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Murder accused shows no remorse
Says her father-in-law was making physical advances towards her; stepdaughter saw the body
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
Reena who allegedly killed her father-in-law and stepdaughter in cold blood has shown no remorse for her heinous act. The gruesome killing has also shocked the police as Reena is just five feet tall and weighs around 40 kg.

In police custody, Reena narrated how she orchestrated the killing of her father-in-law Narinder Kumar Anand and stepdaughter Reva. “I was upset as my father-in-law was making physical advances towards me and he grabbed my arm. It was then I decided to kill him,” said Reena.

The confession by Reena did not come as a surprise for police as it was suspecting her involvement in the murder from the very beginning. Even the circumstantial evidence and the mobile phone location established that Reena was concocting stories.

Narinder Kumar Anand son Hitesh’s first wife Deepa had died around six years ago and he married Reena of Nakodar around six months ago. Reena, too, had a troubled past she divorced her first husband based after her three-month-old child died.

“My first mother-in-law was responsible for the death of my son. I will not forgive her for what she did to me,” said Reena.

She is scared of cockroaches and mice, but she did not hesitate to kill her father-in-law and stepdaughter. Reena said she did not plan the killing and everything happened spontaneously.

“Earlier, too, my father-in-law tried to make physical advances towards me. On July 17 around 10.30 am, my father-in-law grabbed my arm and I decided to eliminate him. He was sleeping in his room and my husband was away for work. I went upstairs and told the labourers to take lunch as their work was not letting Narinder sleep. When they left, I picked up a hammer with a pointed edged and hit Narinder on his head while he was asleep. I repeatedly hit the hammer on his head till the time he was dead,” said Reena.

All this while, she showed no sign of repentance and was talking swiftly.

“After killing Narinder, I washed the construction tool and kept on the roof. Then I went to my bedroom and slept for some time. In the meantime, Reva returned from school. She was trying to enter her grandfather’s room, but I did not let her enter. I served her food and told her to get ready for tuition class so that I could set the room on fire. But Reva refused to go for tuition . So I decided to eliminate her as well. I went upstairs and told the labour to leave for the day. I took the same hammer again and rushed downstairs and locked the main door. By then Reva had entered her grandfather’s room and had touched his blood-soaked head. Reva tried to escape as she saw me coming, but she slipped. I hit the hammer on her head. Reva’s blood splattered on my face, added Reena.

“Meanwhile, Hitesh called me on my phone and asked me the reason for stopping the construction work. I told him that I was leaving to pay Reva’s tuition fees,” said Reena.

After killing the duo, Reena set the room afire by pouring phenyl, but little did she know that the phenyl does not catch fire. “I thought phenyl catches fire, so I poured it on both of them thinking that they would be burnt and the case would appear as an accident,” said Reena.

She visited the tutor of Reva and gave her tuition fees and then she visited Reva’s classmate’s house for some time.

When Reena returned, she saw that smoke was coming out from the room. Reena thought that both the bodies would have been charred and raised the alarm.

To her shock, the bodies were not burnt and wounds were still fresh and Reva was breathing. This panicked Reena. But soon, Reva breathed her last.

“I was cornered. In order to save myself, I concocted another story that two unidentified men who came to meet Narinder might have killed the duo,” said Reena.

About accused

  • Reena, a resident of Nakodar, had divorced her first husband.
  • Before marrying Reva’s father, she had married a businessman of Phagwara
  • The couple was blessed with a son, but he died after three months
  • Only daughter among three siblings, Reena has done masters in Hindi
  • Her two brothers are living in Australia


Rakesh Kumar Verma is new MC Commissioner
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
Senior IAS officer Rakesh Kumar Verma has been appointed as the Commissioner of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation. He will replace Malwinder Singh Jaggi who was suspended by the state gover for allagedly misusing official position a few days ago.

A 1993-batch IAS officer, 41-year-old Verma hails from Uttar Pradesh. He has held the posts of the Managing Director, Punjab Information and Communication Technology Corporation Ltd, the Administrative Secretary, Local Government Department, and the Joint Managing Director, Punjab Municipal Infrastructure Development Board. The posting orders were issued today evening. Verma will join the office on Monday.

Talking to The Tribune, Verma said he had some idea of the infrastructure related and some other problems of the city. “I have worked as the Administrative Secretary of the Local Government Department as well as the Joint Managing Director of the Punjab Municipal Infrastructure Development Board. So I have some idea of the city. I assure that city residents will get a corruption-free atmosphere and all MC officials will work in a transparent manner,” said Verma.

Rakesh Kumar Verma had also served as the Deputy Commissioner of Kapurthala and Patiala. In 2010, his name was also recommended by the state government for the post of Secretary (Finance), Chandigarh.

