The human(e) touch
Theatre artist Bharti Sharma picks up themes that underline the message of humanity, of people caught up in circumstances…


In a world where each one of us feels the pull from different directions, there is this woman who is single-mindedly pursuing her aim — theatre. “I couldn’t have done anything else but theatre,” says Bharti Sharma, in Chandigarh to participate in the Women Directors’ Theatre Festival, organised by the Tagore Theatre Society under the aegis of Department of Cultural Affairs, Chandigarh Administration.

Genuineness and simplicity is what Bharti stands for, and that’s the message her play Episode in the Life of an Author puts across! “This comedy raises the rather serious issue of how complicated we have made our lives,” says Bharti. The play in a humorous vein underlines the bitterness marring different relationships — that of father-son, husband-wife – which are weighed down by the burden of expectations.

A National School of Drama pass-out, Bharti has been active in the theatre world with the group Kshitij, which she formed with fellow batch-mates from NSD. In fact, this year they are celebrating their silver jubilee. Theatre has changed immensely and it’s for both good as well as bad. “When we started, we could afford to do a play from our own pocket, but today costs have increased manifold,” she says, adding in the same breath, “and so has awareness. Today, the masses are no longer ignorant.” Hindi theatre not being viable financially does bother Bharti, but she is hopeful of a better future.

Taking things in her stride, the highs as well as the lows, balancing home and work, she picks up themes that underline the message of humanity, “I am not women-centric in picking up themes, I talk of people caught up in circumstances — be it a man or a woman.”

Acting is her forte; director, writer, actor, not only for plays, she has also worked in serials and films. How are women doing in the world of theatre? “Great, like every other field in India. Today, they are holding women directors’ festivals, which is a testimony in itself.”

Has it been challenging being a woman in theatre? “As much as in any field, but then what’s life without challenges,” she shoots back!

Blending notes
Sanjeev Kohli, who has combined the sitar and the Spanish guitar, and sitarist Devyani Grewal opine that people do not have the patience to train in classical arts
Manpriya Singh

melody time: Sanjeev Kohli and Devyani Grewal Photo: manoj mahajan

It’s an endeavour where the guitar meets sitar halfway! Sanjeev Kohli, music faculty, DPS, modified his instruments, added a couple of strings and came up with a unique instrument that’s a blend of the sitar and the Spanish guitar.

“I noticed that nobody was going towards classical music, especially the younger generation was distancing itself from the classical stream. I wanted to teach them sitar but had to twist it a little. I added three strings to the guitar and came up with this.”

On Thursday night he’s all set for a jugalbandi, a Soiree Raaga featuring Devyani Grewal, trained under the gharana of Ustad Vilayat Khan. She adds, “What we’ll be performing tonight won’t be fusion music, I’ll be playing the sitar but the collaboration is so seamless that I never felt that I was playing alongside a guitar.” Rope in all the intricacies of the sitar and think, unmistakable, the melody of Spanish Guitar. To put the record straight, jugalbandi is a “duet, like a question answer round through instruments.”

The travails of a classical musician — there’s no dearth of talent but there’s also no trace of inspiration. Shares Devyani, “The time it takes to practice and master classical form is one of the biggest hurdles in its mass appeal. People don’t have the patience to learn for so many years.” A circumstance specifically true in an era of reality shows. She adds, “I think people go for reality shows not because it teaches them music or hones their skills, but because it makes them instantly famous.” Nods Sanjeev, “In twenty weeks, you’re a star, but you can’t be a musician.” Certainly not a classical one!

Accompanying the one-hour performance will be a tabla. “We’ll seal it all up with some old Hindi songs, but they’ll be for a short while,” adds the musician, initiated into music at the age of ten and a concert at eleven, who is training till now. “The learning process never ends. Till date I practice after midnight. It’s just like meditation.” There’s an afterthought. “My music teacher asked me to keep this as a passion and never make it a profession because there’s not much scope. For a musician to survive is very difficult.” Chips in Sanjeev, “This jugalbandi is also an attempt to let the youngsters know that one can learn classical music even with a guitar. If they lean towards it, any which way, then what’s the problem.” Means and methods to call in the crowds!

(The performance is on Thursday at Café Theatre, Alliance Francaise, at 7 pm) 

Chic choice

Every body has their particular style which makes her or him feel trendy. Some mark the style quotient by brands, others by matching attire. Some like it formal and some others, like Poorbi Singla, a B Com student, set the stylish benchmark by the way someone grooms their hair.

