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Grooms Wanted

Well Reputed Chandigarh Business family Seeks alliance for their b’ful daughter 24/5’-2½”, Manglik, convent educated, doing MBA. Looking for well settled Industrialist/Business boy from Tricity/Delhi/NCR/Ludhiana. Mobile: 98142-13376  C2-37071

Suitable Hindu match for slim, beautiful, MCA, 17 Jan., 1988, 5’-3”, well settled Arya Samajist family. Caste no bar. Father and mother both serving Govt. Class-I Officer. Vegetarian family preferred. Mob.: 75894-16363, Email:  C2-33726

Manglik and professionally qualified green card holder, H1B visa match for Hindu Khatri girl, Financial Analyst residing in Virginia, USA, 5'-6", Dec. 4, 1986, Nabha, 2.30 p.m., doing Masters in Management in top US University, parents Doctors in India. Contact  C2-35931

High status professionally qualified match for extremely beautiful highly qualified 28/5'-7", Officer girl of status family. 0172-4661051, 099914-13776.  C2-36129

Professionally qualified, Arora/Khatri, citizen match from USA for May 1985 born, 5'-1", Engineer girl on Student Visa in USA. Please respond with biodata and photo to  C2-36619B

Professionally qualified match for slim, fair, smart Hindu Arora girl, 4 October, 1985, 10:35 p.m., Ambala, 5', MBA, MA (Psychology), pursuing Distance Learning Lecturer MBA. Contact: 99914-75609, 90347-72118, Email:  C2-37181

Match for beautiful Arora girl, 13 Oct.1985, 8:15 a.m., Chandigarh, 5'-2", MBA, working MNC Chandigarh. Good package. Employed preferred. 98551-33357. E-mail:  C2-37995

Well educ., NRI/India based, considerate & W. settled, I'less upright man, frm metro, Hindu/Sikh in 40s, OHAC for I'less, 5'-5", 46, slim, Sikh female, V. attr., cultured, postgrad, W. established prf. non-ortdx, cultured/defn. serv fmly in India.  C2-33414

Match for Sikh Brahmin beautiful, fair girl 5'-6", 24 years, BDS working. Turbaned Sikh, Doctor preferred. Father, Mother in Govt. Service, settled in Panchkula.  99889-98986. C2-36543

Suitable match for Sikh Tonk-Kshatriya 1985, MBA, 5'- 1", Mohali based girl. Manglik/Non-Manglik. Caste No bar.  78144-22954. C2-36793

Gursikh PQM for Australian,31/5'-9", Doctor girl. Boy should be working Healthcare Services or Engineering well settled job. Boys working UK, NZ, Canada, USA, India willing to settle Australia should send their profile and recent fullview photo. Email:  Contact: Dr Satwant Singh 098150-16497. C2-36886

Ramdasia Sikh weaver beautiful, smart, slim girl 27/5'- 5½", M.Com., MA Economics, working in State Bank of Patiala at Chandigarh. Father retired gazetted officer. Mother in Govt. job. Only brother married in Australia. Own Kothi in Mohali. Vegetarian family. 98722-12675. E- mail:  C2-37035

Suitable match for Ramdasia Sikh girl 26/5'-1", B.Tech., Lecturer Private College. Father Gazetted officer. Respectable family. Early marriage. Mob: 80544-58523. C2-37727

Professionally qualified/Civil-Defence Officer/Established businessman match for Sikh Ramgarhia Architect girl, (B. Arch, M.Arch), 5'-3", 27 years, very fair, smart, working MNC. Elder sister Architect (M.Arch) well settled in life. Younger brother Civil Engineer. Father Chief Engineer (Retired) Punjab Government. Decent upper caste Sikh family no bar. Email:  C2-38701

Professionally qualified match for decent Jat Sikh girl, August 84/5'-2½", B.Tech, M.Tech (PU), Assistant Professor from Chandigarh based educated family. Email:  A2-37416