The post of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation Commissioner had fallen vacant on Monday when Malwinder Singh Jaggi, a PCS officer, was suspended by the state government. Jaggi was suspended after he allegedly misused his official position.

Sources said that after the incident, the state government wanted to appoint an IAS officer as the new MC Commissioner as GS Ghuman and Malwinder Singh Jaggi, both PCS officers, had remained in news for wrong reasons, causing much embarrassment to the government. While Ghuman was transferred overnight, Jaggi was suspended.

After Ghuman was transferred, AK Sinha, an IAS officer, was made the MC Commissioner. When Sinha was promoted as the Director, Local Bodies Department in December 2011, Malwinder Singh Jaggi was made the MC Commissioner.



Migrant labourers drugged, robbed of money
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
A group of 12 migrant labourers was drugged and robbed of money. They were on their way to the Golden Temple. Sources say this might be the handiwork of the Zeharkhurani gang.

The migrants, natives of Bihar, were served soft drinks and ladoos laced with sedatives. The incident came to light this afternoon when the victims were spotted lying near the Jassian Raod level crossing.

Passers-by informed the 108 emergency ambulance about the incident. Three ambulances took the victims to the Civil Hospital.

The victims have been identified as Dharminder (30), Rakesh Kumar (35), Budhesh Kumar (24), Lal Babu (22), Anura (35), Dev Das (40), Harinder (35), Bindu (25), Ram (28), Masuri Lal (25) and two person have not been identified as they were yet to regain conscious.

It was in the evening that labourers regained conscious and narrated the incident. Dharminder, who was leading the group, said they were working at a farm belonging to Gurdeep Singh of Fathegarh Sahib. In the morning, they boarded a train from Sirhind for Amritsar to pay obeisance at the Golden Temple.

He said on their way they met some persons who offered them soft drinks and ladoos laced with sedatives. After consuming drug-laced food, they fell unconscious.

They do not recall how they alighted from the train. Their pockets were also torn. Gurdeep Singh, who reached Civil Hospital, said he had given Rs 20,000 to each labourer for sowing paddy.



GLADA ‘selective’ in removing encroachments
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, July 20
Civic bodies, including the Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority (GLADA) have a poor track record when it comes to removal of temporary and permanent encroachments from government land.

GLADA seems to have gone a step ahead by what the residents allege a pick-and-choose policy in removing encroachments of a permanent nature from the greenbelt in the Housing Board Colony on Ferozepur Road.

If the aggrieved residents of the colony are to be believed, GLADA has adopted a discriminatory policy in removing encroachments. Residents say two structures (extensions of houses in the greenbelt) were demolished in 2004, but more than 50 other violators in the same colony are still to be proceeded against.

Charging GLADA with failure to carry out its assigned task of clearing encroachments even after directions by the Punjab and Haryana High Court, Paramjit Walia, widow of ex-subedar Yash Pal Walia, a resident of House No. HJ 324, and Paramjit Kaur, daughter-in-law of ex-subedar Sohan Singh, a resident of House No HJ 307, said other residents who had also encroached upon the greenbelt in the colony had evaded action till now because of their high connections or else collusion by the field staff of GLADA.

The information provided by the Estate Officer of GLADA under the Right to Information Act to the affected residents on August 18, 2010, mentions that residents of house numbers HJ 297 to HJ 306 as well as HJ 1 to HJ 32 have encroached upon parts of greenbelt for the last more than 20 years. Some of the residents had also raised two-storeyed buildings on the government land shown as the greenbelt in the layout plan of the colony.

GLADA had not made any progress towards the removal of encroachments on the government land during the past five years is reflected from a similar bit of information provided by them in November 2005 to another resident of the colony. The information given under the RTI Act was also on similar lines saying residents of HJ 297 to HJ 306 had unlawfully occupied the government land.

Interestingly, responding to applications filed under the RTI Act in November 2005 and again in August 2010, GLADA had taken a stand that notices were issued to the violators and "further action was being taken in this regard."

However, taking a U-turn, GLADA Estate Officer Jeet Ram now says that the Housing Board Colony residential scheme has been handed over to the Municipal Corporation and the onus for the removal of encroachments is also on the MC. The matter was being taken up with them for initiating action against the defaulters, he said.



3 more test positive for dengue
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
Three more patients from Ferozepur and Haryana have tested positive for dengue. They are under treatment at the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana.

District epidemiologist Dr Puneet Juneja said: “No fresh case of dengue has been reported from Ludhiana district today. However, two patients from Haryana and one from Ferozepur district have tested positive."