Your sense of style

For me style has two connotations – the confidence to carry whatever one is wearing with aplomb and groomed hair!

Latest addition to your treasure of clothing or accessories…

A black vest from Kazo.

Brand crazy or street pick-ups?

I am totally into brands for their safe bet and durability!

Your style icon would be…

Sonam Kapoor for she is very experimental and keeps on changing her look.

Who do you think is the worst dressed celebrity?

Rakhi Sawant it would be!

Which look would your prefer – sporty, chic or glamorous?

For me ‘chic’ is the word.

One fashion trend that goes beyond your comprehension…

Harem pants and T shirts don’t gel.

Your take on accessories?

I am not much of an accessories person especially the matching ones. For me only a watch will do!

Given the choice which designer would you be liked to be dressed by

Manish Malhotra for his elegant designs.

What gives you a high on the confidence level?

When my hair is looking good, I feel good and naturally confident!

—As told to Poonam Bindra

Road Rage
Gimme a brake!
Simranjeet Gill

One of the critical components to any motorable vehicle–a braking system is an apparatus which is used to slow or stop a moving vehicle. As such, this topic cannot be left untouched. Depending on the kind of vehicle different braking systems can be employed; such as drum brakes, disc brakes, anti-lock brakes.

Motor vehicles use either drum brakes or disc brakes. Drum brakes are common in the rear wheels, while disc brakes are most common on the front wheels (or all four wheels).

As the user of your vehicle, it becomes necessary for you to know what kind of braking system your vehicle has, and what you should do to ensure they keep doing their job.

For this, we need to elaborate on the different braking systems.

Drum brakes: These apply mechanism that slows and stops a car by friction, by pressing brake shoes against a drum.

Disc brakes: These apply the same mechanism as drum brakes, that is, it slows and stops a car by friction with the difference being that the brake shoes press against a disc than a drum. The round flat disc is mounted on the wheel axle.

Anti-lock brakes: Popularly known as ABS, anti-lock braking system is designed for a driver’s comfort. In a critical situation stopping a car in a hurry on a slippery road can be very challenging.

Emergency brakes: Emergency brakes are used to stop a vehicle if there’s a failure of the braking system. Using only levers and cables, each type of emergency brake is completely mechanical and by-passes the normal brake system. In this system, the emergency brake cable runs directly to the brake shoes, bypassing the hydraulic brake system.

Having the knowledge of brakes, do keep in mind certain checks when taking your vehicle for service.

l Inspect the disc: It should be shiny from the inside to the outside. If there any rough spots, the disc needs to be replaced.

l Check the brake pads for wear and tear. If they are excessively worn out, get them changed.

l Check the brake lines for corrosion. They should be soft, not cracked and frigid.

l Check the brake oil level and keep it maintained.

(Gill is a Chandigarh-based HOG rider)

Master Chef
Fruity delight
Manju Dewan

Fruits have always added that extra flavour and colour to baking besides increasing its nutritive value. Some fruits blend in very well and our Vitamin C laden oranges are one of them. Here we make a different version of apple crumble with a sauce and ingredients off your shelf. We are sure your smile will be like Mona Lisa when you relish it’s tangy and crusty taste!

Orange method

l Beat milkmaid and butter well.

l Mix together maida and baking powder and sieve it 2-3 times.

l Gradually add this mixture to milkmaid and butter mixture.

l Slowly add milk and beat well. Now add lemon juice and orange rind.

l Bake it in the oven at 150 degree for 40 minutes.

For sauce

l Mix orange juice and sugar and bring to boil.

l Mix cornflour in water and add to orange juice. Boil it.

l Cut the cake horizontally into two. Spread the sauce over one half and cover it with the other.

l Decorate with castor sugar and orange.

l Cut in slices and serve.

As told to Poonam Bindra

Orange Monalisa


225 gm maida

2½ tsp baking powder

100 gram butter

1 tin Milkmaid

½ cup milk

1 orange rind

For sauce

1 cup orange juice

2 tbsp sugar

2 tsp cornflour

½ cup water

For decoration

Castor sugar

Star track
Poonam Pandey… a compulsive liar?

Repeat act: Poonam Pandey

A new controversy has emerged about Poonam Pandey having gone nude. And surprisingly, not for her stripping! It is being alleged that her supposedly ‘nude’ picture, which she tweeted in support of Shah Rukh Khan’s cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders winning the Indian Premier League (IPL), is actually a FAKE. Oops!

