Sunday, July 22, 2012, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

Professionally qualified match for American Citizen, handsome, cleanshaved Saini Sikh boy, 32/6'-1", MS (USA) earning in six figure from highly educated & well settled family in USA. Early & simple marriage. Caste no bar. Respond with biodata and photographs. Email:  C2-44848B

Well established Canadian Khatri Sikh family seeking a suitable match for their Canadian citizen, handsome 24 years, 6'-3", vegetarian son having very good business. Girl should be tall, beautiful and well qualified with strong family values to settle in Canada. Jat sikh families are acceptable. Send biodata at  or contact @ 001-604-307-7953/9417327945. (India). C2-46116B

Suitable match for Himachali (Bilaspur) Thakur Rajput boy, 28/5'-9", B.E. (Electronics, PEC), working as IT professional at Chandigarh, 8 LPA. Only child. Father, Director in Central Govt. Good looking, slim, BE/MCA/MBA, Himachali girl preferred. 097815-94307. E-mail:  C2-44544

Require beautiful girl for Maid Rajput boy, B.Com, 5'-8", 17 August 85, Medical Rep. NRI acceptable. Caste no bar. 98781-56877. C2-44616

Required professional qualified Tricity based, beautiful, slim, status family
girl for Hindu Mair Rajput Panchkula settled slim, handsome boy, 22.08.83, 3:05 a.m. Ludhiana, 5'-7", B.Tech. MBA, working MNC Chandigarh, 9 LPA. Upper caste no bar. 98722-22480.  C2-45264

SM for Hindu Rajput Engineer boy 28/5'-7", Australian citizen family
Doctor/Engineer preferred family visiting India soon. Upper caste no bar. 0061416526143. Email:  C2-46699

Seeking slim, fair, beautiful match for Delhi based tall, handsome Manglik
boy, 1982, 6ft, working with Reliance. Father (retd.) Army Officer. Himachali preferred. Photo & Horoscope must. Email:  Contact No. 01128052480, 0987578418. C2-37901

Australian citizen Brahmin boy, 1983/5'-10", Jalandhar born, Masters in
Accountancy. Requires tall, beautiful, educated, homely girl. 98728-73027. C2-44824

Non-Manglik match for tall, Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin boy 36/180 cms,
MBA, working reputed Company, Gurgaon, 10 LPA. Reputed family.  Box 2173M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for Gaur Brahmin 29/5'-7", B.Tech.,
handsome, vegetarian boy working at Pune. 15 LPA.Contact: 094173-09539, Email:  C2-46856

Professionally qualified preferably U.S. based slim, beautiful, tall, working
match from a decent family for a Software Engineer, 26 yrs., 6'-0", Manglik handsome Hindu Khatri boy, presently working in USA. Contact Email:  98788-22780. C2-43066

Match for Khatri/Arora boy, residing in USA, B.Tech, MBA, 1983/5'-9". USA
citizen needed. E-mail:  81468-00329. C2-44892

Employed match for veg. 42/ 5'-8'' fair, slim status family. issueless legally
divorced. Around Chandigarh. 3 lpa NRI can also contact 0183-2522313.  C2-45314

Professionally qualified match for Manglik Arora handsome boy, 28.4.1985,
5:58 p.m., Chandigarh, 5'-7", B.Tech., MBA, MNC, 8.5 LPA. Respond with biodata and Photograph.  98784-25713, 98729-85713. C2-45668

Match for Ramdasia Sikh (Weaver) cleanshaven only boy, 24.8.84/5'-11"/8
P.M./Khamano(Pb), B.Sc., doing Real Estate business. Only sister(Doctor) married. No liability. Contact: 94172-43423. Email:  C2-45130

Mohali based well status, reputed, educated Ramdasia Sikh (Weaver) family
seeks well educated, working girl for their handsome boy, B.Pharmacy, 28/5'-8", running own Pharmaceutical Industry at Mohali. Good Income. 9530867044.  C2-45402

Suitable match for Lubana clean shave 38/5'-8", Diploma Bachelor smart,
fair boy, doing own business, simple marriage. Contact: 098969-63315, 094660-18956. Email:  C2-45566

MBBS July 1982, 5'-5", 6 LPA, Punjab Govt. job, Ramgarhia Sikh Chandigarh,
seeks Medico / Professor /Lecturer / Officer. Caste no bar.  C2-45716

Match for Tonkkashatrya Doctor boy 1982, 5'-9", doing Residency in USA.
Gursikh family. Caste no bar. Contact 98035-20616. E-mail:  C2-46404

Professionally qualified working match for Sikh Tonkshatrya boy 34/5'-6",
M.Tech., working as Assistant Professor. Caste no bar. Email:  Mobile: 98768-64609. C2-46424