There is no considerable increase in dengue cases in the state, said Dr Deepak Bhatia, state nodal officer for Integrated Disease Surveillance Project, Punjab. “With this, there are 17 confirmed cases of dengue in Punjab and seven are from Ludhiana district,” he said.



labour shortage
Industry importing machines from China
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
Industrialists are importing cost-effective machines from China to tackle labour shortage. The machinery being imported from China is cheap and will help in solving the labour problem by nearly 20 per cent.

Many industrialists dealing in cycle parts, engineering goods, hand tools, auto parts and fasteners are importing machinery from the neighbouring country. Sources said machinery worth Rs 10 crore is being imported from China.

Gurmeet Singh Kular, president, United Cycle Parts and Manufacturers’ Association, said many industrialists are investing in machines from China. "By using these machines, the labour cost will go down. These machines will also increase production," he said.

Machines from China are 50 per cent less expensive and help in increasing production by nearly 25 per cent. "Industry thinks it is wiser to import machines from China rather than spending huge amounts in India. Labour shortage is haunting the industry and we are left with no other option but to adopt automation. Sometimes five-six machines are operated by a single person," said Jaitesh Gandhi, a cycle parts manufacturer.

Labour is expensive and hard to get. It’s better to switch to machines. I have also ordered a machine for my unit which will cost only a few lakhs from China. If I had to buy the same machine from India, it would have been very costly," said Harkirat Singh, an auto parts manufacturer.



Road caves in yet again, official says minor damage
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
After a brief spell of rain this morning, it was the same story yet again when a large portion of road caved in at Model Town here. The incident has once again exposed the use of sub-standard construction material is construction of roads in the city. Thankfully, no person was injured.

The incidents of road cave-in are usual during the monsoon season here. Every time it rains, roads cave in in some part or the other in the city, and the MC officials find one excuse or the other to be the 'real' reason behind it.

Not only this, in some of the cases, the MC officials are not even aware of such incidents despite the fact that they are duly informed by the local residents about these. One such matter came to light when the MC officials turned a blind eye to a road cave-in in the Bal Singh Nagar area of Basti Jodhewal, which had remained unattended for almost 10 days. After The Tribune reported this matter on July 12, the road was repaired.

Even a portion of the Old GT Road near the Clock Tower had caved in in April and instead of taking corrective measures, the MC officials placed concrete slabs around it. A resident of the area, Anup Sharma, had brought the matter to senior MC officials' notice on April 25. On May 14, a large portion of the same road at the same spot caved in. The MC had to spend Rs 25 lakh on the repairs.

When contacted, Ravinder Garg, Assistant Commissioner (Technical), Operations and Maintenance Branch, Ludhiana Municipal Corporation, said a portion of the road near Krishna Mandir in Model Town had caved in today.

"We suspect that the road caved in due to some seepage after the rain this morning. After we came to know about this incident, an SDO was sent to the spot and the road was repaired. We have even pressed sand in the damaged area using a ditch machine so that it gets settled down properly. But it certainly was a minor cave in," claimed Garg.



Morning showers bring respite
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
The city residents heaved a sigh of relief this morning when the area witnessed light showers following a dust storm, bringing respite from from hot and humid weather. Although the city recorded only 1.6mm rainfall, it brought the mercury down making the weather pleasant.

According to the agro-meteorology department of Punjab Agricultural University, this year the city had recorded 3.5mm rainfall during June, which is far less compared to the 350 mm rainfall recorded in June, 2011. This year, the city has witnessed only 25mm rainfall during this monsoon so far.

Dr KK Gill, Assistat Agro Meteorologist from the PAU, said, "We consider 66mm rainfall in June and 232mm rainfall in July as normal. This time the monsoon is weak as poor rains have been reported in the other parts of India. According to the forecast, there is a possibility of rain tomorrow". No doubt, the mercury goes down during the rainy session but the humidity level comes up, which makes the weather uncomfortable, she added further.

"Finally it rained after five humid and hot days. But, humidity is still making the weather uncomfortable," said Ajit Singh, a resident. "It was a pleasant morning. But this year the monsoon is not like past years. It is already July-mid but the city is yet to witness a good spell of rain," said Harman, another resident.



Power cuts have residents sweat out
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, July 20
There seems to be no respite for the city residents from scheduled and unscheduled power cuts amid hot and humid weather conditions prevailing in the region. The situation goes from bad to worse with load shedding necessitated by low frequency at the Northern Power Grid when the power supply has to be cut off for half an hour or an hour without any prior intimation.

After being evasive on the issue of scheduled power cuts being effected on mixed feeders (predominantly residential areas) for the past two weeks, the officials of the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) have now gone on record to admit that two or three-hour daily power cuts are being imposed in towns and cities in the state while the duration of power cuts on the rural feeders is four hours.