Jat Sikh Canadian parents having mortgage finance family business seek alliance for a very beautiful, slim, fair daughter 29/5'-5", having perfect blend of modern and traditional values. Looking for a qualified handsome, well-placed Jat Sikh boy from a high status educated family. Reply with picture, Email:  C1-141262

Canadian (Toronto) Jat Sikh, beautiful, 28/5'-7", Professional Pharmacist girl (Ludhiana). Canadian professional match preferred. , 001- 226-706-4577 C2-24056

Software Engineer U S citizen issueless Divorcee beautiful Grewal girl, Oct. 77, 5'-3". Boy only equal status may apply. Marriage bureau excuse. Contact 99140-08986. E-mail:  C2-25200

Jat Sikh Canadian parents seeking a suitable match for their 32/5'-7" Canadian born daughter. She is a Doctor of Optometry (OD), professionally employed in the USA and holding Green Card. The boy should be from a Jat Sikh family and professionally employed. Please reply with bio-data and a recent photo to:  C2-30034

Matrimonial wanted for two well accomplished beautiful Canadian girls age 30 and 31 yr., height 5'-8" and 5'- 9". Eldest working as Bank Executive and younger as a Nurse. Well respected and well connected family. Girls a perfect blend of modern and traditional values. Jat Sikh boy preferably settled in Canada/US. Reply with picture biodata. Email:  Box 672F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Australian citizen and Indian OCl, Jat Sikh girl 23 yr., 5'-8", BDS from PU, Chandigarh, doing internship, only child. Father University Professor, girl want to settle in India keeping Australian citizenship. Tricity, Ludhiana, Patiala and Jalandhar city based family preferred. Email biodata and photo at  and Contact: 094176-82896. C2-34453

Seeking Jat Sikh doctor/dentist/and professionals for USA born, 29 yr. old Doctor, 5'-3", very fair. 80436- 03382.  C2-34767

Jat Sikh Sandhu well settled US citizen parents, seek alliance for a very beautiful, tall, US citizen daughter, 24/5'-6", Degree in Architecture, having perfect blend of modern and traditional values, Jat Sikh boy preferably settled in US. Reply with picture biodata. Email:  C2-35965B

High Status Jat Sikh family seek professionally qualified/settled businessman, teetotaler match for their fair, smart girl, 1987, 5'-3", convent educated, MBA, Pursuing CS. Send biodata. E-mail:  98150-26864. C2-36187

Match for smart, beautiful, fair, homely educated Jatt Sikh girl, 25/5'-3", belonging to respected and educated family settled at Ludhiana. 98157-65329.  C2-36201

SM for slim, beautiful Maan Jat Sikh girl B.Com., MBA (F), 5'-5", 29 yrs., Manager in Ltd. Co., Chandigarh. Small educated middle class Chandigarh based family. Upper caste no bar. Tricity preferred. Contact: 98764- 83884. E-mail:  Box 711F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable professionally qualified/Govt service match for Jat Sikh fair, beautiful girl, 86 born, 5'-6", B.Sc. IT, MCA, Private Job. Father retired Govt service. Contact: 9501937304, 0181-2263822. C2-37155

Jat Sikh Sekhon family seeks alliance for their daughter, 1984 born/5'-4", working in USA as Team Lead in famous Multinational IT Company. Need professionally employed match from Jat Sikh family. Malwa preferred. Please reply with biodata and recent photo to:  C2-37251B

Officer/Professional match for Jat Sikh girl, 26/5'-5", MBA. Parents working at Senior positions. Educated, landlord family. Chandigarh & around preferred. 098167- 70100. E-mail:  C2-37569

Turbaned match for fair, slim, MCA girl, Aug. 80/5', working Chandigarh. 9465224804, 0172-2271145.  C2-37649B

Reputed Chandigarh based Jatt Sikh family seeks for daughter, Dec-1986, 5'-7", B.Com. Hons. DU, MBA Pune, working in foreign bank, a well educated professional/business match from similar status Jatt Sikh family.  C2-37685