Suitable NRI match for decent B.Tech. (India) MS (USA), Aug. 84/5'-11" Jat
Sikh boy working as Quality Analyst at Boston-USA, only son from Chandigarh-based educated family with substantial urban rural property.  A2-43998-OL

Software Engineer US citizen divorcee handsome Jatt Sikh boy, Dec. 79,
5'-10" looking for beautiful Sikh girl. Email:  Box 2130M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh parents seek educated and beautiful Jat Sikh girl (5'-4" - 5'-8") for
their son, age 27/6'-0", B.Eco./B. Law. (Admitted Solicitor) and employed in MNC, clean shaven, raised and educated in Australia. Only Australian residents need to apply. Please send latest photos and bio data to  C2-43618

Match for Chandigarh based Jatt Sikh clean shaven, Nov 81/5'-10", B.Tech.
working in Telecom Industry in Chandigarh, Manager.  94177- 69267, 0172-2628335. C2-45258

Suitable match for Jat Sikh handsome boy. Gradaute, 30/5'-10" (Only son).
Own business. Urban & rural property. Sister married, well settled in Canada. Father retd gazetted  officer. Contact: 80542-01009. C2-45460

Age 26 yrs employed in MNC. Girl should B.Sc.\BDS. Send details at . Must send photo of girl with detail of family back ground. C2-45476

Well placed Jat Sikh family, settled in Sweden, with good rural and urban
property in India. Looking for very beautiful, slim, well educated Jat Sikh Indian girl with good spoken English and strong family values for their only son, Dec.1981 / 5'-9"/IT Management Degree. Handsome, cleanshaven, well connected with the Punjabi roots and culture. Family has been running their own family business since 1989 in Sweden. The family will be visiting India during end July till middle of Aug. For further information send email with family picture and daughter's details to: , Phone +98883-54421. C2-45486

Match for USA Citizen Jat Sikh, 44 years, Veternary Doctor, widower, having
8 years daughter. Contact: 98885-60387. Email:  C2-45730

Affluent Jat Sikh parents seek a beautiful, family oriented and professional
bride for their 31 yr. old son, raised in USA, well versed in the Indian culture. 5'-10", very handsome, fair complexion. B.Sc. in Finance and Economics having his own business earning six figures. Please respond with photo and biodata.  C2-45870B

Jat Sikh Dhillon parents seek suitable match for their teetotaller handsome
boy, 6 feet born on Sept. 1988, B.Tech. Medchanical, well settled family in India. Mother, father Bank Officer. Having Urban rural property. Send bio-data with photograph. 98152-84005.  C2-45962

Suitable Nursing beautiful below 25 match for Graduate, 5'-8"/26 years Jat
Sikh American boy. Contact 098789-47177, 001-916-9690960. Email :  C2-46234

Jat Sikh boy 28, 5'-7", clean shaven, only son permanant job TR (
Australia). Parmanant residence due in December. Boy coming in October. Early marriage. Residential property in Chandigarh/ Jalandhar. Rural/Urban property in Punjab. 8729048188,  C2-46326

Professionally qualified match for a handsome, tall, turbaned, 26/6', Jat
Sikh boy. Working as IT Engineer in London. Respectable family, Father retired Senior Officer. No liability. Contact: +91-1722688561, +91-9878165806. Email:  C2-47072

Reputed Jatt Sikh Parents seek Professionally qualified suitable Jatt Sikh
beautiful, fair, minimum 5'-4" tall girl for very handsome, smart, fair, clean shaven boy, 28/5'-11", B.E. Electronics PEC, MS (USA). Employed Multinational USA on H1-B and has Canadian PR. Email :  C2-47112

Jat Sikh parents well-settled in America looking for an extremely beautiful,
slim, qualified match for their Doctor son 29/5'-11", very handsome, born raised and educated in USA, now doing his Residency. Girl should be very very fluent in English and from Jat Sikh family only. Please respond with detailed particulars and recent photographs @  NA2-32625

Professionally qualified match for June 86 born boy, Sub Divisional Officer
Power Corporation.  94178-49988 (6-8 evening). NA2-33526

Sikh Saini Badwal parents seeks match for their handsome Gursikh
teetotaller son, 5'-9", 25 years, B.Tech. Mechanical. Well settled family having urban, rural property in India. Send biodata & photograph. 9217235333.  C2-45960

PQM for Hindu Saini boy, M.Com., MBA,doing Phd, Jun79, 5'-6", 15 LPA,
father Army Officer, 84277-25675.  C2-46580

Suitable match for USA citizen Saini Sikh boy, cleanshaven, 29/6', fair
complexion, MBA Er. well settled. Preferred MBBS or MD. No dowry. Contact: 0017817360000, 97818-31106. NA2-32237

Hindu or Sikh upto 36/5'-6" business/employed match for US Citizen
visiting India, Punjabi Khatri son, working as Engineer, government job, Masters/M.Tech. from USA University, own home/business, Open to relocate if required. Caste/Education/Visa no bar. Contact with biodata and recent photos at  C2-45856B