Sources at the PSPCL headquarters admit that the gap between the availability of power (about 1950 lakh units) and the demand, which is hovering around 100 and 150 lakh units, has now shot up to more than 300 lakh units in the past 24 hours due to a sudden spurt in the demand triggered by a scanty rainfall.

"Scheduled power cuts are being imposed in the residential areas of towns and cities and at times power supply has to be cut off suddenly due to low frequency on the Northern Power Grid," the sources said, adding that efforts were being made to procure additional power from alternative sources to meet the demand and minimise the duration of power cuts.

However, the residents of the city take the assertions of the PSPCL authorities on the power scenario with a pinch of salt as the ground reality, they maintain, is altogether different.

Residents of several local localities allege that power supply goes off several times during the day, and also during the night. "The duration of a power cut is from half an hour to an hour and a half," said Jagpal Singh, a resident of Dugri Urban Estate.

Rama Kant Sharma and Dalbir Singh, both residents of Durgapuri (Haibowal), said power supply had become uncertain. "With frequent disruption in the power supply during the day and night, we have been unable to maintain our daily routine. Most of the times when the power supply is shut down during the morning hours, we have to go without water as well," they added.



mandi ahmedgarh murder
Main accused surrenders

Mandi Ahmedgarh, July 20
Uneasy calm prevailed here and the adjoining localities, a day after a youth belonging to a particular community was allegedly shot dead by his neighbourer on Thursday.

The deceased's sympathisers had agreed to stagger their protests after senior officials not only assured them of a prompt action against the accused, but also tightened noose on their friends and relatives, which resulted in the arrest of two of the accused, Jaswinder Sodhi and his brother Amrit Singh Sodhi.

Meanwhile, the police has enhanced vigil at the residences and workplaces of both the victims and
the accused.

Tension, which gripped the region after Mohammad Yameen of the Old Tehsil area was shot dead by his neighoubrer, subsided gradually after the police launched a manhunt for the suspects and the main accused, former SAD councillor Jaswinder Sodhi, and his brother Amrit Singh Sodhi surrendered before the police.

The local residents remained tight-lipped about the sequence of events leading to the murder of Mohammad Yameen, who was the only breadwinner of his family.

Investigations revealed that the administration had deployed a heavy force in the town and adjoining localities to handle any untoward situation. While special teams were deployed near the houses and shops belonging to both the sides, several patrolling parties were deputed to check provocation by rumour mongers.

Appreciating the role played by the office-bearers of various social and religious organisations in controlling the situation after the gory incident, Sukhdev Singh Virk, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Amargarh, who had been camping here since yesterday, said the situation could have worsened had the local people not maintained patience.

Mohammad Yameen was shot dead by his neighbourer following a tiff over drainage of waste water into a sewer. The supporters of the victim's family had started protests against the administration.

Meanwhile, the last rites of the deceased were performed under tight security at the graveyard on the Dehliz Road here last night.

Police steps up vigil

  • Police has enhanced vigil at the residences and workplaces of both the victims and the accused
  • Local residents remain tight-lipped about the incident
  • Heavy force deployed in the town and adjoining localities
  • Patrolling parties deputed to check provocation by rumour mongers



Sugar prices may go north
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
Sugar may go bitter after the state government announced introduction of VAT on sugar yesterday. Sugar being the essential commodity will affect the budget of every household. After power, sugar will now go costlier and consumers will now have to shell out more to make their dishes sweeter.

“Instead of putting a tab on the rising prices, the government is imposing VAT on sugar, which will result in the price rise. With the festival season approaching, we will now be required to shell out more for buying sweets,” added Jyotsana, a homemaker.

Punjab Halwai Association president Narinder Pal Singh said they were already facing problems with an increase in prices of commodities like besan, dry fruits and electricity and now sugar, which is the main ingredient of any mithai, will go costly.

“We will be left with no other option, but to increase the price, as the input cost will go up. Left with no other option, we will increase the prices by 5-7 per cent,” he added.

“The industry is already facing many problems and cannot bear the added pressure of increase in the price of the most essential commodity in sweets production. It will hit the industry hard. We urge upon the government to rethink about its decision on the implementation of VAT on sugar,” added Jagmohan Singh from Avtar Sweets.

“Everything from petrol to power and from tomatoes to sugar is priced highly. It has become impossible to survive in the time when the prices of all essential commodities are skyrocketing. Instead of lowering the prices, the government is imposing VAT on sugar. The government should reconsider its decision about the same. Sipping a cup of tea will become dearer,” rued Meena, a resident.



It is time for bird lovers
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
If twitters, chirps, warbles, chitters of birds enchant you, then this might be the most exciting time of the year for bird lovers.

