New vision for Punjabi Cinema

THE Punjabi film Anhey Ghorhey Da Daan (AGDD), based on a novel by Punjabi novelist Gurdial Singh, has created ripples at various film festivals, be it at Venice, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong or Germany. It will now be screened at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, later this month. The film made waves at the National Film Awards by winning the award for the best director as well as the best cinematography.  Gurdial Singh terms the movie, "A milestone for Punjabi cinema for its historic, authentic and realistic portrayal of the ‘other’ Punjab." For Gurvinder Singh, the young director of the film who has given Punjabi cinema a new idiom, it is a proud moment.
In an interview, Gurvinder Singh talks of his cinematic journey to Aruti Nayar

Telling untold tales
Nirupama Dutt
Waryam Singh Sandhu, the well-known short story writer IN Punjabi, describes Gurvinder Singh’s film Anhey Ghorhey Da Daan, based on a novel by Gurdial Singh as "a great gift to Punjabi cinema". "It is a miracle wrought by Gurvinder," he says. It got many awards and honours that had never come to a Punjabi film before.

A slice of Asian cinema
The 12th edition of the Osian’s Cinefan festival screened contemporary films of significance from across the world. The festival celebrated as many as 15 world, eight international, 104 Indian and 13 Asian premieres
Shoma A. Chatterji
Finest and rarest artefacts and publicity material from Hollywood and World Cinema were on display at the annual Cinefan film memorabilia auction during the 12th edition of Osian’s Cinefan Film Festival held recently. The festival, showcases the best of Asian, Arab and Indian cinema, was held in collaboration with the government of NCT of Delhi.

Narratives of harmony
The region has seen a lot of strife and bloodshed but there are numerous traditions of peace and cultural pluralism that are thriving. Why not focus on these when we build memorials? We should be conscious of our responsibility towards the future generations
Yogesh Snehi
N the past few years there has been a splurge in the construction of several significant memorials and museums on certain select facets of the history of Punjab. The most ambitious among these are the Khalsa Heritage Memorial, Wada Ghalughara at Kup Rahiran in Sangrur district, Chhota Ghalughara in Chak Abdalwari in Gurdaspur district and Chhaparchiri in S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali).

call of the wild
Mudumalai Game Reserve is a sanctuary for both elephants and tigers. Situated in dense bamboo forests, this tropical jungle is also home to many other species
Sudha Mahalingam
HE strides majestically into view, her calf trailing along. At the edge of the forest, she stops and surveys the road before leading her calf onto the macadam. All cars stop to let her pass. She makes sure to flank her baby securely until they both have crossed the road into the other side of the forest. She turns back and trumpets, her trunk held high, as if to tell us to go. But some visitors don’t move.

Dangerous cocktail
onsumption of caffeinated energy drinks mixed with alcohol may persuade college-going adults to casual, often risky, sex, according to a new study from the University at Buffalo’s Research Institute. The study found that college students, who consumed alcohol mixed with energy drinks (AmEDs), were more likely to report having a casual partner and/or being intoxicated during their recent sexual encounter.

Colourful birds evolve faster
IRDS with multiple versions of their colour patterns evolved into new species more quickly than those with uniform plumage, Australian researchers revealed in a significant genetic study published recently. The University of Melbourne research, published in Nature, found that birds with more than one version of its markings such as the Gouldian finch, which can have a red, black or yellow head, "rapidly" evolved into new species.

Secret credit cards
ORE than one million people of Britain have a secret credit card they use to hide extravagant purchases from their partner, a new study has revealed. Women generally use it to buy clothes and shoes, while men often use theirs to buy expensive gadgets and alcohol.


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