-21139

Suitable match for Holland citizen divorcee Kamboj Sikh Josan 42 yrs., 5'-9",
extremely handsome, own business. Upper caste no bar. Box 1833M Tribune, Chandigarh. 

PQM4 Hindu Khatri divorcee issueless Australia resident, 1974/5'-4", MBA
self employed presently boy in India 98724-01778.  NA2- 15078

PQ beautiful match for Khatri handsome Manglik boy 5'- 6"/21.1.1982, 1:00
am, Chandigarh, B.Tech. MS (USA). Working in MNC Gurgaon. Package 7.29 Lacs. Status family. E-mail:  0172-2693133. C2- 20283

Suitable match for Hindu Khatri B.Com boy, 5'-7", 12.12.1980, 11:40 am,
Chandigarh, running Sanitary fittings Manufacturing unit, Earning 25000-30000 pm. 098144-65601,  C2-21079

Professionally qualified match for Anshik Manglik Hindu Arora boy,
12.10.1984, 11:58 am, Chandigarh, 5'-4", MCA/M.Tech., working as Instructor in Panjab University, Chandigarh. 093164-67233,  C2-19796 

Beautiful, tall, qualified willing to settle abroad match for handsome Hindu
Arora Manglik post-graduate boy settled in Australia, working with MNC, 2.12.1983, 2:42 p.m., Ludhiana, 6'-1", CPA. Preferred Ludhiana or around. 97790-22800.  NA2-13554

Professionally qualified match for Sikh Ramgarhia boy 5'-8" (Nov 86), B.Tech
(Mechanical) working in Canada. Well settled family in Mohali. Please contact  or 7696498994/9872258818. C2-19158

Professionally qualified match for Sikh Ramgarhia boy 5'-7" (Nov - 83)
Double Masters from (University of Sydney). Presently working in Mumbai. Please contact  or 094350-61872/096191- 37942. C2-19160

Match for non-trimmer, non-drinker, 80 born, 5'-10", working MNC. Package
11 Lacs, Chandigarh family.  C2-19676

Suitable match for Balmiki boy 9.12.80, 7.45 pm Pathankot, 5'-7", MBA,
Govt. job in Airforce seeks well-educated girl. Email:  Send BHP at Box 1791M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful, smart, well educated match for 35/171 cms, good looking,
wheatish, smart, dynamic, B.Tech. PEC, CEPM IIT Bombay. SC Addharmi Senior Management position Central PSU NCR. High Seven figure salary. Highly educated Chandigarh based HP family. Contact 99111- 24040, 98728-28400, 84279-50299. E-mail:  C2-18632

Seeking beautiful, qualified girl for a handsome, vegetarian, turbaned
Ad-dharmi (Ravidasia) Sikh boy, 1982/5'-8", B.Tech. (CSE), working as IT Professional in MNC at Gurgaon. Family in Chandigarh. Ancestral background Doaba. Father Gazetted Officer. Send recent photo & complete profile on E-mail:  Contact between 6 pm to 10 pm. Phone: 0172-2665507, 0172-4018731. C2-18976

Suitable alliance for Adharmi boy 28, 5'-4", Bachelors and Advance Diploma
in Hospitality Management. Father Bank Manager, mother housewife, younger brother in Australia as well. Australian TR , applied for permanent residency. Please send bio data and kundli to  or call anytime at +918054- 054056. C2-19194B

Professional compatible match for Hindu Ravidasia 30/5'-5", Government
Gazetted Officer, Chandigarh. E- mail:  C2-20205

Suitable match for Balmiki boy Senior Engineer in MNC, Chandigarh.
31/5'-7". Contact No. 97809-09214. C2-21117

Wanted educated companion for Arora 62/5'-6", Bank Manager (retired),
Children settled abroad. No Brother/Sister. Living alone. Owned house. 98154-78914. C2-18982

Looking for NRI girl from Canada/UK/New Zealand for Tonk-kashtriya Sikh
Manglik boy, educated, handsome, cleanshaven, teetotaller, 35 yrs, 5'-11". Boy worked UK 5 yrs work visa, now in India. Upper caste no bar. Earliest marriage. Contact: 95015-74767. E-mail:  C2-19586

Compatible and qualified match for very handsome, 87 born, 5'-10",
turbaned, 10+2 boy, currently in UK on student visa. Caste no bar. Girl and good family is the only consideration. Phone: 94170-62168, Email:  NA2-13602

Wanted Medico/Dentist, student/working in USA, Sikh match for DDS
dentist, US citizen, East Coast, clean shaven Khatri Sikh boy 1980/5'-11". send bio-data and photograph. E-mail:  C2-20255

Professionally qualified match for Gupta boy, B.Tech. & MBA, 6.8.84, 8:20
a.m., Ludhiana, 5'-11", Manager in Nationalised Bank. Contact: 81468-28309. Send biodata with Photo.  C2-18666

Well-educated homely/working girl from business family for fair, vegetarian
Aggarwal boy 27/5'-10", B.Com., running well-established manufacturing & trading business (income-six figures p.m.). Educated, well- settled family. 0161-3251374.  NA2- 13789

Professionally qualified working beautiful not less than 5'-4" Gursikh match
for handsome boy, 29/5'-8", BCA/MBA (IIIT Allahabad), MNC Gurgaon, 14.52 PA. Well educated simple service class family. E-mail:  097799-31406. C2-18906

Suitable Professionally qualified, beautiful match for PR Australia, Sikh Arora
well settled boy, born 14 November 1981, 5'-11", B.Com, PGDCA, Diploma in Food Processing & Business Administration Australia. Well settled educated family. Contact: 81462-56452, 98763-23408 . C2-18908

Professional match for Australian TR, applied PR. Arora Sikh 31/ 5'-4'' MPA
done, CPA (appearing) non-drinking. Only sister settled USA. , 9417002723. C2-19908

Match for Arora Sikh boy 28/5'-11", B.Sc., MBA, Area Manager, MNC. 7.5 Lac.
Chandigarh family. 99882-22846.  C2-20045

Match for Arora Sikh handsome boy 29/5'-8", working in America. Preferred
by Green Card/Citizen only. Email;  98159-95288. NA2-14494


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