Monsoon is the time for nesting and breeding for birds, and this is the time of the year when they are in the most active state according to Dr Tejdeep Kaur Kler, an assistant ornithologist at the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU).

Breeding and nesting occurs for most of the birds during the period of March to July. Evolution of the birds has occurred in such a way that the birds lay their eggs and feed them during this time of the year, because the population of insects is at its peak during the monsoons, providing ample food for the birds to feed their young ones, says Dr Kler.

They have different patterns for nesting, for example Common Myna makes nests in the cavities of trees or crevices of walls, Pied Myna makes nests at trees and poles. Birds like Redwattled Lapwing can also lay their eggs on bare ground or on building tops. Many birds like Cattle Egrets choose agricultural fields for nesting sites. They generally live in flocks of 70-100 and tend to make their nests in thorny plantations to prevent predators.

Birds are more active during this time, as they can be seen collecting material for building nests. Many are seen taking insects or grains to feed the young ones. House sparrow, for examples, feeds its young ones as many as 250 times a day. Some birds that feed on grains otherwise turn insectivorous at this time for meeting the food requirements of the new-borns, according to Dr Kler.

The primary purpose of creation of nests is to lay eggs, to protect and to feed young ones of birds. Many species of birds have the best nests during this season.

People should not trim plants during this season lest they would disturb the birds. Felling of trees during the season is detrimental to bird population. People should create artificial nests to provide alternative nesting sites. Water and grains should be kept to help them form nest. Low-storey shrubs and traditional trees should be planted for providing nesting and habitat sites for birds, in urban homes and locations.

Experts advice

People should not trim plants during this season lest they would disturb the birds. Felling of trees during the season is detrimental to bird population. People should create artificial nests to provide alternative nesting sites. Water and grains should be kept by to help them form nest. Low-storey shrubs and traditional trees should be planted for providing nesting and habitat sites for birds, in urban homes and locations.



Industry, dept discuss host of issues

Ludhiana, July 20
A meeting was held under the Punjab Industrial Facilitation Act in which the representatives of industry as well as officials from the Excise and Taxation Department were present.

The representatives of industry talked about the shortage of C forms, VAT refunds, scrutiny of cases and bogus firms.

Badish Jindal, president of the Federation of Punjab Small Industries Association, said they asked the department to release a list of the bogus firms so that genuine traders don't get trapped in their net. The DETC, Kanwalpreet Brar, said the department would devise some method so that the traders got to know about the firms carrying out bogus transactions. — TNS



8 hurt in road accidents
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, July 20
Eight persons have been injured in separate road accidents in the past 24 hours in the area adjoining Doraha and Sahnewal. Two of them are seriously injured.

In a head-on collision between a private bus and a college bus near Kohara on the Ludhiana-Chandigarh road, six persons, including two women, were injured. The private bus was coming from the Chandigarh side while the other bus was transporting the staff of the Ludhiana College of Engineering and Technology. The driver of the college bus, Jarnail Singh of Jassowal village was seriously injured. Five of the college staff, including two women lecturers, suffered minor injuries. The driver of the private bus escaped unscathed. The injured were taken to a Samrala hospital by an ambulance where the doctors referred the college bus driver to the DMC, Ludhiana, while the others were given firs aid.

In another accident at Bija last night, Parveen Kumar of Himachal, who works at a petrol station at Bija, was hit by an SUV near Chawa while he was returning home. He got his leg fractured in the accident.

In yet another accident, Manoj Kumar, an auto-rickshaw driver of Giaspura, hit a stationary police vehicle. He suffered injuries on the head and got his leg fractured. The injured were taken to a hospital by the108 Ambulance.



Rahul Tiwari gets additional charge of LIT Administrator
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, July 20
Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tiwari has been appointed administrator of the Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) as additional charge. He assumed charge late in the afternoon today. Tiwari also holds the additional charge of Chief Administrator of the Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority.

After all the 28 improvement trusts in the state were dissolved on July 11, the Punjab government issued a notification on Thursday for appointment of the Deputy Commissioner as the administrator of the LIT till the trusts are reconstituted or the government effects to the proposed merger of the improvement trusts with the local development authorities.

Meanwhile, the Punjab State Improvement Trusts Ministerial Employees Union has expressed opposition to the proposal for disbanding the trusts and their merger with the local area development authorities.

At a meeting of the union held here last evening, the functionaries of the body said the merger of the improvement trusts with development authorities will affect the seniority of employees.

"The trusts are contributing to the govt coffer through the sale of properties and paying a cess for infrastructral development out of the money raised from auction of residential and commercial sites.