Manglik Jatt Sikh girl, 04.01.1986, 05:55 am, Moga, 5'- 2", B.Sc + Fashion cad, own boutique. Boy wanted having urban property, govt. job, NRI. 9465825656, 7696471737. C2-37985

Suitable cleanshaven, vegetarian age 26-29 match for Jat Sikh girl, born 85, 5'-5", MA, B.Ed. fair, slim, smart, adhoc lecturer. Doaba preferred. E-mail:  Phone: 94639-61114. C2-38103

Preferably Australian/Canadian citizen well settled, Postgraduate match from status family for beautiful Randhawa girl 27/5'-3", TR Australia, Topper Multimedia Designing from Monash University, Melbourne. Parents & only brother PR Canada. 99887-31222.  C2-38261

Dr, Dentist match for Jat Sikh Aug. 1982, 5'-3", slim, beautiful and intelligent Dentist girl studying in Master of Public Health in One of The Finest Universities in UK. Upper caste no bar. Email:  87279-87463. NA2-25517

Seeking US based suitable match for 31/5'-8", smart, beautiful, slender, tall girl. Masters from Colombia University. Working for industry leader in NYC, earning six figures, respectable Jat Sikh family. Email details, recent photograph at:  NA2-26250

Suitable vegetarian match for Saini Sikh girl, Dec. 1980/5'-4", MCA, M.A. (Eng.). Upper caste no bar. Send biodata, photo: , 85590-17657. C2-36047

Status match for Saini girl M.Tech. Computer Science, June 87, 5'-3", working top MNC. Father Class I officer. No bars. 09417862453. E-mail:-  C2-36309

Wanted suitable match for Saini Sikh girl, Oct. 1983/5'-6", beautiful, B.Com., Computer Course, pursuing MBA. Job trainer working in reputed Company at Noida. Pay Rs 25000/- PM. Box 704F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Non-Manglik Saini Sikh girl, MBA, 1985/5'-3", Doing job locally. Father retired Officer. Mother Govt employee. Tricity preferred. , 98156-41237. C2-36977

Professionally qualified match for Canadian Permanent Resident Saini Sikh girl, 28/5'-4", B.D.S. Contact with biodata and photograph.  C2-37097

Suitable match for Sood (Maria) girl, 3.10.86, 8:55 p.m., Shimla, 5'-2", BCA, MBA (Regular), working in Noida. Himachali Sood family preferred. Contact: 0177- 2620958, 098161-87803. E-mail:  C2-38647

Professional cleanshaven match willing to relocate to Canada for 37 years old Sikh Khatri girl New York qualified Dentist DDS working in Canada permanent resident. She is tall, beautiful issueless divorcee well-connected family contact: A2-35634-OL

Jat Sikh Dhillon family seeks alliance for their daughter, 1982 born/5'-8", US Citizen, working as a Residential Loan Officer in well known California Bank. Medico/Dental/Other professionals preferred. Email:  ; Phone: 001-925-699-1980. C2-31013B

USA based Sikh-Hindu Nai family seek match for their very fair, beautiful 5'-4" tall, 29 years daughter, Masters from US, Consultant in a top multinational company on H1B visa. USA based match preferred. Email:  C2-33132B

Suitable match for fair beautiful Himachali Ghirath/ Chaudhary girl 05.09.1983, 3-31 PM at Amritsar, 5'-4", MBA, M.Com. Parents settled at Chandigarh. 98159-17108. C2-36851

Suitable qualified match for beautiful, fair, slim and educated Doaba Sikh Rajput Minhas girl, working as Assistant Professor in Chandigarh College, 26 years/5'- 3", M.Com., pursuing C.S. Upper caste no bar. Contact 98550-15302. E-mail:  C2-36101

Match for fair, beautiful girl, 1980, 5'-2", M.A., B.Ed., regular Teacher in Govt. school, salary 30,000/- per month. One brother, two sisters married. Father retired Punjab State Electricity Board as Superintendent. Send BHP. 9463386722. Box 724F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Punjab Doaba Karnana Parhars, humble sober look girl, 5'-2"/1981, M.Com., B.Ed., School Teacher. Father working Principal after Retirement. Only brother, Engineer, with MNC Delhi. 01823-279409, 99158-27531. C2-38655