Match for US Citizen boy, 34, 5'-9", Punjabi Brahmin,well settled, earning
high salary in US Company. Issueless divorcee. Caste no bar. 51046-10124.  C2-45862

Professionally qualified match for Australian PR Sikh Khatri (Clean shaven)
boy, 5'-9"/85, BE & MS, working as Net working Engineer in MNC (Melbourne). Upper caste no bar. 075087-30678.  C2-46876

Sikh Arora cleanshaved 1982, 5'-8", B.Tech. (India). Post-Graduation
(Canada). Good job in Toronto. 94636-12336.  NA2-32085

Qualified, extremely beautiful girl from Canada/India for cleanshaven Sikh
Khatri boy 28/5'-11", B.Com., MBA (Finance) from India, working with reputed bank in Canada, also pursuing further education. Only child, family members are Canadian PR, applied for Canadian citizenship. Girl main consideration, no demands. Proposals from Sikh/Hindu. (Upper caste no bar) are invited. 0161-6545074.  NA2-32216

SM4 for Gurgaon based Partial Manglik 06 Jan, 1984, 04:18 a.m., Lucknow,
6'-1", LLM from UK, working with MNC at Chennai, 7.50 LPA.  81460-34099, 81460-64099. C2-39021

Professionally qualified match for V. handsome Punjabi Khatri, 15.8.86,
11.05 am, Jalandhar, 5'-8", 3rd Engineer Merchant Navy. Contact: 98143-53535, 76961-68527. E-mail:  C2-45616

Suitable match for my only son smart, handsome, 24.12.82, 5:50 a.m.,
Hissar, 5'-8", (in Melbourne, Austalia) PR pursuing Citizen degree B.Tech and Automotive Engineering (250000/- Monthly). Father Bank Officer. Contact 098789-92164, 94170-28591. E-mail:  C2-45694

SM4 handsome boy 16.11.1983, 9:26 am Karnal 5'-7", B,Tech., Kurukshetra,
M.Sc. UK.Working Tata Communication Delhi, 6 Lakh. Upper caste no bar. 0172-2731509,  C2-45890

Professionally qualified match for Non-Manglik preferably Engineer/BDS/
MDS/M.Sc./MCA for handsome, convent educated, 29/5'-8". Electronic Engineer from Thapar University. Working Senior Engineer, Govt job in Shimla. Family settled Chandigarh. Own house. 098158-91659. Box 2193M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for Hindu Punjabi Khatri handsome never
married boy, 5'-8", 12.12.1981, 09:58 am, Yamuna Nagar, presently working in England on work permit, coming India in October 2012. Caste No bar. One sister permanently settled in USA. NRI preferred. 0-94170-35140. C2-46310

PQM 4 tall fair handsome Khatri boy 5'-11'', 25 Apr. 1985, 1.50 am Amritsar.
MBA bank Manager 11 lpa.  C2-46698

Working girl for Manglik boy 31.10.1982, 21:35, Hansi, 5'-4", B.Tech.,
working MNC, Gurgaon. 4.50 LPA +International incentives. 098880-09019. C2-45026

Proflessionally qualified working match for Anshik Manglik Arora boy, April
1982, 5'-4", Graduate, Diploma in Computer, working in Toyota Automobiles. Contact: 01744-227589, 94161-52649. E-mail:  C2-46402

Qualified match for handsome slim cleanshaven Ramgarhia Sikh boy
permanent resident in Australia, 32/5'-9", M.Sc. (IT). Diploma Hospitality Management. Residing at Melbourne since 2005. Permanent job. Younger brother in USA. Father Gazetted Officer. Caste no bar. Email:  98157-50555. A2-43647-OL

Medico match for MBBS Rajput/Ramgarhia teetotaller turbaned Sikh boy, 34
years/6 feet from high status Chandigarh based family. Government job. NRI excuse. Contact:  Box 2048M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Hindu Dhiman M.A., B.Ed., 5'-8" (02.05.82/6:40 a.m.),
Running Own Special School, ETT, B.Ed. Teacher belongs to H.P. Family settled Tricity preferred. Mobile 097790-31628. C2-46170

Suitable match for vegetarian Manglik Ramgarhia (Nagi) boy, 4.8.1981/4
a.m./Mohali. 5'-11". BCA. Own business earning 40,000/- per month. Contact after matching kundli. Caste no bar. Email :  , 98726-16501, 98720-75487. C2-46248

Educated tall good looking bride for B.Tech. Ramgarhia Sikh boy 26 yrs.,
6'-3", doing own business, well educated cultured family girl only consideration. Contact: 099108-99409. C2-46442

