Karuna Goswamy


1. Elegant; delicate

6. Ancient Troy was thus named once

9. Famous art gallery in London

11. A labyrinth in other words

13. A tag or label

14. Great 18th century German composer

16. England town famous for a college

19. __ W. Longfellow, famous poet

21. Relating directly to matter in hand


1. Way or passage out

2. ___ India, famous movement of 1942

3. Pakistan's secret agency (inits.)

4. __ la Douce, famous romantic comedy

5. Lake between U.S. and Canada

7. In classical mythology a river in Hades

8. Dark, dusky brown colour

10. __ Gardner, American beauty

12. There is one at Chhatbir

14. A belch; eructation

15. A river in central France

17. You can buy a tubeless one too now

18. A kind of salamander

20. An Indian settled abroad (inits.)