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin BA, NTT girl 5'-4", 15.02.82, 1:10 a.m., Semi Govt. job in reputed Company, Chandigarh. 99881-24350.  C2-32056

Saraswat Brahmin Sharma girl, 11.06.1989, 4 p.m., Barnala, 5'-5", GNM, Staff Nurse Fortis Hospital.  97794-55648. C2-36293

Highly placed match for Saraswat Brahmin, Honours Graduate, MBA in service. 29/5'-5". Chandigarh based family.  C2-36917

Brahmin girl BDS Doctor, NBDE test clear for USA. Pleasing personality, fair, slim, 5'-2"/25.11.85/5:17 p.m., Jalandhar, six month tourist visa for Canada. Pref. NRI/Doctor/Engg./ established businessman. 94658- 49367. Email:  C2-37401

Preferably MD/ IITan teetotaller for Assistant Professor Govt. University. v fair, b'ful meritorious girl. 83 born. 9872286822. C2-38127

Sharma (Himachali/Prashar) settled in Chandigarh, slim, fair girl. 26/5'-3"/M.Sc.-I.T. Serviceman/Businessman around Chandigarh preferred. 092175-09300. C2-38349

Suitable match for 1979 born, 5'-2", vegetarian beautiful girl, Regular Govt. job in Chandigarh. 95018- 26699. C2-38379

Punjabi Khatri BA IInd, Manglik, 5'-3", 30.8.83, 3:56 pm, Chandigarh, Diploma Web Designing. 98552-06210.  C2-36149

Professionally qualified match for M.A., B.Ed., 5'-1", 9.8.1982, 11:02 a.m., Chandigarh. Teaching reputed School, Chandigarh. Send biodata, photograph at:  or 98786-18899. C2-36175

Beautiful, slim Punjabi Khatri girl 13.4.86, Ludhiana, 6 am, 5'-1", MCA, working in Bank.  Box 723F Tribune, Chandigarh.

B.Tech/MBA/CA handsome Non-manglik match for 5'-5", beautiful, convented, B.Sc. (Med.), B.Ed., Aug 84 girl. Father Branch manager in Nationalized bank. 7508639791. E-mail:  C2-37887

PQM4 slim, beautiful Khatri (Bhola), 10.6.1985, 4.07 am, Jalandhar, MA. Psycology and D.Pharmacy, 5'-1". 9855759331. C2-37893

Suitable match for Hindu Arora Khatri girl, Jalandhar, 30.11.1984, (7.25 a.m.), 5'-3", smart, well educated, B.Sc., B.Ed., M.A., MBA, Govt. employee, doing Job in SBI, contact only Govt. employee. 98722-53436, 98550- 18788. Email:  Email:  NA2-27433

MBA/Engineer match for B.Tech. very beautiful, slim, fair Arora girl 5'-2", born 11.35 am, 5.3.86, working Mumbai. Parents settled Nagpur. Brother USA. Caste no bar. E-mail:  C2-36781

Match for Ramgarhia fair girl, Dec. 1981, 5'-1". Two sisters. One sister married settled in Australia. Father senior retired Air Force Officer. Tricity preferred. 9914732123.  C2-36079

Sikh Ramgarhia business family seeks suitable match for slim, beautiful daughter, 2 Nov.1980, 5'-8½", double M.A., B.Ed., doing job. 90236-62755. E-mail:  C2-36269

Match for Hindu Dhiman homely girl, Dec. 1982, 5'-5", M.Sc (Math), M.Phil, Asstt. Professor in Engineering college. Father Senior Manager in Bank. Mohali based Small educated family.  C2-36745

Suitable match for beautiful Chartered Accountant girl, August 1987, 5'-2". Preferred working/practicing Chartered Accountant. 098963-15772,  C2-37131