With a little research it can be found out that this photograph, done in the backdrop of an antique-looking window and house plants, was actually shot wearing a bikini with high-heeled black shoes and a blackish-brown bead-necklace and wristband. But in its new avatar, Poonam is seen in the buff, giving rise to speculations about the new picture having been ‘photoshopped’ to generate fake hype.

“Photographs speak for themselves. The old and new pictures are definitely from the same shoot and done at the same place,” analyses Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar.

“But let us also give the benefit of doubt to Ms Pandey, before pouncing on her. For all you know, she might just have decided to do away with her costume for a shot after doing the bikini pictures,” comments the crisis management expert.

And though the publicist speaks somewhat in her favour, Poonam has already been termed a compulsive liar by many. Indeed, this Kingfisher Calendar model has made a lot of tall claims in the past. Poonam became an instant hit when she grabbed the attention of the whole country, by claiming to go nude to celebrate Team India’s World Cup win.

But to the dismay of her fans mainly on Twitter, she didn’t! Instead, she put out a whole lot of bikini pictures, on the lines of prototype Sherlyn Chopra. Apparently, Poonam also spread news about her entering Bigg Boss 5, claiming to have been offered a staggering 2 crores for it. That too, turned out to be false.

Then she claimed she had “rejected 30 film offers”. Later, Poonam declared, she signed a film by Amit Saxena. Saxena denied her claims in the media stating, “I really want her (Poonam) to stop spreading false stories about me. Nothing has been finalised.” — HRM

Of success & stage fright

Actress Kristen Wiig is still struggling with shyness despite her ongoing rise up in the Hollywood A-list. The 38-year-old says she is suffering from the same stage fright that blighted her schooldays. “I have always been outgoing in some ways but if I had to speak in front of the class, I would not go to school that day,” says Kristen. “I would get sick to my stomach. Even now I would not be able to do it. It is different when you are yourself talking to people but when you are acting, it is easier.” —PTI


Raw action

Akshay Kumar says people should watch Rowdy Rathore for raw action and Prabhudeva’s unique style of filming and choreography. He says a sequel could be made depending on the success and he enjoyed wearing the bright coloured clothes.


Hottie gets hotter

Deepika Padukone has attained a new level of hotness post the promo of Cocktail. She continues the desirable streak with this scorching new cover of Vogue magazine in June! She talks about staying fit and slim! 



Mane care with Katrina

Hair and there: Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif is an impeccable beauty. Flowing tresses, pretty skin, jaw dropping beauty and Va va voom figure. The superstar, blessed with long, thick raven hair shares some hair care tips with us.

My hair is exposed to a lot of heat-styling and blow drying, so I use heat- protect products.

I use Pantene’s three-minute miracle serum as it really works on my thick hair. I use hair masks and Kiehl’s leave-in conditioner. It protects my hair from the sun and harsh lights and adds shine.

I love my hair and only use good quality, reputed products. Yet, I wouldn’t mind chopping it off for a role. You cannot compromise when it comes to hair care. It’s important to stick to one stylist or hairdresser who understands your hair and what suits you. Don’t experiment too often with new haircuts or colours.


Sonakshi’s strange request

desi image: Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha has drawn her boundaries for movies. She says she is open to item songs if they are decent. Now that is a strange request. Anyway she looks like an item girl in Rowdy Rathore as she is simply swinging her hips and shaking her waist and being the object of desire. She is happy with her Indian image.



Quick learner

Esha Gupta was shooting simultaneously for Chakravyuh and Raaz 3. The makers of Raaz 3 decided to include a belly dancing song at the last minute so she learnt the dance form in ten hours to do the song. 



England calling Brangelina

Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may attend a Diamond Jubilee street party near their home in Richmond here.

