Karuna Goswamy


1. Standard of excellence , achievement

5. Like a - drop is this life, as they say

6. You go to a doctor in this area when you have an earache (inits.)

7. The Shatabdi is one, as is Rajdhani

11. Bound as if by an oath or pledge

14. Adam's companion in the Garden of Eden

15. An old measure of length

16. Change of opinion, loyalty etc.


1.Portend; be an omen of

2. Salamander like creature

3. Seaport of the Republic of Yemen

4. Eagle-like bird

8. India's secret agency (inits.)

9. How the Indian rupee is called (inits.)

10. Chic; natty

11. Valmiki was a great one

12. "Finding ___" has become a cult animation film

13. Straight, narrow cut