Match for smart fair slim convent educated 81 born 5'- 4'' Ramgarhia Sikh girl MSc. Botany, B.Ed. doing Ph.D. Innocent divorcee no issue. Seek non manglik educated boy of business/ service affluent caring family. 98152-40562. C2-38689

Educated, businessman/industrialist boy for fair, slim, beautiful Sikh Ramgarhia girl 5 July 1986 born, 5'-7", done +2, English Speaking Course, Hand Embroidery Course, Computer Course, 2 years Oil Painting Course, now learning car driving. Father well-established businessman & exporter. High status family. 0161- 3251374,  NA2-25893

Suitable match for Sikh Khatri slim girl, 28/5'-3", MCA (PU, Chandigarh), working MNC Chandigarh, 7.25 p.a.. Tricity boy preferred. E-mail:  C2-36387

Professional Chandigarh based Sikh Khatri beautiful, Cheerful, smart girl, January 1987, 5'-1", convent educated, B.Sc. Nursing from Australia, doing M.Sc., PR applied, working in leading Hospital Sydney, from upper middle class educated and settled family. Parents Government Employees. Sister & Brother are also in Australia. Dowry seekers excuse.  C2-37269

Suitable match solicited for beautiful Sikh Khatri girl B.Com., MBA, 26/5'-3", working with reputed Company. Well-settled family should contact: Mobile No. 98155- 20952. C2-37403

Match for fair, beautiful Ad-dharmi, B.Tech. girl 5'- 2", 1979 Team lead, 10 LPA, Infosys, Chandigarh. 98767- 43787, E.Mail:  C2-36415

SM for MA, B.Ed. unmarried Doabian Ad-dharmi private teacher, 1974 born, 5'-2", fair complexion. Issueless legally divorced with good salary/income may consider. 94635-33334, 0181-2672122. C2-36455

Unmrd SM 4 PB ADH Sr. Bank Mngr(PO) fair, btfl girl, 78 born, 5'-2", upper middle class fmly (Delhi/NCR). Mail biodata with photo to  C2-36527

Suitable match preferrably from USA for Mazhabi Sikh girl, Aug-1980, 5'-6", B.Tech from PEC, MBA from USA. Working in USA, visiting shortly. Early marriage. Caste no bar. 98760-92770,  C2-37635

Ravidasia Executive Engineer businessman match for fair, beautiful girl, MA, B.Ed., 5'-2", 19.4.79, 2.10 am, Jammu. Educated reputed family. 099584-77922 or E- mail:  with photograph and biodata with Kundli. C2-38281

PQM4 b'ful Saxena Mglk. girl, 28.10.83, 8.10 pm, 5'-3", MA (English), B.Ed., convent school teacher Jalandhar. Upper caste no bar. 98760-76586, 0181-4629973. E-mail:  C2-35959

Previous brief marriage, MBBS, MPH Doctor girl, 35, 5'- 2", Temporary Visa, Florida. Seeking well settled Doctor in USA, Any state, will relocate.  C2-33582

PQ well settled clean shaven Sikh match minimum 5'-9" from decent status, cultured, educated family for beautiful, fair, slim, 5'-4"/26, Sikh Arora girl, B.Tech., Software Engineer, Gurgaon, 8.5 LPA. Contact +91 99880-90722,  C2-33072

Status family/well educated Sikh/Punjabi match for Jat Sikh Virk girl, daughter of Colonel, Now Sr. Executive MNC, Sept. 85 born, 5'-4", tall, fair, pretty, intelligent, M.A. English, based in Pune, Bangalore. Defence/services family background preferred. Send profile with photo:  09960788371. C2-33278

Manglik/Non-Manglik match for beautiful Garg girl, 31/5'-1", BAMS, Jr. Resident Doctor at Allopathic Hospital Chandigarh, salary 23000/-. Tricity preferred. 9780118366. Email:  C2-36439

Status match for July 79 born, Gupta girl, 5'-5", B.Com., MBA, Punjab Govt. service. 89689-96057,  C2-36937