The party is being organised this Saturday to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years on the throne. “Brad and Angelina are aware of the celebrations. They have had information sent to them and shown an interest,” a website quoted a source close to the planning committee of the Ham & Petersham Jubilee Tea Party as saying. Said another source, “Brad and Angelina love England and have been made to feel very welcome in Richmond. They want to fully embrace the Jubilee celebrations. The kids are very excited.” The event will include a father-and-son tug of war competition, a cricket match, face painting, children’s soccer game and a cake baking contest and local residents are hoping the showbiz couple will join in the fun. “This whole event is very much a community-driven one. We’d be delighted if Brad and Angelina came,” said a publication. — IANS


All’s well

False alarm: Arjun Rampal

According to a report published in English daily, director Ram Gopal Varma who had gone to Arjun Rampal’s house to narrate a script was politely asked to leave by his wife Mehr Jessia. Mehr was reportedly irked by Varma’s constantly badmouthing about people who have kids and dogs as pets. But RGV finds the story hilarious and said he hasn’t visited Arjun’s house in more than eight years. “The story is hilarious..I have been to Arjun Rampal’s house only once more than eight years back and I don’t even remember talking to Meher Jesia,” he said. Rampal also denied it and he never had any such discussion. “The news about Ram Gopal Varma is false. I haven’t had any such discussion, I am just glad that I can clarify it thru twitter. Irresponsible journalism is very annoying,” he updated on Twitter.



Aaron Sorkin’s I-experience

Apple’s face: Aaron Sorkin

Academy-award-winning scriptwriter Aaron Sorkin, who is adapting Walter Isaacson’s book Steve Jobs for the big screen, says he was hesitant to take up the project on the Apple co-founder’s life.

There has been a lot of interest in Jobs’ life since his death in October last year but Sorkin, who has tackled many difficult book-to-movie transformations in the past, saw “a minefield of disappointment” from Jobs fans, a publication reported.

“It’s a little like writing about The Beatles. There are so many people out there that know him and revere him,” Sorkin said at a recent conference.

Sorkin portrayed Mark Zuckerberg as an anti-hero in David Fincher’s The Social Network but he plans to treat Jobs as a hero in the new movie.

“He’s a complicated guy. Zuckerberg was, as well. But when I’m writing this movie, I can’t judge this character. He has to be, for me, a hero.” The scriptwriter said his goal is to produce “a painting, not a photograph” of Jobs and he plans to “identify the point of friction that appeals to me.” Another film, starring Ashton Kutcher as Jobs, is already in the making but Sorkin is not worried about it since “Steve Jobs is a big enough person and led a big enough life to make multiple movies.” He wants a smart actor to portray Jobs in his film. — PTI 

chatter box
Eye for detail

role model: Usha Uthup

When Usha Uthup is part of a judging panel, you know you can't cheat her. Recently on the sets of Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar Season 2 where the popular Hari Om Hari singer Ushaji was invited as the celebrity guest she had her eye on more than just music.

"Being in this industry for a very long time I am very perceptive and I know when something is wrong with someone," she made this statement after a performance by Sharib, who sang Hamari Adhuri Kahani from the movie Gangster. In spite of appreciating Sharib's performance, Ushaji asked him if there was something bothering him and why was he pre-occupied during the performance. To this Sharib adds, "Yes, she is experienced enough to read a person. I have been unwell since a couple of days but I never let that affect my singing. Ushaji is amazing and she could clearly tell that I was pre-occupied during my performance." Is there more than just health issue that Sharib is pre-occupied with? Is competition getting tough for the music composer?

Stay tuned for a musical weekend with Jeeta Wohi Superstar Season 2 every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm on Star Plus.

Winning chemistry

Star Plus' show Diya Aur Baati Hum produced by Shashi-Sumeet Mittal which is on top of the charts has completed 200 successful episodes. The team had a small celebration for the same. The story, setting and chemistry between Sooraj (Anas Rashid) and Sandhya (Deepika Singh) are reasons for the success.

Sister act

In Ek Hazaaron Main Meri Behna Hai, Jeevika (Krystle Dsouza) will fast for her sister Maanvi (Niaa Sharma) as she is ill and faint in the process. Viren (Karan Tacker) will get angry and Maanvi will plan to go back to Hrishikesh.

A rocking entry!

A still from Ek doosre Se Karte Hai Pyaar Hum 

There will soon be an explosion in Star Plus' Ek Doosare Say Karte Hain Pyaar Hum. We are talking about a new entry on the show, who will soon rock the lives of the Majumdar family. Pooja Banerjee will soon be seen supporting role of Tejal, a bubbly tom boy girl on this show.

Pooja, who hails from the city of orange, Nagpur, will be making her career debut in acting with this role. "When I came to know about the role of Tejal I was very excited as I am very similar to her in real life. Moreover, I have always loved watching television and have been a great fan of comedy and with this break I am actually living my childhood dream and my passion for doing some great television", said an excited Pooja. While Susheela is looking out for a perfect devarani for herself will Tejal win her heart or not? To find out catch Ek Doosare Say Karte Hain Pyaar Hum from Mon-Fri at 7:30 pm only on Star Plus!