Qualified match for Ramgarhia boy, 31/5'-9", Software Engineer, American
citizen, divorcee, issueless. 95307-65165.  Box 2178M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable smart match for Ahluwalia Sikh cleanshaven boy 28/5'-11", B.Tech.
on H1B visa USA. Handsome package. BDS/B.Tech. preferred. Business family. ,  C2-44768

Match for Punjabi Ravidasia boy, 32/6', Electronics Engineer in an Overseas
MNC, salary Rs. 36.00 lacs pa. Previous short marriage annulled. E-mail:  Tel. 9872284681. C2-45302

Suitable match for fair, slim, handsome Balmiki boy, 1982/5'-5", Regular
Punjab Govt. employee, LL.B., MBA. Govt. employee preferred. Settled Chandigarh. Send biodata with Photo to  C2-45844

Professionally qualified match for Doaba based S/C Ad-dharmi fair,
handsome boy Feb. 1983, 5'-10", non-Manglik, B.Tech. CSE (IIT-Delhi), working as Software Manager Seattle USA. 98726-26205, 0181-2296205.  C2-46134

Well educated beautiful girl for Ad-dharmi boy, B.Tech., 82 born, 5'-5".
Punjab Government Gazetted Officer (SDO). Preferred Lecturer/Teacher/Bank employee/Clerical. Tricity & Punjab preferred. Early marriage.  , 98767-66511. C2-46258

Professionally qualified match for Ahluwalia Sikh handsome boy 25
years/5'-9", PR in Canada. Own good business. Contact: 0183-2710109, 094788-96209. A2-43749-OL

Suitable match for US citizen Arora Sikh boy, 38/6', own Physical Therapy
Clinic, well settled seeks beautiful, slim, tall girl. Caste no bar. Please respond with bio-data and Photo to:  C2-38021

Wanted tall, beautiful, educated girl for handsome Sikh Khatri (Ahluwalia)
boy 6'/29 yrs, MNC, 10 LPA, from educated status family, having urban landed properties.  Box 2191M Tribune, Chandigarh.

29/5'-10" clean shaven handsome, convent educated Khatri/Arora boy,
well versed in both cultures, Canadian Citizen, Canadian University Graduate working full-time seeks slim, cultured Professionally Qualified Sikh girl. Mother Class-I Officer. Chandigarh based family. Contact:  9914209805. C2-46762

Aggarwal Bansal 5'-9"+MCA Computer Software Engineer good salary, fair,
Atheletic in California (USA) born on 11.9.1980, Non-Manglik highly educated & reputed family. Only really interested girls willing to go or those are in USA/Canada or have gone abroad only reply. Contact: 084279-49794, 098729-69794. 0172-2262894. E-mail:  C2-45054

Professionally qualified match for handsome, vegetarian Goyal boy 26,
5'-10", B.Tech., MBA (XLRI), FRM (USA), CFA (USA) 18.5 LPA. Status family. 94635-14959. C2-45640

Handsome 5'-6", B.E., 1984 born, Mangal Gotra, Technology Lead in Infosys
Chandigarh, package 7 lakhs. Chandigarh based well settled small educated vegetarian family. E-mail:  C2-45660

Wanted educated girl for non-Manglik Bansal boy, BE, MS USA, 9 Oct. 1981,
3:40 p.m., Kanpur, 5'-6", Software Engineer in USA. Family belongs to Punjab settled in Kanpur. Caste no bar. 09936132111.  C2-45776

Multi Crore Industrialist family, 22.7.1986, 11:10 p.m., Bazpur (Nainital),
5'-9", fair, teetotaller, very handsome boy, B.Tech., own Agriculture farm, plots and other properties at Bazpur, Rudrapur and Noida. Belongs Punjab. B.S.Garg (Chandigarh) 09216106101, M.L. Jindal-09837047601. E-mail:  C2-45794

Educated, good looking & decent girl from Punjabi family for handsome, fair
Aggarwal boy 27/5'-6", B.Com. (Hons), well-established business of manufacturing & trading. Only son of well-educated family. Family owns properties in Delhi & Bhiwadi. 0161-3251374.  NA2-32215

Suitable match for Arora Sikh boy, 24 years 5'-7", BA, with specs, own
business, own kothi, income 2 lakh per month. Wanted beautiful and slim girl. No objection for specs girl. Contact: 98150-90487, 98032-06963. C2-44618

Wanted an educated Gursikh slim, beautiful and professionally qualified
match for a Gursikh Arora boy, 5'-6", 9.12.82, M.Sc. (Math), M.Phil, Ph.D, running coaching centre at Jalandhar. Contact: 98157-73122 (9 am to 1.00 pm). Send biodata with recent photograph. E-mail:  C2-45378

Slim, beautiful girl for Sikh Arora clean shaven handsome boy, 5'-9", 29
years, MBA. Working with Top MNC in Chandigarh from Reputed Business family. 94170- 76911.  C2-45922


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