Jaspal BhattiULTA PULTA
Turn a new gender
Jaspal Bhatti 

Despite hundreds of NGOs and thousands of preachers, irrespective of their religion, spreading the message of gender equality, people still pray and wish for a male child. Those who get their first child as male find it difficult to contain their happiness. the relatives cannot help dancing on all occasions like mundan ceremony, nam karan ceremony or childís first Lohri, Diwali, and birthday etc.

The happiness of those who have two or three sons knows no bounds until one day a fight breaks between the sons after their fatherís property. You never know the sons might kill one another or bump off their father as well.

In a society where every parent wants a male child, what will happen if a son, after having grown up, wants to undergo sex change? Naturally, the parents and grandparents would bang their heads against a brick wall. Recently, the Bombay High Court allowed 21-year-old Bidhan Baruah to undergo a sex change operation saying that he is free to take a decision. Baruah thinks he is a woman trapped in a manís body.

Thereís a song by Shazia Manzoor, "Tu badal gaya sajna assi nahi tere wang badley." To me, the song fits in best in a situation when the boy gets his sex changed and his girl friend sings this song in deep emotional distress.