Muslims hold protest against Myanmar government
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, July 20
Led by the president of the Majlis Ahrar Islam Hind and Shahi Imam of Punjab, Maulana Habib-ur-Rahman Sani Ludhianvi, hundreds of members of the Muslim community today held a protest and burnt the national flag of Myanmar for what they termed as genocide of Muslims in that country at the behest of radical Buddhist elements.

The Shahi Imam alleged that some 12,000 Muslims, including elderly persons and children, had been massacred at Rangoon in Myanmar, and several mosques had been burnt by the members of the majority community. "It is all the more shocking that the international media as well as the global community is closing its eyes towards the atrocities being committed on the Muslim community in Myanmar."

Rahman called upon the international community, the UNO and the Dalai Lama to intervene and save the Muslims in Myanmar.



Unscheduled power cuts take toll on residents
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, July 20
Despite the tall claims of the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited to provide uninterrupted power supply to all categories of electricity consumers during the summer season, the residents of Jagraon and that of the surrounding areas continue to grapple with hours of unscheduled power cuts.

Not only the domestic sector but also agricultural pump set consumers are not getting eight-hour power, as assured by the department. The domestic power supply in rural areas has been affected the worst.

On one side, the monsoon continues to evade the residents of Jagraon and on the other; the unscheduled power cuts have further increased the problems.

In Jagraon town, power cuts varying from seven to nine hours are being imposed everyday. Sources said, the situation is graver in the rural areas where power cuts are imposed for more than ten hours daily.

The farmers complained that they were not getting enough power supply as assured by the State Power Corporation authorities before the paddy season started. Jatinder Singh, a farmer of nearby Sawaddi village said, "We have been witnessing prolonged and unscheduled power cuts due to which we are forced to use diesel engines to water the paddy fields in the absence of regular power supply by the department."

"In the absence of electricity, we have to depend on generator sets to water our fields for sowing paddy which costs much more than that of the electricity. If the situation does not improve in the coming days, we shall face heavy losses," said another farmer Amarjit Singh of Janetpura village.

According to departmental sources, the state was reeling under power crisis due to less hydro-generation and sudden spurt in power demand during the past some days.

When contacted, Xen Punjab State Power Corporation Limited Jagraon, Chetan Kumar, said there has been a shortage of power supply from the power generation plants due to a large difference in the demand and supply, which is the main reason behind the power cuts.



Sinderpal Mittal elected president of Amloh Municipal Council
Our Correspondent

Amloh, July 20
The municipal councillors of Amloh in a meeting presided over by Tehsildar Jaswinder Singh Tiwana today elected Sinderpal Mittal (Vickey Mittal) as president unanimously of Municipal Council.

All the members of 13 wards were present in the meeting. Out of 13 wards SAD-BJP won 12 seats while one seat was won by an Independent Candidate. Councillor, Baldev Sedha, proposed the name of Sinderpal Mittal seconded by Jagtar Singh councilor.

Councilor Sohan Singh (reserve) was elected vice-president of the committee. It is to be mention here that Mittal was elected unopposed from ward number 10 as SAD candidate. Vice-president Sohan Singh was also won as SAD candidate.

Two candidates out of three had won the Municipal election.



PSEB fails to provide roll numbers to re-appear candidates
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana July 20
Problems for the students, who had applied for re-appear examination of class XII science and commerce, seems to be unending. After submitting the application forms after much struggle, some of the students are not receiving roll numbers.

Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) has uploaded all the details of students appearing in re-appear examination on its website. Students who did not receive roll number could get the new roll number by putting old roll number on website. But unluckily, some students are not getting roll number or any other detail from website.

For such students, the board has suggested that they would not get the roll numbers from website and have to fill duplicate form and submit on single window at the PSEB head office (Mohali) to get new roll number.

Students are facing sheer inconvenience, as they have to visit Mohali to get the roll numbers two days prior to the examination.

Moreover, the Punjab School Education Board did not mention on the website the cause for not sending the roll numbers.

According to the board officials at regional office, the student often come to them but they cannot help them as the head office did not mention the cause that why they did not send the roll number.

Baljinder Singh, manager at the regional office PSEB said, "We have sent all the re-appear forms to the head office so we do not have any information that is why students did not receive roll numbers."



Upgrade training concludes at GADVASU

Ludhiana, July 20
The department of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension Education, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU), Ludhiana, organised the seventh knowledge Upgradation Programme for Dairy Farmers from July 16 to 20. Dr HK Verma, HOD, revealed that GADVASU organises series of such training programmes for farmers and veterinary officers of the country.

