Bloggers meet offline

THE air was abuzz with tech talk as more than 250 bloggers came together Sunday for the IndiBlogger meet in the capital.

They shared Twitter handles instead of visiting cards, clicked pictures with their smartphones and tablets, and blogged about the evening using their Blackberries.

Social media websites like Twitter and Facebook were even more abuzz.

"(It was) good to put faces on so many blogs I have read," blogger Shivya Nath wrote on her Twitter page."Delhi bloggers were eagerly awaiting an IndiBlogger meet to connect offline with those who they virtually interact with often," said the organiser, Kathik D.R. Of IndiBlogger.

"We wanted to make it worth the wait and as expected, the bloggers showed a great energy at the meet. It is always great to host Delhi bloggers, who come from diverse backgrounds and interests and yet make for a very strong community," he added.

"Bloggers rarely get a chance to know the people behind the blogs they read. IndiBlogger meets beautifully fill this gap and give us all the opportunity to know fellow bloggers better and share thoughts and ideas," blogger Prateek Shah said.

The meet, hosted by tech journalist Rajiv Makhni of NDTV, started with a discussion on the security mechanisms available in smartphones based on Google's Android mobile platform.

Bloggers of all shapes, sizes and ages came to take part in the meet. However, the biggest surprise was a boy who won a mobile phone for being a blogger at seven.