All blank

colour code: Gaurav Khanna

Gaurav Khanna needs no introduction. Khanna, who is a famous face on television, is currently seen as Gopi Kishen in Byah Hamari Bahu Ka on Sony TV.

The actor has studied MBA and quit his job to pursue his passion, acting. And it's doesn't come as a surprise; he has continued doing a great job ever since the first time he smiled for the camera. But there is one thing about him, which many are not aware of.

Well, Gaurav is colour blind. "I do suffer from colour blindness and it's a disease. Whenever I go to a new city or a place, I can't differentiate between colors. And it's not curable," he said.

Even though he can't differentiate between colours, his life is surely very colorful.

Welcome Anoop

FACT FILE: Anoop Soni

In UTV Productions' Shubh Vivah on Sony as Amrit (Eijaz Khan) has been killed by his wife, Saroj (Neha Janpandit) and she has been arrested for murder.

Anoop Soni, who hosts Crime Patrol Dastak, will appear on the show playing himself. He will explain the case like he does on Crime Patrol.

Holding Rishi to ransom

Indira's (Rati Pandey) husband Rishi (Sumit Vats) will soon be seen on the show. She has been searching for him with Inspector Sumer and will land in Mumbai. But the mystery that someone from Indira's family has kidnapped Rishi for ransom will 
be revealed.

new releases
Good cop, bad cop

A still from Rowdy Rathore

Film: Rowdy Rathore

Producer: Sanjay Leela Bhansali, UTV, Motion Pictures

Director: Prabhu Deva

Catch Rowdy Rathore, one of the most anticipated films of this year, today at theatres near you. Directed by Prabhu Deva, Rowdy Rathore is a remake of the super-hit Telugu film, Vikramakudu.

The story that revolves around self-respect and revenge is co-produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and UTV Motion Pictures.

Akshay Kumar plays double roles of two cops in this film. The twist is that while one is a good honest police officer, the other is a corrupt cop.

The interest level of viewers is high because this one is Prabhu Deva's second film after super-hit Wanted as a director. Those, who have gone through the rushes of Rowdy Rathore says, "There has been a conscious effort to make the film in a way that it appeals to the Bollywood audience.

Rowdy Rathore is also getting more attention because it is an out-and-out Akshay Kumar action film after a long time.

Tamil super star Vijay and Kareena Kapoor makes a special appearance in this film. Adorned in bright coloured outfits, Dabangg girl Sonakshi Sinha shakes her leg to song Dhadang dhang dhang……… chikni Kamar.

Tragic moments of Snow White

Film: Snow White And The Huntsman

Director: Rupert Sanders

Actress Kristen Stewart-starrer is a fairy tale-adapted dark film which will uncover the tragic moments in Snow White's life. The Twilight star plays a warrior in Rupert Sander's film. Her character has a heroic side too. She bleeds for her land and her people, and that is just such cool concept for the actress, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron and Sam Clafin also star in this action, adventure drama.

— Dharam Pal

Shall we dance?With the couple dance competition happening in Colors' Uttaran, Mukta (Sreejita De, Tapasya's daughter) and Meethi (Tina Duttam, Ichcha's daughter) are excited. While Aman (Gaurav Bajaj) wants to dance with Mukta, she wants to keep away from him. Yuvraj (Saurabh Jain) wants to dance with Meethi but Meethi likes Aman. As Yuvraj dances with Mukta, Aman is forced to dance with Meethi

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Be wary particularly dealing with property matters. Retire to bed earlier than is normal for you. Don't let rigidity close your mind towards varied possibilities. If an old friend needs your support, do help him/her. Tarot message: Do not expect too much from others. Lucky colour: White. Magic number: 52.

TAURUS: Expensive plans will have to be put on hold for the time being. Your mate may feel neglected. An optimistic and compassionate turn of mind will create a passionate aura. Tarot message: Do not swing away from the course you have charted so far. Lucky colour: Sea green. Magic number: 26.

GEMINI: You might have some difficulty controlling your emotions. Consider getting involved in charitable work. Agreements that have been dragging on for sometime can be successfully negotiated. Tarot message: Take one step at a time and avoid being hurried and over anxious. Lucky colour: Purple. Magic number: 55.

CANCER: Women must avoid unworthy companionship during the second half of the day. Consider your course of action seriously before jumping into anything new and untried. Tarot message: Make compromises outside and come to terms within yourself. Lucky colour: Golden yellow. Magic number: 46.

