Karuna Goswamy


A tract of land, region etc.

6. Instance; example; illustration

8. Cain’s brother in the Testament

11. Regard with utmost esteem

12. Comprising of everything

13. Akira Kurosawa’s masterly film

14. The airport of Chicago

17. Narrow way or passage

19. Famous college in south England

21. Lizard known for changing its colour



___ Mendes, talented actress

Rustic musical pipe

4. "Between a ___ and a smile"

5. Bread is made from this cereal grass

6. A baby learns to do this first

7. Reception room in a large house

9.Soft cap that soldiers often wear

10. Soviet Russia’s great hero

15. Steering wheel of a ship

16. Lively Scottish dance

18. First day of Lent in Christian calendar

20. Yoko ___, Japanese artist and peace activist: John Lennon’s widow