KR Rohella, Comptroller, GADVASU Ludhiana, said: “Through the adoption of scientific and recommended practices it is very easy to increase the milk productivity of the animals. We cannot afford to increase the population of animals, as the country already has a large number of animals of world, but we can definitely improve the performance of our animals. Over 37 farmers of Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab State participated in the training programme in which information regarding milch breeds of animals, balanced feeding. — TNS



Panchayat member suspended
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, July 20
The Rural Development and Panchayat Department has suspended former sarpanch and present member panchayat of Sidhwan Bet Paramjit Singh Pappi from his post with immediate effect for misusing the funds meant for the village Panchayat.

Showing the copies of the orders issued by Director, Rural Development and Panchayat Department, Punjab, to media persons today, RTI activist Kuldeep Kumar Kaura said in his capacity as sarpanch of Sidhwan Bet in 2009, Paramjit Singh had paid Rs 35,000 from the Panchayat funds as fee to a lawyer who was representing him in a court case even though the village panchayat was not a party in that case.

According to the orders, Paramjit Singh was found guilty of using the panchayat funds for his personal use therefore the department has decided to suspend him from the membership of the village panchayat.

Paramjit Singh has been suspended under section 20 (4) of the Punjab Panchayati Raj Act-1994 for misusing the funds.

Meanwhile, Paramjit Singh said in fact some persons had illegally encroached upon the panchayat land and a villager had filed a court case against these persons to get the land vacated. "As the person who had filed the court case against the persons who had illegally occupied the panchayat land was poor and not in position to pay the lawyer's fee, I paid the lawyer after getting a resolution passed by the panchayat," claimed Pappi.



From schools

Poetry recitation Competition

Ludhiana: Guru Nanak Public School, Model Town Extension, organised an English recitation competition for the UKG students here on Friday. Children recited different poems, which helped them to gain confidence on stage.

Plantation drive

A tree plantation ceremony was held at GMT Public School, Jalandhar Bye Pass, in Senior Citizen Park, near Salem Tabri, here on Friday. The students of classes VI and VII brought saplings of various varieties to be planted. As many as 300 saplings were planted. The saplings were planted in the public park by the students with the help of the school gardener.

Interactive session

The students of Ryan International School, Ludhiana, interacted with Gaurav Saggi, an actor and a promising singer in a workshop organised in the school. He was welcomed by the Principal, Parveena John with a sapling in the true Ryan tradition showing concern for the environment. The students asked him various questions regarding his love for theater and entry into films.

Talent search contest

A talent search contest was held at K.V.M. City Campus for the middle section here on Friday. Many activities like solo song, group dance, instrumental music and an English skit were organised.

Rain dance party

Green Land Convent School, Sector 32, Chandigarh Road, celebrated 'Rain Dance Party' on here on Friday. The students from classes Pre-Nursery to KG participated in the party. A scene of artificial sea beach was created in the school.

Pool party

A pool party and rain dance was organised for the tiny-tots of Penguin Castle Preschool, Udham Singh Nagar, here on Friday. Water games like 'fill the bucket" and 'dip the duck' made the event even more interesting.

Solo dance competition

In order to give a chance to talented students a solo dance competition was organised by Humanities Forum of Class I and II at Kundan Vidya Mandir, City Campus. Kartik Kapoor of class I stood first, Pragati Jain and Smeeksha from I stood second and Naina Vij from I stood third in this competition.

Blue Day celebrated

Blue day was celebrated at Kindergarten Wing of Guru Nanak Public School, Model Town Extension, here on Friday. Various activities were conducted on the occasion. The classrooms were decorated with blue balloons.

Plantation month commences

The month of July is being celebrated as the 'Plantation Month' at Ryan International School. At the commencement of this plantation month, deputy mayor, Sunita Aggarwal, along with the students carried out plantation drives at Urban Estate, Phase-II, Friends Park, Jewan Nagar Park, GRD Colony, PHB Colony, GK Estate. Various plants such as timber, fruit trees, vegetable trees, medicinal trees, decorative plants were planted, making the areas green.

Van Mahotsava

In order to create awareness among the students about the importance of trees, Van Mahotsav was celebrated at Arya Senior Secondary School here on Friday. School principal advised students to plant trees as it reduces pollution. — TNS



Ludhiana scan

NRHM employees stage protest

Ludhiana: NRHM Employees held protest by wearing black badges in protest against government Punjab but without disrupting their work here on Friday. Dr Inderjeet Rana, state president, of the NRHM employees Association, Punjab, said that the present government yet to fulfill the promises made with them. They were supporting the ANMs who were already holding dharna at Sector 34, Chandigarh. He further said that the government should also fulfill the demands of the ANMs.
Students and teachers of GMT Public School plant saplings at the Salem Tabri park in Ludhiana on Friday
Students and teachers of GMT Public School plant saplings at the Salem Tabri park in Ludhiana on Friday. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Plantation drive

The District Bar Association launched tree plantation drive at district courts complex here on Friday. The DBA president, Jagmohan Singh Warraich, secretary GS Sodhi planted saplings, joint sectetary Aman Sharma.