LEO: Business matters are well under control. Social affairs will be exciting. Taking too much strain can affect your health. You may experience mood swings throughout the day. An old friend might turn up on your doorstep. Tarot message: Don't do anything at the cost of health. Lucky colour: Jade. Magic number: 29.

VIRGO: Don't try to make any important moves. Conditions are too weak at the moment to contemplate fresh operations. You should not be too critical of co-workers. Children could be a cause of worry. Tarot message: Don't reveal your plan of action to anyone. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 27

LIBRA: An accident could occur if you don't keep your mind on the job. Be careful especially while using electricity or operating temperamental machinery. A change of home or job is possible. Tarot message: You shall prevent a lot of trouble by taking timely action. Lucky colour: Deep red. Magic number: 35

SCORPIO: Emotional people may change their mind. Earnings can be increased if you try. Deception from opposite sex is on the cards. You may already be having trouble making your monthly payments, so don't add to this debt. Tarot message: Don't be over confident. Lucky colour: Ebony. Magic number: 27

SAGITTARIUS: An early morning disturbance could get you up sooner than usual, which will give you a chance to catch up some housework. Renovations can progress well. Tarot message: You will earn profits if you invest on the stock exchange. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 44

CAPRICORN: The day is going to be rather slow. Take advantage of other people's experience. Family will be much better company than friends this evening. Focus on meditation or yoga. Tarot message: Dare to accomplish those tasks which normally take up a lot of time. Lucky colour: Bottle green. Magic number: 32

AQUARIUS: A financial matter that has been delayed should prosper now. Social activities will not be worth attending. A determination to achieve puts you in a promising situation with any work. Tarot message: Don't make hasty decisions which may lead to losses. Lucky colour: Deep red. Magic number: 41

PISCES: This day will be marked only for lack of activity. Hobbies will keep you occupied. You should finally feel your self esteem rising, especially if you are spending the day with older relatives. Tarot message: Lack of confidence may leave you in losses. Lucky colour: Forest green. Magic number: 43

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is June 1...

Everything is going well. Make the most of this time and make good contacts. The stars advise youngsters to show tenacity and courage. It would be a great shame to waste the present opportunities. Students will need to put some extra efforts. This will bring good results. Bad decisions of the past will lead to frustration and turmoil. You may be stranded and unable to decide what to do next.

Seek help from others. Financial losses are likely if you invest going by the words of others. You will upset your spouse if you spend money on things that you don't immediately require. Absence of love may be felt in a relationship. Complete pending work before your boss takes a note of it. Don't make hasty decisions that you will regret later.

Even if you know you are right, stubbornness will cause you harm and conflict. You will have to look for equilibrium and possibly for meditation to avoid disagreements. It will be vital for you to recognise the moment to stop, even if this is half way through the journey. You may hit a real 'sour note' with siblings, in-laws, possibly parents this week. Your energy drops and fatigue, illness and mistakes, especially communication, may cause you a small setback. Keep in mind you are 'prone' to 'lashing out' or 'being the target' of such behaviour.

The year is favourable for enjoying good financial position. However, there may be some problems regarding your income as your expenditure may be more than your income. You should be cautious in this regard. The support and understanding of friends may 'surprise you' and deepen ties. Generally a good time to enjoy with your friends. A complete rest is advised for those suffering from acute asthma or hypertension. An impatient individual can be upsetting. However, if it's someone you appreciate, maybe it's a signal for you to pick up the pace. Being less timid about what you share emotionally or physically can be good for you now. Push through barriers that inhibit the intimacy you desire.

Mood: Vulnerable but clear. Compatible signs: Virgo, Libra. Lucky colours: Red, yellow. Lucky days: Friday and Sunday. Lucky numbers: 4, 12, 14, 44, 50. Lucky gem: Rose Quartz. Lucky flower: Sunflower.

Suggestion on birthday: Seek blessings of an elder female.

R. Madhavan (originally Madhavan Ranganathan, June 1, 1970, Jamshedpur) began to act at the age of twenty-nine, and his short career has seen performances in diverse roles. He has received several Filmfare Awards in various categories. Bollywood director Vinod Pandey launched Madhavan as a Bollywood hero with a project titled Lakheli, however, the film was abandoned by the producers soon after production began and the film was cancelled. Madhvan will continue to be successful till 2020.

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