Seeks professionally qualified well settled boy from business or service class family for 1987 born, 5'-1" slim and fair garg girl MBA working MNC Noida. Haryana origin family preferred. Boy in U.S or Canada can be considered. Contact: 97798-81617.  C2-37471

Himachal based Garg family seeks compatible match for beautiful, fair girl, Sept. 86/5'-3", B.Tech(ECT), MBA. Early, decent marriage. Kundli match must. 94180-59473, 98052-56787.  C2-37736

Manglik/non-Manglik match for beautiful girl, M.Tech Garg Gotra, 03.01.1988, 6:55 a.m., 5'-0", Bareilly born. Residence Ambala. Working in Infosys. Father Class-I Officer in Government job. Contact: 94680- 87606,  C2-38623

Arora Sikh beautiful girl 77/5'-6", MS Computers. Project Manager in USA. Seeks Doctor/(USMLE cleared). USA/India, Engineer, MBA from USA. Contact: 093160- 10949. Email:  A2- 35915-OL

Wanted preferably doctor Canadian match for slim, beautiful Punjabi BDS Arora Sikh girl, 5'-2½", 13.11.89, IELTS 7 bands. 98880-52937. E-mail:  C2-36181


Two Kanal house Sector 8-B, Chandigarh for immediate sale. Contact:
098155-85533, 090414-18414. A2-37713

Three bedroom, D/D attached toilets, sanctioned marbled apartment in Four Kanal house at ground floor, Sector 8-A, Chandigarh. 098155-85533, 090414-18414. A2-37717- OL

Hot Sale: Rare property/location, 15 marla, corner, facing park, single storey, Sector-36 A, Chandigarh. Most suitable for NRI/Doctor/Advocate. Dealer please excuse. Contact: Col. Ahulwalia, 98765-58145.  C2-38585

Hot Sale: Two kanal, corner, old house. Sector-8 A, rare location. Six kanal rare property, Sector-9 A, Chandigarh most suitable for NRI. Dealers please excuse. Contact: Col. Ahulwalia, 98765-58145.  C2-38589

Chandigarh: One kanal old house in Sector 11 plot price for immediate sale. Person with ready cash may contact: Bagga Properties 98154-80171. NA2-26031

Dream Apartment in Chandigarh. Exceptionally Beautiful "A" Category 4 Bedrooms,
4 bathrooms, corner, East facing, Sector-48 with terrace, almost 100% privacy. It is like living in One Kanal Independent house in Chandigarh @ just Rs. 2.5 Cr. Only 100% Genuine Buyers with taste to contact: 08427422888. No Bargain. C2-38179

Land available for Sale: 200/500 gaj for Organic vegetables. We will provide
Organic khad/seeds/machinery/manpower to look after @ 3,000/- sq. yds. Kharar-Badala-Fatehgarh Sahib road. Interested persons may contact: 0-81467-20413. C2-38341

Suitable for School/Factory/Marriage Palace, one acre farmhouse, ten rooms, boundry wall, situated Alamgir- Tiwana highway within MC Lalru (Punjab). 9815171947. C2-38465

New one kanal first floor, Sector-38, Two bedrooms, D/D attach toilets, small
family/transferable job. Bagga: 98722-11509. C2-37099

8 Marla newly renovated house. Ideally located. 3 bedroom, D/D on First floor for Bank/IT employee. Contact 2448/23-C. 99140-02448. C2-38311

Newly constructed one kanal park facing, independent house in Sector 33D, Chandigarh, 4 bedrooms attached bath, kitchen, drawing dining, separate servant room with attached bath for MNC's/Company lease only. Contact: Tulsi Ram 98148-62587. C2-37421

Required PGTs & TGTs to teach English, Science, Physical education, History, Geography & Economics to secondary & Senior Secondary classes in CBSE affiliated Senior Secondary School in Sangrur. Salary as per CBSE norms. Pick & drop facility (Patiala & Ludhiana). Apply through E-mail within a week:  C2-35917B


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