PNB meeting held

Punjab National Bank organised a gathering of agriculturists at branch office, Threeke, near Ludhiana. A large gathering of agriculturists and special invitees from the nearby villages especially from Jhande and Lalton Kalan attended the function. Arun Ahluwalia, circle head of Ludhiana circle of the Bank was the chief guest. The meeting was organised at the initiative of Baljit Kaur Arora, senior manager, PNB Threeke. More than 100 agriculturists participated in the meeting. Ahluwalia, in his keynote address detailed the customer friendly deposit as well as loan schemes especially related to farming community. He advised them to take advantage from these schemes. Ahluwalia distributed loans worth Rs 40 lakhs to the farmers present on the occasion under the different schemes of the bank.

SBI donates Braille printer

State Bank of India donated Basic-D Braille Embosser (Braille Printer) to Vocational Re-habilitation Training Centre (VRTC). Anil Kumar Bhardwaj, regional manager, Sangeeta Katyal, branch manager were present on the ocassion.

March against operation Blue Star

Akhil Bhartiya Shiv Sena Rashtravadi held a press conference in the city here on Friday, against building of Operation Blue star memorial. National secretary of Akhil Bhartiya Shiv Sena Rashtravadi Ashok Devda said, "Public of Punjab will not allow tolerate this memorial as it will revive terrorism in Punjab. On August 15, a group of Shiv Sainiks would march towards Durgyana Mandir, Amritsar, from Clock Tower, Ludhiana. At Durgyana Mandir, these sainiks will take pledge to make people of Punjab aware against terrorism.


Saranjit Singh Dhillon, Minister Punjab Works Department visited at Manuke village to participate in the celebration of birth ceremony of Baba Narayan Singh Kalairan wale. Dhillon shared the brief history of Baba Naraian Singh with present devotees.

Tribune Reporters



Free-ride gang active again
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
The free ride gang, consisting women, has again become active in the city. In past five days, the gang, consisting of three woman and a men, has robbed two women in different parts of the city.

Manju Jain (60), a resident of Mall road, said that the gang members snatched her gold earrings and chain by offering free ride on July 15.

She said the accused stopped the car while the victim was heading towards Cemetery Road.

Manju said since the women were sitting in the vehicle so she decided to sit in it.

Once she sat in the vehicle the women snatched her gold chain and alighted her from the vehicle.

Similarly, the gang snatched a gold chain and earrings of Surjit Kaur of Himmat Singh Nagar at the Sadar area here yesterday.

The gang offered her a free ride snatched her gold chain and earrings.

The police has registered cases and started the investigation.



Five booked for post office fraud
Our Correspondent

Amloh, July 20
A case of fraud has been registered against five employees of the post office for committing a fraud on depositors.

Inspector Rajesh Sethi of the Head Post Office, Patiala, said: ''Five employees of the post office, including Post Master Jagdev Singh and Avtar Singh, both residents of ward number 11, Amloh, Gurjeet Kaur of Mallewal (Bhadson), Ishwri Devi of Nabha and Sukhwinder Singh of Baina Buland village, Amloh, have committed a fraud of Rs 27,37,202 in 20 saving accounts between November 26, 2005, and December 8, 2007. I informed the police on behalf of the department and the police has booked them under sections 406, 420, 465, 467 and 468, IPC.''

He said no arrest had been made so far.



Woman’s body found
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
Panic gripped at the Focal Point area after a partially burnt body of woman was spotted lying near a railway track. The victim identified as Seema (30), wife of Suraj, was spotted near the railway track by commuters, who further informed the police about the incident.

The police has recovered the body and started the investigation.



Six city players attend training camp at PCA
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, July 20
As many as six cricketers from Ludhiana are among the 35 probables who have been attending training-cum-coaching camp being organised by the Punjab Cricket Association at the PCA Stadium, Mohali.

The players from the city include left arm batsman, Karan Goel, who represented the Kings XI, Punjab in the India Premier League (IPL), wicket keeper-batsman, Geetansh Khera, off spinner-Rahul Singla, left-arm leg break bowler-Sukhjinder Singh and medium pacers-Baltej Singh and Deepak Bansal.

However, another established cricketer from Ludhiana, Luv Abhlish, who had already represented Punjab in the Ranji Trophy Championship as well as in the other tournaments, could not find a place in the probables' list this year as he was recuperating after a major surgery of his foot.

These probables are attending the preparatory camp for the upcoming Ranji Trophy Tournament. Former Indian opening batsman, Vikram Rathore, has been imparting coaching to these probables.



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