Powerful tales

Recently, former Chief Minister of Punjab, Capt Amarinder Singh’s, house was raided to check power consumption. Capt. sahib was very perturbed. He alleged his electricity meters were checked at the behest of Badal sahib. Badal sahib could have easily said, "I did ask but it was only to check Captain’s political power not the electrical power."

The question is — of all places why did the bijliwalahs go to check the premises of Moti Mahal only? May be, the Punjab Power Corporation was thinking that the power meant to be used for paddy sowing was being drawn by Captain Amarinder Singh. The poor Captain had to give explanations like, "Only my 90-year-old mother lives at the Moti Bagh Palace. Rest of the family visits the place for less than 3-4 days in a month."

If Raja sahib is helpless before bijliwalahas what could be the plight of a common man. Raja sahib’s explanation was duly heard in the Vidhan Sabha and also noticed by the media. Thousands of people have grievances against the electricity department regarding their bills and connections. This department may not have electrical power but it indeed is a powerful department.

If you ask me who is the mightiest of all —Batman, Superman or Spiderman? My answer, "None, it is the line man of the electricity department."